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Reese Witherspoon Toasts for a Cause

Reese Witherspoon Toasts for a Cause

Reese Witherspoon looks breathtaking at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton on Sunday (January 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 33-year-old actress sported a gown by Armani Prive, Roger Vivier shoes and bag and Cartier jewels — platinum, sapphire and diamond dome bracelet as well as white gold, sapphire & diamond drop earrings. That’s over a million dollars in bling!

Reese attended a party that participated in Moet’s new philanthropic initiative, “Toast for a Cause.” Celebs toasted to their favorite charity, and in turn, Moet donated $1,000 to the named charity in their name.

Reese also attended an after-party held at Sunset Towers Hotel in Beverly Hills. Other famous guests at the after party: Orlando Bloom with girlfriend Miranda Kerr, Cameron Diaz, Heidi Klum with husband Seal, George Clooney with girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis, Tobey Maguire with wife Jennifer Meyer, Pierce Brosnan, Taylor Lautner, Molly Sims, and Helen Mirren with husband Taylor Hackford.

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Credit: Alex Berliner; Photos: X17, Handout/WireImage
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  • ewwwww

    ugly rat face

  • Naima

    I used to like her but for some reason nowadays even her face gets on my nerves. Has she ever had a seriously good role or did she get famous playing a dumb blonde? Either way I find her to be very annoying and too much of a goody two shoes. I like women with some edge and personality, neither of which she seems to encompass.

  • Emy


  • Kate

    Reese Witherspoonb is fugly inside and out.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..gross..` her chin’s way worst than maniston’s. and you can see her rocky forehead bulging out from behind that bang.

  • Dubiosity

    She looks beautiful. Great dress. I just don’t like phonies.

  • Witherbeard

    I bet she misses showmance photo ops! lol

  • AutumnM

    I can’t figure out who has the bigger chin: Reese, Jennifer Aniston or Jay Leno.

  • Bella

    Plz POST JESSICA LOWNDES’s GOLDEN GLOBES PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aww

    I wish that there were pics from inside the party.
    Orlando and Miranda were there, and I wanted to get a better look at them.

  • yuck!

    Reese’s snarl and chin are DISGUSTING

  • Cayenne

    Play nice out there…she is a humanitarian at best!

  • phony Reese

    @Cayenne: Reese Witherspoon is a phony who presents her Avon marketing gig as charity work.

  • jami

    i really don’t understand the hate towards her. she’s a smart, talented and drama free actress, not to mention a wonderful and protective mother to her children. regardless whether her avon “gig” is all an act masked as charity work, it’s still a contribution. these haters should ask themselves, “what have i done for my community, for the world lately?” they must have something else to do than trash these celebrities they don’t even know personally. everyone is entitled to an opinion but when it’s so mean spirited, it makes one wonder how hateful people are these days.

  • Vicky

    Sorry Jami,
    you don’t know Reese personally either,
    you only have a problem with people who know a thing or two about this overrated actress and fake-nice person.

  • idontknow

    she looks amazingly beautiful. i love reese. the haters on here are just jealous. get it through your heads, reese is beautiful she dated jake and ryan, soemthing you will never do. get over it.

  • idontknow

    @Naima: she has serious roles, like johnny cashs girlfriend in walk the line. you dont like her because she is good? you’re a loser.

  • LOL

    @idontknow: Reese is fugly, check out that lipless smile and witch chin.
    Ryan cheated on her and dumped her for Abbie – I’m sure Reese is happy about that.
    Jake is gay and they faked a relationship for PR – but I’m sure Reese is happy about that too, lol.

  • jaliah

    How can they call her breath taking? She looks like a witch with blond hair she just needs a couple of boils and moles.

    I don’t hate her at all it’s just how she looks to me the same way as she looks ‘breath taking’ to others.

  • jami


    do you? i wonder if she’s done anything to you directly and personally for you to trash and hate her so vigilantly.

  • me

    Reese is so petite and bright,like you would call sunshine. How hard and jealous people are you? but well,i truly do not care anymore about such “talkers” :)

  • can’t stand her

    Witherspoon is a cold stuck-up b!tch.

  • leigha

    she looks so pretty! love the dress, and always love her hair!♥

  • Pattycake

    When I compare these pix to last year’s Oscar’s, she looks amazing. What a come back, girl. And all personality things aside…have any of you actually MET her?…I hate that she always does that tonge on the back of your two front teeth thing when she smiles for the camera. It always looks like she is about to slip us the tongue.



  • Lola

    This woman is so fake and so full of herself it’s nauseating.

  • What a BICHT!

    Check this out, you’ll see what RW is saing about being confusing with RZ

  • What a BICHT!

    For people who think that RW is so smart this vid proof that she is lack of culture

  • proof that Reese stinks

    Thanks #27 and #28!
    Reese Witherspoon is fake and dumb!

  • ++Logan++

    She looks pretty

  • christianslovematch

    She is such a good mom

  • koby

    so so so so so overrated. that dress is very blah. she is not what she seems just another Hollywood creation.

  • Lisa


    Serious actress? Is winning an Oscar for Best Actress serious enough for you.

  • aska

    @proof that Reese stinks:

    oh yeah those are proof alright. that’s she’s so freaking charming and witty! i’m taking the coq au vin comment as her making it southern, EVEN if it’s a french dish.

  • Dubiosity

    I get sick of her playing the “Southern Gal” schtick. And it is SO fake.
    Yes, she won an Oscar for Walk the Line, but the movie was a made for TV movie that was only any good because of Joaquin Phoenix. Her role wasn’t demanding at all. Go look up the other four women she was nominated with. She won that Oscar because her “machine” got it for her. The fact Joaquin didn’t win was a real shame. Reese is a brand. She is a corporation, a business. She has not made a single movie that she “owns.” Anyone could do those parts. She should be on a TV sitcom. All she has done is crap.In her life, she has three characters people talk about:Legally Blonde, Cruel Intentions, and Election. You better believe she is ALL about her public image and about $$$. Please do not try to compare her to real actresses. Reese is a “personality.” I get tired of all thetrite B.S. that surrounds her. Her publicist released this news item about her toasting for charity, about her giong to an after-party, about her dress and her jewels, because there’s was no mention of Reese Sunday or Monday. Reese has to get a mention! Poor Reesey wasn’t highlighted.

  • meetsingledoctors

    I luv her dress

  • Sorry2say

    She looks like a devilish monkey !!!

  • kristin

    Reese has had SO many good acting roles. I particularly like her in:
    * Man in the Moon, 1991
    * Freeway, 1996
    *Fear, 1996
    *Cruel Intentions, 1999
    * Election, 1999
    * Overnight Delivery, 1998
    * American Psycho, 2000
    * Walk the Line, 2005

    She has also done other good ones (Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama, Vanity Fair, Rendition) but the above mentioned are my favourites, and she did a GREAT job in Freeway. However, I agree that she has made few good films in the last couple of years, and Four Christmas was a poor choice. I hope to see her in more quality films soon!
    But yes, Reese is a very talented actress. Not to mentioned she is extremely beautiful, has charisma and seems bright, intelligent and down to earth – plus, she has a good taste in men. Also, she seems more “a normal person, girl next door” than most other Hollywood actresses – therefore, she seems more accessible to us, her audience.

  • Reese Phony Witherspoon

    Reese is dull and overrated actress, and phony to the bone person – I’m so glad that her showmance with Gyllenhaal is over.

  • gene

    Freeway was a mess of a movie that didn’t even get noticed when it was released. It was a huge bomb. Reese’s performance received barely a shrug. After Legally Blonde people started touting Freeway as some sort of cult classic. I watched it and it was nothing special. Elle Woods trying to be tough and Reese chewing up the scenery.

  • marriage-matchmaker

    What a good mom

  • alamokid

    OK, she looks happy and the blue dress is nice, but breathtaking? C’mon get real.

  • AG

    Reese’s mouth and chin are stuff nightmares are made of!
    There was nothing about her anywhere and now, like days later, we get these pics? I guess she got pissed no one was interested….

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think her dress is really bland
    nothing really special about it, even the color is boring
    maybe at the next awards show ull look better reese =]

  • Lexi

    I don’t really care for her as she is completely overrated but I do like the dress. However, Jodi Foster had a very similiar one that I liked better. And it was worn by a real life actress!!

  • T Shirts

    Hell, I’d give her to nights!

  • Granite

    Hell, if every time I raised my glass in a toast, a charity received some money, I’d be hands down one of the greatest philanthropists the world had ever seen!

  • Dr NYC

    Every time I drink it’s for a good cause!

  • Elle

    @Naima: okay cool, have you SEEN walk the line? she absolutely nailed that role.

  • claire

    I loved her with Jake, and by the way she wasn’t ready to marry but all of a sudden she is with this new guy who makes her look so old…She was so different with Jake, I don’t why I just do not like her as much anymore..i think this new guy she is engaged to make her too serious.