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Taylor Swift: Today Was a Fairytale!

Taylor Swift: Today Was a Fairytale!

Taylor Swift‘s new song “Today Was a Fairytale” was just released. It’s already the #1 song on the iTunes “Top Songs” chart! The song is featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming flick, Valentine’s Day (her scenes are with Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner).

Here are the lyrics to the first verse: “Today was a fairytale/ You were the prince/ I used to be the damsel in distress/ You took me by the hand and you picked me up at six/ Today was a fairytale.”

Check it out below!

Taylor Swift: Today Was a Fairytale!
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  • SS

    This smile guarantees a smile even from the coldest person alive.

  • Mina

    Very good.

  • ashley

    Woohoo. Go Taylor! She doesn’t have the strongest voice, but it’s definately cute and catchy.

  • PLo

    this is so cool, but it on Itunes, its a must have!

  • Ms Anonymous

    Team Swifty. <3

    Haters to the left!

  • Ted

    How original. The lyrics are almost exactly the same as Love Story.

    “Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
    I’ll be waiting all there’s left to do is run
    You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess
    It’s a love story baby just say yes”

  • jenna

    when will she stop singing about fairytales. she looks quite pathetic. if i had heard this song, and didn’t know who sang it, i would guess the singer to be about 13. not a 20 year old woman.

  • Jerome-from around theway

    Hater right here, I might have to start pimping some of you white broads, cause it seems you are making some good money with your progeny.

    This girl isnt remotely talented but her and Miley cyrus are both making billions for there record companies. Talentless pop music kids, what a way to go. Only thing remotely as bad as Taylor swift is Soldier boy and we know how generic and pop corn that kid is.

  • Halli

    I can’t believe this girl is 20. She acts like she’s 13.

  • Gambler

    Thank God for Neko Case, Stevie Nicks, Natasha Khan…Maybe Taylor should start listening to them.

  • dARiAN

    WEll taylor swift is amazingg this so is SOO different from Love Storyy && for all you losers who spend time critizing someone who probably makes more money in one concert than you do in a year is pretty LOW…she has made manyyy more hit songs than you obviusly haveee so spend a day in her shoes THEN talk bad ab herrr !

  • http://myspace taylor swift is the best!!!!!!

    she has a wonderful voice! i love her, everything about her!!!! :) i live in baltimore and i tried to get into any concert in her tour one hour after it came for sale, and the whole thing was sold out!

  • Amy

    Who gives a sh*t if you losers think this sounds like Love Story or whatever? The girl writes her own music, she’s talented, doesn’t dance on stripper poles (aka MileY), doesn’t need to dance in half-naked clothes/leotards (aka Beyonce), doesn’t lipsync (aka Britney), doesn’t do weird things to get attention (aka Lady Gaga), doesn’t sing about suicide (aka Rihanna). She’s stayed classy and adorable throughout all her fame and that’s good enough for me.

  • christianslovematch

    I love Taylor so much!

  • son

    this sound familiar

  • she shall remain nameless

    I don’t really like this song…kinda sounds boring and the same rhythm. Her albums are much better than this, but I do look forward to the movie!!

  • Shandy

    I don’t know… is it just me or are all her songs starting to sound the same? It’s not a bad song but it’s just average and doesn’t sound special. Either she’s burning out or I’m suffering from Taylor Swift overdose because she doesn’t sound as good as she used to.

  • MollyMakeout

    are you serious? she really needs to grow up, this sucks. even miley cyrus (who is three years younger than her) is more talented than her…and that’s saying something

  • Anon

    Fairy tales…fake romances to promote albums, pictures and awards, distract from the fact that someone cannot sing. When is the 20 year old going to quit acting like she’s so innocent? Really.

  • Misa

    @Anon: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. i was starting to think i was the only one thinking that. Pathetic

  • Sam

    All her songs ARE the same. And no, she can’t sing. How she’s world famous is beyond me.

  • sean twitty

    so sick of her. Carrie Underwood wants you to go away

  • meetsingledoctors

    Great song, good job!

  • Karolina

    Ugh, I’m sick of this girl. Seriously, she’s like 20? I wouldn’t say. Well, unless she’s pretty and somehow she is able to sing, can’t say the same about Hamster Looking Miley C.

  • yoself

    Taylor Swift is ugly!

  • Fanatic

    Simply the Best! She’s one of a kind. For me, her lyrics compositions were really meaningful… She always makes me inspire. KEEP IT UP! She had been the good role models of the youth to enlightened their way to the truth. Reality comes in her songs…, values that everyone must practice.

  • Sheri

    It stuns me – and everyone I know – that this girl is a “star”. She can’t sing, all her songs sound exactly alike – and she isn’t even remotely a “country” star. She sounds like a little teeny-bopper singing about boyfriends all the time. And that head tossing onstage has really gotten old, old, old. Carrie Underwood can run rings around this little “girl” a hundred times over!! Please, Taylor … just go away. Someone needs to tell you that you can’t sing!!

  • pottersfield


    Underwood is a lot older than her. Taylor’s voice will get stronger as she gets older. She is a clean cut girl that others look up to. She and Selina Gomez are not going to act and dress trashy like some of the others. V

  • Jen

    Carrie Underwood may be older than Taylor but Carrie was just 21 when she did Idol and she had an amazing voice then and it’s gotten so much better. Taylor’s voice hasn’t improved AT ALL. This song sounds exactly like all her other songs. She needs to grow up already and stop acting like she’s 13. Oh, and she needs to get the hell out of the country genre because she’ s just a disgrace to true country artists.

  • marriage-matchmaker

    She is so pretty

  • Dorie

    I wonder what will happen to her career when it’s no longer believable for her to sing about fairy tales and high school. Will the public accept her when she has to move on to standard country/pop themes, such as drinking, cheating, drug abuse, troublesome family issues and lousy jobs?

  • lakers fan in boston

    i really like her music and consider myself a fan
    but i think the song was pretty average
    i expected a lil better since it was a song for a movie
    it’s all right but it’s not what i thought it was

  • waffle bowl

    @Amy: Oh please, give me a break! If it’s a squeaky clean role model you want, go hang out in a convent! People should listen to music because it’s good and the person making it has talent, not because the artist “isn’t a slut like the others”. That’s the lamest excuse ever. Beyonce and Lady Gaga OWN Taylor Swift. Both women can actually sing and perform, Taylor can’t sing and is a terrible performer, and while Beyonce and Gaga may not be brilliant songwriters by any means, at least they write more believable stuff than “I’m your Juliet, you’re my Romeo”. Taylor needs to grow up and start writing songs that people older than 14 can relate to if she wants a long-term career. Bob Dylan can’t sing either, but at least his songwriting makes up for what he lacks in vocals, which is why after all these years he’s still relevant. Can’t say the same about Taylor.

  • Uncertainty Principle

    I am rather surprised at the kind of remarks posted here. I think it is a beautiful song. Many have commented that Taylor sounds as if she is 13 years old for writing such songs. Perhaps posters who have made these comments have become bitter over things in the past. The songs Taylor writes about her relationships describes how all of us should feel about the relationships we enter. So perhaps one of the posters who have made this comment could clarify why these songs make her out to be the equivalent of an unintelligible 13 year old.

    As for her singing capability, I play music by ear and I know she sings beautifully. I have heard her songs both on the radio and in concert before and she is an extremely talented singer/song writer. I once had the difficult task of playing the organ for someone who really could not sing. It didn’t work. When people say he couldn’t carry a tune in the bucket they weren’t kidding. I know what bad singing sounds like. Taylor Swift is the best vocalist I have ever heard.

    So I challenge all of the people who have commented here to substantiate their claims. I have studied philosophy in college and I understand the importance of giving supporting premises for a conclusion. This is not observed in the critical postings here. If a conclusion is accepted without supporting premises, anything can be believed. Merely making a claim without supporting premises also does not meet the definition of an argument. Therefore, the weakness has been exposed and the challenge has been put forth.

  • T Shirts

    I can’t believe you would bother printing such lame lyrics. Please spare us in the future!

  • Jackie

    Is the song great? No, she has done much better, but it is a pretty and catchy song nonetheless.

    Beyonce is not a good singer at all, she doesn’t write ANYTHING and you talk about Taylor Swift having no substance… Single Ladies? Come on.

    Lady Gaga would, and will be nothing once she drops the weird attire and bizarro act she will be history. Again, you are saying Just Dance has substance?

    Taylor is 20, and she writes about experiences she has had. How much did you all really experience by the time you are 20? She writes about what she knows, and at least there is some meaning behind her songs. Her songs are all based on growing up, if you don’t like it don’t listen to it. I can’t relate to every song on the radio, but that doesn’t give me the right to bash the artist.

  • zambarda

    N0.1 Beyonce shouts in all of her songs and doesn’t write them

    N0.2 Im 13 and trust me pretty much all the gils i know and all those from where i live don’t sing about fairytales. Taylor is just writing and singing about her experiences, and while not everyone may like her music, atleast she made an attempt at achieving her dream instead of sitting at a cumputer insulting somebody over only one thing they have done.

  • Granite

    The little snots fairy-tale is everyone else’s nightmare. Give us a break!

  • Dr NYC

    The song illustrates her immaturity and those that she’s catering to. She’ll make a million off it!

  • Uncertainty Principle

    zzz. Well it looks like my challenge has not been met so far and I am starting to fall asleep waiting for a reason to believe this song is bad.

  • nathan

    I’d like to kill her & someday I will.

  • berzy

    Hi, love taylor swift – huge fan. so i made a rendition so you can sing-a-long!!!

  • Marie

    @Uncertainty Principle:

    That was one of the STUPIDEST comments I’ve ever read.

    Read more:

    That was TOTAL and utter bullshit, and if you were really knew what good singing was then you’d know that she is only an AVERAGE singer. I’m not going to say that she’s a bad or horrible singer like some posters because frankly, that’s not the case, but I’ve heard FAR better singers just by making a search on youtube. Lord, I’ve seen stupid comments on this board, but really? Yours was the worst, you’re not kidding anyone. If Taylor Swift really is the best vocalist you’ve heard then I would suggest you take a listen to Sting, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Steve Perry, finalists on american idol are better than her too. I’m sure Katy Perry would even amaze you considering Taylor Swift is the best you’ve heard.

  • Marie

    @waffle bowl:


  • L

    Chill the fk out ppl. Just enjoy the music.

    It’s just a song.

  • lista

    This girl cannot sing. Just watched her sing with Stevie Nicks on the Grammys. I felt so bad for Stevie. Taylor totally sounded awful and messed up the entire set. Taylor Swift is grossly overrated. I just don’t get what all the hype is about her. If she was average looking, noone would know who she is right now.

  • Emmmmmaa

    Taylor Swift is amazing. so pretty. mazing voice. loves life. so what shes 20…. shes still amazing….her songs are faboulous and she has made a living out of what she does so she muct be talented…all the haters are obviously just jealous of her or they wouldnt be reading something to do with Taylor Swift if they didnt like her….shes incredible,, she has sooo many fans world wide….sold sooooo many albums and is a great role model…soo…haters whatever get alife….lovers to taylor swift are great :D TEAM TAYLOR

  • taylor luver

    here’s a great cover of Taylor Swifts Today was a fairytale,sung really pretty w/ great range, very sweet voice

  • taylor luver here is a very nice cover of Taylor swifts today is a fairytalk, nice range, very sweet voice

  • mEiTaNtEi eUaN

    omigosh…grabe na talaga ang pinag-aawayan ng mga tao dito dahil lang sa isang kanta ni taylor..idinamay pa ‘yung ibang kanta pacompare-compare pa sila sa ibang singers..

    i won’t deny the fact that the song is average (jelangz..nag-english ko ba..sige na lang gani maspokening dollars na lang ko..bisan very exaggeratefulness na kag wrong least para maintindihan)…but it’s only a song..and her others songs are great and really inspiring too (for me and for other people)..hey, her voice is good..for me its angelic and cute and high-pitched and serenading and blah blah and i really envy it..i know that her way of singing is different from other famous singers out there..but each artist has his/her own style of expressing themselves..

    although she’s 20, can’t she sing songs for 13-year-olds? is there an existing international law stating that you can only compose songs that fits your age..for me, “Today was a fairytale” isn’t only for 13-year-olds, even older people can feel this. grabe naman kayong mga tao kung least the lyrics of taylor’s songs aren’t too mature and don’t contain bad words and other stuffs not suited for very young children..

    there’s too many singers out there who composes songs na hindi makabuluhan..(tag-glish eon man ako.hehe..)..and some of you here says that she doesn’t know how to sing well? ngek? gajowk kamo? kamo haw nami gid? (ilonggo mode)..grabe kamo manuya feeling nyo grabe kmo pakantahon..god, people?..

    pabay-i nyo lang abi si taylor kung makanta ta imaw it maskin alin una..eabot nyo abi..adtuni to imaw ag hambaei nga “taylor, kanaw-ay ta ing kanta ngato..paea-a”…enjoy the song lang baea..hay, tao..kung nalaw-ayan kamo, te malaw-ayan kamo i..labot…ginapilit kamo haw? pero dapat manamian gid kmo kay nami gid siya ya undoubtedly (bias na ni haw) biasness is not a sin (may word nga biasness?)..

    basta ako…GO TAYLOR SWIFT! ♥♥♥♥♥..she is so kawaii! gwapa! cute! Sorry for those who are ANTIs (choehamnida…gomenazai..sumimasen..pasensya..patawad..)..but you won’t change my opinion about her..TAYLOR SWIFT FOREVER!

    damo ko language nga nabal-an..worldwide ni daan..daw si taylor daan..kamo ya english lang…daw mamanggaranon gid kamo..ako ya, mapatay ko ya nga damo bal-an ya nga dialects and languages..(daw piho i..pajapanese-japanese kag pakorean-korean pa..piho kun piho i..ano scared? indi ko ya lame yah.)

    ay kalayo sang kalibutan..layo man gani ang planet pluto..indi naman sya gli planet ah..teh, damo gid ko ya nabal-an, proof na,,maplurk na di ko mga nakakarelate dyan, karelate kamo i..relatanay lng ta..

    next paragraph..pun-on namon ni ah..namon? oo i..i consider myself as many..i me you am..ano pa man bi..beh beh beh! TEH TEH TEH! hala, labutaw gid ni ya..amo ni daan ang expressing of your feelings..uso ni ya subong..tuluka kamo gid ni ang nanguna..daw follower bla sa short, ilog-ilogan..hampang na..river-riveran sa english..pasensya na lng da sa indi ka-understand..understand? sure? what time? pa man? ala indi gid ni ya puwede..damo ko ya nabal-an ya..genius ko daan..daw si einstein bla haw,..kilala nyo na? ..haha,,XD..

    baw..daw seryoso man to ang nakabutang sa ibabaw..subong ya..AMBUT lang..pero isa lang di ang akon nga goal..ipromote ko si taylor swift sa world! ang pinalangga ko nga taylor swift, indi ka da maghibi ha..kaon ka mayo..tuon ka gid ha para indi magnubu grades mo ha..kung magtabok ka sa dalan, tulok ka sa left and, stop, look and listen,, kag indi ka gid mag change dimensions kung wla sang existing pedestrian, nanay& ni ya ang tuod nga jowk..

    hay, 1313 letters to go!

    again..basta ako…GO TAYLOR SWIFT! ♥♥♥♥♥..she is so kawaii! gwapa! cute! Sorry for those who are ANTIs (choehamnida…gomenazai..sumimasen..pasensya..patawad..)..but you won’t change my opinion about her..TAYLOR SWIFT FOREVah!

    PS. indi nyo lang ko pag-pangitaa kay indi nyo man ko makita..invisible ko daan..may pagka-immortal ko gawa..nakaon ko bi to ang philosopher’s stone mo..



    anime lover ko ah..di man obvious? meow..kuring na gali..CAT..


    GO KIM BUM! kalantaw na kmo BOF, lantaw kmo ha? nami na..may gwapo..LEE MIN HO pa gali ah..

    indi man ko siguro mapreso ko wla man ko gin-ubra nga sala. bal-an ko las-ay akon chorizo..

    basta ako…GO TAYLOR SWIFT! ♥♥♥♥♥..she is so kawaii! gwapa! cute! Sorry for those who are ANTIs (choehamnida…gomenazai..sumimasen..pasensya..patawad..)..but you won’t change my opinion about her..TAYLOR SWIFT FOREVER. LUV U!!!