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Morgan Christie: Jon Gosselin's New Girlfriend!

Morgan Christie: Jon Gosselin's New Girlfriend!

Haaaaaave you met Morgan?

Jon Gosselin steps out with his new girlfriend, Morgan Christie, on Tuesday (January 19) after dining at Washington, D.C.’s Capital Grille.

The 32-year-old former reality star met Morgan, 25, while snowboarding in Utah, according to Us Weekly.

Jon and Kate Gosselin were officially divorced on December 18, and Kate‘s been spotted out with a new hairdo and new opportunities – she reportedly has a TLC show in the works for later this year!

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Credit: Mark Wilkins; Photos: Meet The Famous
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  • brightside

    A new one! He’s racking them up a bit now…….what happened to the old one then? All this floozying smacks of desperation.

  • tc

    hey, why not? He might as well get what he can.
    Anything is better than Kate.

  • Vicki

    haha nice J – i like your nod to HIMYM

    Jon Gosselin…gross. He’s about as media whorey as Heidi Montag-Pratt

  • Saudia

    Wow .. he’s turned into such a douchebag.. really.

  • Ms Anonymous

    At least Jon is far nicer than Kate, Kate’s an abusive bitch, so stop calling Jon a douche.

  • Yawn

    this parade has got to stop

  • Tish

    He is a douche. A homely one, at that.

  • lisa

    What’s he supposed to do, become a monk? He’s got to make up for those ten long years of torture and no sex from a frigid witch. I say bang away and wear protection.

  • rhonda

    she’s cute! good for Jon, move on, make a good life for yourself and your kids. You deserve it and your kids deserve a dad who is happy!

  • aska

    looks like a chubby one desperate for attention.

  • cbinparadise

    WHY would ANYONE date this idiot?

  • beth

    Ugh. What is he doing in my town? Please don’t tell me he’s lobbying congress for something.

  • tam

    The Kate haters are out in full force today. Maybe they’re scared to post on their blogs, since they found out that they are owned by scammers who are only out to get their $$ for a fake child advocacy group. They’re milking you idiots, lol!
    GWOP is a blog – a blog is not a message forum with moderators. It’s the cheapest (free) way these moneygrubbers could encourage you all to gather and post about Kate, thereby making it look like there is a whole movement against her. Read Matt Heckman’s blog (google it) if you want to know the truth.

  • Goodie

    Jared, we don’t care what her name is. Ignore these losers. They’re nobodies.

  • it’s the $ & fame

    People criticize his girlfriends but really I can’t believe he gets the caliber of women that he does. Not bad for Jon, he’s no looker.

  • hehehe

    What is GWOP you nutty babymomma ?
    Kate is a sick scab just like you closet lesbo Kate lovers.

  • puffin


  • ka-blamo

    Morgan is a sugar mama!!

  • lisa

    Good for Jon. She’s way younger and better looking than that desperate fame ho hag X, Kate, with her bad hair extensions.

  • LOL

    I use to feel sorry for him @ one time———-but now it seems like he only cares about meeting new girls and going to partys!!
    Maybe he forgot that he still has 8 children to help take care of!

  • JJ

    Look at the way his got that cigarette in his mouth durty ugly douche!

  • JJ

    Man and women who smoke are ugly disgusting trolls.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Gross. Jon,AND Kateand any dumbunny this guy dates is gross.Please nomore reports about these 15mins losers.They had their day. Enough.

    Kate fans,think .Please do not support that woman’s new show for her ego,fame. I know the kids will not be part of it.
    TLC too is depending on the market of bitter women, single women, old gals, divorced gals, dumped ones to sympathize and see how Kate is just like you. NOT!

    Do you have nannies,chef, pr team, glam squad, $10,000 a month in child support from the father until he goes broke which is very shortly, millions in the bank, TLC ‘s pr team and network who supplies you free $7,000 hair makeovers, make 6 lab created mulitples on purpose, have a huge home sitting on a few acres for thekids and for you , and your own personal home in Maryland?
    NO!!! You do not.

    You cannot Relate To Kate
    Sounds like the name of the new show.

    Think about those kids who need a mom AND a dad.
    Jon needs to build a separate homeonthe property and stay there and raise his 8 children.

  • happier than you

    Some people need to ask themselves why they are so infatuated with hating or loving the Gosselins. Go worry about Haiti or child pornography or finding a cure for cancer or something. In other words, GET LIVES.

  • rhonda


    don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, do you?

  • http://justjared lol2

    She looks like a tub of lard like Jon. She is as ugly as Jon also.

  • Lisa2

    I wish he spent this energy he has on finding someone to date on trying to find a JOB! I don’t understand how a man who is a father of 8 regardless if he is married or not, should still be trying to provide for his children. He is a total loser! I don’t care if he has to work hard labor, such as factory work, or driving a school bus, even a paper route! He needs to support his children no matter what. He is no role model to us, but he will always be a role model to his children.

  • Godmama

    Okay so what is the deal..

    Jon has 8 kids and now he is seriously thinking about
    adopting this 25 year old?

    for God’s sake what is he thinking this girl looks like
    she can change her own diapers, whereas her kids
    could use some help still!

    In some ancient cultures father who brought chldren to this world
    and would run after other kids like Jon would be “excused” of
    the burden of carrying his “jewels” I guess this made sens..
    clearly some people are not to cut to be dads so
    they don’t need the equipment..

    with him.. it is like he mostly likes the “joy of baby making”..
    not so much as taking care of them..

    and as to the little kid dating him now..

    shouldn’t be some sort of law against this?

    after all people don’t have their brain fully developed till they
    are like 30.. so what is this deal about dating their father figures..

    it is very prevertive concept that we could be done with by now..

    pleeeeeeeeease.. the dada types get real.

  • Lumier

    look at this picture .. Jon!

    it is what your kids will be looking few years from now..
    you wree kid once.. how would you feel..

    why with you it is all about sex?

    btw.. it does come back to people what they put out..
    so beware..

    aside from that you might really catch someting …
    more then you really intended :-)

  • collegesinglesmatch

    What a cute couple

  • georgiana

    Ew. She’s got chubby thighs. PROOF that he should not be famous. His last gf had a goofy face. This one is just a tubbo. I like how she’s dressed like a celeb wanna be too.

  • sandra

    The Dousche n the trash,,, part deux

  • Divine Goddess

    Why are people critcizing him for having girlfriends? He’s not that old, he can date if he wants. If one relationship doesn’t work you move on to someone else. At least he isn’t trying to get another tv series on TLC. He’s being pretty normal now and having fun like she should have been back when he was 22. As long as he pays child support I don’t have a problem with him.

  • Lenny

    No money, no honey.

  • Tatts

    Any woman who dates this man will regret it.

  • Oceane

    She looks younger than 25. Can’t be very bright if she’s with him..

  • Lisa2

    @Divine Goddess: He isnt paying child support. He has no job! You get your life in order then you have time to date, not the other way around. Too bad that he didn’t “date” in his 20′s. It’s just an excuse to run around like a teenage boy that has no priorities. He has to be able to be a “provider” and he lets Kate do it all!

  • ivermom

    She does not look too much older than his 2 oldest daughters!!!

  • she shall remain nameless

    Oink oink!!! The new gf looks like the girl version of the douchey Jon. Here we go again with the wannabe Ed Hardy crap.

  • Hi

    Jon is not nicer than Kate, NOT! HE IS NOT! He is a big hypocrite! He was hiding his evil side, now it’s all coming out…and it will continue to be revealed!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Kate is transparent, too honest for her own good, I hope she outgrown this!

  • Hi

    He is a deadbeat dad, lazy, get a job Jon!

  • Lisa2

    @Hi: I agree, I think Kate is controlling, but she has to be that way since she was the one that was the main caretaker of all the kids. I think she did/does a wonderful job learning how to handle all the kids. I can’t even imagine what it is like having all the kids under one roof. It has to be over whelming and you need to have them all on a routine which she seems to manage. It’s not like the kids aren’t being taken care of, she makes sure that they have activities as well and not let them just run wild all day. Now that they are in school, she is lucky to have some time for herself.

  • Ms.Anonymous

    Jon is a douchebag and Kate has nothing to do with it! Jon is a user and abuser!

  • lakers fan in boston

    u can just tell by that 1st pic of them, that he’s not interested at all in her
    all he wants is her money, just like hailey
    dumb hos, when will they learn that this guy is a douche who just uses ppl
    once again, she’s not even pretty
    but at least he’s getting more realistic and picking chicks who r closer 2 him, altho this chick is still 2 good for him, in fact almost any girl is

  • T Shirts

    She must be as desperate as he.

  • T Shirts

    She must be as desperate as he.

  • Granite

    Finally, a couple that truly deserves each other!

  • Dr NYC

    This’ll be 15 minutes of fame that she’ll soon regret!