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Kendra Wilkinson: Hank Jr. Is So Cute!

Kendra Wilkinson: Hank Jr. Is So Cute!

New mama Kendra Wilkinson added this photo of her son, Hank Baskett IV, to her website today!

“OMG he’s just so cute while he sleeps I couldn’t help myself!!!” Kendra wrote. “All I want to do is sit around and look at him all day long.”

Hank Jr., one month old, apparently has an eye for the ladies already – Kendra shared on her Twitter that his crushes are Taylor Swift and Audrina Patridge!

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Photos: FayesVision/WENN
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  • aw!

    he’s just like daddy: likes skanky, trashy women who make their money on their backs! How cute. (eyeroll)

  • eeee

    Cutie pie :)

  • bjlknnb,mb

    hes actually a cute baby:)

  • bjlknnb,mb

    and aw! Taylor Swift is NOT trashy.. i dont know where you’ve been for the last 2 years but keep up thanks.


    so adorable

    happy for Kendra that she settled down

  • janelle

    Please don’t hate this innocent baby because you dislike his parents. He is adorable.

  • lesly

    hate the mom,but the baby is very cute.

  • Tori

    hmm interesting…his nose doesnt look like his or hers….and he’s whiter then michael jackson….:\

  • Kim

    Tori you do know that some biracial/multiracial babies do get darker as they get older? Plus besides there isn’t just one color of skin for others like Hank, there is many shades. I think baby Hank is fine the way he is, both his parents love him and that’s all it matters. :)

  • e

    first time I saw that show she was in girls next door. she was trying to bond with some playmate so she took her to a batting cage. my first impression was she’s kinda cute but one day she’ll make an excellent mom to lil boys. congrats kendra I bet he will be a hell of an athelete.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    i’m sure nobody truly cares.


    Very cute baby.
    xo Kendra and Hank.

  • Tori

    @Kim:well kim,i am biracial so im very aware of that,the thing is black dominates usualy when a baby is black the child takes up more on the black side doesnt matter what your mixed with if you have black in you,you look more black ive rarley seen someone take up more on the white side ..rarley,sure kendras baby can get darker but i live in the present not the future.

  • Ms Anonymous

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    Why are you such an asshole?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Ms Anonymous: why are you stalking me. the only time you post is to speak to me. why is your newbie ass riding my dcik so hard?!!? try posting a comment on this site that isn’t directed at me, you psycho sack sucker. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..

  • Venom

    He is cute:)


    ah very cute!

  • Whatever2

    Why in the hell did I click on this post??

  • AM

    Hopefully he inherited brains that aren’t from mama.

  • lexy

    When is this media whore’s 15 minutes going to be over? She’s not even vaguely interesting!!

  • Lenny

    Why hate period? Kendra is good person and has a good heart. Hank seems like a great guy and the only people who hate babies are just evil.

  • Michelle

    Ahhh he is such a cute baby! So many people and friends of mine are having babies… LOL!

  • Lisa2

    He is very cute. I am sure he will be a little athelete when he is older with as active as Kendra and Hank are.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Ok, first up, Hank’s mom is White and his dad is Black.
    Hank looks Creole.
    The baby is not going to be brown or dark in complexion . Can’t happen.

    This is the same for Halle Berry (B dad and W mom) and her baby with a White guy.

    I find that a Black man’s genes are stronger and the kids usually come out not all White.

    Black women with White men, the kids usually can turn out all White.

    The baby is abolutely a cutie.

    Kendra, hey, it was what it was and she never lied about TPlayboy thing…she posed a few times in the mag.

    Give her props for being honest. I’l take a Kendra person over an Amy Grant ,Trisha Yearwod,Grath Brooks kind of person. I feel lots of time in real life too, real people I know, the ones who are not Saints, but honest over the ones who act as saints, but aint nowhere near saintly.
    I am not talking about people of criminal activity, just you know, affairs, and stuff.
    Kendra being dumb,…i think it is a pretty good act she has goingon.She had enough sense to take her money, buy a SanDiego condo, marry and not live with Hnak, grab a good guy, have a family,make a home, and get her tv show.
    Out of the girls,Kendra did the best.
    Then Bridget.
    Then Holly.

  • Liya

    @Go Ask Alice

    Black women with White men, the kids usually can turn out all White

    No no, not true. My Mum is black and my Dad is white. My Brother, my Sister and I are all black!

  • edna

    I know my name is not that contemporary but Hank isn’t neither, why call the little baby Hank? Kendra was never my fave, but she at least got marry and is trying to live a”normal” life.

  • firemandatingsite

    He is very little

  • ++Logan++

    beautiful family and beautiful baby

  • lakers fan in boston

    i must admit he’s pretty cute
    altho i really dont like his mom, she annoys me, but im starting 2 get used 2 her, she’s not as bad as she used 2 be

  • g!na

    cute baby!

  • T Shirts

    She needs to get on the right meds!

  • Granite

    Baby rats are cute, too.

  • faith87

    ahh! what a precious baby

  • Dr NYC

    Only a mother. . .

  • JanT


    Does this statement make you feel superior, or more accepting of you flaws?

  • Mariah Fox

    i think their baby is soo cute!
    he looks mixed even tho he is only a quarter black.
    he has blue eyes and blond wavy hair
    but big lips and big nose like his dad.
    he can pass as a biracial baby.
    watch when he grows up….thats all i have to say…
    im a quarter black quarter samoan and half mexican
    people look at me and think im gichi->(lightskin african american)
    i think baby hank will be the same even cuter lolz…

  • DAR………

    Gee enought with the B&W thing.Why does it always have to be about color,Kenda and Hank have a very adorable child,Thats what is wrong with this world today.Let them b…………………