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Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Target Twosome

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Target Twosome

Reunited couple Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli get some shopping done at Target in West Hollywood on Wednesday (January 20).

Leo, 35, and Bar, 24, stocked up on essentials, including shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste (you can see Leo contemplating Colgate here!) on their incognito trip.

Earlier this week, Leo and Bar took in a Lakers game together!

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli making a Target run…

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leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli target 01
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli target 02
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli target 03
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli target 04
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli target 05
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli target 06
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli target 07
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli target 08
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli target 09
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli target 10
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli target 11
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli target 12
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli target 13
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli target 14
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli target 15

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  • riri

    Did she pull a Jen Garner and trap him with a baby?
    Does he not know she will text message the paparazi as she always does?

  • Ann


  • Sav.

    They’re so cute. They kind of look like they could be related.

  • Ann

    love love them..!!!! <3<3

  • riri

    They look absolutely miserable together.
    She is with him for the publicity, and obeying her controlling mother to cling to famous men to get your name out in the tabloids.
    But why is he with her if he is so unhappy?

  • lexy

    If they are trying to “hide” why are they so bundled up? I know 60 degrees in LA is cold but they look like they should be at a ski resort. Of course they are going to be noticed looking like 2 old people bundled up and wearing snow boots in Westwood.
    LOL! Jen didn’t have to trap Ben with a baby. He’s a simple guy who enjoys acting. He wasn’t looking for a media whore with no talent – he wanted a real woman. BTW, what century do you live in? Men don’t have to marry the mother of their children. And Ben seems quite happy with his wife and kids. I mean if he wasn’t he could get a divorce. Again, it’s legal these days.

  • Shan

    lexy-the weather is really bad in LA so they are bundled up because of the heavy rain and hail we’ve been having the past few days

  • Shan

    lexy-the weather is really bad in LA so they are bundled up because of the heavy rain and hail we’ve been having the past few days

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …a hot hanger and a douchebag.

  • P.

    These poor people can’t even buy something IN THE STORE without a million pictures posted on a blog…
    Why is this news??
    I hope you didnt PAY for these.

  • Candycotton

    Leo took Barf to get some conditioner for her ratty damaged split ends!but it still will not help this plain wh*re……And what the he’ll is she wearing??She looks homely….yuck!

  • collegedatingsite

    He’s like a drug dealer in a hoodie

  • They look like a couple from a trailer park. I mean BOTH of them. It`s beyond sad to see Leo dressed like that and being with her. DISAPPOINTING!!!

  • cacey

    This guy IS GOING to Age well, IT seems LIKE he has stopped AGING SINCE “Gilbert GRAPE”

  • just me

    They had no problem being photographed at the Lakers game the other night ( or as a matter of fact in Cabo during their `balcony scene` ) so why cover up in Target?
    Leo looks like cr*p!!!

  • Candycotton

    Anybody notice he’s walking way a head of her …he’s probally thinking Man I wish I could ditch this b*tch!!!…and why the Hell is Leo carrying all the bags?Barf is good for nothing!!

  • Tealeaf

    She is average looking and she does everything he does.

  • Notice

    Have you notice how every picture of them gets more depressing and more depressing?!?! Its like Leo looks sader and sader.

  • Karena

    Aw, I feel bad about looking at these pics, but I did. Love them together, too. Also, re: the weather. Yes, California is experiencing a big rainstorm. Up here, there’s been thunderstorms and constant rain. It’s cold, too! At the Golden Globes, remember everyone was carrying umbrellas?

  • Looks like

    They’re having relationship problems already. Las time Leo looked like this he ditched her AGAIN! It wont be too long before another break up is on the horizon.

  • According to Einstein…

    Leo is INSANE!!!

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  • EMILY:)

    love his wvu hat!:]

  • Weirdos

    They dont even look at each other…like ever!! lol

  • MerryMerry

    I want to be happy just like that. its like they can’t contain themselves!

  • lala

    YES! Bar scores another fancy non-smiling date – to Target! DING DING DING – Bar wins another point! More depressing pics of this unhappy “couple.” This time she is not modeling for the cameras so she looks equally as depressed as Leo. Reality sets in. I am glad they went to the Target pharmacy to pick up Leo’s cocktail of anti-depressants to get him to be docile enough to stay with this woman that he is miserable with! He is on a high dosage but they still do not work that well as you can see from his sad little expression. He is a handsome guy – it pains me to see him this way. Hope he sees the light. There are other women out there for you Leo!!


    IF LEO LOVED THE ENVIRONMENT HE WOULD BRING HIS ECO-FRIENDLY REUSABLE BAGS TO GO SHOPPING. He is so busy being depressed about this fcked up “relationship” he is not himself!

  • Smells

    Smells like trouble in paradise already/!?!? hahahahahahahahaha!!!

  • Wow shocked

    These pictures look like the breakup photos from Barnes and Noble! Very sad!

  • Jess

    Cute pics of them both :) Plus, like always, Leo looks soooo Sexy! <3 :D

  • http://JustJared Kem

    #28 Agree!! They look miserable.LOOK THE LAST PIC! She looks awful without makeup as usual. Run Leo run.

  • @29

    Yeah, you are right. They look so cute! Someone should really make a Valentine`s Day card with these photos! The pictures scream cute, happy and `in love`.
    P A T H E T I C!!!!!! Exactly like the B and N break up photos!

  • BarFan

    Bar is #6 on MDC’s new Sexiest List

    I’m happy for her that she made the list coz MDC is BIG and accurate when it comes to fashion and models.

  • LadyB

    She’s wasting her time with him. He got lonely during the Holidays and he picked her back up.

  • http://justjared deke

    They look like a regular old married couple.

  • Kev

    oh god! and the misery continues…. please can some of his friends help him! this is just sad…. doesn´t anyone notice that he is the one doing the shopping, she is not buying anything, just dragging herself behind him.

  • Liz

    I don’t like her either but maybe he looks miserable because of the paparazzi he’s always said they’re unpleasant and hates that kind of attention. That’s my opinion but even so she rubs me the wrong way.

  • Kate

    and he got her TAMOINS!!!! that is soooo cute!

  • Candycotton

    I bet when they go back to Leo’s house .. He makes an excuse to go in the other room..tells her (Oh I have to study a new movie script )…BUT really..he’s (Drinking vodka and calling his Real friends ,laughing his a** for 3 hourswhile..Barfie sits and plays with her split ends and Looks at magazines..Of Herself!(Just Imagine people)!!lol

  • karen

    Love the hat. Go Mountaineers… who knew????

  • Abbie

    Thanks a lot, JARED for more new pictures of Bar with Leo. Going to the Lakers and now shopping like any other couples at Target. The difference with any other couples, is that she is the one who appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue and is considered one of the most beautiful models in the world and he is a three time Oscar nominated, respected Hollywood actor.

  • @40

    Wow, Abbie. You forgot to write down that the only reason why she got the SI cover and all the attention as a `model` is because of the three time Oscar nominated boyfriend of hers.
    Do you know what else did you forget to mention? That she is being boycotted in Israel for dodging the army service and trying to get out of paying her taxes by declaring? What a woman!
    Do you get paid for the almost identical posts you write on every thread?

  • Uno

    @Abbie: Dont worry Abbie, they will break up for GOOD oneday and when they do I will be sure to rub it in your face!!! : ) Not even barf fans think this is going to last! ha! They want it to last for awhile but even them know its going to end for good one day! And she will marry some fat isrealie or maybe a farmer israelie like her dad! Warren Beaty eventual threw away her mother and Leo will throw her also…like mother like daughter…

    Its already happening!! Just look at them! I see permanent break up in the future!

  • tal

    love them so much =))

  • riri

    If Leo hates the paparazi, he picked the wrong girl
    That is the only reason she is with him- so she can call them up and tip them if he ever steps out with her, even to Target.

  • brightside

    He looks so bloated – good actor but his looks are going downhill fast.

  • Michelle

    Why can’t people accept that they are dating? And do couples always look “HAPPY” when they are walking around together. I know that my husband and I don’t walk around laughing and smiling all the time but we love each other and are not separating! They are obviously in love and he wanted her back and it’s really no one else’s business as to why!

    Personally I think that SHE is making a huge mistake because I don’t believe that he will be able to commit for at least another 30 years but I may be wrong.

  • the_boyfriend

    i never got his appeal, average at best imo.

    and not a great actor either.

  • Jen

    He’s wearing a WVU hat!!! Heck yea! Go Mountaineers!!!

  • french

    2 strangers, they are pathetic, poor Leo

  • “Abbie” aka Tzipi

    “Abbie” is Bar’s mom Tzipi who goes on JJ and other websites under “Abbie” to post the same lies and bullsh*it every time people tell it like it is and note how fu.cking miserable these two bit^ches look. Hi Tzipi!! Give it up girlfriend – I am on to your Israeli! They are NOT obviously in love Michelle – Leo looks like he’s been through HE.LL and back and usually he is a very handsome man. He never even cracks a smile or looks remotely happy with her – that is NOT normal. He does not look like that with other people and his friends. This is just about S-E-X. Not much more. I have seen people in Zoloft and Prozac commercials look more content than these mother fcu*kers. It is pathetic. What goes on is a lot of arguments, crying, screaming, threats, and sex and then breakups and then rinse and repeat. Like a broken record that keeps skipping on the same part. Put that in your magic pipe and smoke it Tzipi!