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Miranda Kerr: Topless for GQ!

Miranda Kerr: Topless for GQ!

Miranda Kerr is on top of the world right now, dating one of Britain’s hottest exports, actor Orlando Bloom.

The 26-year-old Aussie model strips off her bikini and poses for a sexy photo spread for the February 2010 issue of GQ.

An interesting tidbit we learn from the internet: Her Aussie ex-boyfriend went to jail for stealing money from finance clients. He reportedly met some of his clients through Miranda‘s mom. Yikes!

More Miranda pics from this shoot at!

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miranda kerr topless gq february 2010 01
miranda kerr topless gq february 2010 02
miranda kerr topless gq february 2010 03

Photos: Alexi Lubomirski/GQ
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  • smoot

    Why do Hollywood females have the need to pose “in the buff” ?
    This is now 2010 ! Females nowadays should not be considered
    trophies or anything else. As long as this stupid practice continues….females will never be taken as human beings.

    I guess it does not help when too many HW females are bimbos!

    What’s funny and stupid is I was not allowed to type in “nud*” and had to use the word “in the buff”……… but, yet….the “in the buff” photo was posted!

    Duh! crazy!

  • lalalove

    Nothing we haven’t seen before. But cute, I guess.

  • lalalove

    I couln’t agree more. Jared is very bias to say the least.
    I used the word “pen!s” and it was censored, but he used it quiet boldly. Infringement on our rights, I tell you.

  • mickey

    Do famous women keep their tops ON anymore?

  • gigi23

    For a “high fashion” model, she doesn’t wear clothes very often. Oh well, a girl I work with is sleeping with the boss and getting promoted. I guess some people do what they have to do to get ahead. She sure does do alot of photo shoot like this.

  • gigi23


    I couldn’t use that word either. Funny isn’t it.

  • lisali

    She has an amazing body, but than you look at her face… its this innocent little 10 year old face, or a cabbage-patch doll face.. terrifying! (maybe thats why gq hid her face under hair?)

  • Richard

    WOW SHE IS STUNNING! what a lucky man orlando is!!!

  • sally

    She is my all time favorite model. Absolutely beautiful

  • http://firefox gena g.

    i do not understand, that anyone who makes soo much money ,still has to get naked, spread up in any magazine just to make more? where is that woman decency.

  • firemandatingsite

    She is so pretty and glam

  • Mousse

    That topless shoot was to be expected.
    Not a good evolution.

  • postwatcher

    Really disgusting stick figure. She does not look like a woman.
    Looks like an anorexic tranny.

  • annab

    Nothing sexy about being skin and bones. Would look better with clothes on.

  • brightside

    I’m all for women, and men too, posing naked if it is their choice and they are not coerced into it. A naked body is beautiful. We had naked models in our Art classes and the women were all strong-minded, independant individuals who were comfortable in their skin and saw no reason why they shouldn’t share the natural beauty of their bodies. Saying that, I don’t find the sitting shot to be particularly beautiful in form. Her body looks sausagey. But the shot on the sofa is an eye-catcher. Dramatic and beautifully posed.

  • Yes!

    LOVE HER!!!
    If you don’t like her, why click on the post?
    You haters must have very empty lives with nothing better to do, hmmm?
    If this had been any other model, the haters would be saying how great it was to be featured in GQ, and that Miranda would never be famous enough that GQ would want her.
    Their double standards have no bounds.

  • brightside

    @smoot: Try the word naked, it worked for me although I was always told that it was nudes in art. We paint nudes, not nakeds.

  • riri

    Stick figure. No curves, like a tall boy.
    This is not sexy and not feminine. She is hiding her face with the hair.
    It could be a lady-boy if any of you ever been to Thailand and know what I’m talkning about.

  • @18

    You keep saying the same thing over and over.
    Yeah, if she looks so much like a boy, and is not sexy or feminine, how come Ask Men just ranked her #10 in sexiest women in the world. Higher that ANY OTHER VS Angel.
    Explain that, huh?

  • @19

    Higher that ANY OTHER VS Angel.

    That is not correct, cause Alessandra was n4 and Marissa n. 2.

  • @20

    Sorry, got my info wrong.
    But you can’t deny that those guys find her sexy.

  • @20

    Too bad that VS has evidently dumped Marissa.

  • @22

    Too bad that although her constant public exposure she is only 10 while her colleagues angels are higher!

  • @23

    Marissa was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and Ale has been a popular model for many years. With all of THEIR exposure, they should have been even higher. Miranda is fairly new on the scene, and jumped from number 46, to number 10 in ONE YEAR.
    Try as you might, you haters just can’t ‘spin’ this one away.
    The more you try, the stupider you will seem.

  • @23

    It is ‘more stupid’ not stupider…

  • @23

    Doutzen is much higher……no
    Candace is too!!…….no
    Adriana is always higher…
    And Heidi has them all beat!……no
    You’re right, he colleagues are much higher.

  • @25

    You’re right.
    I need more coffee.
    But you can’t dispute the facts, can you? That’s why you are hung up on the grammar.

  • @22

    Marissa is still a VS angel…take a look on and Tmz…

  • jared fan

    Come on girls it’s 2010! ENOUGH of having to show your body off for attention!!! Try using your brain if you have one!!
    not a MIRANDA fan anymore!

  • @29

    She is a model, not a corporate executive for Pete’s sake.
    ‘showing off your body for attention’….isn’t that part of being a model? If you don’t want to do n*des, don’t become a model.
    Just ask Heidi, Adriana, Doutzen, Marissa, Gisele, Kate, etc., etc., etc.
    I’m glad that Marissa is still an Angel, I always thought that she was a sweet girl.

  • Boring

    So tired of the Victoria Secret “models”
    They need to find some new ones with better bodies. They are all a bunch of praying mantis shaped freeks with silicone bo obs.

    Totally boring. How about some Varga Girl type figures. They were thin but not sticks.

  • @31

    Any woman who isn’t a “stick” would be called fat now-a-days.
    I think that most of the VS girls look trim and healthy.
    You don’t have to be a double D to look like a woman.
    I think that Miranda looks fantastic!
    And GQ, and Ask Men seem to agree with me.
    No one is forcing you to agree, just don’t try to say that your beliefs are the only correct ones.

  • hindusfindus

    i don’t have a problem with nudity at all (if you ask me, people should be allowed to be naked anywhere) but this kind of “sexy” posing thing that all those famous women do nowadays is just… i don’t even find the right word. maybe submissive will do.
    women should stop posing in this lolita way, like the little innocent girl who does not have any other purpose in life than sexually please masculine men (which they need to protect them…).

    let’s see some more images of strong, empowered women! lets stop trying to be lolita-sexy. lets be more like this woman:

  • saddasdasdas

    i don’t get it, there’s nothing stunning about her. she’s a plain girl with a rail thin physique. she’s not that cute, her face and personality are not memorable. you see all these other VS models like alessandra ambrosio, adriana lima and marissa miller -all stunningly gorgeous-and then…miranda kerr. how many people did she have to blow to get the job she has?

  • sted


    She is a MODEL. Her body is her business. In fact most of the VS models have done way worse then this and constantly.

    Empowering women? Um, she’s a model. Wrong place to try and “empower”, Male models get just as much exposure if not, more. And HF models pose even more nude then these VS models, Hello? Lara, Eniko, Edita, Abbey? All very respected HF models- and yet most there shoots consist of full frontal nudity- not semi- fully.

    She’s the most beautiful out of the VS angels, that’s not saying much though.

  • nvp

    She is incredibly beautiful. WOW.

  • sofiaa

    Even the haters can’t deny this girl is out of this world Beautiful. I can definitely see why a lot of people I know brag about this chick. She’s extremely pretty.

  • @hindusfindus

    I don’t have a problem with nudity either and I think these pics are sexy but not explicit. I see a lady posing naked because she wants to for a big amount of money. IMHO there’s nothing antifeminist about that, it gives her a position of power.
    Those who want to see women using their brain shouldn’t go to a gossip site to see pictures of models.

  • @34

    Well, you are entitled to your opinion, but it seems that most people disagree with your powers of observation.
    She has become one of the most popular models around.
    And your final comment sounds just like a jealous woman who believes that any attractive woman who makes it up the ladder has to “blow” someone to get a promotion. It is offensive to women everywhere.
    Miranda is gorgeous. Far prettier than Ale or Marisa in my opinion.

  • Damned


    That’s your opinion too, so everyone can post his own opinion as well!

    modelsdotcom/MDC has a New Sexiest List

  • @40

    Where did anyone say that you couldn’t post your opinion?
    Oh, I see.
    You think that you are on that other board full of haters where no one is allowed to disagree.
    Sorry chica.
    You have the wrong site.
    If you post an opinion here, some peopel are bound to disagree with you. That’s how ‘opinions’ work.
    I said that I, and a lot of other people didn’t agree with you. Or are you saying that ONLY YOU are allowed to post an opinion????
    And I think that I’ll stick with what MEN find sexy in a woman, not a bunch of fashionista wanna bees.

  • teka12

    The only reason VS wanted her is because lets face it- she is like Adriana Lima 2.0. They look too much a like it’s ridiculous. It’s obvious they want a back up for Adriana, so they got Miranda, who is a more cuter version. They resemble each other so much. Especially when they stand next to each other. I don’t like MK (Too cutesy for my taste) but I can see why a lot of people would like her. Especially for those who want an Adriana replacement.

  • jared fan

    Didn’t come to the site to “see models”
    just to check out celebrities style and this one has none…

  • @42

    She resembles adriana slightly (both brunette, blue eyes, bloated cheeks) But I wouldn’t say that’s the only reason vs would want her- she has a very down-to-earth personality, that shines whenever you see her.

    Marisa and Alessandra more beautiful then Miranda? LIES! Not even close! Is that a joke? Alessandra looks gross now (More manly then ever!), and well, Marisa is not aging well. Miranda and Doutzen are the only good things VS has now.

  • @34

    That was offensive.

    I don’t get it?

    If Miranda is getting no jobs it’s because no cares or wants her blah blah blah.

    And then if Miranda get alot of press resulting her to get a lot of jobs, all of a sudden she gives heads?! HAHAHA. Maybe you can say the same for every model in the world? You guys are lame.
    Can’t we just accept the fact that Miranda is hot stuff at the moment and her career is at an all time high thanks to her VS angel status and dating OL? Not to mention how stunning this girl is?

  • LOL!

    Well, they have these pics up on ONTD, and the VAST majority of those NON-ANON posters like/love her. You know ONTD? the place that usually rips people across the coals? Most think that she is gorgeous and sexy. Sure, we have the usual haters posting there too. Mystic, and de wood (a Kate fanatic) who post their usual garbage, they show up several times since they have nothing better to do.
    But the FIVE pages (so far) of comments are OVERWHELMINGLY positive.
    Guess a LOT of people disagree with you haters.

  • so beautiful

    I should stop coming to JJ or any where that posts a lot about her
    this girl is so beautiful im getting a low self esteem. seriously so so so beautiful. why are all these victorias secret girls so beautiful? this one in particular :(

  • oo00ooo

    How is it possible for a human to be so cute, beautiful, sexy all at once? She is amazing.

  • helena

    what is she trying to prove?

  • Oceane

    boring.. been done before