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Nadya Suleman: Bikini After Babies

Nadya Suleman: Bikini After Babies

One year after giving birth to octuplets, Nadya Suleman is back in a bikini for the cover of this week’s issue of Star magazine.

The mother of 14 told Star that she lost the weight without plastic surgery: “I would feel like I cheated,” Nadya shared, saying she’s lost 150 lbs. and is down to a weight of 120.

“I wanted to prove to myself that I can do it on my own, naturally,” she added. “My friends call me Rubber Band because I always snapped back so quickly after my other kids!”

Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • Ha!

    That’s just wrong.

  • cee

    yuck…..but still better than that Frankenstein stomach Kate

  • edna

    I have seen worse bodies and some of them (women) never had any kids.

  • sdfhsvs


  • Maria

    I think she looks great!

  • liar

    no lipo my ass

  • Tori


  • ka-blamo

    She needs a bag over her head permanently.

  • ommmz

    seriousy? do we have to put up with this as a society?

  • fox

    sick. eww

  • Missb

    Whatever. She had MASSIVE stretch marks, those don’t even disappear anymore.

  • Missb

    “ever” not “even”

  • thighmegatampon

    Just like she never had any work done on her face, right? She is delusional and so full of sh*t

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l


  • Jen

    STOP having children! I don’t care what you look like, you’re a mother worry about your kids, not your weight!

  • Shawna

    Jen #15 – what a stupid comment! So mothers shouldn’t worry about their weight and their health? I have 3 children and I’m doing Weight Watchers – oh no, how horrible I am!!!

  • Nahla

    No lipo my ass ! She did have many massive stretch marks in the pictures of her super huge octuplets pregnancy belly. It couldn’t possibly vanish like this in a clap of her fingers. She’s such a liar and a dumbass. Why the hell is this reported on here? She’s no celebrity!

  • ambi

    Her stomach skin was soooo stretched out after having those babies. At a minimum, she has undergone a tummy tuck. There was no way that skin could recover!!

  • Jen


    Not what I meant, of course mothers should make sure their healthy and monitor their weight, but this woman has 14 children! Instead of showing off for the camera, and showing us her ‘great’ bikini body, she should focus on her kids, since she consciously choose to have that many children. That is what I meant.

  • Hippo

    Thanks Shawna. As a mom there is MORE of a reason to worry about your weight. You need energy to run after your kids and want to live to see your grandkids. Your life doesn’t stop when you have kids. I go to the gym 5 days a week and eat very healthy, just like I did before kids. That said, Octomom is trash. There is no way she didn’t lipo that stomach.

  • DEb

    SHE IS FAKE! SHE LIPOD and you know they photo shoped that picture… she is a lie, so is her picture and everything that comes out of her mouth!

  • Claire

    An anonymous person paid for Octomom’s gym membership bc she, being the responsible mother of 14, forgot to pay her monthly $30 fees THREE times!!! WHat a loser. On the other hand, she does look great for someone who carried EIGHT babies. That’s incredible, honestly:

  • Felicity

    this is not possible. have you seen how stretched out her belly was?? well then.
    btw: I hate her. Famewhore.

  • kendra

    Those poor babies.



  • buddymcphee

    I think she looks great for having such an enormous stomach during her pregnancies. I find it really, really hard to believe though that she didn’t have a tummy tuck. A mid section could never tighten up naturally after being stretched to the limit. How about her breasts…would they be sagging some? Airbrushing or surgery is involved here…

  • Go Ask Alice

    ambi and buddy are right.

    She,like Kate, had a tummy tuck,lipo, breast lift, and a few other things.

    A human body was not made to carry 6 or 8 kids,mulitples of 2.
    , 4,6,8, somebody is going to hatch 9 or 10 soon for MONEY..
    We are not Labordor Retrivers!

    Both pregnancies for Kate and Octomom were lab created on purpose for fame and fortune.

    Please, JustJ, no more stories on these disgusting gross people,Jon,Kate and Octomom.

    I am surprised TLC has not given her her own show yet.

  • lala

    oh not again please! someone stop this freak!

  • infamous

    I suppose her boobs, lips and cheeks are real too…yeah right. She had a tummy tuck and lipo without a doubt, and maybe even skin removal.
    Lying sack of sheet.

  • jared fan

    No plastic surgery…YA RIGHT…whatever..
    ENOUGH OF HER ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is NO celebrity!!!!
    Come on jared…please post stories not trash!

  • Gggg

    For one NS is no mother AND a complete liar. Used frozen embryos , well we all learned that was a lie even with the first six kids. Only six implanted , more like 11.
    No tummy tuck, well any idiot can see the scars . She must think there is alot of stupid people in this world to believe her lies. . I don’t think a “MOM” would ever risk her babies. She only gives a rats ass about herself.

  • lululu

    That made my stomach turn.

  • camila


  • LuckyL

    Lying c*nt

  • LuckyL

    But then again she’s a pathological liar.

  • Tanya

    She is awful and really CRETIN!!!

  • Mollie

    Tummy tuck gets rid of stretch marks. Her body doesn’t look bad, but her face is a freaking nightmare.

  • Mya

    She’s such a liar. Disgusting. She should be home with her 14 kids.

  • Marieme

    Ditto Tammy.

    Fcuk…this is our new celebrity? Kardashians? MontHAGs, Octomom? Boy, am I saving money not buying mags anymore.

  • Lowest denominator

    The part I find hard to believe is that she has “friends” to call her anything.

  • sharah

    I must be the only alien on this planet, since there is no way my body would bounce back like the human Octomom. oh wait, humans lie and she did indeed have plenty of help. PLEASE!

  • Oh Canada

    Liar, liar.

  • mercury rising

    Seriously, JJ, reporting on the octo-mom? WTF? Honey, I expect more from you.

  • Angelina Jolie-VoigtPitt

    Wait’l she starts adopting the brangelina fans will follow her to no end……!!!!!!

  • wellthen

    no lipo, yeah….okay *rolls eyes*

    why is she stillll on magazine covers

  • Abby

    There is NO WAY she did not have a tummy tuck. It is not possible. Her stomach was HUGE…the skin could not have recovered from that. She needs to stop lying…shame on the mag for putting her on the cover when they know she has to be lying!

  • collegesinglesmatch

    What a hot woman!

  • westwingpotus

    I don’t care how flat her belly is — She’s STILL an idiot who cranked out a litter of kids that she can’t take care of because she’s mentally ill and the tax payers are going to have to pay for all those brats.

  • Kimberly

    She had to of had a tummy tuck. I don’t believe anyone that has multiples belly snaps back like a rubber band. They have excess skin around the belly area from it stretching so I don’t buy a word she says.

  • kath

    if anybody had seen a photo of her when she was heavily pregnant with the octos knows she cant possible have done that without the aid of surgery, either that or she is at the gym 20 hours a day and not looking after her kids