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Rihanna Covers Bob Marley's 'Redemption Song' on Oprah

Rihanna Covers Bob Marley's 'Redemption Song' on Oprah

Check out Rihanna‘s cover of Bob Marley‘s classic “Redemption Song”!

The 21-year Bajan beauty will be performing the song on Oprah TODAY (January 20) as part of a Haiti relief episode. R&B crooner Maxwell will also be performing on the show!

“Just met MAXWELL , so sweet, great spirit,” Oprah tweeted this morning. “Loooved him. Rihanna‘s legs look like they’re growing from her armpits. Boy is she gorgeous.”

You can buy “Redemption Song” on iTunes for 48 hours to benefit Haiti – click here to check it out!

Rihanna – Redemption Song
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  • cold case love


    ARE THE HATERS!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS GONNA SLAY ON OPRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Support Haiti!!! Buy Redemption Song from iTunes!!! We can all do our part!! :)

  • enoughalready

    I’m sorry but Rihanna and beautiful voice and talent dont mix, all this for a sale. She will use anyone and anybody for publicity and that’s what they are doing. Oprah is just scratching L.A. Reid’s back. I dont buy this for one moment and again it’s a shame what they will not do for money….Singing good, no can do, but again it will probably be good cause she is standing still.. I dislike her more cause she is using a terrible situation for personal gain and that label also!!! Shame on them all, they could have used any artist from that label to perform…But because they have wasted so much money on her they are using any situation to get it back…..It’s what we call the trinkle down effect.. Just sorry!

  • twenty-two

    They photo shopped the shit out of that pic.

  • essence

    @cold case love: Hardly beautiful. She always sounds the same too.

  • Halle

    Well, at least she’s doing something for charity.

  • angel

    That cover doesn’t even look like a photo, it looks like a painting.

  • pr guy

    I wish they’d gotten Alicia for this but nice to see Rihanna doing something other than trolling for a photo-op.

  • whatever

    She’s not much of a singer but I may buy this. It’s for a good cause.

  • sharpie

    I think that’s an old pic and yeah, they went nuts on the airbrushing.

  • lalalove

    Oh, gosh, If memory serves, she’s butchered this song before, right? She’s at it again.
    I only listened to 30 secs, that’s usually all I can bare of her voice.
    But suprisingly she sounded exceedingly better this time around. Then again, Redemption song is one note. It’s not the most challenging song out there. Even Kesha would probably do it justice. Kudos to her for doing some charity work.

  • lalalove

    I just might get the song ONLY because it’s for a good cause. Are all the proceeds going to Haitian victims?

  • Cammie


    Enough Already with the long essay to complain about something for charity,

    The people in Haiti who need Aid don’t care where or who the money comes from so stop acting a catty.

    And you are just full with so much HATERADE for Rihanna that you assume she is doing this for the wrong reasons…Your haterade is NOT proof enough….

    Good idea Rihanna and Oprah!

  • kdots

    @Cammie: I think people have been pretty kind. She’s not the greatest singer but even some of her non-fans are willing to fork over money for charity.

    Enough, thanks for your posts. You always cut through the bs.

  • enoughalready

    Please, it has nothing to do with hate, listen to her sing that song and that’s enough for you not to buy the song regardless of the charity. She was terrible!!! and a essay? it shoud’ve been a book. Now you tell me why did they choose Rihanna from that label and you know it had everything to do with publicity and sells for her album… She was everywhere, with no tune, no soul, no nothing singing it.. She wrecked it before and she destroyed it now!!! That was terrible!!

  • enoughalready

    Forgot this! I’m donating but not by way of that song there you best believe… There was no emotions in that song nowhere from her! Terrible!!!

  • tal

    love RIRI !!!

  • Ben

    I will donate but directly. Her remake is not good.

  • uh oh

    Rihanna botched a classic.

  • canuck

    I hope she doesn’t wear that tacky blonde wig on Oprah.





  • Lindy

    @# enoughalready oh shut up please rihanna is doing this for a good cause can you not stop hating on this girl for once if she was doing this for publicity which i doubt she is because she is so famous she would have released one of her songs off her album so please think before you write somthing next time or just don’t write anything.
    Anyways a beautiful cover sang by Rihanna ans shes beautiful and has a heart of gold.

  • Lindy

    @ GROSS give up with hating on rihanna she doesn’t look like a tranny im sure your the one who looks like a tranny!

  • high five

    She’s an overexposed famewhore but I’ll give her props for doing something productive.

  • Ninja

    @Lindy: I have no idea what Gross looks like so I’ll refrain from commenting on someone I can’t see, but sometimes Rihanna does look like a tranny.

  • Ninja

    @Lindy: Enough has as much right to post here as everyone else.

    I’d like to think Rihanna’s efforts are entirely altruistic but she’s getting great publicity for this too. She probably has no control over what song was selected.

  • enoughalready

    @lindy like I said!!! I will donate by another way. Good cause my foot she needs all the help she can get! Instead of walking around she should’ve been in some ones class learning what a tune, note, scales and everything else is but you know, I belive it’s to late and after this I know it’s to late!

  • michaela

    What is she donating from her own pocket?

  • lol

    @michaela: Her weave is being auctioned off on Ebay. lol

  • Lindy

    @Ninja no she doesn’t Rihanna’s beautiful.
    @enoughalready just because shes getting publicity for a good cause does not mean shes doing it for people to buy her music i don’t know why i’m even bothering though because haters always have to find something on which isn’t even true on Rihanna there never happy

  • tal


  • good girl

    @enoughalready: this guy/girl is always on rihanna post commenting stupidity…i look on the other celebs post on JJ and your comments are never there…u know what u’re just obsessed with rihanna ..its overwhelming…great work rihanna keep it up

    PS even though some of us/yall may hate on rihanna the issue here is not about her, its about helping out haiti and its ppl, so i fine what they’re doing is a beautiful thing

  • nursesdate

    She is so pretty

  • megan

    she did such a great cover! can’t wait to see her on oprah!!

  • Goodie

    I like it. Every time I hear this song, I cringe. It’s the last song he wrote before he died.

    Rihanna cares about her fellow Caribbean people? It’s good to see.

  • Goodie

    I hate when people say she can’t sing. She can.

    Shitney Spears can’t sing. She can’t dance and she’s successful.

    You go Rihanna.

  • Wow!

    @lol: Seriously?

  • Truth Is…

    @Lindy: You can’t definitively say someone is beautiful. It’s subjective. You may find her attractive, others may not. Neither of you are right or wrong.

  • El

    singin bout redemption and wearin white fur on the cover…

  • Jordan

    god she sucks

  • Bob Marley fan

    nice but I prefer the original.

  • Mari

    she’s gonna ruin the song but it’s for a good cause

  • Missb

    Why the fur? Why always fur??? Enough reason for me to hate that b*tch!

  • Missb
  • Missb
  • Seriously?

    It’s not a stretch to believe that Rihanna would do something genuinely charitable to help a caribbean country, when she is from the caribbean herself. It’s good that she hasn’t forgotten where she came from.

    Those who don’t like the song and would like to help can find other ways to do so. Why the negativity?
    Personally, I like the song in it’s original incarnation but I also like Rihanna’s version, I hardly believe that she needs more publicity. I mean, come on now.

  • Seriously?

    @Ninja & Enough:
    Couldn’t we say the same thing about all the celebrities who are involved in this effort? George Clooney, Wyclef, Oprah, Rpatz, et al? Why single out Rihanna? They will all get publicity.
    Who cares if the celebs get exposure? The goal is to raise awareness and get people to donate. END OF.

  • Brie


  • MrMarleyFAN

    Personally, I’m extremely unhappy about this. She has no idea how deep the song is or what it meant to him. I like her even less.