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Brad Pitt & Robert Pattinson Join Haiti Telethon

Brad Pitt & Robert Pattinson Join Haiti Telethon

Brad Pitt and Robert Pattinson will be joining the two-hour Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief special that begins at 8pm ET on Friday (January 22).

The 46-year-old Ocean’s Eleven actor and the 23-year-old Twilight actor will be joining Madonna, Leonardo Dicaprio, Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and many other stars for the fundraising event according to People.

Earlier today, it was confirmed that Beyonce will be in attendance for a musical act.

The two-hour long special is a collaboration between George Clooney and MTV Networks and will air on various channels.

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  • j

    Gee, what a shocker. Brad the media HO is dropping by.

  • no Ang?

    I will donate if Brad shaves the old lady cooch beard on TV.

  • christyjolie

    I just hope Angie will be there!!

  • julie

    brad is still sexy.

  • Anon

    RPatz is just young pup yet, so thanks for helping out.
    Back in 2006, Brad and Angie were already doing their part for Haiti…—-They-Have-Revolutionized-a-Race-of-Kids-/videos

    Btw, did I miss where Jennifer Aniston has already donated her million to Haiti like the rest of the big name, established stars have been doing?

  • dianad1968



    WOW, you are FIRST posting about someone you abviously hate. What do you do, park your azz just waiting for Jared to put up a thread, so that you can post and give your pathetic life some semblance of meaning

    And while you are wasting your life away hating these people, Brad and Angie continue to live THEIR fabulous life together. Life is so unfair for you isn’t it?. LOL.

  • Jill

    I just hope he takes those beads outa his beard… but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. I think it’s great he’s participating, thought.

  • http://JUSTJARED zce

    My thoughts where going to be positive until I took a good look at Robert, his eyes look like he has no soul in them, it’s frightening.I am really at a lost for words I pray that those dark movies he is playing is not who he really is. GOD BLESS him.

  • 100mph

    Brad is Fabulous* so proud to be a fan of him and Angie.. what
    a winning pair.

  • Angie don’t do it

    I hope Angie is NOT there. Asking people for their money while ur bank is full with millions is a Hollywood thing to do. And brad is obviously hollywood… Will Tom cruise be there too? If Angie is there I will think differently of her. Besides I think she has a new man to spend time with… A tall dark haired dialect Coach :)

  • les

    She donated 1.5 mil, by the way. She just doesnt make the media rounds blabbing about it.

  • first and last post

    Bringing over from previous thread:

    Re: “779 Jill @ 01/21/2010 at 12:36 pm
    You make the men sound as shallow and as superficial as Aniston. That’s the reason they run away from her — not because of how she looks, but because of what she is. She is shallow and whiny and comes across as desperate, and has no interests outside of her own narrow frame of reference. She’s not widely traveled, she doesn’t read anything but self-help books, and she doesn’t care about anything but herself. All that adds up to a very dull, boring woman. Sex and good looks can attract a man but they can’t keep a man. She’s brain-dead piece of fluff. At 20 that may be cute; at 40, it’s just repulsive”

    Another excellent post Jill. I’ve always been bothered by the “ugly” comments because it is shallow and not good enough reason to dislike her IMO or be catty about her…it’s no ones fault he/she is not as physically attractive as the standard criteria for beauty as set by any particular society or culture yet alone possess the beauty of “the Jolie”. To set your bar to Jolie’s is not realistic. Streep and Mirren technically are not classic beauties but their talents surpass that and wisdom would point one who is enlightened, which we know she is not, off the superficial and towards the concrete…JA’s immaturity and her own fixation on the superficial will hold her back. At 40 she has not figured out yet that values based on looks alone, can only go stagnant for her personal relationships and downhill career-wise…if she were astute which we know she is not, she’d stop setting herself up doing skin shots and start focusing on something more long lasting if she really wants to firm up her status in a profession based on either talent or looks, very few have both…she should step up to the plate on her limitations and be honest with herself.
    If she is insecure about her “desirability” or “attractiveness”, she may be caught up in the falsehood that being hit on by men is confirmation that you are desirable or attractive…what she doesn’t get or learned is that men are not that shallow, okay most men are not and that a man will eagerly have sex with a woman but will not necessarily have a long term intimate relationship with that woman. Men are no different than women in that they seek a partner in life, not just a sexual encounter for a few months.

    It’s unfortunate society and especially the American culture places so much emphasis on appearances rather than the “being” but she choose that path with her career choice and being married to BP, acclaimed A-lister and hunk of a man, did not help. While living in his shadow floating on his character and goodwill she was and still is not centered in reality clinging and engulfed in the delusion she is an A-lister and AJ equal. She is struggling to keep the delusion real to her, hence the “desperation“, … she sucked herself into that downward tornado and she won’t mature until she lets go…unfortunately without talent that is all she has. She has more money, choices and opportunities than any other wannabe in the movie/TV industry but as lylian stated (Re: 296 lylian @ 01/19/2010 at 7:46 pm) “if she makes stupid choices, then thats still her.

  • Angie don’t do it

    @julie: not in this world. I was looking at pix of him from 2001 and it’s amazing how horribly god decided to age him. It’s like the good lord to the ugly stick and planted it in his face :( makes me sad. NOT! lol I can’t even beleive I actually thought he was good looking when I was 10. He got fug or my taste changed drastically

  • http://aol Patti

    I will donate if Brad Pitt shaves off his hideous facial hair and shows up clean shaven.

  • um

    Haiti has a special place in the hears of the Oceans 11 crew

  • ella

    Brad likes the attention…. & Ang likes to throw money ……so it figures that Angie won’t show, plus she’s looking unhealthy these days.

  • um

    I meant hearts. It makes sense for Brad to be involved, R Patz, not so much. All participants are appreciated though!

  • anon

    this is old news

  • http://aol Patti

    If Haiti is that important to Brad he will shave for his fans who have money to donate.

  • Sandra

    Thank you Brad and to everyone involved

  • um

    Fans of Brad DO NOT want Brad to shave his beard. What kind of ca ca is that?

  • katie

    How generous of Brad!

  • WTF?


    wtf? infantile behavior. Go back to playing in the sandbox.

  • Dexter

    All of the entertainment industry will be there so why not Brad? He’s a good guy.

  • gina

    love the jolie-pitts
    they are sooooooooo kind to those who need help.

  • cc

    I”ll double my donation if Brad shaves that thing off of his chin for the cameras.

  • anon

    ot: I am watching Anderson Cooper’s show AC 360 and all I have to say is God bless that man. He’s one of the main reason’s to watch the telethon as he is hosting from Haiti. He and Dr. Sajay Gupta are amazing..

    You can actually donate now instead of waiting for tomorrow.

  • Yawn


    just donate you idiot

  • haha

    Pattinson is half Brad’s age, and yet Brad is way hotter than Pattinson.

  • http://deleted vickifromtexas

    Yawn @ 01/21/2010 at 10:52 pm
    for real!

  • Jill

    les @ 01/21/2010 at 10:37 pm
    She donated 1.5 mil, by the way. She just doesnt make the media rounds blabbing about it.

    She blabbed to somebody, otherwise you wouldn’t know if she’d donated anything.

  • Forgot my name

    @anon: I’ll agree with that. Today I read that Ricky Martin flew to haiti to help and that his organization actually built 200+ homes In Thailand for the Tsunami victims. It was the first time I had ever heard about his humanitarian work. Now he’s a genuinely cool guy. Also watched video of Sean Penn landing in Haiti today. those are the stars that should get some ^ 5′s.

  • sharon

    Brad I am very proud of you. Love you and your goatee.

  • LuckyL

    What a beautiful man (Brad)

  • WTF?

    WHO CARES ABOUT A FREAKING BEARD?????????????????????
    YOU MOFOS ARE OFF THE CHAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Angie don’t do it

    Gee. God is punishing Brad by making him look older? Gosh, did God talk to you and set you up as judge and jury. Didn’t the Bible say only God has the right to judge? Hope you can explain your mean comments and judgements to him when you meet him.

  • what

    What no love for Pattison?

  • wow

    Brad is amazing.

  • um


    so what?

  • skanky/passingas

    i thought this is about haiti telethon but i think it’s more about brad’s beard telethon.

  • Rudolpj

    It would be hot if they hooked up.

  • BIG $’s

    How about if Brad auctions the right to weed whack that tumbleweed off of his face to the highest bidder?

  • Dexter

    How much to have that thing shaved off Pattinson’s face and the caterpillars removed?

    See how silly such talk is?

  • Angie don’t do it

    @@Angie don’t do it: I did not say he was being punished , just that his looks took a turn for the worse. I was looking at jareds brad Pitt football thread and my goodness he aged so bad. When I was 10 I thought he was smokin and today it’s like , really ten year old self? Really? He looks older than Jeff bridges but I think Jeff is hot.

  • skanky/passingas

    by the way, where’s the jennifer find a man telethon?…..i would like to make a donation.

  • brad fan

    I’ll pledge to give $100 to Haiti Earthquake Relief if Brad Pitt dunks his beard in a bowl of Nair live.

  • plz

    Leave Brad’s beard alone. He is going to shave it when Moneyball begins filming this summer.

  • AGA

    Good on ANY celeb that joins in this cause!! There are streets lined with dead people & some of you are obsessed about a beard??Grow Up!!

    And Brad looks older b/c he IS older. He is also a busy father & has a busy life-to me he looks happy & fulfilled.Sorry to the hens that Brad did not stay a useless Ken doll-like he was in “Deadend Jen” days!!!

  • Jen the Hag

    j @ 01/21/2010 at 10:04 pm

    Gee, what a shocker. Brad the media HO is dropping by.
    Gee what a shocker Leonardo de Caprio, Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and many other MEDIA HO is dropping by.

    At least include all of the A-list STARS you know … coz it’s not only PITT who is dropping by you BRAINDEAD HAG

  • Yawn

    @brad fan:

    I guess you aren’t donating