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Chris Brown is Fashionable in France

Chris Brown is Fashionable in France

Chris Brown goes for a stroll in Paris on Thursday (January 21) with his entourage.

The 20-year-old entertainer, who’s been spending time abroad in both Italy and France, recently checked out Vivienne Westwood and Moncler Gamme Bleu‘s fashion shows during Milan Fashion Week.

Earlier this week in Italy, Chris told the L.A. TimesAdam Tschorn that he’d thought about attending couture fashion shows in Paris, too, which take place the week after men’s fashion week!

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  • Tyson


  • F off pls.

    Chris Brown is a p.i.l.l.o.c.k.

  • isabella


    huh… we don’t want him either =/ lol

  • dan

    doesn’t he usually wear bruises on his knuckles, too?

  • amy

    @isabella: lolllllllll

  • chloe

    So Jared now supports woman beaters.

    Ugg so happy his album flopped!

  • Just Jared

    I don’t care. Why are you even posting about his man?

  • JustJared

    *THIS man

  • yo sista

    Breezy! Love ma boi.

  • NonYuh

    He’s just hoping to run into rihanna

  • Isis

    Speak for yourself….contrary to popular belief Chris is still loved and adored here in the US…@NonYuh LOL get real…Rihanna is the farthest thing from his mind right now and vice versa …Chris looks great in these photos!

  • melissa

    i love him, he’s so talented and handsome,…before u judge somebody else judge your own damn selves.

  • a friend

    the commenters on this site is so

  • firemandatingsite

    He looks good

  • Isis

    His album did not flop! It did well considering he had the whole world against him….the single I Can Transform Ya has already gone gold….so there….Chris will be fine don’t waste your energy hating on him. As you can see he’s doing well.

  • Misa

    @melissa: I know. He made mistake, We cab forgive, but not forget. He’s still a Human Being. He was barely 20 , too. Come down.

  • adrianna

    who cares about him ????

  • ++Logan++

    he looks good now

  • LuckyL

    He dresses horribly, but men are more arrogant about using a stylist I suppose.

  • LuckyL

    Never found him attractive either.

  • LoveLeeR

    Wait. he is in paris? waaaah I’m running away from here then!!!!
    Fcuck u chrisbrownshit

  • Tracie

    Wow there are some really evil people commenting on here…if you don’t like Chris so much then why are you over here looking at his pics and commenting move on….LET GO OF THE PAST! RELEASE HATE & ANGER it only destroys.

  • sunshine

    He is sooo hot!!!! his smile is so cute. all the haters are immature and should forgive him as we can see a year on, that he has matured a lot and wants to make the right decisions in the future and not make the same mistakes that he did in the past. to be honest i think he has matured more than rihanna. rihanna doesnt seem to have learned anything from her past relationship as she is going out with Matt Kemp who has had a violent history in the past. chris is doing many good things out there that are being unnoticed just because they want to see him fail. any little thing that rihanna does its all over the internet. for example rihanna’s performing to raise money for Haiti and its on the tv etc and chris is raising money as well for Haiti and it is being unnoticed. it just seems to me like rihanna is trying to get attention and keeps on talking about chris in interviews just to get people to buy her cd and feel sorry for her and also wears little clothes to get people to notice her. chris has a lovely personality and knows what he has done is very wrong and his fans and family and friends know and believe that he will never do anything bad like that again.

  • Hi

    You go Chris! He looks good…………Can’t wait for that single to be released…

  • Anon

    You look nice, Chris. Prove to yourself and the world that your problems were a one time deal and it is all in the past. Too young to be gave up on…all young people that age are too young to be gave up on.

  • Anon

    PS… Always think, Humble..humble, humble.

  • mercedes

    he looks great!!!

  • james

    Freakin’ lowlife

  • CB&kayla

    ppl need to let him move on w/ this life


  • CB&kayla

    ugly people hate..
    haterz are ugly people


    team CHRIS :Dxo

  • the_boyfriend

    top to bottom disaster.
    ‘get the look’ umm no thanks.

    i hate seeing him posted here.

  • chloe


    Um no his album FLOPPED! Its off the top 50 on billboard and cant push pass 230,000 thats a flop!

  • Iggles

    He’s a loser. Trying so hard to be noticed by wearing ridiculous clothes. He should stay over there. We don’t want him!

  • zzzz

    Please, Jared, don’t post pics of this woman-beating loser. As time passes, he may (and I really hope he does) prove he’s a changed man, but it’s pretty obvious that people are not ready to trust him yet. His remarks and behavior make him seem insincere. As for Rihanna, more attention is given to her because she is far more successful than Chris.

  • karen


  • Ilia

    What the f**k is this loser wearing? Stay there you sick c**t!

  • Ashlee

    Anyone who supports this poor excuse for a human being is totally messed. I would support him if he showed any contrition after HE BIT, PUNCHED, KICKED, CHOKED, his girlfriend. Going to parties, fashion shows, and jet skiing doesn’t show forgiveness. He could’ve supported women’s shelters and other domestic abuse groups, BUT THIS DOUCHE throws dinner parties. I’m extremely displeased that has posted pictures of him, and it’s extremely saddening that girls still continue to support him. Chris Brown is pathetic.

  • CB&kayla

    ^^^ yea i love chris brown for hes beautiful Music


  • Anon

    it’s sad and pathetic the females who find this punk who beat up his girlfriend …cute or attractive. this is why ladies when a female is attacked by men, they don’t clean up their acts because some other fool female is ready to get slapped around by the very same abusers again.

  • Smile4me

    Love the look Chris.. keep smiling..

    Those judging him b/c of his past.. well thats on you.. as you can see he’s moving on and is going forwards. as he should.

    And how do you know he hasn’t visited Shelters or groups?? just b/c he didn’t send out a press release or have to be promoted on a TV show for all the world to see. Doesn’t mean he isn’t doing his part. Chris Brown isn’t the beginning and end of DV. Stop acting like he brought something in the world no one every heard of.

    He is not the first or last person to do something dumb and regrettable.

    Thanks Jared for posting.

    Please stop acting like celebs are suppose to walk on water or be saints. NONE of them are..

  • yep

    Wish Chris the best! He made a huge mistake and has and is paying the price however Ted Kennedy never paid a day for killing a woman and just left her he was so drunk! Chris is going to anger classes, picking up trash and on probation. Continue to move forward

  • TeddyG

    Hah! We CLEARLY do!!!! Chris is da King!!!

  • cr

    love him!!

  • Ann

    once a beater always a beater

    i don’t even like rihanna, but cmon…

  • peace

    Love him! His album is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  • LoveLeeR

    Girls, c’mon ,he’s a total piece of shit: he talks, looks,and behaves like shit. Period.

  • Nicky

    I use to love his songs, thought he was gonna become as big as MJ was in the music business. But now whenever i see him, i think of that photo of Rihanna all bruised and battered.

  • Macchiato

    whoo cares about this f**ker any more



  • yo sista

    @adrianna: I do. Now get gone hunney, rolling ma hawt eyes.