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Conan & NBC Officially Split

Conan & NBC Officially Split

Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien has officially called it quits with NBC, his manager Gavin Polone confirmed on Thursday morning (January 21). Here’s what’s being speculated about the agreement:

Conan‘s last show will be tomorrow (January 22) and he won’t be able to work for another network until September 1.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Conan will make off with $32 million, with an additional $12 million going to his staff.

“In the end, Conan was appreciative of the steps NBC made to take care of his staff and crew, and decided to supplement the severance they were getting out of his own pocket,” Polone told The Wrap. “Now he just wants to get back on the air as quickly as possible.”

NBC has not commented on the agreement yet but is expected to make an announcement later today. It’s expected that Jay Leno will return to Tonight on March 1.

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  • Staffo

    It’s official – JAY LENO IS AN ASSHOLE!!!

  • woah!!

    Good for him. :D

  • jack

    Conan is such a classy guy. He cares about his staff not just himself.
    Jay Leno and NBC – what a bunch of losers. Hope they receive their karma.

  • tom

    I can not wait for this story to go away.

  • adrianna

    team coco

  • kizbit

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Conan get the Tonight Show gig in the first place because Jay Leno RETIRED????????????? What happened with that whole plan?? I hope no one watches Jay. I never got his appeal.

  • rocky


    ITA!! I never got his appeal and he sure didn’t make me laugh. He was always boring to me. Conan is a class act. For him to care for his staff and to make sure they were compensated because of no fault of their own says alot about him. Wouldn’t it be great if Conan went on Letterman when Jay takes over the Tonight Show again? That would be something!!

  • Ms Anonymous

    People need to stop with the chin jokes at Leno, they are cruel and it’s not his fault he has one.

  • teamcoco

    Boycott Jay Leno

  • michelle

    i love coco

  • Laura Leissner

    It was the network bosses that moved Jay to 9, Jay never said he wanted to retire. It was always about money to NBC. I’m not a huge fan of Jay but I can just change the channel. I eagerly await the new Conan show!

  • So Judgemental

    Jay is a vulture as friends of Carson, Letterman, Helen Kirshner, the WGA strikers, his staff he fired.

    Conan is a class act and this is a travesty for them to promise him the TS all those years and then give him the choice of leaving his dream behind after uprooting his family and crew from NY to Cali or moving the iconic show from it permanent time slot thus destroying the franchise.

    Of course Jay would have no problem with it.. he goes where ever there will be a camera and an audience stupid enough to get his humor (which apparently NBC is counting on large number of stupidity to follow him back to the TS desk).

    Never watched Jay.. watched Carson, Letterman and Conan. He will never get my viewership. Now if they can cancel Heroes and 30 Rock I will have no reason to ever watch NBC again.

  • So Judgemental

    Laura.. Jay said he didn’t want to host the Tonight Show into his 60′s. He is currently 59. It was a good time to transition. He would have left like Carson did with dignity and at the top of his game. But instead he of honoring the deal he took.. he decided to stick around and take the 10p slot. (he should have retired and this mess would have been avoided).

    Once it became apparent that his show was killing affiliates and hurting both the network and the Tonight Show..he had another chance to do the RIGHT thing and retire. But he hung in their knowing fully well that Conan had more integrity then he did and would respectfully walk away rather then destroy the franchise. (Jay should have retired).

    Jay was counting on his brown nosing tactics and the hey I’m a nice guy gonna help the network and go where they tell me bit. Only part of that worked. Now his reputation has been hit and when he does retire again it will be with the tarnish of this incident.. added to the Letterman fiasco and Kirshner and the WGA strike. Just a complete sleaze.

    Jay also wants to blame ratings. Jay was given three years of bad ratings (losing to Letterman every night) to find his Tonight Show audience. Conan was given seven months. Seven months after being promised the show for five long years.

    NBC sucks @ss and Jay is pushing them outta the way for his share. Nice legacy Leno!

  • OB


  • Anon

    @So Judgemental:

    Well said, best that I’ve seen written about this whole mess yet. You should send that to Zucker at NBC and tell him to off himself too. Leno is all manipulator.

  • Go Ask Alice

    staffo, kiz , jack, along some celebs who are publically siding with Conan OVER Leno, LENO has DONE nothing wrong here.

    LENO really needs to address this on what little show he has, what time he has left.

    Jay Leno DID NOT change the schedule. He is not in favor of it.
    NBC has made these changes. JAY LENO, a class act for not making fun of Conan as Conan has made some jokes, blame on Leno, is not happy either.
    WORD is HE WAS told by NBC , Conan is the host of The Tonight Show 5 yreas ago.

    What is Leno supposed to do?
    What is Conan supposed to do?
    Both guys can leave NBC and get sued.Neither man is happy.
    Both guys, mulitmillionaries, who really could care lessabout the pions of their shows, the office staff,etc., DO CARE!!
    Leno has said he just had to tell his staff,they are going off the air asap in a few weeks.

    Peeps, pay your bills best you can. BOTH guys care about theirpeople. Conan’s people moved from NY to CA.
    He does not want his people to be jobless after bringing them to CA.

    Conan has ben pretty ruide to Leno. Low rode.
    Leno has been a CLASS ACT!! High rode.

    Conan is getting a buyout because from NBC , I think because the pr is so bad andthey have to let Conan save face.
    It is better every way to just give Conan $45 million. He ispayingfromthis andout of hisown money to pay his staff. Good man.Very good. Bad enough NBC is keeping property rights to the characters that Conan and his staff made. That is low.

    TheTS shouldhave been done with after Leno.
    Carson, was alive when Leno took it. Carson was ,in real life,shrewd and VERY POWERFUL and a little mean too
    .Ask Joan Rivers and David Letterman.
    If Carson DID NOT WANT or MIND or EVEN TOLERATE LENO on TheTS, LENO would have been GONNNNNNNE!!

    Jay doing TheTS now for a 1/2 hour is not good. Too many people out there like some of you and celebs too, think he is moving Poor Carrot Top Conan. Jay needs those celebs on his show.

    Conan going to Fox ,bad choice.

    He will be against Leno, Letterman, Nightline, Cable shows, bad choice.
    Conan loses here.
    Leno loses here.

  • kitty

    Leno was forced to retire by Conan and NBC. 5 years ago Conan said he was going to leave NBC if he didn’t get Leno’s job. NBC are the ones that told Leno that he was fired because Conan wanted his number 1 rated show. Leno had no choice in the matter. He was basically told that he was fired so Conan could have his job.

    Leno’s mistake was being to nice about the ugly why Conan got him fired. Conan is whining all over the internet. Look…. what it got him…. (44 million dollars) and a chance to go to another network.

    Leno was fired form his show with 18 months left on his contract and NBC wouldn’t let him go to ABC. Why? Because they weren’t sure Conan could get the ratings Leno did in that time slot. They were right. NBC was looking out for themselves not Leno or Conan. NBC caused this mess.

    Steve Allen and Jack Parr hosted The Tonight Show before Carson.
    Their are people who don’t realize that Carson didn’t own The Tonight Show. NBC owes all rights is the creator of The Tonight Show. Carson had no right to give the job to Letterman. It would have been nice if Carson had some in put being the longest running host. But Carson didn’t get along with a lot of the NBC executives and some his own staff (Carson had a reputation for being mean). Do you think NBC was going to let him chose the next Host of The Tonight Show. Not a chance.

    There is more to the story then some of you Coco Cult people realize. Some of you are not even trying to find out all the facts. I guess you don’t want to know.

  • nursedatingsite

    Coco should go to fox at 12

  • Whatever2

    @Kitty – couldn’t have said it better, Leno should have complained like conan but being an ADULT he “humbled himself” and went with the flow

  • allister

    Lets get rid of both of them and give it to Craig Ferguson

  • kal

    CONAN FOREVER. I am officially done with NBC. As far as I’m concerned they are going to sink after this dumb mess they created. Conan worked for almost 20 years with the goal of one day getting the Tonight Show which he truly deserved. NBC crushes him after 7 months because the show hasnt found its niche yet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It took Late Night like 3 years to find its groove and that became the absolute top late night show ever eventually. Conan is HILARIOUS, amazing, intelligent, whitty, and brilliant..Of course it is very sad it had to come down to this but what is more sad is that he gave up an amazing life in New York to be screwed by corporate…and let’s not forget about his over 200-person staff that also transitioned from NY to LA. EFF NBC, I FOLLOW CONAN

  • firemandatingsite

    I wish Jay and Conan the best of luck

  • lakers fan in boston

    im really tired of this who late night shiz
    yes, conan got treated badly but hey at least he got paid, so dont feel 2 bad for him
    personally i have never found conan that funny and same thing with jay
    i think even when jay gets the show back his ratings will not be so good because of all this

  • T Shirts

    Someone should let Conan know that’s there’s more to being a comedian than being a friggin idiot! A final good laugh would be seeing the door hit him in the as$!

  • Granite

    He’s lucky to have ever made a single dollar with his nonsense.

  • Dr NYC

    @Granite: I hear you!

  • Keith Petru

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    Continue the good work!