David Beckham Groped by Italian TV Presenter

David Beckham Groped by Italian TV Presenter

David Beckham had his strangest interview to date last night (January 20) when a female TV presenter groped him inappropriately while he gave an interview outside a Milan hotel.

Elena Di Ciocci, from the satirical show Le Iene (The Hyenas) wore yellow rubber gloves and tried to compare the real deal to what was displayed in David‘s Armani ads.

Although David looks taken aback in the video, a spokesman for him says it’s not a big deal.

“We have no issue with it. It did surprise him at the time, but David saw it for what it was – harmless fun,” spokesman Simon Oliveira said, adding, “She didn’t actually grab it, it was an attempt. She just got his trouser leg.”

David Beckham Groped By Italian TV Presenter
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  • Nic

    You know what i think this is DISGUSTING, dont care if it was a prank!!!

    Just seriously lacking manners, and putting all Italians to shame, not everyone is this vulgar. I mean imagine if a guy tried to grab a womans boob? Wtf!!!

    And he was visible upset, thank god for his bodyguards, god what a nut job that woman is!!


  • dan

    she was probably checking to see if he is really a guy with that girly voice of his LOL

  • Bixby

    What a despicable ugly thing to do! I think she should be arrested for assault! And I really think you should not be putting that video on your site, Jared. At somepoint these people who call themselves “journalists” and photographers” are crossing the line. That is criminal behavior. It isn’t something to giggle about and watch on TV….or the internet.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    seriously, she should have been arrested. if it was an actress and a guy had grabbed her booobs “as a prank” to see if they were real he would of got tackled, beaten, and arrested. adding insult to injury she had the nerve to start screaming and acting like a man women. cracy, jealous, hating ass biish.
    david should’ve kicked one of her fallopian tubes. ahahahaha..

  • Naima

    So none of you guys think it was funny, inappropriate but funny?

  • Frida

    I don’t care if it’s supposed to be funny, it’s not. It’s sexual assault and if it had been a man doing it to a woman he would probably have been arrested.

  • Kaya

    @Naima: I thought it was funny…I actually watched the episode on tv! obviously the woman has confidence coz if it was me I would’ve never done something like that. but honestly I found it VERY entertaining! hahaha especially if you understand what they’re saying!

  • Natural

    NO! IT’s NOT FUNNY AT ALL! Let’s see if some stranger guy came to you Naima and grab your boobs or crotch..then he screaming loudly that your boobs are weird or your crotch isn’t there..how would YOU feel? And of course..that guy would have been charged for sexual assault because he grabbed you, a woman!

    I hope David will charged this bitch and her station TV and her TV show for SEXUAL HARRASSMENT on him!

  • Bella

    Can anyone translate what Gattuso was saying?

  • rhonda

    thats ridiculous….wow

  • Naima


    Actually Natural it has happened to me. When the World Cup was in Los Angeles and Brazil won against Italy there were block parties all over the streets of Pasadena where the Rose Bowl is. My friends and I went down to party and there were hundreds and hundreds of people in the streets drunk. Every part of my body and my girlfriends was groped that night because of the craziness in the streets. We felt a little violated but laughed it off, the streets were crazy that night and so it came with the territory.

    You sound like a typical American screaming the words Sexual Harrassment and lawsuits. Take it easy, its not that serious, I’m sure Beckham is not as offended as you are. Lighten up a bit and try to find humor in things, again it happens, it ain’t that serious!

  • Naima


    Thank YOU!! I’m surprised at how offended people get at something that is a JOKE. God bless the Italians and their quirky ways, I mean just look at their Prime Minister.

  • Dani

    Having spent a lot of time in Europe, I don’t think this is a big deal over there. Here in the US yes, but Europe no.
    And yes, I thought it was funny. Ballsy (haha) and funny.

  • jeff

    LOL–its kinda funny to laugh at but I would have been pissed if I were David.

  • Natural

    Oh yeah..David should charged her for PUBLIC HUMILIATION/DEFAMATION too! He should do it quickly otherwise other so-called reporters would continue harrasing him, not to mention Victoria later on..and he wouldn’t be in peace if he lets this go just like that.

  • Naima


    Thank you, that’s exactly my point!


    Ok I’m beginning to think that you forgot to take your Meds today, because you sound like a nut…. Pun intended….

  • Natural

    @Naima: Naima..that’s the different between what’s happened to you and what’s happened to David – you were in a PARTY for crying out loud where there are thousands of people cramping in one place..whereas David here was at the side walk being INTERVIEWED by some reporters and they SHOULDN’T do this to him (unless he was aware of it, which was clearly not!). If he lets this thing get away..then it will open the door to other “reporters” to do so to him and other celebrities (or non-celebrities) IN THE NAME OF A PRANK when the truth is they need an EXCUSE to touch these celebs’ private part and to humiliate them, or worst, just to satisfy their own craziness!

  • xsleekx

    wat a weird cow, thats so bizarre, bloody cheek. davids polite… but he should of just told her where to go…. wow some people really don’t have morals…he’s a married man with kids, get a hold of yourself woman…not other people.

  • Marta

    well i’m from Europe and it’s not funny at all. It’sdisturbing and yeah if that would be a guy who try to grab female celebrity crotch he would be called pervert and pig (maybe even arrested).

  • Posh

    The Italians are 140 years behind the times if they think that was funny.
    That is abusive.
    Beckham looked really angry and I don’t blame him.
    Plus, hands off a married man and father of three young boys.
    Show some respect.

  • julie

    Wow, what a thing to put on her resume. Who’d wanna hire that? Gross. I agree with @Posh.

  • liar

    lol that was hilarious, so inappropriate but still funny. becks did not look pleased at all. but the screaming and running after him was way too desperate.

  • Christina

    I’m european and yes, it IS a big deal. That’s assault and I’m sure if this had happened to a woman noone would question this or think it was funny.

  • Sandra

    I can’t believe some people find this amusing and harmless. If this would have been a male reporter in the same scenario, inappropriately groping a female (another celebrity especially), the backlash would be never ending. This is NOT funny at all. Attempted to grope, groped, whatever – point is this is not okay.

  • georgia

    everyone can think whatever they want, but stop insulting italian people, thanks. some of you it’s going too far. they didn’t kill him, they made a joke about armani’s ad and about the fact his wife often talks about his huge gentitals! i think you all are taking this thing too seriously.

  • Naima


    Look I understand what you’re saying, no one and no one should be doing that. I find it funny because of Beckham’s female voice, those Armani ads and the look on his face when it happened. He handled himself wonderfully but I still have to laugh a bit, but that’s just me, I try to find the humor in things, makes life a lot less stressful.

  • mee

    I hope David will charged this ***** and her station TV and her TV show for SEXUAL HARRASSMENT on him!

    Yes, sure! The owner of the tv is Berlusconi, the owner of Milan, in which Beckam plays (and Italian Prime Minister).

    It was a prank, and it was funny. No big deal. The show uses to do similar things. Once a male guy went to a showgirl’s home and bared himself in front of her. Nobody was hurt. Only laughs

  • Toni

    She needs to be arrested.

  • Aps

    The Associated Press is reporting that the Italian channel has apologized for the prank!

    Italian channel apologizes for Beckham prank

  • txx

    Becks is HUGE in more ways than one so deal with it!

    They have a new face advertising the Armani underwear ads but people cannot seem to get over Becks and his ads. On all the blogs etc since the release of….. eek…… that new face it has been more about Becks…….. and now this silly tv presenter.

    Becks shifted the sales, earned his vast royalties and has moved on and is fine playing football. He can easily start his new underwear line tomorrow a or whenever especially if they continue to use his name in the way they have been. He will get them back sooner or later…….no doubt about that!

  • franck

    Oh, c’mon guys! That was just a joke! I’m Italian and even if I think this is not “really funny” you’re exagerating with the polemics!

  • If Only….

    Seriously WHO CARES! Although if she was able to get that close imagine what someone with a weapon could do. That’s my dream- please Someone Anyone take down the has-been beckham and his vile wife as well… we All have our dreams….

  • nina

    LE IENE it’s a very popular show in italy. They does serious investigations about prostitution, pedophilia and fraud. But sometimes they does ilarious and funny candid camera. this was a joke…
    stupid but joke. please don’t judge italian people with this. this is not the good way!!!!!!!!!
    the channel that make this tv program is of our president (not a good thing!) berlusconi. and he also owner of Milan F.C. who david plays in Milan………….so it’s definitly a JOKE!

  • Elise


  • Elsa

    Hey… It’s not like there haven’t been other’s that have felt up his b***- everyone knows he is a serial cheater!
    And all the power to him where that’s concerned- who would honestly want to be tied down with that fugly-monkey-looking wife of his.
    I thought that was Hilarious!

  • GG

    I am Italian and I have seen this programme in the past (but not this specific episode of Wed Jan 20th).
    Yes, they do interesting and serious invastigation about drugs, sexual abuse, fraud, corruption, injustice etc…and they have helped the police to put criminals in jail. However I recognize that quite often they do and broadcast stupid pranks/actions in general.

  • E king

    WOW that is a really strange thing to do. He looks so shocked and stunned when he realises what she is trying to do… It just makes her look ridiculous.
    But as what other people have said, if a male did that to a woman, getting that close and then pretending to grab her breasts, he would be arrested or publicly shamed. The double standards exist everywhere though but now this person will be more famous because her silly video is posted on the net.

  • Angelove

    Wow, that is sooo wrong. NOT FUNNY at all. I talked to my husband about it, he is an attorney. He said If he was in America she would either be jailed or been kicked out and not allowed back in. But since it happened in Italy and they have no such law she could do this and get away with it. Lets just pray American law never gets to this point as such European countries. Just remember this if you are visiting. UGH!!!

  • http://www.gamerdatingsite.com/ gamerdatingsite

    He had a sock

  • Kevin

    Outrageous!!!!!! I hope a male reporter shoves his hands up a female celebrities dress and shoves a finger in her. We will see how funny it is than! It would be all over the news and he would be in jail!!!

  • Jokergurl

    That’s not a good thing that someone could get that close to David Beckham without his bodyguards even picking up on it. They should arrest this gal, of course she’s probably not the first person to try and grobe gorgeous Becks. Still it’s not nice.

  • :(

    No, I really don’t. That dumb broad is irritating and stupid. How obnoxious. This is assault. No one has the right to touch anyone without their permission!!

  • http://www.jolentini.com jolentini
  • Jen

    Not funny at all. How disrespectful. That lady has no manners or class. He looked really angry. She is lucky she wasn’t a man because I bet he would’ve punched her or something. It’s the equivalent of a guy grabbing a girl’s boobs, crotch or @ss. You just don’t do that. Desperate move for attention, what a pathetic lady.

  • lily

    wtf? who does that? sheesh that so disgusting and unprofessional. its not even funny

  • Jess

    disgusting guidos.

  • Cain

    becks definitely got mad at her. don’t fake it.

  • ิิblackbox

    She’s really Disgusting !

  • Patty

    Disrespectful, rude and totally inappropriate… How that is funny is beyond me ¬_¬…
    David was being so nice to the reporters… he even smiled at that mental woman! He should sue her, considering his position he could destroy her, of course, but it seems he will not present charges… Which proves David is and always will be a gentleman. I love him!