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Jason Momoa IS Conan The Barbarian

Jason Momoa IS Conan The Barbarian

Stargate Atlantis actor Jason Momoa has been tapped to play the infamous warrior in the remake of Conan The Barbarian according to THR.

As reported earlier, Jason was in the running along with Kellan Lutz (Twilight) as well as Jared Padalecki (Supernatural).

Marcus Nispel will be directing the film and Conan should be in theaters by summer of 2011. Shooting will start in mid-March in Bulgaria.

Sources tell that producers are trying to get Mickey Rourke to play the father.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jason Momoa winning the spot for Conan – YAY or NAY?

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  • The best person ever!

    NAY. My vote was for Kellan

  • I’d go see it!

    dude is hot…I say yay! I would definitely go see it if he were in it.

  • Melody1836

    well, I’m torn:
    on the one hand I love Jason Momoa, he was my absolute favorite character on Stargate Atlantis, he’s good-looking, a solid actor and he’s got great fighting skills (or at least he knows how to mimic fighting very well…)
    on the other hand, is it really such a great idea to shoot a remake of Conan the Barbarian ? I mean this movie is iconic, what if the movie’s bad? does this mean we’ll never see Jason anywhere ever ??

    plus I think Jared Padalecki would have been really hot as a half-naked barbarian :))

  • Ashley

    yay cuz Mickey Rourke might be in it!

  • Megan

    That’s fine. Personally, I would’ve preferred Jared Padalecki, simply because I love him dearly, but that’s ok. Jared’s busy with Supernatural anyway.

  • Elyse


  • p3rp3tu4

    sorry had to get that out…. AWESOME CHOICE!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..nay! ..i’m not watching it. a dreaded conan?!? no thank you.

  • katy

    i think he deserved it. he’s pretty hot without all that beard

  • Deedz


  • s

    Yay! Just like I predicted! Great choice! :)

  • aline

    It was a nice choice. He looks like Cona, he’s a good actor.
    Let’s see what that boy can do.

  • mickey

    Sure, why not?

  • CJ

    Great choice..only problem the first Conan was horrible, I hope this one is much better..

  • Jane

    YAY!! He’s a great actor and was really good on Stargate. Better than that douchebag Kellan Lutz!!!

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    I thinking AWWW YEAH BRING ON THE SEXY! Jason oh yeah – excellent fit.

  • Marieme

    Oh, I’m so glad! I want to see his career flourish. He’s so friggin handsome.

  • french girl


  • jay

    Absolutely yay! He has the physicality and the look. I think he will do great.

  • chelsey

    YESSSSSS! I was hoping they would be smart and pick the right guy. The others are just pretty boys with OK acting skills. Jason is SEXY and a fab actor.

  • amanda

    YAY! Great choice, not many people know about Jason Mamoa but he’s super talented and hott to boot. I can’t wait for the movie!

  • amy

    yay for jason!!! he was the perfect choice!!!

  • pepper rigs

    NAY i wanted Kellen

  • Nahla

    I don’t know for the Conan thing….it seems lame. But that man is so HOT!

  • healthy

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I wanted him…..It´s perfect!!!! :D

  • lindsey

    yessss!!!!!!!! jason is way hotter and more talented than kellan

  • Lori in canada

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:
    Oh definitely YES!
    And I don’t think he has the dreadlocks anymore, looking at recent pics..

  • sandy

    OMG…..This guy is freakin complete HOTNESS. I say Hell Yes.

  • cindy

    Awesome choice…. I doubt i’d even watch the movie but hes way hotter than the other two choices!!!!!!!!!!

  • LoveLeeR

    Yay ! let him surprise us !

  • neil

    “Great choice..only problem the first Conan was horrible, I hope this one is much better..”

    Either you’re just plain dumb, or joking, or under 30. The “first” Conan was just about perfect in every way and utterly faithful to the source material.

  • magic_moment

    YEAHHHH perfect decision!

  • Memei

    this dude is hot and a better actor than kellan. But conan, really has anyone seen the original i don’t know how this is going to work. that movie was sort of cheesy hmmmm

  • Joanna

    Uhh…the oroginal Conan in the movie was a norse barbarian. His mother was blonde and blue eyed.

    A norse barbarian can not really be played by a black dude.

    Its not racism. But its kinda like having a white, blonde guy play Mowgli in the jungle book.

  • Hell YaY

    100% – YAY. It’s about time he got a big break – well done!

    Out of the choices, he was the only one man enough to play this role.

    I love this decade already…..movies, movies, movies.

    How lucky that he is also with Lisa Bonet too, she is a good picker of men for sure.

    Go check out Dear John, me loving the trailers – COME ON 5th Feb.

  • Heather

    I don’t look at Momoa and necessarily see “Conan” but he is the best kind of casting for this “type” of role. It will just depend on the context everything is done in.

    He isn’t without talent. I’ll hold my breath, but it’s possible this will be good casting, he had very palpable charisma and charm on Atlantis.

    Besides out of the other two options they were considering he is FAR better.

  • Bob

    The first movie was not faithful to the source material. Conan was Celtic not Germanic, a warrior, not a bodybuilder and cunning not dumb and mono-syllabic.

    Mind you from all the indications so far it will tower as a masterpiece over this coming effort. Take a look at some Frazetta paintings then tell me how JM fits the role?

    Still I imagine Robert E Howard fans, bizzarely, are not the target audience for this movie

  • rocky

    THE BEST CHOICE EVER!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! He’s got the height, the body and the talent — YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  • yeah

    Dude looks hot so yeah why not

  • Chegs-HUN

    As much as I want the best for Kellan, I’m happy he didn’t get it, because I think it would have been a bad carrier move…

    … so YAY :)

    One remake is more than enough for him (NOES) , I’d love to see him in something ORIGINAL!!

  • bridget

    Yes!! I’m so glad Jason got this, he’ll be awesome! I read just days ago how hard Padalecki was pushing for it, but no thank you! He and Lutz both are too classically pretty to play barbarians. Jason just has this primal vibe going for him, handsome but really masculine, too. Looking forward to that loincloth :)

  • testosterone

    Arm size and shoulder size is what jared padalecki lacks. You have to be visually convinced. So, what “Bay Watch” actor makes it to a testosterone driven moive.


    i think i just got wet down there.

    i think the dvd will be a fab beefcake movie to rub out to.

    i think i need to be the ‘glistening-muscles-baby-oil’ chick on that set.

    tee-hee :-)

  • brightside

    I could warm to the idea of Conan in dreads. But Arnie will always be Conan. I see no reason to remake it. They killed the Italian Job doing that.

  • smiley

    YAY Tho I loooove both Kellan and Jared P., they’re just too young looking

  • sorry, REH fans

    i guess now you miss McLauren and padalecki

  • Stacy

    @Joanna: Joanna, the original Conan is from the COMICS. Jason LOOKS like comic book Conan, even more than Arnold.

    You’re confusing MOVIE Conan with COMICBOOK Conan.

  • bohemeballerine

    Hollywood needs to stop remaking movies

  • T Shirts

    He’s no Arnold. But then again, no one else can appear that stupid.

  • Mika

    Perfect casting choice. He’s hot and I see him more as Conan than that receding hairline lug from Twilight or the unattractive, baby faced whiny b!tch from SPN (although I love me some Jensen.) So 3 yays for Jason Momoa!!!!