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Jennifer Garner Covers 'Parade' Magazine This Sunday

Jennifer Garner Covers 'Parade' Magazine This Sunday

Jennifer Garner shows off her pearly whites on the cover of this Sunday’s Parade magazine!

In an interview with Parade, Jen shared how she and hubby Ben Affleck keep their romance alive:

“You steal the time,” Jen shared. “You steal a date, you steal a kiss, you steal a whisper. You sit next to each other on the couch with computers on your laps. After the kids are asleep you…well, you know,” she laughed.

“Whatever it is,” Jen continued. “You slip away for a night, which we’ve only just now done for the first time. Of course, I call home while we’re away. Ben would be surprised if I didn’t.”

Bigger cover pic inside…

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Photos: Brian Bowen Smith/Parade
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  • dan

    come on, do you really think Ben is faithful to this? if he was caught cheating on J-Lo then I bet the farm he is double dipping

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Garner affleck fan

    Jennifer is so beautiful in these pictures

  • stefano

    Shes pretty, my favourite actress!

  • stefano

    I miss Alias

  • stefano

    i miss jen’s action scenes

  • FanFan

    She is adorable. It seems very evident that she absolutely adores Ben. I hope he feels the same. I like them together.

  • katie

    I actually put money on them having a relationship lasting at least 20 years or more…

  • Mariana

    “Is Jennifer Garner as nice as she seems?”

    Well, I really hope so.

  • rhonda

    where’s the kid?

  • KB

    Go read the Awful Truth, there are horror stories on that blog and out on the web on what a b#@$ this lady is. I met her at an event in DC a few years back she rolled her eyes at her fans and told her assistant to get rid of them. I spoke to her for a bit since I was involved in the charity but she didn’t have that sweet/fake smile she shows to the cameras when they aren’t flashing.

    Ben is miserable from what I heard.

  • shamrock

    Jen looks like a BEAUTY on the cover!! It’s nice to hear her talk about her hubby in a romantic sense. But, Jen does not need to steal anything from him, it’s all hers for the taking. LUCKY GIRL!!! Also, when you have kiddos around, you have to be creative with each other for the mojo~

    Wish them happiness together now and going forward*

  • KB

    PS miss Reese Witherspoon is exactly the same. Super sweet to the press and the cameras but a control freak/ b#$@ in real life.









  • leisa smitt

    love each other a lot and respect each other Ben has never cheated on Jen and now that he has what he really wants is CHILDREN …
    DAN..O.K WITH YOU.. PIGLET..Yes she is as nice as she seems
    They both wanted a family…and it is time to say that they will last
    20 years from now.. Vi and Sera with have both their parents

  • Shawna

    LOL!!! OMG, I am just ROTFLMAO at you people! Acting like you having any idea whatsoever how these people are in real life. You don’t know them, and you are pathetic people who spend time on the internet trying to pretend you know stuff so you can feel important. Until you spend a day in their house observing them then anything you have to say is complete and utter bullshit!

  • KB

    LOL, Shawna, what the heck do you do with your time…aren’t you on the same page we are writing messages? nice!

  • lexy

    Yes, I think he’s faithful to her. The way the paparrazi stalk him and all these other celebs he couldn’t cheat if he wanted too.
    However I think they make each other happy and he’s not trying to cheat. This was what he needed – a beautiful, down-to-Earth, talented woman who’s interested in the same things he is – being an actual entertainer (as opposed to just a celebrity), being happy, raising a family and helping others. Not some shallow media whore with ZERO talent trying to hawk perfume and clothes and pretending to care about other people.

  • ?!?

    “Yes, I think he’s faithful to her.”
    Think again.

    “The way the paparrazi stalk him and all these other celebs he couldn’t cheat if he wanted too.”
    Don´t you think Ben Affleck is smarter than paparazzi?

    I hope he´s smarter than his wife and has a prenup.

  • shortpeopledate

    She is so pretty!

  • LoveLeeR

    Lovely !

  • Susan

    Now, this is a breathe of fresh air. I love this family!

  • Kailey

    So sick of her but love Ben and his kids. Do I think they will last forever. No. Good girls like her tend to idealize their bad boy husbands until they take off. Ben seems not as into her as she is into him. Also, if you believe all her junk she says then that’s not bright. Don’t believe everything you hear from a celebrity who is still trying to remain relevant through her husband.

  • Hmm

    Well she is promoting a romantic movie so of course she’s going to say good things about Ben if they are true or not. Who knows? I remember seeing an interview where she was gloating and gushing about her first husband – a week later they announced they were separating. It’s all PR for these guys.

  • katy

    I remember she used to gush about her first husband too. If I remember correctly she did a cover for GQ and she talked about how happy she was and how Scott Foley was the love of her life,but when the magazine cover actually came out he had just filled for divorce. That article made her out to be a liar after that she said she had learned her lesson and would not talk about her “private” life. and really that has not stopped her from doing it again.

  • Pippi

    Where did you read Foley filed for divorce. Actually he just left because he couldn’t compete with her career. They both said it was nobody’s fault. She was the one who actually filed the divorce papers sometime later. Get your facts straight.

    I liked her with Foley, I liked her with Vartan and now I like her with Affleck. You see where I am going with this. The man she chooses to have in her life is just that; her choice. Anyway, she is ideal as far as I’m concerned.

  • Nicolllllleee

    i really like jen, and she seems really likeable. I know some people say shes fake, but she doesn’t come off like that to me, It seems like Ben& Jen are one of those couples who aren’t OVERLY affecionate and save their cute moments for themselves. love them (:

  • lexy

    Oh please…just like Tiger Woods was smart??? Just like Josh was so smart?? The paps and tabloids would pay BIG bucks to get the scoop IF Ben were cheating on his family. Again, they follow this man EVERYWHERE. Not to mention, as with Tiger and Josh – the groupies/HW wanna-be’s would be selling their stories to the tabloids left and right.
    Turn off the soap operas and stop reading The Awful Truth for REAL news and making up your own stories about this couple. They are both successful actors – neither NEED to stay together for money or fame.


    I’m pretty sure that miss garner’s so-called haters is only one person with many names OR aliases!!
    my gosh what’s wrong with YOU? you are crazy, jealous and envious, yucks!!!
    if you hate miss garner so much then why make an effort of browsing her pix here in JJ?
    do you think we believe you and you think can convince us ’bout those mean, bad comments you posted about jen garner? think again missy!!!
    jen garner’s fans are goin’ to support her thru & thru & we don’t believed in those crap comments you wrote anyway!!
    i feel sad for you truly!!!

  • michile

    jennifer is a very nice, down-to-earth person!!!
    AWFUL TRUTH sucks big time!!
    TED CASABLANCA’s making-up stories about this lovely couple, ‘coz he’s obviously pissed with jen & ben..
    TED is an ugly guy or an ugly gay, bwahahaha…
    anyway, i like jennifer here she looks fresh, slim, sexy, beautiful and gorgeous…
    ben is darn lucky!!!!

  • idontknow

    jen is a human being, she will be nice sometimes, other times not so nice, but so what. ted casablanca is a turd. he knows nothing, and he is hateful. i think jen is overall a good person, and she looks beautiful on his cover. last tinme i commented on her someone questioned whether she was an in demand actress. this girl is working steadily and has been since her career started. break a leg jen.

  • riri

    Garner must be the ugliest woman in Hollywood.
    She is too ugly to be on these magazines, her face is a travesty.

  • riri

    Using Ben Affleck’s name- just like she used all her exes to get attention, just like she uses her own children to draw attention.
    Women today are on their own right. Garner has to use some one to get places.

  • Interesting

    @HATERS-ARE-PATHETIC: You’re mental. Calm down. You seem psycho and need your depressants. Why are you so hate filled that so many people are NOT fans of Jen Garner? RELAX – she doesn’t care crap about you.

    Lexy – ask any pastor, bartender or hairdresser what REALLY goes on in every day marriages – everyone has problems of some sort and most of them involve a lot of infidelity where the woman looks the other way so she can keep her lifestyle. Hollywood couples? 10X worst.

  • anon

    Why doesn’t she get criticism for cheating on her husband? All of these America’s Sweethearts (Aniston, Garner, and Witherspoon) are the biggest phonies in Hollywood.

  • Pippi

    I’d do her.

  • Sally

    I wouldn’t consider her “America’s Sweetheart” even though a few years ago her publicist said that she wanted to become the next Julia Roberts. I think America’s Sweetheart = Sandra Bullock, Julia. A-list actresses like Cate Blanchett, Reese (she is a great actress something Garner doesn’t have), Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Charlize, Julia, Sandra, Rachel McAdams = A-list strong and admirable on their own. Wannabes like Jen Garner, Aniston, Holmes, Jessica Biel are all tv actresses wanting to move into movies through a man which helps them with more opportunities that they would’ve never had without them. It’s at a different level. Without Ben or her kids, would we even be talking about her? Her movies that she plasy the lead in don’t do that well and she gets dismal roles. I think Garner is best at tv and should probably return there. Movies are too competitive with so much talent.

  • Sally

    Btw, I’m not against Jen Garner. I used to like her during her Alias days but I agree that something’s off with her. Things seem too conniving with her pr moves and that’s because I’m in pr so know some of the ropes. Why doesn’t she do an Alias movie? She can have a box office hit there which she needs. And Aniston is more of America’s sweetheart than Garner, imo. I don’t see Garner around much as she hits 40. She should really go back to television.


    I agree with you to a point. One thing that has hit home with me in the last couple of years is that it is all hype. HW agents are paid to create the illusion of America’s Sweetheart. Realisticall, all of them worship at the church of the evil B$tch at least once a week. O’ve always liked Garner. The flip side to image being everything is that you have to maintain the image at all times. Garner doesn’t do that, which tells me she’s comfortable in her own skin and not insecure as most HW women appeart to be. jmho

  • lexy

    Oh please she was a respected actress BEFORE Ben Affleck and she’s got an endorsement deal with Neutrogena – she doesn’t need to cash in on Ben and his name. Until recently Ben’s name wasn’t worth much anyway – thanks to J-Lo he was known as a waste of talent too caught up in being a media whore with her. Now he’s back to being a respected actor and now director. So it’s safe to say Jen didn’t NEED him or his name to help HER career.

  • happy

    @KB: U r scary. When I met her and waved to her, she approached me and asked me if i wanted to take a pic with her! She is adorable!!!! I was so shy

  • happy

    I think that Ben uses Jen more than Jen uses Ben, lol

  • Inaru

    I hate it when celebrities go on about how vile the paparazzi are, how terrible it is not to have privacy, how they want to protect their kids/marriage/artistic integrity etc but when they have a movie to promote THEN it is okey to talk about your personal life. I find it horribly hyprocritical, this is a woman who doesn’t want to pose on a red carpet with her husband to “protect her marriage” but know it is oke to talk about her marriage to promot a movie. Fake! Of course Jennifer Garner isn’t the only one to indulge in this opportunistic behavior.

  • kitty

    I don’t think Ben uses Jen at all.

    If that was the case Ben would have walked the Golden Globe Red Carpet with Jen. If Ben wants attention all he has to do is go hang out with Matt Damon. And he had the opportunity at the Golden Globes and he didn’t even show up. Not even to the after parties.

    Just maybe Jen and Ben love each other.

    Jen Garner is working steady.
    This is Hollywood were women get less work as they get older. I don’t think Jen Garner is old. Hollywood only has so any roles for women in her age group. Her PR people are working on keeping her name out there. I think they are doing a good job. She is still working and has the Neutrogena adds.

    Sandra Bullock is 40 and look how she is controlling her own career. She is producing and creating her own movies. Sandra is doing her thing and it is paying off. It is a little harder for Jen because she has 2 little girls. But she does own her Production Company. And has projects lined up.

  • hong kong

    She is so sweet and really beautiful! I really think that Ben and jen love each other to pieces! They are just so cute. Jen is a great role model, she is smart and pretty and really truly very talented and kind and polite! She is a hard working mother of 2 and a woman who is nuts for her husband! I hope she will always be happy :) She rocks

  • Morgan

    These posters that say Jennifer Garner is ugly crack me up. I would love to see what they look like, wait, maybe not. AGGGGHHHHHHH!

  • lakers fan in boston

    not the best cover but she does look pretty nice
    she has such a great smile =]
    i forget she’s married to ben sometimes, i barely see them together

  • Pippi

    For the record, Ben was at home with their girls the night of the Golden Globes. She was working (being a golden globe recipient herself) she put in an appearance at one after party and went straight home to be with her family. The party life is not their style. This couple share the responsibility of raising their children together. When oneof them is working, the other one is with the kids. What better way to support your spouse than to be in charge of the little ones. Walking a red carpet together is not their idea of supporting each other but filling in the void left at home is more likely considered full on support as far as they seem to be concerned.

    Jen and Ben are both all about family first, career second. Their marriage and support system makes the most sense of any Hollywood couple.

    Even roles Jen chooses are determined by how much freedom she will have as a mom and wife to keep the home fires burning.

    I suggest for all of you who don’t follow this couple and are in the dark about them, either read up on what they say and stop speculating on them based on what other couples in their situation do.

    I think I covered everything. Jen is amazing and such a breath of fresh air. She really rocks. I am so happy for her and her unique approach to stardom.

  • T Shirts

    The answer to the question on the rag cover is NO!

  • Granite

    She can come over to my house for popcorn any night she wants!

  • Dr NYC

    I imagine she can be lots of fun!