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Katie Holmes is a Trenchcoat Texter

Katie Holmes is a Trenchcoat Texter

Katie Holmes sends out text messages while she waits for the valet to bring her car on a rainy Thursday (January 21) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 31-year-old actress, who was out without her driver or bodyguard, ran errands and visited a medical building.

Katie‘s film with Josh Duhamel and Elijah Wood, The Romantics, will be screening at Sundance starting next Wednesday (January 27)!

For more pics, visit X17!

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katie holmes texting medical building beverly hills 01
katie holmes texting medical building beverly hills 02
katie holmes texting medical building beverly hills 03
katie holmes texting medical building beverly hills 04

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  • bahaus

    Wasn’t there an uglier shot to put on the front? Poor lady. LOL

  • bahaus

    Wasn’t there an uglier shot to put on the front? Poor lady. LOL

  • jiggy

    I didn’t know that she could spell….what a dumb broad!

    What does she need a bodyguard for? Nobody even knows who she is.

  • Allie

    Is she pregnant?? She looks pregnant in the pic where she’s texting…

  • daniel

    Is she expecting a flood? lmao

    Katie always looks miserable. Must be a hellish existent when you are living a BIG FAT LIE!

  • LuckyL

    She looks somewhat human.

  • daniel

    She’s not pregnant. I guess Tiny Master Tom made her put on a fake belly and walk around in public to strum up some publicity. Otherwise, these two losers wouldn’t get any.

    Where is that ugly kid, Suri? Is she being tortured by the cult?

  • Kailey

    She seems lonely.

  • bahaus

    @jiggy: Learn to read. “who was OUT without her driver or bodyguard”

  • daniel

    To #9 – Use your brain! Jiggy’s point wasn’t whether or not she was with a bodyguard but was questioning why she would need one.

    Dumba*s! You learn to read. LMAO

  • hope

    maybe she was at the medical building getting sterilized so she won’t have to have another turkey baster spawn.

  • bahaus

    @daniel: Oh. Oops. My mistake, sorry Jiggy ;)
    She and her family are coveted by the paps all the time, so I’d think it’s reasonable to think that they’d feel more comfortable and safe walking the streets with a bodyguard.

  • daniel

    That’s cool, bahaus! Sorry I got on your case.

  • Lisa2

    I dont think she looks bad, geeeezzz… cant she just go to the doctor without getting all dressed up? I actually like that her hair is getting longer. Makes her seem younger and more appropriate for her age. When she was wearing it shorter, it made her 10 years older.

  • villedeville

    bahaus @ 01/21/2010 at 8:14 pm Wasn’t there an uglier shot to put on the front? Poor lady. LOL

    Actually, I think it is her real natural look without makeup. But it is not just Katie. Almost all beautiful celebrities, and that includes Misses Universe, World, Earth, etc. don’t look that beautiful and gorgeous when not wearing any makeup.

    That is why God created the make-up kit.

  • Tihomir ipotpaliev

    she looks bad

  • Firmi Dograma

    She’s not pregnant. !

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    Tom is probably having her followed. Thank goodness he finally let her out alone.

  • riri

    She looks like a 40 years old Midwestern woman, who is a stay at home mom.
    She can Join Jen Garner the horsey farmer, and they can move to one of the farms together.

  • Ms Anonymous

    Be nice for once, seriously. What bugs crawled up the ass of you lot?

  • batshit crazy

    @runnergirl: Tom won’t need to have her followed – he’ll have had her microchipped – FOR HER OWN SAFETY – of course.

  • Tilli

    just as boring as ever, zzz….

  • neo8087

    Katie looks terrible and aweful!
    She becomes uglier and older when she married tom!
    What happened to her !
    And her kid do not look normal kid!
    This family is strange too.

  • Casper


    Ms Fugly again

  • riri

    @neo8087: Marrying for money, career opportunities and more media exposure will age you.
    She sold her private life for fame. That comes with a price of living with an older man you don’t love, hence her aging look and unhappiness.

  • slides

    Even though she married for money and fame I think she now knows it was a major mistake. They won’t last another 5 years.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think everything about her is nice, her outfit, hair the lot, maybe she’s frowning cause the paps are in front of her again. like the fact she drove her own car, very pretty lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ++Logan++

    i think she looks gorgeous

    her hair looks fantastic that length :)

  • Go Ask Alice


    Looks it.

  • Go Ask Alice

    @batshit crazy:


  • Go Ask Alice


  • Go Ask Alice



  • Go Ask Alice



  • Go Ask Alice


  • Go Ask Alice

    And Hope and riri, too funny.

    I had to post to everybody because you guys are on a roll. .
    Too funny everybody.

  • Jolla

    Katie does look miserable. But it’s the same with me: where’s Suri? I keep singing: Donde estas, donde estas, Yolanda, Que paso, que paso, Yolanda
    Te busque, te busque, Yolanda, Y no estas, y no estas Yolanda! Thinking about beautiful Suri.

  • 1 fan writes 10 posts

    Wtf, Homely called the paps? More ugly pics.

    Kate Winslet: Gorgeous, talented Academy Award winning actress
    Kate Beckingsale: Gorgeous lady with a hot hubby
    Kate “Top Shop, Johnny Deps ex” Petite supermodel

    Katie Holmes: Fashion and talent challenged. Clueless moron of a mother, d-list loser without her gay hubby or retard spawn. Cankle Queen, do not use the baster again.

  • 1 fan writes 10 posts

    Homely is nothing without her gay hubby or re*tard or reject Spawn.

  • Freak

    Looking refreshed and happy after spending the last month with her tiny gay crazy husband….LOL,LOL!!!!!

  • EP

    I just hate her! Big stupid pigeon-toed giraffe.UGLY!

  • http://google toni

    I like Katie Holmes. She’s alright sometimes she might have her days.

  • http://google toni

    That is sad for Tom that his wife, Katie is using him for her popularities. To be married with somone who’s does not love him.
    I wonder how he feels about that. I mean he is a good looking man for his age.

  • http://google toni

    Why is Katie using Tom for her popularities?

  • bahaus

    @villedeville: No, Katie is actually beautiful, but they choose exactly the pic where she’s making a weird expression. :-S

  • annika hansen

    Am I the only one who hopes she actually IS pregnant?

  • cougarshookup

    I bet aliens control cell phones

  • Pac Man

    To protect her from the invasive paparazzi and anti-Scientology nutters, #3.

    You’re a twisted moron, #7.

    Right, #12.

    She’s alone outside all the time, #18.

    And you know she doesn’t love him and married for money how, #25?

    How could you know all that, #26?

    You too, #42. How could you know all that?

  • annika hansen

    @Pac Man: Mr pac Man, what do you think? Does Katie have a baby bump? I hope she does. I hope they have a little boy next, one that looks just like Tom. How cute would that be? Mr pacman are you on Facebook? I think you would like my group. Its called “Katie Holmes fans”. Join it if you like.

  • kelly

    That sick look on her face tells me they’ve been poking her with the turkey baster again. She probably had to be porked again with the turkey baster filled with Miscaviages spermoids to fulfill her contract.

    If these two misfits have arranged another pregnancy, I hope Child Protective Services is in the delivery room waiting to take the kid away from these abusers. They’ve about damaged Suri for life throwing her in front of the paparazzi cameras and zapping her with the sonar machine when she was in the womb.

    Enough is enough!

    What wouldn’t this golddigger do for a buck.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i constantly criticize her
    but i honestly do think she looks better than before
    at least this time she tried 2 look nice
    really like her hair, reminds me of when she was really cute
    and her outfit isnt that bad
    i hope she keeps her hair like that, she looks decent at least