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Leonardo DiCaprio Donates $1 Million to Haiti Relief

Leonardo DiCaprio Donates $1 Million to Haiti Relief

Leonardo DiCaprio has donated $1 million to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund benefiting victims of the Haiti disaster.

Disbursed through the Leonardo DiCaprio Fund, the donation will help by providing both immediate relief and funding long-term development projects.

The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund was created after the Haiti disaster when President Barack Obama asked former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to help support those in need.

“Combined with the outpouring of donations from Americans and citizens around the world of all means, this support will go a long way to help save more lives, reach more people with emergency assistance, and help the Haitian people build their nation back stronger and more secure than it was before the earthquake,” President Clinton said.

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  • Ismail

    That is generous!

  • teri

    Good for you Leo, by God we all know you won’t miss it.

  • Divine Goddess

    God bless him. THat’s wonderful! Great to see celebs doin good for the world

  • AJBP

    He’s a great guy!

  • shoes4life

    Good deed Mr. diCaprio!!

    Also, ET just announced that Georgie just donated $1 million as well.

  • lisa

    OMG.. you mean his donation was announced.. Whatever will the haters say..

    Wait my bad.. they only get pissed at certain celebs whose donations were announced.

    BRAVO LEO.. I think it is great that he stepped up. He has been blessed with so much. Great that he is giving back

    Sean Penn took Doctors and medical supplies to Haiti..

    Way to go… way to go..

  • lauren

    he is amazingly beautiful, inside and out.

  • Abbie

    Wonderful! And Leo gave exactly to the right fund: Clinton Bush Haiti fund! Way to go, LEO!!!!

    Thanks Jared for the news!

  • lb

    he’s great

  • LS

    Good for him all the stars should donate a cool mil

  • Mari

    Terrific actor, dedicated environmentalist AND humanitarian. Way to go, Leo!

  • http://justjared deke

    Very generous from a kind heart.

  • Halli

    This guy has a good heart.

  • Kurdistan

    generous step

  • lexy

    I’m surprised he made this public. He’s a private a person but I don’t care. He’s giving his own money and let’s face it – he’s Leonardo DiCaprio – he’s an A-lister – he’s got the money, he’s not asking others to donate their money (while he uses his for new clothes) and he doesn’t need to do this to remain relevant in the media. Not to mention he actually does quite a bit of charity work. He just doesn’t feel the need to call E! everytime he does something.

  • anne

    leo is my kind of guy; as is george.

  • the_boyfriend

    still not cute.

  • jenni

    @lexy: who said HE made it public? stuff is always leaked by staff and people who hear gossip/

    everyone always likes to assume the worst about everyone and everything

  • coco

    Sweet Leo – he is so generous. Also, he looks gorgeous here!

  • lala

    DING DING DING – 1 point for Leo. He is a good guy.
    Now he just needs to dump his tax evading, military duty shirking, boycotted wannabe fat freckled short bleached out stupid named Israeli wannabe 4th tier model and he will be PERFECT! She is no supermodel hotttie like the great Gisele and Leo looks effing MISERABLE with this user. Gisele also seems like a sweet person with no skeletons in the closet – find another like her.
    Also, thank you beautiful Leo for not bringing this loser to the Golden Globes and leaving her home where she belongs.
    C’mon Leo come to your senses and break this thing off FOR GOOD!
    I wish things would have worked out with Anne V because she seems smart and classy and NOT Israeli! Find someone classy like that Leo!

  • mickey

    All A-list celebrities should give big bucks, they can only buy so many houses, cars and private planes.

  • happy girl

    awesome leo. i love madonna but she gave 250,000. hope she will give more.

  • to happy girl

    awesome leo. i love madonna but she gave 250,000. hope she will give more

    i would agree. however, the operative word here is “donation”. there is no legal requirement for madonna to give more than she is willing to give. nor does she have to. as for moral, given that this is madonna i somehow don’t think she much cares what people think.

  • riri

    That is wonderful and generous. So why is he with such a stingy girl, that not only is a gold-digger, but even evades paying her taxes?
    Leo deserves a generous woman who is not so obs-essed with fame and a gold-digger.

  • laura

    I love him. He is such a great actor and he has a good heart. He is a true movie star in every sense of the word.

  • molly

    Imagine if all major celebs donated that much. C’mon Hollywood… where are the rest of you?

  • french

    He is so generous =)

  • riri

    @molly: Imagine had they donated so much to New Orleans.
    They could have helped all the people that lost their homes easily.

  • fabi

    He is a good person thats why I love him sooooooooooo much he s so beautiful from inside and outside you are right Lauren I don t why you are hating bar so much

  • Venom

    You are a good man Leo.
    Thank you.

  • JustJared

    omg amazing

  • lexy

    While it’s great they are stepping up and donating to Haiti – again they can donate to plenty of charities here in the US. Plenty of people here in the US don’t get proper medical care and go to bed hungry and are homeless.

  • Marco

    He’s a great, gorgeous man

  • french


    Anne V was with Leo and his friends on the holidays like many girls but i doubt something happened with these girls, i doubt he even talked to them.

  • ST

    1 point for Leo. He is a good guy.
    Now he just needs to dump his tax evading, military duty shirking, boycotted wannabe fat freckled short bleached out stupid named Israeli wannabe 4th tier model and he will be PERFECT! She is no supermodel hotttie like the great Gisele and Leo looks effing MISERABLE with this user. Gisele also seems like a sweet person with no skeletons in the closet – find another like her.

  • BARF

    leo we love you so much!!!!!!!you are so good in everything!!!!!
    dont go with barf.she is not good for you!!!!!!
    trust me…i know her and her mother……

    leo-you are number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elliot

    Leo, Matt Damon, George Clooney & Miss Jolie are all awesome when it comes to philanthropy and actually caring about a cause.

    I love the celebs that truly care.

  • Joe

    I am surprised his famewho*re off and on again girlfriend did not jump in this picture and say she donated $5. She is all about the photo ops. She looks fake happy and he looks like he wants to crawl under a rock. That is Hollyweird I guess.

  • Endrys

    that´s why i really love him! i really do!….So cute! my Leo!-.—-

  • cougarshookup

    I bet he also buys carbon offsets

  • Milla

    I love everything about this man, he has such a big heart and is one of the best actors on the planet. For me he is the best actor of his generation. He is really hot but usually when I like someone It’s cause of their personality and I love how he is so passionate about he’s work. I do think he is not very happy with Bar but that is my opinon. I don’t know her so I can’t judge her from the outside but she looks a bit betchy and all for the money but like I said I don’t know her..
    Love you Leo, you are so awesome!

  • lakers fan in boston

    good of him 2 be doing a good thing
    im kinda surprised he even has that much money 2 be donate
    he’s kinda be on a decline lately when it comes 2 his acting

  • lexy

    Lakers fan if Rachel Bilson and these reality shows are able to survive on their “salary” I’m sure Leo is doing well financially too. Just b/c his movies haven’t done well doesn’t mean HE doesn’t get paid very well. A million dollars is nothing to him – except a tax write off. He may not be making $20M a movie like before but even if he’s making $10 per movie that’s still a nice chunk of change. He’s a serious actor – he’s not looking to be out there pimping a clothing line…and like other big stars he does ads for stuff overseas to get some extra money. I wouldn’t worry about Leo’s house being foreclosed anytime soon!

  • reality check

    Leo looks happier talking on the phone to strangers than he looks with Bar.

  • T Shirts

    Now if only he could get some of the other overpaid stars to do the same!

  • jennifer

    Leo has a big heart and always care for important things, this is why I love him so much, beyond being such a great actor! Leo keep being this wonderful person, let’s wish for him just happiness and stop with this hate about his love life, please!!!

  • He did make it pubic

    @jenni: on his website it said “special announcement”

  • meetsingledoctors

    He has nice eyes!

  • yani

    Ha Ha in decline? do you guys no lakers fan and lexy talking about ?
    leonardo dicaprio is the highest paid actor . He earn more than brad pitt, george clooney. Will smith is the only actor paid more than him cause he only makes CGI movie. currently his star currency is #2. check and he makes b/n 20- 25 mi per movie plus grossing. he and russel crowe are the few actors who get paid for R-movie cause they are oscar type of movie stars not comedy or CGI MOVES. and the stuidos accept them in any given day. johnny depp is also tied #2 with leo. I bet many of you thought those you see on the cover of US weekly, life&style, inthouch magazine get paid more like jenniffer anishton or angelina julie? but the true is those star are cheep. for ex. jennifer have to milk PR to promte her movie cause she is only domestic movie star. studios don’t promote her movie out side US with only exption. angelina get paid depending her movie gross. brad gets 20 mil but only for PG-MOVIES otherwise he back to 10 mil plus grossing. george is 9-12 mill. Will smith is the only star is above a head little. He moslty makes CGI 25 MILL PLUS GROSSING. leo for ex. made for 45 mill last year for inception and shutter island that will be realse this year. and his going to earn 40 mill this year alone for viking move and chancellor that he is going to shoot. I work in entainment business for so long I can tell who make what who dont. I feel sorry for you people think that tabliod magazing stars get paid more. Pay attention for stars who dont like to photo up on walks of life cause those are the one who wants to protect there acting crudentials. for more information stars net worth is

    WILL SMITH 550-600 MIL
    leonardo and jony500 -525 mill brag pitt 440-460 etc..
    jen.150-160 not bad but still
    angie 120-130 but gives lots 1/3 for charity

  • Granite

    Two million would’ve been twice as cool! C’mon Leo, don’t stop until it hurts!