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NBC Confirms Conan's Last Day is January 22

NBC Confirms Conan's Last Day is January 22

Conan O’Brien‘s final show as the host of The Tonight Show is tomorrow (January 22), NBC said in a statement. Check it:

“NBC and Conan O’Brien have reached a resolution of the issues surrounding O’Brien‘s contract to host The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.

“Under terms of an agreement that was signed earlier today, NBC and O’Brien will settle their contractual obligations and the network will release O’Brien from his contract, freeing him to pursue other opportunities after September 1, 2010.

O’Brien will make his final appearance as host of The Tonight Show on January 22.”

NBC also confirmed that Jay Leno will return to host The Tonight Show on March 1 and Jimmy Fallon will stay in his 12:35 a.m. timeslot.

There you have it.

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  • happy girl

    Team Coco. Jay is not funny and selfish. He does not deliver at 10pm and an entire staff has to be fired to accomodate him? Jay: you are NOT funny. Will not be watching you. Team Coco!!



  • karen

    i am not a big conan fan but even less of leno how can he go back and know he push conan out ….. it is like what kids do tv is getting worst by the day give me more reruns of ncis.

  • tom

    I am so sick of this non important story. But I would like to say that Leno is a horrible interviewer and a very boring comedian. I am not sure how anyone can sit through his show. Leno’s primetime show was just has big a filure has Conan was at the 11:35 spot. So I am not sure how they can keep leno on. Late night tv is so bad. They would probably get the same ratings rerunning primetime drams.

  • flo

    Leno did not push Conan out, NBC made a business decision based on the fact that they were losing money on Conan who refused to take a later slot and effectivly put his people out of jobs.

  • gracie

    Conan is pathetic – he’s making himself out to be the victim. Some victim, walking away with 30 million bucks! ..and just how much of that is he sharing with the staff that he’s so concerned about?
    I have never found him to be genuinely funny – his humour is self-conscious and contrived. The fact that he’s been making such a big deal about how “hard” he’s worked to make his show successful is offensive, in light of what so many people are going through these days.

  • Jen

    let me join the team of someone who is gonna get paid millions!! awww how sad….. please this whole fiasco is ridiculous.

  • eres

    That is so F’d up!

  • Maribeth

    It’s not about feeling sorry for someone who gets money out of a deal, it’s about feeling sorry for someone who realized his dream only to have someone take it away so quickly. Jay had his time. He had over a decade at the Tonight Show. It was Conan’s turn at bat. Jay stole that from him because his 10PM show sucked. I hope Conan gets an awesome deal at another station and he gets back on the air ASAP. Team Coco!

  • to gracie

    conan is not pathetic- jay leno is. to put it bluntly leno is a rat. i, for one, will boycott jay leno. end of discussion, end of debate. for the record his staff is splitting 12 million dollars and nbc is paying all the taxex on that money

  • SOS

    I will NOT be watching Leno.

  • rocky


    ITA! Jay is as boring as one of my puppy droppings! How anyone can call that man entertaining is beyond me.

  • rocky


    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wm

    Some of you people need to get your facts straight. Jay Leno didn’t make the decisions to change things as far as the ‘Tonight Show’ and/or ‘The Jay Leno Show’. It was NBC that called all the shots. They should have left well enough alone in the first place. Don’t fix what isn’t broken in the first place. Jay is getting blamed for decisions that were not his. Conan needs to stop whining. He’s being paid multi-millions. He could have gone on air 30 minutes later but chose not to, again NBC’s idea, not Jay’s. NBC approached Jay about the changes they wanted to make, not the other way around. Don’t speak b.s. until you have all the facts straight.

  • lisa


    Um, No Flo. The affiliates were unhappy with Leno. Leno should have been fired end of story.

    Why did this turn into a Conan thing, oh, because the backlash and then NBC had to come up with new BS.

    Well, I am team Coco now, and hope he keeps his fire when he moves to Fox.

  • Tata

    Why should Conan be the one kicked out when it’s Jay Leno’s show that didn’t work? I’d like to understand why Jay Leno is over protected like that. He had his time and I’m sorry that his show didn’t work and he’s having a hard time or whatever, but shit happens and he shouldn’t make another one pay for that. He looks like a spoilt kid now.


  • OB


  • Kailey

    @wm: You need to get your fact straight. FACT: All the comedians know that Jay Leno has a reputation of being sly and underhanded. He did that to Carson, Lettermen, Stern, etc. and comes out saying he just did what he was told. There’s a video out right now that shows Stern warning Conan 3 years ago that he doesn’t think Jay will just walk away and let him have his show – total prophetic. What pro-Leno folks don’t get here is that it’s another example of corporate greed trying to screw the underdog, Leno being totally selfish (all he had to do was do the RIGHT thing, walk away or go to another network and leave Conan/Jimmy alone) but Leno couldn’t do that b/c he’s also known as a workaholic, underhanded, selfish who’s been panting for the Tonight Show. 90% is NBC for being greed driven and 10% Leno for not doing the right thing. NBC = toilet. This generation will not forget how NBC screwed the little guy.

  • april

    so sad never whatch the tonight show again so they see how bad the ratings are and bring conan back

  • moi


  • nw

    can’t believe how DISGUSTING the network’s stance on this is. talk about lack of respect, integrity, and living up to one’s words. shame on nbc.

  • happy girl

    watching Letterman instead when Coco is gone! Say NO to LENO!

  • gamerdatingsite

    I love Conan and Andy!

  • luisaonline

    wow! i guess it is a failure to Conan… he is a good man and so is Jay…. i guess he should have stayed in Latenight..

  • know what ur talking about 1st


    Conan is a pro with a heart. He is giving 15 million in severance pay out of his pocket to all his staff.
    LAME Leno should hang it up and go play with his little cars.

  • frankly

    Conane blows ,in a nut shell not funny at all . Jay is better then conane but not by much as far as Im concerned they both blow. The funny ones are few and very far between. NBC dont have any of them.

  • christine


    Aww, so many memories from watching Conan almost every summer night (and on school days when I could afford to stay up late, lol.) The show would comfort me, make me feel happy, and most importantly MAKE ME LAUGH TILL I CRIED! I hate Leno, he’s not funny and he is one selfish bastard. I’m so glad his show is doing crap and his ratings will get worse (mark my words) because of this incident.

    Love you Conan!! BOYCOTT LENO!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    dont really care anymore
    dont find conan or leno funny really
    ill watch tonight just outta curiosity 2 what he might do
    u no what i find ironic, a lot of ppl claim him 2 be so funny yet he had bad ratings, if u guys like him so much why not support him in the 1st place in watch, u guys only watch when these happens…. hypocrites

  • emma

    i’ll never watch the tonight show with jay leno. i hope he fails miserably. i guess jay never heard of the expression “you can’t go back.”

    and for people that are pro jay, he’s not the nice guy he pretends to be. he took the tonight show from letterman and now he’s taking it from conan. if he was such a nice guy, then he would have walked away or he would just switch networks. no, he’s selfish and doesn’t care about his fellow late night show hosts (conan, jimmy, carson) or the tonight show franchise.

    and for all those people complaining about the amount of money conan is going to get, it’s not always about money. nbc is buying conan out of a contract. if people didn’t honor contract the world would fall apart. and not all the money is going to conan, it’s also going to his staff. conan is really good to his staff, he also paid them out of pocket during the writer’s strike.

    team coco forever!

  • T Shirts

    The guy’s a two-bit clown. Johnny Carson was rolling in his grave the night he took over The Tonight Show. RIP now Johnny!

  • Granite

    Why they ever replaced Jay with this moron in the first place is the question. He practically killed The Tonight Show ratings in his short 7 month tenure. And that’s a fact. Period.

  • emma

    people who are complaining about the ratings probably forgot that when jay first hosted the tonight show he had low ratings for years, yes YEARS.

  • Dr NYC

    Alas, there is a God!

  • ConanFTW

    Help Coco Beat Leno!!!

    Its a fb app game. Funny, fun, and most importantly, SUPPORT COCO!