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Rachel Bilson Designs Bracelet For Charity

Rachel Bilson Designs Bracelet For Charity

Here are some preview pics of Rachel Bilson, who traveled to Botswana and South Africa last December with InStyle to learn more about the diamond mining industry there.

The 28-year-old actress designed a leather and diamond bracelet (pictured here) to raise money for the non-profit Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF). Money raised will be used to help build student housing at the CIDA City Campus, a university in Johannesburg.

Watch the video of Rachel in Africa at And buy the Rachel-designed bracelet at!

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Photos: Kate Lacey/Laura Corser
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    Cute bracelet! can’t afford it but still :P

  • n

    Thats a good thing to do, I guess thats a perk of being a celebrity. Pity the bracelets arent at an affordable price so more sell, but…I guess it makes sense.

  • Naomi

    I wouldn’t pay one dollar for that ugly piece of junk.

  • Calais

    Jenna Dewan has one, she posted a picture of it on her twitter a few days ago.

  • SJS

    On the Macy’s site it says only $20 of the price will go to the fund it’s for. It was nice of Rachel to do this(I adore her), but i’d rather just donate $20 directly to the fund.

  • tennille

    Midget & Pony Angelina Jolie?!
    Simply H- Y- P- E !!!

  • lexy

    JJ please – no one believes this idiot girl does any charity work. This is just another example of your dear Rachel “Media Whore” Bilson trying to pretend to care about someone or something other than herself. First you try to pass her off as the “star” of HIMYM when she was on for about a minute now she’s a “designer” of this bracelet – a few straps of leather with a DIAMOND charm – big whoop. And let’s not forget that she’s a little late to join the diamond mining train – DiCaprio and others did movies about this years ago!!! $20 goes to the kids and the other $80 to fund Rachel’s shopping sprees! Hayden is probably very greatful – one less crappy movie he’ll have to do.
    Nice of Rachel to put on that Aunt Jemima scarf around the poor African American kids!

  • tennille

    And correction JJ:
    RB is not an actress nor a designer but simply an “always-on-your-face mediawh0re” – case closed.

  • OB

    kid is really cute.

  • unreechy

    Likewise! I wouldn’t also pay one dollar for that ugly piece of junk coming from that Zlister Tabloid Junkie.
    Poor In-Style or DEF, they wouldnt raise enough money that would even compensate this new media hype that they would have to create by packaging BIlHO as a so-called humanitarian after her hackting & fauxshion career had gone epic failed.
    And BilHO’s now jumping off that humanitarian bandwagon effect – just soo “amusingly-surreal”!

  • Samantha

    The bracelet is ugly and that is what she wanted her rich friends to buy and now the public. Funny seems construction started on this school guessing Instyle donated all the money they are just recooping the rest. If she was so into all the charity funds now why not rally 12 months a year why only during a natural disaster time does she jump on the popular causes bandwagon . Oh yea that’s right shopping, eating out, looking pathedic is her charity.

  • deshaun

    SHE is a perfect example of an overrated, overexposed moron who became somewhat famous as a result of loads pr agents & media hype yet zero movie offers & acting credibility.

  • unreechy

    And where would BilHO be without “NEPOTISM”?!
    Who would even/ever dare to give this talentless person w/ “mental disturbance & special attention needs” any HW job if not for her media connections – sheeesh!

  • kim

    Wow, this is really sad. It seems like she is trying to exploit poor people to garner publicity for herself. Hayden, shame on you, shame on you both.

  • shame on you Rachel!

    Wow, that was the most disingenuous, disgusting exploitive thing I think I’ve ever seen. Complete with her touching little poor black children, DISGUSTING! I feel like I just witnessed a rape, her raping them!

    She could care less about where these diamonds come from, are we supposed to believe that this social conscious is coming from a woman who said in a taped interview not a few years ago that she did not know who the US president was?

  • shame on you Rachel!

    The difference between RB and Angelina Jolie is that AJ has always been political and comes from a political y active family.

    Angelina Jolie has always known who the freaking president of the United States was.

    This is totally for publicity and it’s totally exploitive and she does not fool anyone.

  • helena

    those diamonds better be conflict free, otherwise people have been killed over dose!

  • lauren

    wow, why are you guys so hateful? whether or not she’s become a media whore isn’t the point. all the proceeds go to charity, at least she’s done something to help, which is what should count.

  • lauren

    my mistake. twenty dollars go to charity, but that’s still more than nothing i guess.

  • Yup

    Blah blah JJ is late by 48 hours with this……..must need more money for the site, feel free and post 300 more times and complain about the attention the site gives……that some here provide.

  • Em

    I love Rachel. She was nice and sweet when I met her last year.

  • June

    Shut UP haters….
    His bracelet is expensive but it’s for a cause.
    btw it doesn’t matter if she’s an actress she’s wants to help africa.

  • Kitty

    great…let’s just killed some more animals to make these bracelt. could have been some green/eco/animal friendly material???!!

  • ok

    damn her PR machine is brilliant! sad 3rd world people r being exploited by celebs. angelina did it out of the kindness of her heart now other celebs follow just to keep themselves in the news. sad sad world!!

    if she truly means to do this stuff it wouldnt be in the news, especially JJ, her personal PR Rep.

  • juniper

    I for one could somehow believe that the oc-smurf could designed it as it looks cheap, ugly & stupid… just like her.
    Poor African children… their causes/concerns would still remains to be futile as it wasnt even endorsed by a true-blue hotlister HW star but just a Sillywood Tartlet who’s obvious sole purpose is for the salvation of her long-been hopeless career.

  • @June

    She is too stupid to manage her career and help herself she better keep her hands of helping Africa, she will do more damage than good. The bracelet is made of leather and diamond! They will now go and skin something to get leather and kill somebody to get a diamond. Rachel is retarded, she should stay on the farm in Canada and take care of pigs.

  • brightside

    @June: Most of the africans I have met, in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, don’t see this as help. They see it as degrading and exploitive. Hypocritical HW actresses or non-actresses (in Rachel’s case) who jump on the latest celebrity charity cause in order to maintain their media image are seen in the same light there as they are here. People know when they are being conned. Most Africans feel that such hyped media celebrity circuses treat them with little dignity. It’s the people who invest their time and money by going there and working with local charities on a day to day basis that are more respected. I agree with SJS, it’s better to donate the money directly to the charities than it is to buy a trinket. Awareness can be raised and celebrities (such as Angie) are wonderful in the way they do this, but it shouldn’t be done as simply a device to revive a flagging career, or as a potential career move as a designer. It’s hypocritical.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    Barkson still has to be everywhere doesn’t she? She has to make sure nobody forgets her even w/ such empty credits. She is very insecure, deep down coz she knows there’s a lot of real HW talents & beauties out there and she is definitely “not” one of them. She has to work extra hard to always be on the forefront no matter what. And this latest hype perceptibly proves that “ when you’re constantly unemployable and/or your image badly needs a boost, raise awareness for a charity just to stir up publicity”!

    When Angelina Jolie get it on w/ her charity thing, she’s already at the peak of her A-Listed career. While Barkson donning the same thing is on the “bottom-peak-of-the-barrel”… so just who desperately needs more a career boost?! No need to say/state it out loud as it way to obvious then…

  • brightside

    Angie is deeply commited to helping raise awareness of the terrible burden that poverty and conflict inflicts on innocent people and children in different countries around the world. I have such respect for her. But sub-lebrities such as Rachel who use the suffering of other people to advance her own image under the false premise of being charitable really turn my stomach. She’s not the only one. I can see how this was all cooked up between her, her media agents and Instyle to make her seem more caring and more relevant. This is not about charity, this is about boosting her moribund ‘career’ image. It’s the sort of thing I would expect from Paris Look-At-Me Hilton, or Lindsay Lohen, or, god forbid, Heidi Montag. You wait, she’ll be announcing herself as a jewellery designer next.

  • Jax

    She pimps out her future mother in law and baby niece, not to mention her own sisters for her own gain, why not a bunch of African children who can’t help themselves? She is so shallow, transparent and pathetic, she needs to do the world a favor and just disappear. I totally agree with the poster who said just send the donation directly to the charity, by pass the ecologiclly unfriendly trinket and this media wh*re completely.

  • kim

    God, why this girl is still in the media???

  • ok

    she pays JJ. Her PR machine is massive! suprised she isnt broke from having to advertise herself everywhere.

    she isnt doing anything as always so why not jump on the celeb bandwagon of exploiting 3rd world people?

    we been critisizing her for a long time about not giving to charity……guess she got the message.

    i still think her engagement may be yet another PR stunt.

    it started during jumper. when 2 actors work together, under contrct they have to be seen together to hype the movie. perfect examply is Pattinson/stewart, we know all tht was for their film.

    HC and Rb reps saw the response and ran with it. for all we know they r friends, fke couple and hc probably has a real g/f

  • S

    Everybody is gaining, In Style, Rachel Bilson, and certain people in Botswana. What is wrong with that?

  • Ahari

    Couldn’t agree more #32, that’s exactly what I’ve said from the beginning. Rachel and Hayden’s “engagement” = one big PR stunt. And what’s the deal with her and Macy’s? Her bogus “fashion” line was exclusively there, it was pretty much the only place you could find Challenge, now this. You know, isn’t Macy’s in some financial difficulty? Maybe they should re-evaluate their relationship with this little fame troll.

  • Lana

    Bilson, who was only hired by InStyle because of her father’s connections and other relatives insisting that InStyle give her a job, is now being PAID to exploit the problems on the African continent, with only a very small amount even of the $20 ever going to them. This kind of aid is degrading and a trap for poverty-stricken people. If Bilson really wanted to help she should have asked the kids to design a bracelet, have their moms and dads make it, and then pitch it around the world so that the kids and their folks would get the money directly. It would do far more good and any kid could design a better bracelet than that piece of junk.

    How much does she pay you to run her pics all the time, Jared? Huh? How much????

    And don’t you get sick of posting this Z-lister’s media-****ing all the time when it’s so obviously a huge fraud? This stupid ***** barely works at all, and you can’t call this work or charity when she gains far more for it than the kids do.

  • chris 23

    ROFLOL!! OMG!! That waste of space is doing charity? What a joke? Spend $100 on a lousy bracelet so $20 may or may not actually end up with the charity; why not just donate $100 to a respectable organization and actually feel good about what you’ve done?

  • AHA

    diamond? for people in africa? is she retarded?did she hear about diamond war? sell diamonds for help people in africa! , ohh yeah , why not to sell guns with her signature inside

    hope nobody is going to copy her smart strategy for helping people

  • brightside

    @S: Actually JJ says that it goes to build student accomodation for the CIDA campus university in Johannesburg. While it’s an admirable cause in it’s way what people don’t realise that those who can afford to send their students to university are usually slightly better off than many others. The money would have been better used to help promote education at the grass roots level, teaching young children to become literate etc, rather than helping those who are already there (so to speak). And what’s with Rachel Bilson re the university connection – did I miss something – did she actually attend university. I thought not. Money spent on things like clean drinking water, medicines, text books and the like would have helped more.

  • brightside

    This is such a farce. Of all the ways this could have been handled and all the good things that could have been done, this is truly a poor attempt.
    The real needy are not going to profit from this – other posters are right. If this has raised awareness, then that’s good, but don’t buy the trinket -donate the money directly to trusted charities instead. Being a cynic – I can’t help wondering if Rachel was paid for her design, I hope not.

  • lexy

    Of course Rachel was paid for her design and someone brings up a good point – where are they deducting the cost to manufacture these bracelets- probably from the $20 going to the charity.
    In defense of Rachel – her PR people aren’t THAT good b/c they should have seen this was a farce – magazines and newspapers are constantly running stories about these scams. How companies claim it’s for charity and donate less than half the profits to the charity. Breast cancer is a big one these places try to use.
    I can’t believe InStyle either! This is a magazine constantly promoting celebs and their BLING and we’re supposed to believe they care about diamond mining?? Please there’s a reason you don’t see celebs REALLY get behind it – b/c they like their diamonds. I wonder if Rachel’s wearing HER diamond engagement ring while helping this kids. Rachel’s family has no connections – she got this job b/c she’s cheap! InStyle wanted a “name” but couldn’t afford a big one so they got the best they could – Rachel.

  • ok,,20219863_20337175,00.html

    WOW she sure loves herself now dont she?

    “look at me! im rachel bilson! im in africa making a difference!! LOOK LOOK LOOK! Im feeding poor people. ”

    effing douchbaggg hag

  • firemandatingsite

    She is so pretty

  • Ahari

    I’m telling you, this girl never had an original thought in her entire useless life. She can’t even come up with her own useless PR stunt, just like the fashion designs she stole, she had to steal the PR stunt idea too. Pathetic.

  • lakers fan in boston

    good of her 2 do something that will benefit others
    what a nice pic of her with those children =]

  • Jax

    #37, yes, she apparently is retarded, that is becoming more and more evident .

  • mickey

    Her hearts in the right place but every time I see one of these little Hollywood starlets trot over to Africa, I can’t help but think this is all more for their benefit than for any charity. The celeb gets good press and manufactured credibility. Meanwhile, those that they are “helping” in Africa get to see a Hollywood starlet who they probably have never heard of–whoopie.

  • Jax

    I respectfully disagree Mickey that her heart is in the right place. The only place her heart is at is getting PR attention, getting her picture taken. That’s it. I’ve long maintained that she would gladly sell her entire family to Hell’s fire if she thought she could get a photo op out of it.

  • sharon

    @Ahari: That’s a good point same story but still PR stunt which is horrible some of these celebrities don’t realize hardship and like everyone says instead of buying the bracelet donate the 100.00 to the cause or 20.00 atleast you know it going to the right person and reason !!!

  • lexy

    Her heart is in the right place if you mean she’s thinking of herself. If she were concerned about poor hungry children she instead of spending hours getting dressed and shopping at The Grove, she could go to the supermarket in her neigborhood, buy some groceries and go donate them to a local homeless shelter or women’s shelter. No need to go to Africa – where she also manages to pull off some sort of photoshoot. Does she show off HER diamond ring to the kids and thank them for risking their lives so she can have a big engagement ring?
    She milked this trip EVERY step of the way. The paparrazi just happen to be at some off the wall clinic in the middle of no where when she got shots. She went in to the Dr’s office with long sleeves and came out with tank so they could photograph the band-aid on her arm. Both she and her mother have big purses but walk out carrying her medical records and travel arrangements in their hands – knowing the paps are outside. Come on….I think she forgets that the rest of the world isn’t as dumb or as whipped as HC.

  • shadowy

    So pleased that anytime & everytime that this talentless & worthless twatlet pathetically pushed on the public’s throats… repeatedly hits the wall!