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Chris Pine & Olivia Munn: Back Together?

Chris Pine & Olivia Munn: Back Together?

Chris Pine and Olivia Munn put on a united front and have dinner together at Madeo restaurant in West Hollywood together on Thursday (January 21).

The couple did, in fact, break up on Saturday night (January 16) before the Golden Globes. Maybe they’re back together now or working things out?

The day after the split, Olivia and her friends got in a little girl-bonding time. “Girl Day!!” she tweeted on Sunday. “Manis, pedis, massages, scrubs, braiding hair, making friendship bracelets, Color Me Mine and periods!”

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Photos: PER/Famepictures, Owen Beiny/WENN
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  • Rocky


  • tin

    chris pine is oh so fine! gorgeous face!

  • X

    Tiny Piney and his Z list beard!!

  • Rocky

    chris look laid (ugly)

  • Jo

    I thought Pine said he hated the paps? Why go to Madeo? Why the lies? What is he hiding? Why such a public “romance”? Is he gay? hahaha

  • Rocky

    Maybe he’s gay, who knows.

  • Rocky

    Or zoophile, who knows.

  • Peta

    I can believe this! They break up Saturday. In the news. They are working things out (uh by going to Madeo LOL) in the news. All in the space of a few days and all of it in the news. Remind me again how private Chris Pine is??!
    Something stinks…….

  • Peta

    ooops sorry! it’s I CAN”T believe this

  • Liv

    Over it.

  • OB

    yeah i hope so

  • Ann

    It’s unfortunate but from now on, I’ll never take what Chris Pine says without a huge grain of salt.

  • WoW

    From X17:

    “Chris didn’t seem very protective of Olivia, but he was definitely looking out for himself! When one pap got up in his face, he reached out from inside the car and hit him! I definitely wouldn’t mess with this guy!”

    Was bound to happen sooner or later. He doesn’t deal with that very well. I’m not saying that she does, but she doesn’t look bothered at all.

  • Happy

    My thoughts exactly. He’s becoming less and less attractive as time goes on.

  • WoW

    By the way Jared…I thought YOU had CONFIRMED them breaking up…hahaha…caught!

  • gay hankie code

    I have never seen a more miserable looking man. Whatever is going on here with these two is doing him no favors.

  • lucylulu

    chris is a really great actor but I think he’s def. compromised his integrity – he’s not strong enough in character to go against the PR game. He’s doing exactly opposite of what he said he do: protect his privacy & live the life of an actor and not a “celebrity”.

    I feel sorry for his situation, but he’s def. got to accept his responsiblity for his lot in life…

  • Zachary Quinto

    Livia, you in danger gurl. I’m gonna tear you another a$$hole for stealing ma mayne.

  • What?!

    He hit the pap?!! If you don’t like the paps why go to Madeo? This is just so childish and ugly of him. What the hell happened to the Chris Pine I thought I knew?

  • Happy

    @Zachary Quinto:

  • Jim

    Damn, No offense as I’m sure that is very bothersome, but dude has some anger issues for real. You would think they would school celebs on what the paps will do to get a rise out of you. Also, as a man, I always have to woman walking in front of me, at least act like I am enjoying myself, and protect her above all else. Had it been me, and this is just my opinion, I would have made sure she made it into the car first and then worried about myself. That’s just me.

  • Chris Pine

    Zachy baby, ya know I’m all yours :)

  • yeah



  • lucylulu

    jim – it’s probably because he resents Olivia for obvious reasons …

  • Zachary Quinto

    @Chris Pine: Word to yo muther See you laterz babeh. Bring the lube. xxxxx

  • Jennifer
  • Jennifer

    “Damn, No offense as I’m sure that is very bothersome, but dude has some anger issues for real. You would think they would school celebs on what the paps will do to get a rise out of you. Also, as a man, I always have to woman walking in front of me, at least act like I am enjoying myself, and protect her above all else. Had it been me, and this is just my opinion, I would have made sure she made it into the car first and then worried about myself. That’s just me.”

    I would have to agree.

  • Stacie

    Happy to see him ( them ) out an about together.I hope for his sake they are still together or a least giving it another try. I think Chris is so Dreamy!

  • Chris Pine

    @Zachary Quinto:

    I’m on my way hunnybunch! as soon as I get rid o’ this beotch. *checks pockets*
    red hanky in rear pocket (tick)
    Lube (tick)
    Condoms (tick. uh, NOT Crown condoms) youse know I’m BIG, right?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Happy: that was funny to you? smh

  • Zachary Quinto

    @Chris Pine: BIG? Sugar, that thing neveh fails to bring tears to ma eyeses.

  • gay hankie code

    @InfamouslyCool: yeah, the Zach and Chris posters on this thread aren’t very good at it (or funny)

  • smiley

    @Chris Pine:
    @Chris Pine


  • Chris Pine

    @Zachary Quinto:

    Oh Zachy baby some people are jelus of our luv! *cries*
    ah think we keep our private life private…..*snuggles together in the closet*

  • Violet

    Going to a pap hotspot and hitting a photographer simply because they are snapping you is ridiculous. Was he expecting them stand back from him, put down the cameras, lay the ground with petals and let him pass without hinderance? I mean, really. I remember John Cho said he’s never seen anyone react so badly to the paps, but Pine has been papped enough to know what to expect. Its plain douchey of him to hit out at someone when he himself purposely went there.

  • Rocky

    @Violet: I’m d’accord avec toi.
    Why he goes to Madeo.

    He’s pretty con.

  • Vamps

    I feel like I’m watching a movie in which the celebrity is bitten by a vampire but doesn’t realize what has happened to him until he is caught by the paparazzi and well, you know, his eyes hurt and he’s disoriented. Stupid. But I kept feeling like ia was watching the metamorphisis here.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Chris when he was doing his play in September (or August). He seemed really nice, attentive and low key. I think Olivia was there. There was a dark haired girl nearby. She came with a friend. I waited a bit and they talked a bit while others would walk up to him and talk. I got the sense then that they were together but that perhaps it was very new. I didn’t know who she was and am not sure I would recognize her today either.

    Anyway, he seemed authentic and real as did the interest between them.

  • regan mitchell

    I love her red and navy plaid shirt. Where did she get? Olivia Munn

  • Violet

    @Rocky: The more he rises to them, the more they chase him. If he reacts, they make more money. He should just ignore them, its part of his job whether he likes it or not. His star is still rising, he needs to mind getting a bad rep with the paps since they will gun for him anymore. I remember Sean Penn saying he wished he’d accepted the pap attention more when he was younger rather than getting angry and lashing out because it got worse and worse – and he would have been getting 99% worse than Pine cos he was with Madonna.

  • Rocky

    @regan mitchell:
    Mon dieu, quel goût.
    C’est très 2007. c’est passé :O

  • Liv

    I’m pretty sure his play was finished in July not August and certainly not September, because he was filming Unstoppable by then

  • adrianna

    who is she ? is she famous ?

  • Butter_Fly

    What is he doing? Has this man completely lost it? Why say one thing and do the exact opposite? And she looks so smug and happy about it. Oh well, he deserves it, if that is what he really wants. By the way, he really looks like crap here.

  • Rocky

    she’s a iron man 2 actress and je ne sais quoi à la tv

  • RD

    He was in the car when he hits out on the pap! Dudes, when your are in a car and every where is flashing and lights, especially at night and with rain – you are blind. So what should he do? Start the car and drive, maybe hurt someone very hard? I think I would have reacted in the same way – schooled or not. There is a line – when will the pap learn not to cross it? Or maybe just stopp, when someone is in the car. There had their pictures – enough, is enough! My opinion.

  • anon

    I guess the bitchy Pine fangirls on here will go cut their fat wrists now that the rumors of a rumored break up were untrue, and tiny piney is still with his favorite skank.


  • stalkerette

    @Chris Pine:
    @Zachary Quinto:

    Stop it, dimwits, not funny.

  • Rocky

    Pine have bitchy fangirls ?
    Merde, alors. I’m not a fan of him, I saw star trek, a great movie, and i saw Carriers a bad bad movie.

    Vive la France and le Roussillon en forceuh. Voilà quoi.

  • Anna

    if you are in the car and you manage to hit someone while you’re still inside the car, then they’re definitely too close. Just a fact. Still, Chris can do so much better than Z-Lister Mudd. Also another fact. Chris is too hot and Whorelivia is so not. Dump the skank. Olivia, do everyone a favor and just vanish. The world will be a better place. Another fact.
    XOXO Anna

  • liz