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Jennifer Lopez: Fun in the Sun with Emme and Max!

Jennifer Lopez: Fun in the Sun with Emme and Max!

Jennifer Lopez spends a relaxing afternoon in the sun with her twins, Emme and Max, on Friday (January 22) at the Miami Beach Hotel in Miami, Fla.

The 40-year-old entertainer kept a close eye on her 23-month-olds as they ate lunch and played together by the pool! How cute are Max and Emme‘s Burberry swimsuits?

J. Lo recently told People that Emme loves to play with makeup! “Oh my God, does she play with the makeup,” she said. “Both of them do. Max too. They like to paint themselves and you.”

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez, Emme and Max playing by the pool…

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jennifer lopez max emme anthony miami beach 01
jennifer lopez max emme anthony miami beach 02
jennifer lopez max emme anthony miami beach 03
jennifer lopez max emme anthony miami beach 04
jennifer lopez max emme anthony miami beach 05
jennifer lopez max emme anthony miami beach 06
jennifer lopez max emme anthony miami beach 07
jennifer lopez max emme anthony miami beach 08
jennifer lopez max emme anthony miami beach 09
jennifer lopez max emme anthony miami beach 10
jennifer lopez max emme anthony miami beach 11

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  • missy

    omg, those kids are sooo cute! We don’t get to see many candids of J.Lo, so it’s great to get a glimpse of her maternal side.

  • Megan

    Jennifer looks good :)

  • bohemeballerine

    Love those matching outfits!!!

  • Inaru

    Jennifer looks great, look at those toned legs! The kids resemble the daddy, bummer!

  • Eden Lords

    awwwwwwwwwww so cute…hahaha her daughter is such a cutie…and jen head scarf is so JLO ..the head scarf is her signature

  • Prettigurlz

    Her kids are gorgeous I love the way she dressed Emme in her bathin suit<3

  • me

    The kids are cute but Jennifer looks like Mommy Dearest with that ugly scarf on her head and Emmy looks thin for a 23 month old.

  • awwww

    The kids are completely adorable. Jennifer looks great as usual.

  • ivanka

    they grew cute:) and jlo looks good

  • Tobie

    I knew there would be photographs of her all over the internet today!!!

    Mrs. J-LO was snubbed and wasn’t invited to participate with ALL the A-listers for the George Clooney Haiti Telethon tonight. So what better way to counteract her being rejected is to alert the papparazzi and bring the kids out for her typical “staged” photo-ops. J-LO only brings those kids out when she’s trying to market something or prove a point about herself.

  • miami heat

    These are the pics she approved. You should see the ones she did not approved (Splash News) That little girl looks just like Marc Anthony. So sad. Max looks like Marc too but at least he is cute. Poor Emme. She is gonna need a lot of work just like her mama.

  • Adora

    I agree with Miami heat!

  • Jax

    I think the twins have “cutened” considerably. I thought they were pretty hopeless there for a while. They might be ok in the long run.

    Funny that Jennifer didn’t get invited to the telethon. I think she should retire anyway. Stay home and raise her kids. Her latest song is such a stinker. Embarrassingly so.

  • Jax

    To: me

    Emme looks thin? Which picture are you looking at? I’m looking at the fourth pic where she is by herself holding her sippy cup and she looks very healthy to me. Her little thighs and arms are nicely rounded. I don’t agree with letting toddlers get too chubby. It may look cute to have dimpled rolls on the thighs but they have to live with those fat cells for life and that’s not so cute, or healthy.

  • lexy

    I doubt you had to be invited and she has a big following. I think she didn’t want to be bothered. Besides wasn’t she on Larry King encouraging people to give THEIR money while HER money is used to buy her babies Burberry bathing suits!!! Smart business move Jen! And she doesn’t want them in her crappy clothing line either!! Just let the “idiots” buy J-Lo clothing and perfume. She personally wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it.

  • Jill

    They were kind of homely-looking babies, but they are very cute toddlers.

  • Jill

    me @ 01/22/2010 at 7:53 pm
    Emmy looks thin for a 23 month old.

    Not at all! Look at her in the fourth photo. She is a perfect weight for her height.

  • DIVA

    OMFG!! the diva is here again with her hmmm not-so-pretty daughter and not-so-handsome son, at least they look a little cute..
    true..her latest songs sucks *sigh*

  • nuckingfuts

    Sorry her babies are just OK – just like any other kid in Miami. It’s little embarassing to be not invited to the Haiti Telethon considering the fact that the organizer (George Clooney) and her were in a movie together – “Enough”. She’s now in the league of Kanye West – who was not invited to the show as well. That’s just embarassing.

  • mare

    not at telethon. Too full of herself

  • lexy

    Doesn’t she own a home in Miami? Why not swim there? This isn’t like my girl Jennifer Garner taking her kids to school and having the paps stalk her and attack her car. This is J-Lo and her entourage glammed up for a photo opp at a hotel.
    I still say if she wanted to go to the telethon Clooney would not have cared but she just didn’t want to be bothered. She’s done her begging already. Now it’s time she buy herself and her kids some expensive clothes and bling.

  • Poor things

    I knew they would be ugly with a mother like Jennifer Lopez and a crackhead, bag of bones for a father. Those kids are too gross to look at. Can you imagine having such ugly girl/boy twins in the era of the Jolie/Pitt beautiful girl/boy twins.

  • Tazina

    EW – POOR THINGS and AFFLACK QUACK QUACK – you are one and the same racist…..give it a rest already….you go on all the websites with the same insults, calling people monkeys and insulting any children who are from any sort of ethnic group other than white….you are the ultimate loser.

  • lmao!


  • cute?

    what,. are we looking at the same f’ing kids? they are gross

  • Jen

    I cant believe the comments on here. Like there are no ugly white people? LMAO. Get a life people, quit the baby bashing. I love how the twins are matching, adorable. Jlo is a beautiful successful woman who is doing way better then any of you are so bring on the hate, it doesnt matter.

  • cute?

    yep Splash has her getting trashed on wine while caring for her kids

  • honor

    that kid looks like Honor
    wow, fugly little monkey

  • Ginger

    Finally some good pictures of her kids. Emma will need a lot of work to look gorgeous like her momma… I hope Max stays cute and look like her mother when he gets older. Imagine if JLo and Ben Affleck had kids? Their babies would’ve been sooo darn cute! Or her and Chris Judd’s babies…
    But I love Emma’s bathing suit! Too cute!

  • Celia

    Awwww!! I didn’t know Burberry made baby clothes! So adorable!!

  • Amber

    Why is Emme a different color than her mother? Sorry but she is not a cute kid.

  • Oliver48

    Poor kids…look just like their daddy :(

  • Gigli part2.

    As well as being ugly Emme looks retarded.

  • Sarah

    Let’s get real!!!!!

    You NEVER see candid shots of JLO fending for herself out with her children alone. Whenever she brings them out in public she’s always surrounded by an entourage of bodyguards, nannies/staff, and Benny Medina. She makes sure she’s never stuck with her children without someone else there to take them off her hands.

    I bet she doesn’t know what it is to wipe dirt off their faces or clean their little behinds. Someone in her entourage probably does that for her, as her only use for her kids is when she needs a photo-op. with them to boost her image.

  • ears

    look how low that girls ears are
    that is a sign of retardation

  • what

    miami heat~ You go to Splash? They want your name, address, phone number, where you work, your position there etc just to read about celebs. Why would you sign up at such a shady site even if you gave them fake info.

  • nashagoogoo

    Yall racists need to quit. The ugliest celebrity baby is Sunday Urban. Both her parents are white and blond, but she’s hideous. Britney’s Spears kids white skinned blond kids look like white trash with their rotten ass teeth.

    Go on their posts and talk shit about them and the other ugly ass white alien looking babies.

  • AutumnM

    I’m also tired of these racist comments. What the hell is up with that? Calling these kids monkey’s and whatnot? Uncalled for. Jared needs to take down these racist comments. I’m flagging all of them.

  • anabella

    They are cuteeeeeee

  • Go Ask Alice

    Please click on “flag this.”

    Report the post as racist.

    The IP addy will be blocked.

    More replies toJust J,thebetter.

  • g!na

    The poor little girl looks like her fugly father! why didn’t they take after JLO!

  • Karen

    Damn all impolite comments from uneducated people.


    The kids so beautiful and Jen looks amazing!

  • ++Logan++

    Absolutely adorable family. Her children are adorable, bless them!

    Jennifer Lopez is looking so glamorous. Her body looks great, her sunglasses and headscarf and wedge shoes are fabulous. love love :)

  • annie


    i so agree with you,its always just the same one troll,its been going on for months and months on every single jlo and affleck posts,,, please people keep flagging the the racists comments so jared can hopefully put this looser in the iggy bin

  • anja

    Cuteness has nothing to do with the skin color, Zahara JP is black and she’s beautiful, Seraphina Affleck is white and ugly as hell.
    These twins are cute, not the cutest babies ever, but they aren’t ugly, nor they look retarded

  • barbie

    Only very UGLY people see ugliness in children! Some of the comments on this board are horrendous. Keep a lid on it guys. There is absolutely no need to be unkind about kids, especially in relation to their skin colour. If you don’t like JLo fair enough, but leave innocent kids out of it

  • Celebwatcher

    They are so cute. I totally forgot she had babies there for awhile.

    Read it then weep!

  • OMG Gigli

    you are hysterical Gigli, tooo funny

  • nashagoogoo……

    i agree with you Sunday is the ugliest for sure

  • African Girl

    The twins are so cute! I love twins, i wanna have twins when i’m all growed up.
    I’m i the only one who finds the swimsuits kinda sorta tacky? Lol. No offense to JLO and the lovely kiddies but i’ve always found using designer materials for clothing like swimsuits, hats, socks, underwears, pants, blouses…kinda chav (especially burberry).For Jackets and maybe scarves, yeah ok but just leave at that pls.