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Jon Gosselin & Morgan Christie: Sundance Sweethearts

Jon Gosselin & Morgan Christie: Sundance Sweethearts

Just Jared here, reporting from inside the Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial van at the Sundance Film Festival!

Jon Gosselin and his new girlfriend, Morgan Christie, pick up a chic new pair of Australia Luxe Collective boots at the Talent Resources gifting suite at the Sky Lodge in Park City, Utah on Thursday (January 21).

The 32-year-old reality star and his 25-year-old girlfriend, who met while snowboarding in Utah, were also seen picking up a white pair of “Plattan” headphones from UrbanEars and a 1-year movie pass to AMC Theaters! That’s a lot of free movie date nights!

Also spotted at the Talent Resources suite: Scottish singer Donovan Leitch and actor Wilmer Valderamma.

20+ pictures inside of Jon Gosselin and Morgan Christie at Sundance…

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jon gosselin morgan christie sundance film festival 17
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jon gosselin morgan christie sundance film festival 19
jon gosselin morgan christie sundance film festival 20

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  • lexa

    WTFFFFFFFFF is that man doing at Sundance? Publicity and freebies?! He has no business there…

    3 things, douche:

    1.) you better donate your free stuff to Haiti–they need it more than you
    2.) spend some time w/ your children
    3.) get a job


    ps: 4.) LOSER

  • Amanda Dubs

    Why would you screw this man? I would LOVE to go to Sundance as a film student and it’s infuriating to see people like him turn up.

  • Prettigurlz

    Wow he’s always in the media some how for doin wat?……… Nuthin Kate the one who took care of the kids mostly and here he is juss out here for PUBLICITY!! p.s Jared try to keep him off your cite he’s not intresting at all. Love ya!

  • anthony

    Why are they there?? … and why does anything about this nobody have to be posted?

  • FAT A$$

    i didn’t think he could get any fatter, but wow

  • nessy

    Who the hell would invite that man and his ho to the sundance film festival???????????

  • Yup

    Now that is someone who loves PR

  • Jen

    This guy is just a giant famewhore. His 15 seconds are so over and he is trying to stay relevant. Kate is much better off without him, especially after all the negative things his ex-girlfriends had to say about him.

  • Lomest denominator

    Doesn’t he have some bills to pay?
    He better be selling that stuff on eBay.

  • etrading013

    {www . etradingitems . com}

  • SiouXin

    He should use that anti-bacterial soap to disinfect himself. What a boil on the butt of humanity he is.



  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    `LOL.. jared thinks jon’s a celeb. ahahahahaha.. that’s cute. what’s cuter is jon thinks he’s a celeb. ahahahahahahahahahahaha..

  • spicylily, Thailand

    Why JJ ? What message do you want to tell people ?
    Why do you post about this douche bag ?
    Do you want to tell that it’s OK to leave his 8 little kids ,
    keep dating and do nothing good ?
    Oh ! My goodness. Why ????

  • The Boss

    I would actually NOT buy a product from any company that gives this a-hole anything. He is a fool, a fame whore, a lousy father, a liar, a pig, etc… I never thought I would say this, but Paris Hilton at Sundance makes more sense than this fat c-h-i-n-k.

  • Helen

    free PR and freebies….yep, Kate Gosselin taught Jon well. Get a real job, Jon. You and your ex are nobodies again.

  • me

    So can we all go and get free stuff? What exactly are the requirements to get in there because by the looks of it it’s open to everyone.

  • WTF

    Australia Luxe Collective?!?!?
    I actually had some respect for this brand…these douchebags dont deserve to wear those boots!!!

  • xoxo

    i thought he was broke?!?!?! maybe he should be saving some of his money for his 8 kids…and if he still feels like he has money to spare then he should donate it to Haiti…used to feel bad for him when kate treated him like dirt…but now i understand she had every reason to…god how did she ever marry such a scumbag. I saw pics oh him “playing” with his kids the other day…walking around with your kids in the yard and looking bored out of your mind while they play isnt playing with you kids scumbag!

  • Kelly

    WTF Jon Gosselin, who invited HIM to frickin’ Sundance?! What a fame douche.

  • Tatts

    Does this guy ever spend any time with his kids?

  • Go Ask Alice



  • Go Ask Alice

    Jen , nessy, Tatts, Kelly, xoxo ,spicy, Stop The Insainty,

    InFamosuly , FattAss, Pretty, and I am sorry if I left anyone out,


    WHY is this loooooser there?
    Why is anyone taking his picture?
    This looooser should not be invited to these things.

    Kate should not either.
    Both,KATE and Jon need to vanish.

    And whoever Morgan 25 yr.old is, she is very stupid.

  • erin

    Ewww. Why?!


  • michelle

    Why is this man considered a celebrity and who wants to see a thread about him and his new gf? And invited to Sundance – WHY?

    Totally disgusting nobody!

  • T Shirts

    It warms my heart.

  • Karen

    STOP posting things about this Loser! He is not famous!—-he is infamous

  • Karen

    It makes me all warm inside to know that he is broke now because of his stupid decisions and behavior!

  • just sayin’

    Who cares??? In fact, I am really angry at myself for taking the time to even comment on this loser! That is 30 seconds, I’ll never get back.

  • nancy

    He is visiting the Talent Resources suite. That’s his agent! That’s why his there.

  • Inaru

    Why is he there and why is he taking all those freebies? and his girlfriend too? are these two celebrities? why?

  • anon

    Hey, Jon
    Kate lied when she told you wouldn’t have to work the rest of your life if you would just do the deed when her ovaries were overstimulated and the doc told her NO to fertilization, come back another day. That was before Beth wrote that book she calls her own and she started running around the country Mr. Gray pimping it, Kate liked living large too much along with her freedom and you had to go. She also discovered she digs Jamie, very much…very much.
    So she lied, back to work for you cause TLC and Kate found a way to screw you. I’d make sure all those people in your path weren’t magically put there by TLC, after all Michael Lohan never wants to work another day in his life either.
    Remember Jon, fame is fleeting…it is OVER. Back to reality (real work in the real world) for you!

  • anon

    Oh…when you get that job in the real world, don’t forget to lower your child support, asap. It is time Kate gets back to the real world, called real work in the real world. (real body, real looks) Divorce means downsizing, you cannot keep living like a STAR with no job or funds when the children cannot/SHOULD NOT support you.

  • http://justjared deke

    I thought he was broke? How can he afford to buy anything?

  • Frida

    Why is he there, at a film festival?! That is pretty disgusting, he is pretty disgusting.

  • Christy

    Eight kids at home and the A-hole is bouncing around Sundance with his girlfriend. I hope he realizes that 10 years from now his kids could tell him to f–k off.


    Jon should drop her and go back to Kate and the kids. They are such a perfect family together. Kate has it all together,from her hair to her banging body. Plus they have all that money and a tv show. please please jon run to kate and the kids.

  • hookupbbw

    He is such a lucky guy!

  • lakers fan in boston

    what a loser
    only attending these things 2 get freebies, he’s not even wanted there
    same thing about his new loser gf, u must have serious self-esteem issues if ur dating jon
    she looks alright but she reeks of famewhore

  • Granite

    Another relationship made in hell!

  • Dr NYC

    Good luck to both of them. They’ll need it!

  • meetsingledoctors

    He deserves a good woman

  • me

    For the love of god, please stop posting him!

  • malibumom

    It’s just another Hollywood Carwash if you know what I mean.