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Kanye West & Amber Rose: Fur Coat Couple

Kanye West & Amber Rose: Fur Coat Couple

Kanye West and Amber Rose step out in Paris, France on Thursday (January 21) wearing long fur coats.

The 32-year-old rapper and his 27-year-old model girlfriend held hands as they walked to the Louis Vuitton fashion show together.

R&B singer Chris Brown was also spotted around Paris checking out the menswear collections hitting the runway this week!

10+ pictures inside of Kanye West and Amber Rose wearing fur coats in France…

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kanye west amber rose fur coats louis vuitton paris fashion week 01
kanye west amber rose fur coats louis vuitton paris fashion week 02
kanye west amber rose fur coats louis vuitton paris fashion week 03
kanye west amber rose fur coats louis vuitton paris fashion week 04
kanye west amber rose fur coats louis vuitton paris fashion week 05
kanye west amber rose fur coats louis vuitton paris fashion week 06
kanye west amber rose fur coats louis vuitton paris fashion week 07
kanye west amber rose fur coats louis vuitton paris fashion week 08
kanye west amber rose fur coats louis vuitton paris fashion week 09
kanye west amber rose fur coats louis vuitton paris fashion week 10

Photos: Famepictures
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  • shenanyginz

    PETA is going to tear them to shreds

  • divabitch

    They are just attention whores trying to bug people..that get up is ridiculous, but then they are jokes…go away

  • nicole

    her body is just . . . INSANE. wow. . .and im a straight girl!!

  • Jordan

    @divabitch: and who are you?

    haters to the left, kanye is brilliant and amber is GORGEOUS!

  • Amber Rose

    Only a pair of ‘A-hole’ class, self-serving D-bags would wear real fur anymore. And what are you, eight years old? Don’t you know how to tie your ‘Tims’? That went out of style with the New Millennium. You two should really hang out with the Pratts.

  • Lilly

    OMG..those poor lil’ creatures that died for those coats.
    Shame on need to wear fur anymore.


  • Ilia

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha… He better hold on to that money, instead of squandering it on fur coats, because it will long before anyone buys his cr*p.

  • Ms Anonymous


    He is a idiot and she is an alien.

  • lululu


  • Shakira

    Amber Rose is lovely and good for Kanye and she rocks.

  • Liv

    A couple of d-bags, but I like her pumps.

  • Claire

    That’s disgusting.

  • Bad Joke

    whenever this man shows up in public he is doing something ignorant and stupid.

  • douchebags

  • I Hate Kanye Forever

    Two losers. America HATES him and she is a fat pig nobody. This is the best they can do, lame photo opps. No one cares about either of them.

  • Cindy Mai

    Please tell me thats fake far PLEASEE.

  • Venom

    Does Kanye go out of his way to prove to people that he is a douche?
    Does he have a team of advisers that meet every morning to figure out ways to piss people off?

  • Nikki

    I agree with you all who are begging that those coats are fake but I doubt it!
    PETA should be on them! I am not a vegeterian but I would never wear what looks to me like chinchillia as a coat!!

    But then again he is a total douche so I am not suprised got to admit he has got balls after the stunt he pulled.

  • credit


  • Remy

    a long fur coat and a short dress underneath…yeah that makes a lot of sense. its not even COLD over there!! this is gluttony…

  • Zoe Moon

    I do not like fur at all (when faux fur looks just as good), but damn she looks fantastic in her fur coat. Wow!! I love her because she is soooo different.

  • Memei

    I think those might be fake furs. But anyway Amber looks fierce

  • yeezy

    haters still got time to comment on kanye. dat makes him even more bigger n relevant.learn haters learm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yeezy

    no 15, if no one cares den y waste ur time talkin abt dem.grow up man grow up!!!!!!!!

  • Sady

    she looks like a h*oker, fur coat, tight dress and high heels.

  • katie

    I just asked the exact same question. It’s like he wants people to hate him

  • omg!!

    love them !

  • omg!!

    and haters you seriously need to get over the hate thing and grow up

  • Erika

    HIDEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!
    KILLERS !!!!

  • Weber from Brazil

    They both are wearing the same look from BETAs 2009 :o
    off course, the one thing that they’re not wore was those fur coats

  • divabitch

    @Jordan: Bitch who are you??? A stan?..what are they paying you to defend them? Do you honestly think they give a rats ass about you?lol…

  • Whoever

    I don’t like fur, but I will admit that she looks amazing in the one she have on!

  • dian

    Anyone that wears real fur should have the same thing happen to them

  • yo sista

    why is the idiot’s dumb b!tch be wearing fur?
    P E T A guuuuurl where u at?

  • Jamie

    one word: UNCOOL!

  • Photo Shop Much?

    That Amber Rose looks like the Bomb. I love her Style!!!

  • Khristi

    @nicole: My sentiments exactly…..I’m a heterosexual female, but I wish I had legs like that. I also think that people cn say whatever they want about Kanye, I mean yeah, he’s an ass, but it’s not like he murdered somebody. I think that he is a brilliant artist though.

  • Ravynwolfe

    Unless you actually eat the meat you should not be wearing the fur. It really looks tacky to me like some low class idea of what is high class…I’m not overly fond of Kanye as he seems stuck on himself and I don’t know the lovely woman with him but I’d respect them so much more for wearing fake fur.
    Perhaps they both are totally cut off from nature and the cycles of nature, very inner city mentalities of food comes from the store and not from an actual animal…very removed from the connections. I’d love to see more city born and raised person of colour that does not get into the fur means success mindset. It’s becoming a tired stereotype and not a good one.

  • Yero

    What a Sick couple…

    But more sad is how people still give them importance…

  • CeCe

    PETA’s gonna be PISSED, LOL

  • ha

    FUR IS AWESOME!!! you american idiots destroying the planet with waste, garbage food & war. Fur is the least of your problems. EVERYONE IN EUROPE WEARS FUR!!! If it’s from the right tannery THAN IT IS MORE ETHICAL AND ECOLOGICAL THAN SYNTHETIC FIBRE OUT THERE!!!!
    Plastic takes 25000 years to biodegrade… FUR takes 1 YEAR!!!
    Educate yourself before you judge.

  • FurThis!

    Ugh! stupid people need to get off the fur thing.
    If YOU don’t like fur, FINE don’t wear it.
    But DON’T tell someone what they can and cant wear.
    PETA is a bunch of psycho un-realistic losers. They care more about animals than humans..
    They would rather see people in Haiti suffer and children in America starve, Than seeing someone wear a fur coat.
    someone should skin them and wear THEM!!

  • FurThis!

    And when I say “THEM” I mean PETA of course.

  • Orlaigh

    Are you f*cking serious?!
    As if people didn’t already hate Kanye enough, but now he’s parading around wearing a f*cking fur coat with his cheap tart of a girlfriend.
    Hope they both burn in hell (:

  • Orlaigh

    ..the last part of my comment bleeped out is B*rn in Hell.

  • CanadaGirl

    This stripper hit a gold mine.

  • Joe

    He looks like a homo without taste, and she looks like a whore.

  • lakers fan in boston

    im surprised that kanye is still with this ugly tranny
    kanye has been looking like shiz lately, he kinda looks like he still hasnt gotten over that taylor swift thing
    and i do hope those are real furs just so they can piss PETA off, i effing hate PETA!!

  • Sam99

    Personally, I love it when celebs wear fur…or anyone for that matter. It pisses off PETA and the whiners on these kind of message boards too. Awesome.

  • Marieme

    Fukking fur hags!