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Miley Cyrus Teaches Joaquin Phoenix About TWLOHA

Miley Cyrus Teaches Joaquin Phoenix About TWLOHA

Miley Cyrus shows her support for To Write Love On Her Arms and shows actors Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler how to vote for the organization on the Chase Community Giving site.

The 17-year-old singer explained to Joaquin how to log into Facebook and vote for TWLOHA and filled him in on who Lady Gaga is – Miley‘s singing “Bad Romance” in the picture above!

Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. ET TONIGHT, so vote now if you haven’t yet!

Miley Cyrus Teaches Joaquin Phoenix How To Vote For TWLOHA
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  • ivanka

    uhm.. whatever

  • CanadaGirl

    Joaquin… I would rather see you crazy, bearded, and living in a box than in the same video as Miley.
    Move away from that Lolita.

  • Chelsea

    Joaquin looks hot again. Didn’t know he and Liv were still friends. They dated for awhile, didn’t they?

  • april

    i love liv and joaquin they are both great actors he does look a lot better

  • mmm

    I agree with Canada girl:)

  • Tori

    odd ive seen her praise gaga a few times but yet she this

    “I don’t listen to pop music. ‘Party in the U.S.A.’ is not even my style of music.”

    just shows how stupid she really is

  • Tori


  • Rosie

    Wait Joaquin isn’t crazy anymore? When did this happen?

  • Deedz

    OMG – He’s not psycho after all. Was it a hoax then?

  • rachel

    good lord miley cyrus is annoying.
    love TWLOHA though.


    ummmmmmmmmm…JOAQUIN IS NORMAL?? say whaat. that whole thing was a damn hoax!

  • t

    hahahahah joaquin’s comeback was on a teenage youtube video!

  • MaryE

    Who cares who he is with in the video. You missed the idea of the video. Good for Joaquin, he looks great.

  • remember da truth

    MaryE, so glad you posted, someone with some sense!!

    Yes, glad my Joaquin is back to his normal look. He has always pushed the edge in everything he does, and his latest adventure with the music and crazy look is not fully realized yet.

    Glad he is doing this, and with Miley he is reaching the kind of young, silly people who posted above who can’t think beyond themselves. This is an important issue and one he and his family have struggled with, and I’m glad to see him trying to address it by helping others.

  • ++Logan++

    ahhh joaquin looks good again! thank god, he doesnt look like a smelly, homeless drug addict

  • Jello

    I just read that Joaquin and Liv are back together and getting married. Is that the truth or just gossip?

  • Liv

    glad to c you back my guy!Joaquin!I miss u so much!I luv you!and i’ll never forget u!


    WUT?where did u get that…?

  • Liv


    ………………………………she’s not his cup of tea ok?

  • marry

    liv is dating charlie hunman.

  • Missb

    Huh? What did he do this hoax for? Someone please fill me in, I’m kinda lost here.

  • luv it

    these comments are all about Joaquin – ha ha miley. you attention seeking, narcissistic, ugly bucktoothed hillbilly

    i’m sorry, I hate her. I just can’t help it. Chipmunk

  • OB

    I love her !!!!

  • T Shirts

    And I’m sure there are a few things he can teach her.

  • qbac

    If you go to the imdb page one of the huffington posts articles says, “a clean shaven, engaged joaquin phoenix….”…I dont know….engaged means a couple of things….no one else has seemed to pick up on this though so who knows, right?

  • fedita

    I hate her voice so much! it’s so annoying and kinda fake…
    anyway,joaquin looks great!

  • a

    i don’t like him. he made a joke out of this whole thing. well they all did.
    but he he made it all about himself, and didn’t really take it seriously.


    @luv it:

    Sucks that she could buy and sell your broke ass…..and she is an inspiration to little girls everywhere. So sad. Yes?

  • kj

    please vote people . I struggled with depression and anxiety for 5 years, and theres not enough support out there for mental illness and suicide prevention . Encouraging people to seek treatment and help is great, but when that help isn’t there when they reach out it can be fatal. Don’t underestimate how powerful mental illness can be and the hold it creates over you.

    Please help to erase the stigma that is still present and acknowledge the existence of mental illness and the people who fight to break its hold on them. You can make a difference.

  • lisali

    Joaquin is back!! He is a superb actor… Love love him!

  • JEAN


  • shorita!

    Me gusta como se ve miley! =D

  • CanadaGirl

    I agree, I hope that Joaquin and Liv have reunited. They are beautiful together.
    I have the same Mac. :)

  • Ugh

    I dont know. I dont like Miley’s generation. These kids nowadays are so phoney and full of themselves. Ugh.
    And I hate her voice and how she thinks she is way cooler than those two very fine actors…

  • Malia

    I’m thrilled to see Joaquin looking so well, and seeming so happy (even if it is with Miley Cyrus).

  • hookupbbw

    Is he still homeless?

  • Patty

    It’s really good to see Joaquin’s handsome, fresh face again ^_^! I LOVE HIM! And Liv is also there!

  • Smooch

    I can’t believe the majority of the comments are about which celebrity is sitting next to who or appearing with who in a video?? Are you all missing the POINT of the video? These celebs came together to support a very, very serious cause. Apparently the majority of you were all too shallow to notice that. How very sad.
    But to Miley, Joaquin and Liv – thank you very much for bringing attention to TWLOHA, an organization I hold so very dear to my heart. Maybe you “crazy fans” should take a moment to actually listen to what your idols are talking about and fill your vapid minds with something which might benefit your community.

  • Karolina

    “what is she doing?” – ask Joaquin and I still love him ;) And as long as video is he totally don’t give a crap about what she’s doing or talking. It must be a little bit of surprise that she’ve been invited to “teach” a guy how to vote (LOL) and he have no clue who’s she. She even didn’t get his sarcasm.

  • lakers fan in boston

    that was the stupidest video ive watched in a while
    once again, i find miley kinda hot, sometimes i like her or dislike her, cuz she’s doing something good, i like her

  • Granite

    @T Shirts: I don’t know. In the last 3 months, she looks like she’s seen AND DONE it all!

  • elle

    wait…when did joaquin come back and not be crazy anymore??

  • faith87

    …That was kinda awkward

  • Dr NYC

    Yo Miley, I’m a quick learner, too!

  • meetsingledoctors

    I love her smile

  • Trine

    I knew it… it was a hoax… I didn’t believe that he was crazy at all….

    he looks so cute now , but I did love his beard to :)

    I’m happy now :) LOVE YOU my Joaq teddy – forever !!!!! <3

    yes I agree Rachel , that Miley is annoying… my god…..

  • hbj

    heaths 2nd death anniversary