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Oprah Winfrey to Interview Jay Leno

Oprah Winfrey to Interview Jay Leno

Oprah Winfrey will interview Jay Leno for an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show next week, she announced Friday (January 22).

The talk show queen announced that she will travel to Los Angeles for a one-on-one interview with the late-night host (via ABC), to air Thursday, January 28.

NBC released a statement yesterday confirming that Conan O’Brien would be released from his contract and would no longer host The Tonight Show after January 22.

Jay will return to The Tonight Show on March 1.

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  • domesticdiva

    I am a fan of Jay. Glad Jay is back.


    Oh that’s the ticket Jay – go on Oprah appeal to the mini van crowd — the same group of ladies that are in bed by 10pm and never watched your primetime show to begin with.

  • OB

    I think Conan funnier than Jaj

  • rocky

    WHY? Did he write a new version of the Bible? Please!!

  • teri

    I bet Johnny Carson is spinning in his grave. He hated Jay too and knew the bully he was.

  • Whatever2

    Glad to see jay speak forhimself rather than let people act like they know the actual business negotions that went on in the past and present.

  • di

    well i know what i wont be watching on the 28th. i never thought he was funny but now i just cant stand him.

  • ,,,,

    Glad Jay is back? He never left. He just moved to 10 p.m. Since you’re a self proclaimed fan, maybe you should have watched him then so his ratings wouldn’t have sucked and we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  • Whatever2

    “I bet Johnny Carson is spinning in his grave. He hated Jay too and knew the bully he was.”

    Read more:
    At the end of the day that’s how hollywood is, you have to be somewhat of a bully to get what you want in the industry otherwise hollywood will eat you alive

  • filly

    And the Damage control continues…..
    face it, Jay lost.
    He’s sitting in a sinking ship.

  • teri

    The only people speaking positive for Jay are his employees trying to keep their jobs.

  • http://JJ Jenn

    Oprah and Jay are friends – she endorsed him when he got the tonight show and now. The only difference is that this time, he really is the jerk.

  • mickey

    It’s such a shame that people are making this a battle between Conan and Jay. It’s NBC that makes the decisions. Jay and Conan are just hired hands. Jay can’t tell NBC what to do. If Conan’s show had solid to great ratings, NBC would’ve just canceled Jay’s 10 pm show and Conan would’ve kept the Tonight Show and Jay would no longer have a show on NBC. Simple as that.

  • So Judgemental

    @uck Jay Leno and his $800 million bank account. Why not interview Conan. I would rather hear what he is doing next or how he and his family personally are dealing.. not Jay “I can never be away from the cameras for a split moment” Leno who will use this moment to attempt to repair his reputation. I can tell you right now what he will say..

    I am 60 and don’t feel I am too old..not my fault.. I have no family other then my wife and car collection..not my fault..nothing better to do…not my fault..I go where they tell me to no matter who it hurts or what franchise I destroy.. I’m a nice guy.

    I loved Jimmy Kimmel on the Jay Leno Show..
    “Listen Jay.. Conan and I have children.. all you have to take care of is cars.. we have families, we have lives to lead here and you have $800 million dollars in the bank for God’s sake leave our shows alone!”

  • lisa

    NEVER liked Jay.. Johnny Carson would be rolling over in his grave at what these IDIOTS have done to his show.. Jay needs to clean his image. I for one will not watch. I don’t find Jay funny in the least. And I do place the blame on him and NBC. Conan go the shaft.

    So turn off the lights of the Tonight Show. IT will never be the same.

    I hate the team stuff.. but I side with Conan

  • susieQ


    NO he can’t tell them what to do.. but he could have said NO.

    Jay wanted to stay the tube and took the 10 pm spot.. FAILED and now wants back what was working for him.. PROBLEM is that show is gone.. And so is the audience.. What are they going to say when the ratings are sh*t too… Will it be Conan’s fault then..Jay could not bring the ratings in at 10 pm.. That is the bottom line. And his failure affected Conan’s show as well..

    So lets see what happens. and trust if the ratings are not there JAY and NBC are going to look like even bigger losers.

    Let the games begin.

  • missing link



  • OB

    @rocky: What’s the connection?

  • http://JJ Jenn

    @mickey: If you read the reports, Conan did have fine ratings. Someimes Letterman beat him and sometimes he beat Letterman. When Jay’s show started Letterman consistently beat Conan. Jay started laying the bricks for this move a few months ago by telling the media he would go back but, ha ha ha – Conan has the job – ha ha ha… I am not Jaded, but Jay cannot fool so many people, can he. He is certainly trying to hide behind NBC, but he knows he has as much to do with this as they do. Hubris put him at 10pm. And, bullying is putting him back to 11:35. Letterman is a jerk, but when they offered him the tonight show after it was already given to Jay, he at least jumped ship and went to CBS.

  • dollhouse

    What a complete JERK. Conan, the funniest guy in the world, has a clause stating that he CAN’T give an interview until September 1st, and YET AGAIN, Jay the tool swoops in for a quick Oprah interview. F U JAY YOU SUCK!!!!

  • kal

    All i know is that NBC has sunk and will continue sinking even with watered-down Jay Leno as a host again. I have zero respect for that network. I will follow Conan wherever he goes, and I hope to God that his new show will take place in New York..He is far too kind and genuine for a city as trashy and manipulative as Los Angeles. TEAM COCO!

    Oh, and those who are trying to say it’s not Jay’s fault and he was FORCED to take the position need to shut it. If he had ANY integrity he would have told NBC “do what you want to the tonight show but i refuse to STEAL it from someone who has worked for it for 15 years” the end.

  • cougarshookup

    Jay is king of late night

  • cript

    The only people that watch jay leno and oprah are A) senior citizens who manage to stay up past 9pm to catch leno at 1130, B) middle aged/menopausal women or C) people with no sense of humour

    Conan is awesome and attracts the younger more vibrant crowd, thats why he wasn’t able to bring the rating on the boring watered down tonight show.

  • lisa

    I am so over Jay.

    What Conan proved to me these last two weeks, is that I need an edgier show. I liked bitcy Conan.

    I did not like Conan when he did all those silly stunts.
    And same for Jay.

    Hopefully when Conan comes back he will still be on fire!

  • Catalina

    @CLINIQUA That was a funny comment, hehehehe

  • shoes4life

    Not only has Conan been booted off the Tonight show to add insult to injury the dirtbags at NBC won’t let him take Triumph the dog with him.

    I wish Conan well and i agree he would have been a better interview than Leno.

  • donna

    Jay, lose some weight! you look bloated, its ugly ugly ugly! for sanity sake, just leave already, i need to see new fresh face! you know what funny is watching craig fergurson talk show! Now, thats what talk show all about! Jay, conan & letterman, you guys dont come even 1% as funny and as intelligent as Craig. Period. go and dissapear

  • emma

    jay had no choice? yeah right. more like jay doesn’t care what happens to anyone but himself. he also has no respect for the tonight show franchise. if he cared at all about his fellow late night host (conan, jimmy, and even carson), then he would have walked away. if he cared about the tonight show franchise, then he wouldn’t have let them move the show to the next day. if he didn’t want to retire, why not switch networks? because he didn’t want to wait nine months to start a new show? or maybe no one else wants him. this is the same guy who basically stole the tonight show from letterman years back. i’m not a letterman fan, but i hope that he kicks jay’s ass in ratings when jay comes back on the show.

    why is oprah even interviewing him? there’s not that much public support for jay. correct me if i’m wrong, but there wasn’t a single pro-jay rally, while there were pro-conan rallies across the country, in new york, la, seattle, and chicago.

  • lakers fan in boston

    omg stfu
    u idiots act like it’s all his fault
    most of blame should go to the dumb executives who thought the 10pm show would work
    and once again, out there 2 u hypocrites
    most of u who say im “team coco” or support conan, probably never watched his show before all this shiz
    and suddenly now ur supporting him, by only watching his show for 2 weeks
    LMAO!!! gtfo
    if he were actually that great, his ratings wouldnt have been that bad
    dont get me wrong conan is funnier than leno, but i just hate most of u hypocrites out there, probably never even saw his show once before this!

  • bohemeballerine

    I’m so glad Jay is coming back :)

  • Whatever2

    None the less you guys sound so ridiculous having so much SYMPATHY for a person THAT WALKED AWAY FROM HIS JOB, IT’S NOT LIKE HE WAS FIRED TO BE REPLACED BY JAY. Conan WALKED AWAY because he didn’t agree at what time he would air, leaving a vacant spot for tonight show host at that point jay had the choice of walking away aswell or filling the spot…

  • emma

    What NBC did to Conan regarding the schedule change could be construed as constructive dismissal. That’s when an employee resigns because the employer’s behavior and actions makes it hard for the employee to do their job or changing the conditions and then blaming them for failing. They basically forced them to quit. So please don’t five me that it was Conan’s choice to walk away.

    i’m team coco all the way. and i, for one, have been watching his shows for years, ever since i was in high school.

    and jay never went away, he’s still on five nights a week, so i don’t know why you’re saying you’re glad he’s back.

    months ago jay said he wanted the tonight show back. i guess he got his wish.

  • T Shirts

    That’s all I need to watch. Two egotistical overpaid TV personalities BS’ing together. Good grief!

  • meetsingledoctors

    Jay is the best!

  • Granite

    Why don’t they just get a hotel room?

  • Jax

    I despise Jay Leno. I truly hope that Letterman kicks his ass in the ratings and that Leno takes NBC down with him. And that Conan rises to an excellent position elsewhere.

  • Jax


    Oh, yes, I hope Letterman kills Leno in ratings. Please let him bury Leno and NBC with him.

  • Dr NYC

    I wouldn’t even Tivo the thing!

  • Justa Notherguy

    Unfortunately for Mr. Leno and his bosses at NBC, this story just won’t go away. And their endless explanations don’t seem to help much, either.

    For any readers too young to recall – or maybe just not interested in late night TV history – it might help your perspective on the current Leno vs O’Brien mess to read some background on the original Leno vs Letterman feud. Here’s the full story of how Jay Leno took over the ‘The Tonight Show’ hosting gig from long-time host Johnny Carson, way back in 1993.
    . (complete article – NY Times; 1994)