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Chris Pine & Nathalie Walker: Friday Night Fun

Chris Pine & Nathalie Walker: Friday Night Fun

Chris Pine steps out with aspiring actress Nathalie Walker the night his newly reconciled girlfriend Olivia Munn leaves for the Sundance Film Festival at Hollywood’s Roger Room Bar on Friday night (January 22).

The 29-year-old Star Trek actor was quite the gentleman, opening the car door for the 30-year-old singer/actress.

The night before, Chris and Olivia stepped out together for a romantic dinner at Madeo restaurant in Hollywood and were inseparable at Voyeur nightclub. The 29-year-old host of G4′s Attack of the Show is the new face of Bing and is currently in Park City, Utah promoting Microsoft’s new search engine.

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  • Rocky

    olivia is plus jolie

  • Rocky

    he open the car door for her !!
    he didnt for Oliveya haha

  • Jules

    Well he could either be a man-ho or just has more than one friend…?

  • nursefriends

    She is so pretty! Good for him!

  • mz sass

    This lady looks familiar, like I’ve seen her on a T.V. series.
    I think it was a crime drama.

  • Bradley

    and he doesn’t look pissed off at all.

  • LuckyL


    And the neurosis continues

  • Ann

    He opens and closes the car door for her :) aawwww, never did that for munn oh so sad … NOT! And is that a semi-smile on his face? :)

  • Bradley

    if it wasn’t over a couple of days ago it is now.

  • Rocky

    @Ann: he looks nice unlike when he was with Oliveya

  • hookupbbw

    I love his smile!

  • Bradley

    what if she is just a friend?

  • me


    What if Olivia is just a friend? Where’s the proof she is anything more? Please don’t tell me tabloid stories are proof. All I know is you don’t stage a huge back together dinner and then get “caught” out with another women. Pine clearly is sending a message.

  • LOL

    Chris Pine’s face is squashed and his eyebrows are hideous.

    I don’t get it.

  • Bradley


    Oh, you could be totally right. I think he’s sending a message that he is a single man or maybe this is a big fu you Olivia.

  • Summer

    She’s pretty, I like her SO much better than whorelivia.

  • stella

    wow she looks RELLAY familiar!

  • Sasha

    You honestly think if their relationship was real that dude is going to go out and blatantly be so stupid as to be caught with another chick the very night Olivia leaves town after the Madeo thing?. Is this the big scripted break up moment? Hahaha…he IS Kirk!

    Either way, I’m sure he got to use his torpedo last night :P
    Get ready for the picture of Olivia out with another guy now. In all honesty though…dude is coming off as quite the dirty skeeze.

  • Gwen

    Hmmm…I wonder what Munn and her PR team will say about this. We won’t have to wait long bc you know they’ll come up with something haha!

  • OB

    she is really cute.

  • Bradley


    i give until monday or tuesday before something is put out or they are filmed again in public.

  • Sasha

    Wait a minute…how did JJ know she was leaving that night? Umm…

  • Rocky

    @Sasha: she tweet

  • jack


    actually she left that morning not that night.

  • Sasha

    Ahhh…ok. I thought it was something creepy like people following her. Completely off topic, I would like to say that this is why I hate Twitter. A bunch of arrogant people (not just her of course) tweeting that they are doing their nail or sippin a drink while on the beach or something. People who think their lives are so important that everyone else has to know every last detail of their existence. Get over yourselves twitter people! Ok, I’m done hehehe.

  • Rocky

    @Sasha: i don’t tweet i just follow
    and i dont follow Oliveya jj report a tweet of her:
    “The day after the split, Olivia and her friends got in a little girl-bonding time. “Girl Day!!” she tweeted on Sunday. “Manis, pedis, massages, scrubs, braiding hair, making friendship bracelets, Color Me Mine and periods!”
    periods ahaha

  • jack


    apparently alot of people like twitter. if people didn’t like it they it wouldn’t exist still. most celebrities use and a promotional tool and some do get personal with it. i actually like the people that get personal with their twitters. the problem some give away too much and should keep their mouths shut.

    i agree with the person who said he’s definitely sending a message to people.

  • Sasha


    That wasn’t meant for you after you told me where the info came from. I was generalizing. Pardon as I should have explained that better.

  • jdub

    she looks like that girl in the movie, College…Nathalie Walker

  • Rocky

    in the video with munn at voyeur (haem pour le nom) he looked pissed

  • BR

    LOL… I’m lovin’ it so freakin’ funny….. I can wait until the next move…. And he looks gorgeus btw……. Don’t be sad Olivia you are just not worth it…lollollollollol

  • jack


    yep that’s her. i looked her up on imdb

  • Sasha

    Could be harmless. Then again, he did say that he is a dating man. All she has to do is not flip out about it…guys love that ish. If she keeps cool, trust, she will gain big points, especially if she makes sure she is seen with a another guy. Men go all…silly when someone else is near their “Property” as their mindset can’t help but look at it like that.

  • tom

    He needs to date Rachel McAdams. She’s amazing and the only one worthy.

  • jdub

    @jack: damn, i’m good : )

  • brittany

    Maybe 2 friends going out together? I go out with my guy friends occasionally and my boyfriend goes does the same thing. Maybe there is a trust there. Maybe Olivia knew about the outing?

    I think some people on this site are paranoid and looking for any little thing for a sense to prove their points. Grow up people

  • san

    Nothing serious here! Nothing serious there! This is it!

  • Rocky

    @brittany: and maybe Oliveya is a friend too ? they never said that there dating

  • cherry on top

    Regardless of whether they’re maybe just friends or on a date, the point is he’s much nicer and a gentleman to this girl than when he’s with Munn.

  • brittany


    you think he and blonde are just friends too?

  • callmewhatever81

    Why does everyone have a problem with him dating Olivia? I dont know much about her but she is very pretty, I like her exotic look. Come on this chick in these pics is very average, you can find a girl like her in every town. But she does look very familiar. Ive seen her in something for sure. Glad though he dates women close in age and not 20 yr olds.

  • Sil

    He smiles. He looks awesome. He has a nice lady with him. I happy to see that.

  • jack

    personally i think unless he puts a ring on munns finger or he gets hitched he can do whatever. who knows maybe she dates other men and we dont know about it.

  • hmm

    wow…what a difference a day makes!!!
    not going to speculate on the status or nature of his relationship with this woman but the difference in his demeanor is amazing.
    granted he was swarmed at madeo and probably not here but still…he showed absolutely no care for olivia (and she even waited for him to walk out first as they were leaving) and he just left her!!

    i’m not terribly fond of her, but as a fan of his the more i think about it and after seeing these pics that was just wrong. not nice chris!! obviously none of us know what is really going on but i have to say, if i were olivia, that would really piss me off lol even my platonic guy friends look out for me more than he looked out for her!!!

    pretty sure he even walked olivia thirlby to her car after they had dinner…

    p.s. i guess twitter is ok but it is clearly an outlet for some completely self-absorbed people to fill the universe with their every waking thought, feeling and movement which is really not necessary. lt’s kinda like people who are obsessed with updating their facebook status and insisting you check it lol

  • jack

    twitter is what you make of it. im not going to speculate on this relationship either. but your right his demeanor is a complete 360 of what it was on thursday. i dont know how many paps were around last night.

  • Sil

    I don’t believe that his behavior depends on how many paps are around. He wanted to show the difference and he did well :)
    A nice girl deserves a nice treatment.
    That is really him.

  • jack


    and you know how he is with olivia in private?

  • RD

    @jack – does somebody of us really know if there IS a private with olivia???

  • Pretty

    He’s nice and a gentleman on this date maybe because this is one date he actually wants to be on. With Munn, maybe forced to be on that “date” and really doesn’t want to be there but to save face and pretend that they are still together but in reality they are dunzo. From the beginning, I have doubts about his fauxmance with Munn. He’s never acted so angry when he was with Beau and clearly not with this new girl.

  • Sil

    Thanks for writing my exact thoughts ;)
    Absolutly agreed.