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Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman: Mozza Mates

Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman: Mozza Mates

Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman meet friends for dinner at Mozza restaurant in Los Angeles on Friday (January 22).

Earlier that day, the 29-year-old singer rocked the house at the Hope For Haiti Now telethon and debuted a new song, “Lift Me Up”!

The song is off of her forthcoming album, Bionic, due out in March!

Christina Aguilera at Hope For Haiti Now — ‘Lift Me Up’
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    When is she releasing her next single?

  • Amanda

    Chrissy looks awesome and her performance was incredible <33

  • yo sista

    Floptina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG she so skinny.
    Oh and Flopy gurrrrr ur song sux.

  • Fx

    i love her! she sounds amazing. can’t wait for her new album :)

  • ummahyk

    incredibile voice! love her.

  • Kelly

    she looks amazing! lookin forward in seein more of her this yr!

  • Vetinhu

    She was amazing last night, shes a true legend

  • Nic

    No style, no class, but WHAT a voice, a true talent!

  • slambang

    Now THAT’S a singer! Absolutely amazing. Like her haircut, too. :)

  • aimee

    she looks and sounds absolutely beautiful!

  • eliza

    I have a new appreciation of her talent after seeing her performance on the telethon last night. Great!

  • lalalaove

    Beautiful, in every way.

  • bad boi

    She is a true gifted artist!
    her sound incredible last night telethon.
    “lift me up ” is a new “beautiful”
    amazing song!

  • lellola

    @ yo sista
    why do peeps say xtina is a flop???? i know shes not always in the limelight but thats coz she wants to have a family and a personal life her albums sell very well. back to basics sold the least but it still sold over 8 million worldwide and i dont think selling 8 mil means uve flopped x

  • ?

    Where was her wedding ring during her performance last night?

    she did pretty good though.

  • Rosario

    AMAZING!!!! One of the best performances ever. The song is truly beautiful. Linda Perry on the piano was amazing.

  • annoying tv

    I see the point of a telethon and think it’s wonderful when any effort is made to help the peole of Haiti, but why did they air it on almost every major station? If we choose to watch, we’ll watch, but why did the networks try to control the viewers,force us to watch, shove the telethon down our throats? What about those of us who want to watch 5 minutes, make our donation and move on to our favorite show? Those of us who couldn’t care less about seeing Aniston, Christina, etc.?

  • CanadaGirl

    I’m really liking her lately. The new look makes her voice shine without the distraction of the hyper-make-up.

  • Tim

    3 CDs doesn’t make a legend!!!Hasn’t had a major hit since Genie in a Bottle.Britney’s the one that Keeps Gettin Better.

  • nursefriends

    She looks good and hot!

  • Jen

    She has a great voice for sure and it’s great she is singing here for charity, but I am NOT impressed by this new song. It doesn’t even compare to Beautiful and Hurt, which were her big songs.

  • Audrey

    Wow, her performance was AMAZING!!This song is just so beautiful!! I can’t wait her new cd!! Btw. she looks very pretty. I love Christina, she’s a true artist.

  • zxc

    It was very good performance. Go Xtina.

  • qboy

    LOVELY to death ! go baby you are my number 1 !

    i cannor wait for this album to come out !

  • Jennifer

    OMG she was amazing!! beautiful song and beautiful voice. Xtina you’re the best.

  • Lara

    She is THE BEST!!! Love her voice and her style!!

  • Lo

    Better with what? Please specify. If you are on about sales, that’s the worst argument I have ever heard.

  • Lo

    I love that jacket she is wearing.

  • I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L 2

    she is truly a legend, her voice is amazing, and her look is amazing. Plus, she hasnt lost her voice like a certain whoriah carey. Memoirs is a flop whoriah should just retire. but anyways xtina is the best. i know this will be her year since beyonce is “taking a break”

  • claire

    love her. She really has a beautiful voice,and i’m loving that new haircut!

  • essie

    i wish she toned down on the makeup, it makes her look so old

  • Courtney

    I could NOT stop watching when she came in….she has THE BEST VOICE OUT THERE! LOVE HER!!

    The short hair is cute, but I like her way better with longer hair :)

  • Linda Jones

    I love Christina Aguilera & I heard she is working with Apollo Andel, so her new album should be amazing!!

  • Granite

    Publicity out of the tragedy of thousands. These people simply have no fricken shame!

  • czarace

    @Tim: when will people get it into their heads that when it comes to music, quality matters over quantity. 5 grammys make her a legend in the making…now a gazillion tracks that sound the same thanks to auto-tune doesnt compare to that. Even ellen took up the auto-mic and she sounded better than britney, so common sense whoever you are?

  • eh

    Britney keeps getting better? please get in touch with REALITY baby! haha…

  • meeeeeee

    I got chills listening to this. Christina, you are amazing. I am shocked to see neg comments bout ur performance…we all know with perfection comes the haters…

    She’s amazing.

  • Marie00


    Their public appearance leads to money for the people in Haiti because people actually donate!!!! THINK ABOUT THAT!!!

  • Lynn

    OMG, she looks gorgeus!! But why so shy Jordan? :-)

  • Lynn

    And I LOVE the outfit!!!!

  • Dr NYC

    Hopefully all the proceeds of her new song will now be donated to the victims!

  • Off The Radar

    @17 – nice timing to be thinking about yourself and what you need. Real class. We all feel really bad you missed an evening of re-runs. B O O H O O

    Christina is amazing and I agree @14, the fact that she can balance a career and family, and keep private things private for the most part shows she has even more class. I love her! Her voice is incredible and even though she tends to do some funky outfits once in a while, she sure can pull off looking fab when she wants to! I cant wait for the album.

  • Andy

    So beautiful!

  • Leah


  • havre

    She’s so great !!!!!!!! so beautiful, so amazing.. and this voice.. WOW
    qboy <3 u ;) ton havrais..

  • bbwmatchmakers

    I love her hair

  • Mayer

    Yeah.. The performance was incredible, and brilliant. Her haircut is just so damn beautiful.. GO ON GIRL. U R No 1

  • T Shirts

    Her husband should get a medal for putting up with her!

  • eddy

    @Tim: lol christina is a legend, she keeps gettiing better…now britney couldn’t even keep costudy of her kids so dont compare christina to that mess of a thing…christina rocked it, she was the best of the night by far…