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Nathalie Walker: Chris Pine's Other Woman!

Nathalie Walker: Chris Pine's Other Woman!

Nathalie Walker has been identified as Chris Pine‘s “other woman.”

Last night, the 29-year-old Star Trek actor and the 30-year-old aspiring actress stepped out together Hollywood’s Roger Room Bar while his newly reconciled girlfriend Olivia Munn has been working as the new face of Bing at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Nathalie has an on-and-off-again entrepreneur boyfriend named John Flanagan,” sources tell exclusively. “They even went to a Golden Globes party together at Chateau Marmont on January 15. Chris was there too…”

To review Nathalie‘s body of work, visit!

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Credit: jdub; Photos: Jeff Kravitz/MTV Hope for Haiti Now, Jason Merritt/Getty
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  • jdub

    yea i figured that out from the other picture you posted. not rocket science *shakes head*

  • doesnt anyone care about Haiti

    Wow. There is absolutely no more privacy anymore for celebs. Oh well.

  • rebecca

    hes sexy

  • Just Jared

    @jdub: Credited you in the footer!

  • Halli

    Yeah sure Jared. Sounds like bitter Z-lister Olivia Munn is paying you handsomely.

  • LuckyL

    You guys are nosey as f*ck.

  • Pobb

    John Flanagan is a “writer” and he was “friends” with Casey Johnson for a long time. He’s not actually into women.

  • Frida

    Do we care? No.

  • jack

    glad you cleared that up jared. olivia munn isn’t even following him on twitter anymore.

  • Moira


    What did jared clear up? Seems to me that Chris got this lady’s number at that party and waited til his “gf” was out of town to take his new interest out. Go Chris, hit that, she’s hot.

  • jack


    if that’s true then oh well. good for him honestly i hope he gets all the ass he can.

  • AlaskaJoey

    This has been the most fun and confusing, mystery-filled week I’ve had in a while. Nathalie is pretty, but knowing how much he is photographed I can’t imagine he’s back with Olivia if he really is dating Nathalie now, because he had to know he’d be completely busted. He does look much more relaxed and happy than he did the other night, and actually opened the car door for her. I don’t care if there are valets around – if your mother raised a gentleman, you open the car door for your date.

  • jack

    there seemed to be a valet there in those pictures. somebody on the net is claiming that nathalie and chris are just friends. it will be interesting to see if they are caught again.

  • Granite

    Well, as long as he’s willing to share his penicillin, maybe there’ll be no harm done!

  • Chloe

    Well there are no confirmations of CP and OM as a couple officially either so for all we know they too are just friends “with benefits”. Only Chris seems to respect and like this one better than OM.

  • Esme

    This girl Nathalie is better in every way than Mudd.
    Seriously, who’s dick is Olivia Mudd sucking to get all this pro-whorliva publicity??

  • cecily

    Isn’t he gay?

  • jack


    god help people like you.

  • jack

    this girl is getting her 15 mins.

  • Mika

    This is a really random and strange post for Just Jared. Very ONTD…

  • Sil

    Funny OM doesn’t follwo Jared at her twitter anymore :D
    I like this lady. She looks natural beautiful and makes him smile.
    Enough een if they are just friends.
    OM always made him look pissed.

  • Rocky

    @Sil: Oh mon dieu, your right
    2 days ago she follow him lol ahaha
    she unfollow jj

  • Sil


    Maybe she is pissed after his tweet from yesterday with a link to the news about her “boyfriend”. LOL
    So OM have a look how a date looks like when the guy is not annoyed or pissed.
    He is sweet and charming ;)

  • Tommy

    The man is 29, good looking, intelligent with a good job/career and is a enjoying himself. He isn’t doing anything different than any other 29 year old bachelor. He isn’t Married to anyone and is having fun.
    The only thing I will say is, the face he has here with her (even if she is just a friend) should be how he looks with his “Woman” A guy shouldn’t look uncomfortable like he always does with Munn…paps around or not.

  • Dr NYC

    Life is fluid!

  • ad

    oh god the hatred for olivia is so strange to me yet so entertaining.

  • hmm

    agree with you 100%

  • cali

    I don’t have hatred for Olivia, but clearly in that last set of pix, he looked really tense and angry. While Olivia didn’t look quite as upset about the paps, she didn’t look relaxed and happy with him either. Look at the pics coming out of the door. I think her face shows some anxiety. It could be just that she knows how much he hates the paps, or it could be that they just don’t work well together. They may have started out with a great chemistry and felt like they clicked, but it doesn’t seem to be that way now. Doesn’t mean anything bad about either one of them. Probably most people have had a least one relationship that started strong and then fizzled. Of course, we also don’t know if CP and OM have fizzled or not, or if this new girl is a friend/date.

  • jdub

    @Just Jared: hhaha my bad….i see now lol

  • Stacie

    Chris is lovely and beautiful regardless.

  • jack


    well if you believe jared he met her at the chateau hotel party. i agree they know look totally uncomfortable. olivia didn’t look all that uncomfortable with the paps. she actually stopped and signed an autograph. i dont know what the actual relationship is with this woman and chris is. but it he does look totally more relaxed here than with olivia at anytime. he could be the number of paps that night compared to this one.

  • lucylulu

    well it’s good to see him less furious, enraged, embarassed, etc. compared to the last time the paparazzi caught him. I am sure he’ll continue to be papped in L.A., but I think he probably resents when it’s a set-up, like it usuallly seems to be with OMunn.

    I am sure he can have a significant relationship without it causing such a havoc in his life and i do hope he’ll find a way to have a personal life so that it’s not always documented by the tabloids.

    Poor guy :(

  • lakers fan in boston

    lmao @ olivia munn
    wow, even i think that was mean
    hasnt even been a week and he’s already with some other chick
    goes 2 show u olivia, every1 finds u annoying

  • Vivian

    Nathalie is single and so as Chris so they should give it a go. Munny move over and go back to where you came from where ever the hell that is.

  • Dee

    My point of view again: OM isn’t jealous,maybe.(????) Well one night after ‘the media circus’ for her, CP hung out with another hot girl (just friends or not) and yeah the paps was there again. Maybe this explains Chris attitude with OM I believe he doesn’t want people think their relationship is more serious than really is, at least for now. It’s obvious CP and OM don’t think the same way about media attention, Chris always said he hates ‘paps frenzy’ and she likes, wants, needs whatever, she has publicity contracts, she has to be nice with them, so Chris goes to the car and OM stays behind with all attention, signs autographs and defends herself, she’s adult anyway.

    Blue eyes! Blue eyes!
    What’s matter matter blue eyes blue eyes
    What’s matter with you (mika)

    Like every guy with his age CP wants ‘just having fun’ what’s problem with this? OM knows that I hope. She’s a smart girl, isn’t she?

  • firemanmatch

    I like the fat one

  • mary


  • jack


    im assuming you’re a girl. so if a guy you’re dating goes out with another chick then you’re ok with it. obiviously from the new reports she didn’t know this girl and he did it just to do it. obviously she really like him but according to you she shouldn’t care.

  • Violet

    Been away for a few days……have no idea who this girl is, but she’s cute and going by the pics from the night, it’s a remarkable improvement in the ‘looking comfortable’ stakes comparing to the phots the nigth before with OM. Though I’m still confused what’s going on, its seems to be always contradictory. Everytime something is reported, it changes soon after. So I’ll guess I wait and see.

  • Dee

    @jack:Well”if you agree with the arrangement”, who knows what really happens between CP and OM. I was being ironical, of course. If they are together since august(eonline), there were rumours about CP making out another girl in Holloween weekend in State College,PA (Unstoppable was filming there) , so I think it’s not suprise for her that situation, she isn’t naive. I think JJ was correct it´s over one week before, but the media circus in the night of reconciliation was too much for CP he “freakout”. If really “it’s over” she think smart now.
    It’s obvious for CP the paps frenzy it’s not comfortable but I think this isn’t the better way for “split”, now she plays the victim, and guys are really awful in these moments.
    I wish the better for CP and OM!

    sorry for my English it isn’t my first language.

  • jack

    i like you if its truly over wish the two the best but if its not when she gets back to la we will know about it :)

  • Alexandra

    Natalie is so ugly compared to Olivia!!! What an idiot Chris is!