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Nicole Kidman Hires Angelina Jolie's Manager

Nicole Kidman Hires Angelina Jolie's Manager

Nicole Kidman has felt the need to switch up her career — she recently hired Angelina Jolie‘s manager Geyer Kosinski (inset) of Media Talent Group.

Deadline reports that “Kosinski is known to be very controlling, very secretive, very involved with his clients’ lives (and hates talking to the media).”

In July, the 42-year-old Aussie actress hired PR powerhouse 42 West after having PMK/HBH’s Catherine Olim as her publicist for 15 years.

ARE YOU LOOKING forward to seeing how Nicole Kidman’s career pans out?

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  • katy

    she fired her manager?

  • Jen

    good luck to her. i like her

  • athena

    Let’s hope this will be a great proffessional move for Nicole….maybe more celebs should get with Angelina’s publicist since the celebs can’t stand the paps or their biz’ness being made public.

    Best of wishes for Nicole Kidman.

  • Shar

    Maybe she will have better luck this time around. And it seems like everybody from PMK/HBH are parting ways.

  • blondie

    Well, I love Nicky, and I always will.
    I have seen almost all of her movies
    and I think that she is a wonderful actress
    and a sweet gentle soul.

    I am so happy that she has found happiness.
    I look forward to seeing her next movie.
    I loved her in the movie called “Nine.”

  • QQQQ

    Angelina DOES NOT have a publicist or an agent.

  • CanadaGirl

    Love Nic but how will this move help? Angelina’s career is no better than hers. They have both started starring in interesting films that are not huge box-office successes (cartoon films excepted).
    *shrugg* Hope it works out for her.
    Aside – Angelina looks really different from this angle.

  • Ms Anonymous

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    GOD you are an idiot, she is not the flop queen.

  • yo sista

    Angelina looks all plastic on that picture. Her nose screams NOSE JOB!!!!! Period
    Isn’t she supposed to be NOT so concerned with her image??? Well she clearly is, since she had some plastic stuff done.
    Natural beauty MY A.S.S! Nuff Said.

  • dianad1968



    LOL, You just don’t give up being an idiot do you? Angie’s last three films earned over 1 billion dollars world wide.You do know how much a billion is? LOL

  • yo sista

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: Shut da funk up
    Nicole >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Angelina.
    sit down.

  • kaykay


    to answer the last question. this picture was taken a few years ago. Nicole narrated the film.. God Grew Tired of US.. (beautiful documentary)

    Angie has an excellent career. She works with some of the best directors.. Eastwood, De niro, Philip Noyce.. as well as some of the best men.. So please don’t try and demean Angie in this thread.. It is not about her.. but Nicole.

    I think Nicole wants a change.. I like Geyer. I like that he is not always in the media spot light. He has worked with Angie for over 19 years.. a long time. They are more like family at this point.

    I like Nicole. SHE has a lot of class.

  • LuckyL

    Jared you’re voice is becoming snarky with a reliance on rumors. Ugh.

  • anon

    Yes, Jared is working for someone alright. Perhaps it is best to quit coming here as JJ plays his biased head games against certain stars. JJ sounds like he has a case of sour grapes or he is a puppet for someone?

  • shelly

    Best of luck to Nicole, Keith and her were awesome in the video tribute for Simon Baker. She should let her hair down more often. If it is true the new manager is controlling, a rumor as best..I imagine Nicole had years of experience dealing with a controller, she’ll handle it just fine. Someone is stoking the fires, Huvane?

  • haha

    Nicole Kidman is an actress not a movie star. That’s why she goes for roles that have more artistic values than financial values unlike her ex-husband who only cares about how much $$ he’s going to make or how much spotlight he’s going to get compared to his co-stars.

  • mslewis

    I doubt a change in management would help Nicole at this point. Her face is the reason nobody wants to hire her and the reason that, when she is hired, she looks so ridiculous on the screen. Her face can’t move!! Did any of you see “Australia” or “The Golden Compass”?? Those are the most recent Kidman movies I have tried to watch. Nicole looks like a plastic doll with absolutely no movement in her face. It’s hard to watch. That’s why nobody wants to see her. I don’t know if Geyer can help her. He’s good, but not that good!! Hopefully he can talk her into stopping with the botox and aging naturally. Good luck with that!!

    On another note . . . I wonder why those who dislike Angelina Jolie continue to say her career is not doing well and that her movies are all bombs!! It doesn’t make sense. “Wanted” earned well over $300M worldwide and “Changling” earned over $150M worldwide. In what world are those “bombs”? I won’t even mention the animated movies because they have earned multi-millions and she is now working on the second “Kung Fu Panda.” Most actresses in Hollywood would kill for a career like Angelina’s. Stop talking stupid!!

  • daisy

    Who cares! It is Nicole’s career her decision. Oh & nice ‘source” Jared. Nikke Finke always insults Nicole. That is not a real ‘reporter” in my book. A real reporter is someone who just reports what is happening.

  • Zoe

    Kidman’s last two movies (Australia and The Golden Compass) made about $600 million worldwide. That’s more than Angelina Jolie. And I don’t think she cares much about box-office anyway. She seems more interested in working with great directors. And so far, she has worked with some of the best (Gus Van Sant, Stanley Kubrick, Jane Campion, Lars Von Trier, Anthony Minghella, Baz Luhrmann, Alejandro Amenabar, Jonathan Glazer, Noah Baumbach, John Cameron Mitchell…) Anyone who says she has “one of the worst careers” is absolutely ridiculous…

  • groundcontrol

    Kidman is an excellent actress. I first noticed her in a small film from her pre-Cruise days with Dunham Elliot (IIRC) about drug smuggling in Asia. She was so good. I realized that SHE was the real actor in the Cruise-Kidman family.
    Kidman also has recovered from the Tom Cruise debacle and seems to have returned to her family roots.
    Kosinski is a respected and good manager. He should be able to provide healthy guidance to Kidman. But she has to make the final decisions. The idea that Kosinski or anyone “controls” strong women like Jolie or Kidman is just plain silly. There is a reason why Jolie has never surrounded herself with some typical Hollywood entourage of publicists, agents, etc. – she is her own person and she can make her own decisions. She has proven that you do not need these retainers to succeed in the industry. Uh oh. They must hate Jolie for that independance – it really threatens their livelihoods.

  • lalalaove

    News? Why?

  • Oh…how…lovely….

    What?? I thought Jolie doesn’t need any help with anything. I thought she didn’t have a mgr or pr people. I also thought she does all the cooking and raising of the kids all because she is SUPERWOMAN. And I got that info right here on this blog so I KNOW IT’S TRUE. Because the LOONS KNOW ALL THINGS BRANGELINA, and Aniston too. It is such a wealth of knowledge on this blogs. Every time I log off I KNOW I LEARNED SOMETHING IMPORTANT. Hahahahahahaha

  • Andre

    I love Nicole Kidman… great actress, great person… she is beautiful

  • so disrespectful

    I wish Nicole all the best but her career can’t be saved. Maybe she needs to do a scantly clad magazine cover, a tell all about nutty Tom Cruise or try to become tabloid foder. You do not need talent anymore. You need the tabloids to make you famous. Angelina Jolie is sucessful because she don’t allow a PR team to define who she is. Geyer Kosinski and Angelina make a great team because he does not pigeon hold her in to one genre of films.

  • African Girl

    Good for Nicole Kidman.

  • African Girl

    A manager is quite different from a publicist, silly.

  • LenLT

    She was very good in The Others. I loved her in that movie. She played a protective, controlling mother very well.

  • myself hoa

    She’s so full of herself and she can’t stand the fact than Angie is prettier and more famous than her ew!!!

  • taco

    no, your neurons can’t move

    best wishes to nicole, good move

  • roma

    is it so important? stars change their agents everyday..gosh. boring day today uh?

  • Joy

    Can’t hurt. Change can be refreshing. Best to Nicole, Keith, Sunday and theirs.

  • http://justjared minda

    angelina jolie is very good actress she can do anything and not stuck with just one role. nicole kidman can only do boring drama and has no appeal to the fans. you must have charisma like angelina and she’s very mysterious your always excited to hear news about her and lastly she always help the people in need especially children. her kids are very blessed.

  • roma

    fanatic. jolie has the half of the talent nicole has. period. nicole made masterpieces like the others, moulin rouge, the hours, to die for and many others. jolie did 3 good movies in her whole career.

  • judy ann


    Below is an article from ‘New Kerala”


    A voice coach who helped ANGELINA JOLIE speak Russian in her latest thriller SALT has spoken out to deny rumours he had an affair with the Hollywood beauty.

    Dialect expert Howard Samuelsohn spent time with the superstar to perfect her Soviet accent for the new movie, in which she plays a Russian sleeper agent.

    But following speculation Jolie had a fling with her dialect coach during production, Samuelsohn has come forward to blast reports he bedded the beauty at New York hotel The Waldorf Astoria – insisting he is too “short and middle-aged” for Jolie to be interested in him.

    He tells, “I’m 5’6, I’m 51 years old, and I’ve never been to The Waldorf. I would like for someone to get the word out. (This) is total bulls**t.”


  • carrie

    stop plastic surgeon or botox ! she looks alike ice princess!

  • amy

    angie films a mighty heart ,changling, good shepard boomed in the us markets.
    Angie has a mgr and pr, she lies to cover it up. Nicole is a great actress , she doesn’t pimp out her kids like angie does for press.
    Angie isn’t deep person, that’s why her films booms because nobody belives her. Angie likes to spin the press.

    Her only success in movies are actions ones, you don’t need talent to do them and she was a voice in a cartoon movie.

  • Zoe

    I agree with Carrie : Angelina Jolie really should stop botoxing herself… She looks so plastic…

  • nursefriends

    I hope Angie doesn’t steal her husband

  • skanky/passingas

    roma……..and nicole is older than angelina. Also jolie choses her movies well now in recent days. But to say jolie has half the talent of nicole?….um excuse me who’s popular ,influential,highest paid actress , the one who the directors would like to have and on the radar right now?…..i’m sure you it’s not nicole. I can go on and on italy.

  • skanky/passingas

    Insect amy stick to your beloved jen, her film has been bombing simultaneously. I know your jen doesn’t lie ,just look at her mug on that telethon, she’s so happy to pose. oh by the way, you look so ghostly pale!…….time for your bedtanning.

  • skanky/passingas

    i agree w/ you guys , jen should stop acting and start finding a real man.

  • roma

    popularity , being influential, highest gross, pass away, one day will disappear.
    but talent remains.
    one day jolie will be unpopular, uninfluential, ignored and without talent.
    nicole still will be a gifted actress.
    she’s older? what does it mean? stupid sexist maschilist dumb. anjie will be old too. it’s the life. people grow old

  • skanky/passingas

    i hope jen doesn’t steal nicole’s husband, wait a minute jen can’t even corner john mayer,vince vaughn,sculfor,cooper and boatler. nah….no chance.

  • Molly

    Hey, here’s a word to you Angie haters…
    Angie has a Manager, Geyer, that she has has since the very beginning of her career. She has no publicist, unlike some other fuggy girl we know. Angie also uses a stylist, Jen Rade from time to time. I adore Angie, but I am objective enough to say I don’t always like Rade’s fashion choices. Angie is too beautiful to dress so plainly.

    Also, no Angie fan has ever said Angie does all the cooking. We know she doesn’t cook because she and Brad have both talked about it. That’s how you learn stuff, hens, listen to what they say. She said she wanted to learn to cook, though. At least Angie didn’t go on Oprah and take credit for a cake she didn’t bake. Mayer later said he made it and was mad that Jen told everyone she made it. Fraud.

    Angie has had NO, I repeat, NO plastic surgery. She has the same nose she has always had since she was a kid. Her 16-year old nose is the same as her 32-year old one she still has now. She is on the record as saying she was interested to see what age and time would do to her features. That doesn’t sound like someone who uses BoTox to me. And don’t drag out that old photshopped “before” picture that is suppsed to be Angie’s “old” nose. Gah, hens are stupid.

    Nicole’s face, on the other hand is another matter. I love Nicole’s work, but she needs to leave her face alone and let it age naturally. She’s beautiful, no matter what.

  • hookupbbw

    Angie will suck her blood!

  • http://justjared minda

    roma i pity you that is all i can say so keep praying for nicole from what i see producers are not interested in her anymore they don’t want to waste their money.

  • groundcontrol

    Well, I agree with most of your post, Molly, but even I think Angie may have had what’s called “refinement” to her nose. It’s not a lot but it did seem to narrow it a bit. It may look to some like more but her face is also thinner now which affects how your nose looks. That’s my best guess.
    I also note that I find nothing wrong with a little tweaking for persons with jobs requiring public and film appearances. Angie was still an absolutely beautiful young woman as anyone can see from her teen pictures. She was asked in a real interview in a legitimate publication if she had ever had plastic surgery and she laughed and simply said, “That’s for me to know.” I took that to mean she probably did have some. She has never make some blanket denial.
    People should see how a little nose tweaking also affected other already very beautiful women like Monica Belucci whose nose was similarly thinned. Kate Winslet’s nose job and other embellishments, on the other hand, greatly affected her look and helped her finally win an Oscar.
    If Kidman is using botox she can easily just stop using it so I see no detriment to her future acting by any such past use. It does wear off, you know. Kidman is lovely and with her bone structure will age beautifully as will Angie.

  • whydowecare

    I think they are both talented actress. I think nic just not as interested in acting like she used to be..but i wouldnt compare them…Nicole last movie “nine” how did it do..seems like nic is just going through the motions when she in a movie now…I mean, back in the day she had a lot of passion…Im just not interested in what she is doing now. I would love to see her in a romantic comedy

  • Zoe

    It’s obvious that Angelina Jolie uses botox. Her face is always so shiny and plastic. Not natural at all.

  • Zoe

    And @ Minda- Talented and interesting directors still want to work with Nicole. That’s what matters.