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Alexander Skarsgard: SAG Awards 2010 Red Carpet

Alexander Skarsgard: SAG Awards 2010 Red Carpet

Alexander Skarsgard suits up for the Screen Actors Guild Awards held at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium on Saturday (January 23).

The 33-year-old True Blood actor told was asked if there was a dream actress that he’d love to work with.

Judi Dench, I think,” Alex told “Dame Judi Dench!”

Pictured below: Alex sandwiching in co-star Anna Paquin with her fiance Stephen Moyer.

10 pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard at the 2010 SAG Awards

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Kevork Djansezian/Getty
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  • pup

    Yum. ;D

  • OMG

    CBS reports that Brad and Angelina are parting ways.

  • true blood

    They all look great. Thanks, Jared!

  • LookingGood

    He’s such an adorable hunk and he he looked hot in the black suit.

  • Liz86000

    My, I’m Team Bill all the way, but that’s a nice sandwich, lol!
    They’re all very good friends, it’s sweet to see them all together.

  • he is gorgeous

    Dame Judi Dench, you say? lol

    don’t you even dream of becoming the next Bond, bb.
    Hotness is not enough for that, learn how to do stable accent and retire your body stiffness.

    P.S. KB was at the HBO afterparty.

  • The Comedian

    He is definitively hot in a black suit (more than in plaid shirt…)
    I loved his sweet puppy face..What do we have to do to have one like that ??? KB I HATE YOU !!! lol

  • Norma Stitz

    Sexy Man………

  • Jess

    Didn’t anyone see video of that pretty reporter interviewing him, same one from the GGs? He couldn’t take his eyes off her boobs! lol

  • Hot spotter


  • eightball

    @Jess: The brunette? What is her name? He had a huge smile and seemed really into her.

  • LookingGood

    Yeah, I saw the video, he’s definitely straight LoL

  • LookingGood


    Laura Saltman on Access Hollywood, the video is on their site, look for Dish of Salt

  • yo sista

    Of course he’s straight! He’s a gorgeous man, and yes not all gorgeous man are married or gay… It’s just some jealous ugly dudes who say so.

  • HA !!!!!

    @OMG: REALLY?!! I hope it’s true!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Is Laura Saltman engaged and pregnant? Or am I thinking of someone else?

  • missalexa
  • Sara

    Oh how I LOVE this man. Great pic JJ, thanks. That is a great sandwich!!

    P.S. I’ve seen nothing of KB at HBO party. I think you are just tryin to start crap. Let it go.

  • Sara

    OOPS… Spoke too soon. LOL! Oh well, I still think we should let it go, she is just a stalker.

  • JJ

    @LookingGood: She is beautiful. His grin was huge when he was talking to her.

  • Mike

    @Sara: Any single woman who works with this guy wants to be with him, but dude can have his pick. He isn’t going to settle down anytime soon.

  • LookingGood


    There certainly was chemistry there, but I heard she’s pregnant (don’t know if it’s true) so we’d better not start any new rumors.

  • always

    @Jess: Yep, lol, Alex is a boob man. :-P

  • CanadaGirl

    What a gorgeous man. He is perfection personified.

  • ha!

    @LookingGood: Maybe ASkars is the daddy? ha!

  • Lisa

    @always: Oh, maybe that explains Kate Bosworth’s buying a carload of groceries and looking a bit healthier these days. Trying to build up that chest.

  • jean

    He looks great.All the true blood cast did actually.

    I expected K.B to show up to the after party.I heard on twitter that the press wasn’t allowed into the other after parties.

  • Morgan

    @Lisa: KB probably prowls in the internet googling herself and will see the photos of her boyfriend gawking at Laura Saltman’s boobs. She’ll get implants in 5…4…3…2 I can’t imagine what he sees in her.

  • misslex

    Kate Bothworth is not so pretty. Alex’s ex Sara Tun, or Amelia … is more beautiful.
    pictures from them in this entry:

  • Sara

    @MIKE. Agreed. If he is “with” her, it’s not going to last 5min. It’s nothing to get bent out of shape over. I don’t get the fuss.

  • Lisa

    @Sara: Until she gets pregnant. Her “career” isn’t going anywhere, she’s gotta do something.

  • cupid

    I don’t see any photos of Bosworth here, why so much discussion about her? The man says he’s single so let’s enjoy the hunky Swede w/o the gossip.

  • he is gorgeous


    ex queezme, who are you to act as a moderator here?

    we are fangirls and will discuss whatever we want to discuss.

  • LookingGood


    Yeah, he’s a single guy with an active sex life, he never said he was celibate.

  • BlueCheese

    I’ll show you big titties Alex!!! :::lifts shirt, shakes boobies:::

  • Ash

    @cupid: Single means not married. He’s dating Bosworth.

  • Ash

    @misslex: omfg, he dated those women YEARS go, LET IT GO, move on.

  • Sara

    @BlueCheese. LOL, your too funny.

  • Kibbles and Bits

    He’s not dating Bosworth…she isn’t woman enough for him! My 13yr old daughter has more curves and bigger boobs. According to the Kama Sutra, their genitalia aren’t a good match together!

  • he is gorgeous

    @Kibbles and Bits:
    lol you’re crazy.
    and he said he liked thin girls.

  • true blood

    @cupid: Great suggestion.

  • i heart that

    @Ash: Single can also mean not in a relationship or dating someone.

  • LookingGood

    I found this photo of Laura Saltman interviewing Alex at the SAG’s. Now I understand JJ’s comment about Alex having a big grin

  • Say it Ain’t So

    @Sara: I think that is Bjorne’s wfie stanidng next to Kate, I don’t know who the other man thats standing next to her though. LOL

    Alex and Kate IMO are dating. Alex has never had stardom of this magnitude. He is so excited someone like KB paid attention to him at all. I still lurves him though.

  • Ash

    How much denial do people have to be in? The fangirls were all, “pics and we’ll believe” a few weeks ago, and now that there are pics, it’s still deny, deny, deny. I feel for ya, but he’s obviously dating her. Do you need their sex tape or something? A pregnancy?

  • Leslie

    Used to think he was so cute and hot but the whole KB has turned me completely off him. Sorry but he lacks some serious IQ to be going out with this chick. If they are dating why does he not walk the red carpet with her. Sam Trammell brought his lady…..just wondering.

  • R&M


    She seems more interesting then the stick insect. Alex looks to be enjoying the interview A LOT. LOL!

  • Memei

    @ash why are you getting so worked up about this. CALM DOWN enjoy the pictures

  • Heard

    Heard that Paltrow and her peeps around town are looking to shut out Bosworth from most things opportunities, parties, events, etc. Funny that she did the Haiti thing but her name is not listed on the official roster. She has a lot of nerve to show her face at events with Capshaws, Spielbergs, Weinsteins, etc are involved. She has quickly lost most of her “high” profile people so she is going to CLING to these people b/c to them she is big. But wait until Gwyn gets back to L.A. That b*tch’s ass is grass! She is done and she wants Alex to be with her officially so she can get that crap off her name. Too late. Alex will go down with her if he stays around this crank. His name is already “iffy” amongst some b/c of her. Don’t mess with the elite of Hollywood. They will eff your shiz up!

  • Say it Ain’t So

    @Heard: REally? I think he is already going down with that Titanic.
    Alex , besides being good looking, has a lot of talent. I really hope he can save himself and become a little more selective in choosing his friends.