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Brad & Angelina Split Rumors are 'Total B.S.'

Brad & Angelina Split Rumors are 'Total B.S.'

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not splitting up, their rep exclusively tells

Rumors of a breakup are “total b.s.,” says the rep.

Reports surfaced Saturday that Brad and Angelina, who are parents to six kids, signed a contract to make their split “official.” The reports stemmed from a story in UK’s News of the World.

Less than three weeks ago, Brad and Angelina were seen grabbing dinner together in New York City. Hollywood’s hottest couple is here to stay!

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  • Wendy

    Somehow, I REALLY doubt that… After all, cheaters are cheaters are cheaters!

  • jen

    we dont really care!

  • Cheery

    Really hope the rumor is false, for their kids’ sakes. And please people, there are plenty of Brad/Angelina threads, please stop hijacking other posts to spew your vitrol! I click on a topic to read about that!

  • Tell me no lies

    Yeah, riiiiiight!

  • kellie

    what was the point of this post?

  • sorella

    I wish people would just stop all this constant splitting up rumours, it’s getting old. Shhh, leave them alone. THey have children together, why the malice and anger towards them, ENOUGH. It’s like some wish a break up of a FAMILY, it’s really sick.

  • Claire

    Thanks for clearing the air Jared!!! LOVE Brad + Angie xoxoxox. And yes–many of us do care. Love Brangelina :) Hope the rumors are false, as you say Jared

  • sue

    They are sooooooo over! To much media speculation and not enough denials.

  • from Far Away

    thanks GOD is not true , GOD bless them

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Maybe now the f*cking Jentards will get a clue. What stupid dumped b!tches those idiots are.
    The JPs should sue Huvane’s a$$. He is the piece of sh!t behind these latest rumors. Too bad he has a client who can’t act and is only good for fodder in tabloids. Nippy is a ho-bag.

  • Sheesh

    Oh man, too bad. HA!! How else can I put this? Hmm….. Yeah, riiiiight. Red lipstick really doesn’t suit Angelina’s big ass lips btw.. I never believed in them as a couple. And even though now they have kids…. You know what they say, cheaters will be cheaters!

  • emmy jay

    Well, this is at least more interesting than how the X is spending her birthday bash.

    Go to jjb.

  • Kath

    News of the world is a total bullshit rag, one would think people had learned by now to take what they say wit a huge grain of salt.

  • Jako

    the truth is out there!

  • AJP

    The haters are anticipating this with drooling mouth… People are sick in their minds, why they want to hear the breakup news? The media has been spreading the Evil Eye.
    God bless the Jolie-Pitts!

  • bdj

    Hmmm now if only the fat trolls will scurry back to Dlist, Female first and that lying hack writers site. Nasty nutjobs should never come up for air. Best wishes to BP, AJ and their six adorable children. The internet is a nasty vindictive place with nutjobs ready to spread all kinds of vile rumors. . Best wishes to Depp and his Family. Congrats to IB on their win at the Sag Awards.

  • geana

    thank God you posted something on this!!!i was beginning to get worried …whew!!!

  • anaïs

    Please people, so what if they stay together or they split.
    Haitian people are dying, so brad and angelina are not such a big deal.

    And if they are not splityng many people will feel stupid, since i’m watching the italian tv, and the giornal is saying that they split.
    Only Brad and Angelina will tell the true.

  • Breaux


  • http://hotmailaustralia trish


  • memememememememe

    Maybe not true this time but we all know it’s coming and i, for one, will be cheering in the streets to see them and their so-called perfect lives bitch-slapped by karma.

  • IKnowItAll

    The rep they claim they don’t have now claims the reports are false? She’s a nutbag and he’s a nutsack, they deserve one another.
    Those kids are going to be so fu¢ked up.

  • Betty

    I am totally relieved.
    I bought the rope.
    Having trouble tying the knot.
    I get to live another day.


  • http://hotmailaustralia PARAS

    Fantastic news.

  • Danny

    @ bdj @ 01/24/2010 at 12:30 pm

    Hmmm now if only the fat trolls will scurry back to Dlist, Female first and that lying hack writers site. Nasty nutjobs should never come up for air. Best wishes to BP, AJ and their six adorable children. The internet is a nasty vindictive place with nutjobs ready to spread all kinds of vile rumors. . Best wishes to Depp and his Family. Congrats to IB on their win at the Sag Awards.

    Read more:


    Clapping bdj ITAWY

  • Betty

    iKnowItAll: Do not be hating on the NUTS

  • Ms Anonymous

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    TheJolie-Pittards are pathetic, they need to grow up and stop turning every thread into a Jen-bashing thread. END OF.

  • Jen

    I really hope they are not splitting up with 6 children. I don’t think any couple in Hollywood stays together, with a few notable exceptions like Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Besides they make a good couple, all the mess with Jen aside.

  • not impress with aj

    everyone knows he has to stay! 6 children with a woman who threats suicidal thoughts! she can’t adopt in the US because of her mental status! yep, he is stuck!

  • http://hotmailaustralia laila

    Best news.

  • christine (WeHo & NYC)

    Then how come MSNBC (NBC) reported it as if it were legitamate just now?

  • teri


  • teri


  • Ms Anonymous

    @not impress with aj:

    I feel sorry for Brad, to be honest. He must feel so trapped!

  • Jane

    ”’Rumors of a breakup are “total b.s.,” says the rep.”’

    Nuff said!

    Now, Jenhags, get a life!

  • ivanka

    they are a complete mystery..

  • Oh…how…lovely….

    Hey Jared, you know as well as all of us that “their reps” didn’t give you any exclusive. You always attempt to indicate this “in” with celebs that you never have, except for the tween stars. Check out this link from MSNBC:

    And , yes Jared, I trust them over you. Where there’s smoke there’s FIRE!!

  • Ms Anonymous


    Jolie-Pitt fans, YOU guys get a life! You lot need it more!

  • bdj
  • teri

    Now run back to dlist and your disgusting barren cow and have a total meltdown.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Jen needs to be protected from you insane JP fans. You JP fans are as insane as the Kate Gosselin sheeple!


    I hope to God that its not true…cuz if it is, i couldn’t take it.
    no way. I luv that couple so so much.
    Pliz Brad and Angie stay together please..xxxxxx

  • http://hotmailaustralia trish

    You are sick and nasty.

  • Orchid

    That is great news! I like it. Thanks Jared!

  • bdj

    Whiny Jen is planning a fab at 45 blow out party hens. She is telling the rabid hens that she is fun, flirty and fab. cheap, but fun. donate some of that cash to Haiti Baby Jane.

  • love them

    Wr fans knew that.
    I see Tell me no lies who claims she has a life and us fans don’t is on the NEW THREAD!!!! Yeah she is not a fan and was supposed to get off her computer “Because she has a life” is still writing about the fabulous Brad and Angie. Yeah right you have a life!! LOSER!!!

  • justlurked

    Brad will be lost w/o Angie. They are soulmates whether you like it or not.

  • bdj

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  • pokeman

    jen @ 01/24/2010 at 12:22 pm

    if the story is true, you’ll be singing. you do care.