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Brad & Angelina Split Rumors are 'Total B.S.'

Brad & Angelina Split Rumors are 'Total B.S.'

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not splitting up, their rep exclusively tells

Rumors of a breakup are “total b.s.,” says the rep.

Reports surfaced Saturday that Brad and Angelina, who are parents to six kids, signed a contract to make their split “official.” The reports stemmed from a story in UK’s News of the World.

Less than three weeks ago, Brad and Angelina were seen grabbing dinner together in New York City. Hollywood’s hottest couple is here to stay!

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  • justin

    get a life loons!

    Marriage = commitment ?? suppose to be but not anymore, Or else, why does 50 % of American marriage ended in divorce and 80 % of HW marriage went kaput.

  • over wait and watch|htmlws-main-w|dl2|link3|

  • E News

    The Brangelina Breakup: Anatomy of a Cheating Rumor
    Since various tabloids have had Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie breaking up since the day they got together, what’s different about their latest fabled trip to Splitsville?

    Well, this time Jolie supposedly cheated on her bearded beau.

    But while In Touch Weekly is reporting the Oscar winner had an affair with the “dialect coach” she worked with for her upcoming spy thriller Salt, the film’s resident dialect coach tells E! News the rumor couldn’t be further from the truth.

    And not just because he didn’t even work with Jolie on Salt.

    “Oh, my friends thought it was hysterical,” said 51-year-old Howard Samuelsohn, whose credits include 2012 and Revolutionary Road. “I’ve had eight different reporters call me, and one was even outside my home.”

    He says that ITW contacted him last week, asking about the nature of his working relationship with Jolie.

    “I said, ‘Yes, I know her professionally. She’s very nice.’…And then I immediately became the guy who slept with Angelina Jolie.

    “I’m not a language coach,” he explained. “She doesn’t have a dialect in the movie; she speaks Russian. There were several people who taught her the language. I worked with a Polish actor, Daniel Olbrychski, on the movie to make his English better.”

    Plus, Samuelsohn added that he’s been “with the same woman for 33 years.”

    Good lord, what would we do if Brangelina dared to last that long?!

    Meanwhile, a rep for the Waldorf Astoria, where a housekeeper named Anna Kowalski supposedly told ITW she saw kinky evidence of the alleged tryst, has said that no such person works there.

    But the magazine tells E! News that it’s standing by its story, semantics aside, and that a source verified that Kowalski worked at the Waldorf over the summer.

    “As In Touch Weekly originally reported, an ex-employee of the Waldorf-Astoria in New York told the magazine exclusively that Angelina Jolie cheated on Brad Pitt with one of her language tutors on the set of her movie Salt,” a rep for ITW said in a statement, which modifies the job description of the purported lothario from the published text.

    “We never claim Anna was a current employee of the hotel or provide the specific name of her coach, of which there were several. In Touch stands by our reporting on this story.”

    So is this all coming to a head because Pitt and Jolie haven’t been photographed together in a while?

    Pitt appeared Friday on the Hope for Haiti Now benefit, but he and the mama of his children opted to skip the Golden Globes and Saturday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, where Pitt would have been sharing the limelight with his Inglourious Basterds costars during their win for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

    He’s slated to present a statue at the Directors Guild of America Awards on Saturday in Century City.

    Jolie hasn’t been seen (by anyone with a telephoto lens, that is) since she took daughters Zahara and Shiloh to a Whole Foods market in Sherman Oaks, Calif., on Jan. 16.

    In fact, the last time we saw the whole family (minus twins Knox and Vivienne) looking cozy was during their holiday-time trip to NYC last month.

    But perhaps this latest blip on the happy-couple radar will disappear soon. A source close to the couple tells E! News there is no split, and Hollywood Life is reporting that Jolie and Pitt are planning on attending the Oscars. Together.

    They might even hold hands.

  • JPs? past Sick!!!!!!!

    Good Lord!!! Just Jared should shut down ALL Angie-Brad threads because seriously, you all need to be LOCKED THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brad and Angie? Would agree. I am thinking you care more about them then your own families! You are all SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Get a LIFE! besides the breakup of Brangelina!
    That gossip site was right, mass suicide when you all finally come to terms with them splitting and they are, mass Suicides over stars in Hollywood who dont even know u all exist! SICK your all SICK! Scary reading here, very, very scary!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brad I feel for you!

    While many outlets are saying the Brangelina split is false, you say otherwise. What are you hearing?

    Plain and simple, no one’s really gotten a denial from Brad or Angie. I told you weeks ago and I maintain that they’re are in the process of splitting. I know the reporter for News of the World who wrote this story — James Desborough. Say what you want about News of the World, but he’s one of the most thorough journalists I’ve ever met. I’ve never caught him getting egg on his face regarding a story, and the fact that he did this story, I don’t doubt the authenticity of this story.

    Whoever issued denials say their people denied it, but these people have no idea. I spoke to someone who was inside Brad and Angie’s home and they gave me a first-hand account of what’s been going on. They said there’s definitely been trouble brewing inside the house, and the spin they’re going to give it is very similar to Brad’s friend Guy Ritchie. After it was leaked that there was a split with Madonna back in 2008, Madonna’s spokesperson Liz Rosenberg vehemently denied it and said there were no divorce plans. Move forward to October 15, 2008, and she issued a statement that Madonna and Guy Ritchie decided to divorce. This is the type of way it’s going to play out. You’re going to see denials, you’re going to possibly see them appear in public for a photo op to make it seem that everything looks normal and fine. Look, Pitt’s good friends with Guy Ritchie and he’s gonna follow the script of Guy and Madonna.

    My sources clearly say they’re estranged, they kept it quiet because they want to work out something conducive to the well being of the children and I think that’s a commendable way of dealing with it.

    On your blog, you report a likely timeline that will precede their split. Break that down for us.

    Either they confirm it — again, the people who have denied it aren’t credible people in their camp and the media and public just doesn’t want to believe this golden couple is splitting. Either they confirm it, or they appear in the public shortly, probably in the next week, sending the public a message that the rumors are bogus. And then you’ll soon start to see more intensity in the stories, some in the mainstream press citing that they’ve definitely split, and that will happen in in the next few weeks.

    I have confirmed from one person in the house and one of his closest friends that they have definitely split. And that’s split romantically. That doesn’t mean they don’t have business together, they’re still going to have joint custody of the children, but romantically it appears they’re estranged.

    Why not get ahead of the story and come out?

    From what I hear from my sources, they don’t want to open themselves up to a media and public circus. They want to protect the children, and I agree with that. Legitimately and genuinely, they’re concerned with the well-being of the children, and that’s why I respect them.

    Again, James Desborough, he does not get things wrong and no one’s mentioned that before. I met him in person and followed his career and he’s rock solid as a reporter. He’s a rock-solid, world-class entertainment reporter.

    Say it’s true. What happens post-split to their careers?

    There’s only room after they formally announce a separation, there’s only room for one of them on the A-list. That’s just based on the history of top showbiz stars. Usually only one of them survives at the top. I predict it will be Angelina Jolie. They say she’s more powerful than Oprah now in the entertainment business, and the fact of the matter is Pitt’s close family members have told me he’s not his old self. He needs a long break and needs to do a lot of soul searching and get himself back together physically and mentally. She’s literally worn him out.

    I get Jolie’s appeal, but it seems Pitt’s more connected in Hollywood. He’s great friends with George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino, etc. You don’t think he’ll thrive?

    People close to both of them have told me that was true about four years ago, but Jolie artfully used Pitt to increase her star in Hollywood and in the process became way bigger than him. There’s no doubt she’s bigger than Brad Pitt today. Pitt, we might like him more, but as far as the public interest and fascination goes, there’s no comparison. People are obsessed with Angelina Jolie. We haven’t seen the tip of the iceberg regarding her star power. I think she’s just going to get bigger and bigger, and hook up with another powerful man in the future. That’s the way her M.O. seems to work, and it’s worked well with her.

    Who’s next for Angie?

    I predict her next man won’t be an actor. I predict he’ll be a top politician. She seems to be heading that way and wants to be associated with someone more sophisticated. It will definitely be a change from the type of men she’s been with over the past decade.

    You’ve made two bold predictions that have come true: The death of Michael Jacks

  • jaliah

    get a life loons! @1222 /1223

    Only one thing to say to you courtesy of Jane

    “Brad’s friends, Brad’s associates, Brad’s relatives, all feel that Angelina is the perfect match for him and that Jen was nothing but a whiny nuisance.”–Ian Drew, Senior Editor, US Weekly

  • jaliah

    JP’s Past Sick #1229

    Get a life you whiny nuisance.

  • QQQQ

    Kneedal was getting spanked so he retired from the match due to injury.
    Andy R got beaten as well.
    Hopefully Roger can regain his crown. #16! He plays tonight. If he wins tonite, it will be his 23rd consecutive Semifinals. WOW!

  • God Bless Brad!

    The maniacs on here who want this couple to stay together, at the same time stating how much they love Brad. Well, if you read what’s on the internet today, just as I thought, they are doing it ala madonna/guy richie style, they don’t want new of the world having this exclusive and there’s kids involved. So you will get it by Piece Meal, just like Madonna did. They may even make some appearances, just like Madonna and Guy did.
    James Desborough never was wrong yet from England. Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire. I knew it as soon as they were no shows at the last events,e veryone was there, a list.
    So be happy for Brad, he looks awful, and he must be feeling awful, his children, etc. and he must also wonder how she will raise them (skull tattoo land) but that’s her business.
    I for one, adore Brad, and I am not a Loon, I am happy he’s moving on. The story says he needs to do a lot of soul searching, and I am sure he will. This isn’t about “Jen”, you sick people continue to put her in this story, what the heck does she have to do with it? She’s a friend to him still I am sure. that’s OVER.
    Let Brad move on, he looks like the articles say, “worn Out”.
    God Bless Brad Pitt.
    You idiots better face facts and be happy for HIM.

  • jaliah

    Jane @1170

    Thank you for the link. No need to respond to the trolls now other than posting your link and quote! LOL

  • Another Sicko Speaks


    time for your medications Loon. Jane misses her SON, period, it’s that obvious. Jen and he used to go to his home town a lot, this AJ? HA! gotta be kidding. Shes NOT the girl next door, your MORONS better face it. She married Johnny Lee Miller in a teeshirt scrawled with his blood, and that list is long, of weird stuff. Brad isn’t WEIRD.
    Why this sick love for Angelina? Sick people, No, it’s past Sick at this point.

  • ebmo

    over wait and watch @ 01/26/2010 at 10:02 am|htmlws-main-w|dl2|link3|

    Another Halperin quote? Seriosly? Should I go back through this thread and find my oriiginal post about how his big “tell all” dove quicker than a damaged b-52 over dusledorf in WWI?

    After only 2 months it is on the bargain rack at Barnes and Nobles, it is selling for 9.95 on Amazon and a whopping 2.99 on
    Halperin has still not answered my challenge, because he knows he is a substandard writer with absolutely no corroborating sources. A high school sutudent is resposible for acurately citing sources.

    This man is so desperate to try to make a buck he will continue to promote his fiction as truth and you ffers will continue to believe it,,,,,,,,,because you are so jealous.

    why come here? Why not stay with your own breed of slag rags printed in the UK?

  • jaliah

    God Bless Brad @ 1234
    “Brad’s friends, Brad’s associates, Brad’s relatives, all feel that Angelina is the perfect match for him and that Jen was nothing but a whiny nuisance.”–Ian Drew, Senior Editor, US Weekly

  • ebmo

    It apparently must be said again X-hens cannot comprehend the first time:

    1208 ebmo @ 01/26/2010 at 8:13 am These are the sources the Jen hags take as gospel?

    The British Tabloids
    By Bridget Johnson, Guide
    The British tabloids are their own brand of journalism. Whereas American tabloids have occasionally broken news stories but are seen more as celebrity gossip bastions, the British tabloids jump on news stories with the same ferocity as they pounce on celebrity gossip. The result is an eclectic mix of hard news with unique (often anonymous) sourcing and traditional tabloid sleaze. And since tabloids are open to paying good money for story information, they’re likely to get scoops that the traditional broadsheets miss — though raising ethics questions at the same time. It’s a cutthroat second dimension of journalism that draws a rabid following both across the pond and around the globe.
    A primer on the top tabs in the U.K.:

    The Sun: Owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., The Sun is splashy, trashy, and often scooping the competition. Published in the U.K. and Ireland, The Sun has the highest circulation of any English-language daily paper in the world. Regular features include the Page Three Girl, which some have decried as pornographic. Politically, the paper has swung between supporting conservatives, such as Margaret Thatcher, and liberals.

    News of the World: Also owned by News Corp., this is essentially the Sunday version of The Sun. It originally cost three pence in 1843. The right-leaning newspaper enjoys sales of about 3.4 million each Sunday.

    The Daily Mirror: This consistently left-of-center tabloid was launched in 1903 as a newspaper run by and geared toward women, but new leadership the next year and a new direction resulted in all of the female journalists being fired. In the 1970s, the Sun surpassed the Mirror in circulation and the Mirror has since been plagued by declining circulation. A famous front page after the 2004 U.S. presidential elections bore a picture of George W. Bush and the headline “How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?”

    The People: This Sunday-only paper is owned by the company that runs the Daily Mirror, and considers itself a competitor to News of the World.

    The Daily Mail: Britain’s oldest tabloid has a storied history, including having supported Adolf Hitler. Nowadays, the politically conservative paper has the 12th-largest circulation in the world among English-language dailies.

    The Daily Express: Founded in 1900 and introducing both newspaper gossip and the crossword puzzle to British readers, this paper became a tabloid format in 1977 and politically leans conservative. A major rival is the Daily Mail. Its front page banner describes the Express as “The World’s Greatest Newspaper.”

    The Daily Star: Launched in 1978, this became Britain’s first new newspaper since the Daily Mirror debuted in 1903. It’s published by the same company that produces the Daily Express, and politically leans to the right. The paper also has a daily scantily clad woman, mimicking The Sun’s Page Three Girl.”

    Sources that supported Hitler? Sources that have been labeled pronopgraphic? Known throughout the world as rags with very little fact? Gee know wonder Hens are so dumb!

  • its going to be OVER

    cindy said it, that’s it lol. over. btw, i always wondered too, why never AMERICAN homeless kids angie? why?
    Just as I thought with her high and mighty look at the red carpet events, she’s gotten too big for her own britches.
    she snubbed everyone, last event. and it wasn’t pretty.
    good story here, for you Brangelina Lunatics.

  • hil

    I hate this woman!!!:(
    maybe it’s the bad news for them, but it’s great for me!!!
    wow hoo !it’s time to celebrate!!

  • Raise your hands JPS!!!

    Hey Loons of JP land, Raise your hands (if u can) Who here really believes (i know your all crazed but try) Brad loves globe trotting to all these different countries? Raise those hands. Who here thinks Angie can really survive ANY long relationship? OK, now you get it?
    stop the mentally ill chatter and find another celeb couple to worship, because this is gone. good for brad. although karma sure bit him in the u know what.

  • Observer2

    Brad I feel for you! @ 01/26/2010 at 10:17 am
    Cue the Jaws theme music. Hey jabber Jaws, the freak basically admits that he’s the source for the NOTW story. His book tanked and he found a way to try and resurrect it.

    As has been said, it’s in the bargain bins now. LOL

    Now go back to your leader, drink some more kool aid and make sure you have that pair of Nikes as the final touch.

  • pokeman

    get a life loons! @ 01/26/2010 at 9:43 am

    so, by committing in front of god, families & friends will make the relationship last longer. which planet are you from? the planet of the stupid & idiot.

    bruce & demi were married
    reese & ryan were married
    ethan & uma were married
    susan & tim were never married. their relationship lasted more than 10 years & so are goldie & russell.

    regardless if you are truly committed or not. no god, friends & families will save the relationship. the only two people who can save the relationship are the two people involved. if they don’t want to be together they will break up. why don’t you go back to your stupid planet.

  • Passing Through

    # 1233 QQQQ @ 01/26/2010 at 10:20 am
    Kneedal was getting spanked so he retired from the match due to injury.
    Andy R got beaten as well.
    Hopefully Roger can regain his crown. #16! He plays tonight. If he wins tonite, it will be his 23rd consecutive Semifinals. WOW!
    Butt Digging Boy lost? Good. I wasn’t looking forward to having to watch him did in his ass for 5 hours like he did last year when he and Roger played in the final. Especially since it started at 2:30am!
    I haven’t had a chance this morning to look at the scores from last night, but I saw the first set and a half of the Roddic match and Andy had a shoulder injury that started toward the end of the first set. I like Andy. He’s funny…but…even though the score was close…Cilic was schooling him. His tactics were just sooooo much better than Andy’s. A lot of time Andy comes to the net on a wing and a prayer and the kid was passing him left and right. The Cilic/DelPo match was really good, too.
    As for Roger…he’s playing Davydenko in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. The last 2 times they’ve played Roger’s lost, so he’ll need to step it up because he’ll probably have to go through Djokovic to get to the final.

  • Dasha

    love them, hope all those rumors are false

  • Jen the Hag

    Brad I feel for you! @ 01/26/2010 at 10:17 am

    Again who are you trying to CONVINCE YOURSELF or the FANS here? You can wait for a loooooooong time for that break-up announcement hmmmmm maybe till the twins got married and by then you are SIX FEET UNDER. Sorry Hags you can spin all you like about the break-up 10000 version the fact remain that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not going anywhere you might as well accept it. You can say all you want that they are only living together because of the kids but the only people who knows the real truth are Brad and Angelina and unless the announcement comes from them what you are posting ARE ALL CRAP!! GO SCREAM AT THE OCEAN BRAINDEAD HAG



  • lurker

    its going to be OVER @ 01/26/2010 at 10:35 am

    over opinionated woman that Cindy Adams. no wonder the NYPost is losing money.

  • QQQQ

    Passing Through @ 01/26/2010 at 10:57 am
    I am not a fan of Andy R… maybe its because of those ESPN idiots (former no trophy players) who are always creaming themselves and trying to put the opponent down whenever they are commentating on his matches. I’m also not a fan of his playing style. He’s extremely arrogant and he always tries to talk down to the umpire/lines people. Just RUDE!
    Cilic is just gonna get better. Yeah, RF gotta step it up against Davi. The MOFO runs down every fr*gging ball. As long as RF continues the Semifinals streak, i’m okay, even though I really want him to get #16. He’ll remain #1 for a while since he doesn’t have that many points to lose for a while.

  • TMZ

    Brad Pitt’s Beard Arrives Home
    Posted Jan 26th 2010 3:00AM by TMZ Staff
    While reports swirled that he and Angelina Jolie were officially kaput, Brad Pitt’s bushy beard arrived to his L.A. home safely on Sunday.As far as breaking up goes — not by the hair of his chinny chin chin.
    LOL at TMZ

  • andamentothat

    all I can say is that they will attend the Oscars together and the ratings will be way UP!!
    This split rhetoric is to for IH to sell his book… now jane pitt is coming to LA to talk it over with Ange.. Now suddenly the adopted kids are not Brad’s… Brad never liked to travel.. he is moving to a cave.. what sort of utter nonsense do they write.. Write about your own homegrown talent.. Sienna Miller and Jude Law or the Satsuki and Daniel Craig..

  • you know what

    If all the jp fans can ignore all the lowlife nutcase posting their rotten souls here,i think it would be peaceful. I noticed most regulars ignore all the things the rottens has posted. I know they are just trying to make this site another FF,dlisted ,perez and etc. If you respond to them,you were nurturing their rotten souls. These lowlifes thrives on foul,filthy,hate,jealousy,visciousness and rotten environment. What they eat and spew is a pure reflection of their soul.I am definitely sure that’s how they were raised and educated.A dark soul regardless will always continue it’s path unless something HAPPEN to their lives ,then probably they will CHANGE or maybe it’s too late. Calling GOD or mentioning GOD when you spew evil or cussing or condemning somebody make it worst, just leave GOD alone. He will be the judge on your last day and where you gonna be.

  • Loonie Land

    and she’s been right EVERY time too.
    loons here are crying today because deep down they all know its over
    poor brad needs a rest from ‘her’ and the flying all over to countries.
    hopefully after they tell the world (right now they are avoiding a media frenzy) he will be the old hunk brad without that beard and cap. the brad we all knew and loved BEFORE Gothic Queen got her hands on him,
    the loons will never admit it, so we the sane Give Up. LOL

  • lovely

    i would love if they won’t show up on oscar at all. I like the whole tabloid media including the so-called legitmate media to confirm their break -up. I want them all to feast about their break-up news. I also don’t want anybody from jp camps to confirm or deny it. Let them provide their unnamed sources, i know these so-called media has plenty of sources of nonexistent people. But when jolie promote salt , i want the whole family to be there happy ,relaxing and smiling. I want all of them to be toungue tied and pass out in embarrassment. Yes all the media who reported and give importance to this dispicable rubbish.I want to prove to the lunatics and concerned faker fans that the rubbish media owns their behind.

  • TMZ

    Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Divorce — Impossible
    Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie are not pulling the plug on their relationship, multiple people directly connected with the couple tell TMZ.
    There’s a report out that Brad and Angie are calling it quits. One source — who should know — says, “It’s B.S.”
    BTW — it’s a guarantee the two won’t be getting a divorce, because the two are not married.
    It is now safe to step back from the ledge.

  • just heard it

    Pitt was supposed to be at the SAG Awards Night but backed out at the last minute because somebody tipped him that he was being set-up for an on stage face-to-face encounter with Aniston.
    All the plotters plan went kaput, so they hatched split rumor mill with viral spread… gosh even Roger Ebert participated.

  • Passing Through

    # 1219 E News @ 01/26/2010 at 10:04 am
    The Brangelina Breakup: Anatomy of a Cheating Rumor
    Why is it none of these stories mention the fact that Salt wasn’t shooting in mid-July 2009 and that Angie wasn’t even in NYC when the maid claims this affair happened? That’s all they have to say to debunk it…yet nobody does because they want the traffic this story is generating to keep coming their way.
    And BTW, Terd wrote a letter to himself asking why he hasn’t reported anything on this story. He answered himself by saying they’re not broken up, but that his sources say, “something’s up” and that “the golden couple doesn’t smell so sweet anymore” or some dumb shite like that. So even Terd admits they’re still together…but he couldn’t just say that without hinting that something was rotten in Denmark. No. That’s just too nice for Terd. He’s such a tiresome biitch.

  • Love JPs

    God Bless The Jolie Pitts.

  • Jen the Hag

    Raise your hands JPS!!! @ 01/26/2010 at 10:39 am

    Guess you are not a fan of Brad Pitt .. he always said in his old interview that he love to travel must be confused it’s ANUSton who is lazy to travel farther than MEXICO. Yes Angie can survive a long term relationship because also before getting with brad pitt she said that whoever enters her house with her and maddox she take it VERY, VERY SERIOUSLY since you don’t like Brad & Angie why don’t you go back to FF site and wait for the break-up that is not gonna happen OK HAG?

    Now seriously HAG before posting here do some research ok… quoting tabloid rags is not acceptable. And for GOD sake don’t you get tired posting break-up rumor version 1000 already!! Just wait for Brad and Angelina to announce it if ever (doubt it would happen) no need to tax your brains to post a loooong fiction write-up regarding the state of Brad and Angelina’s relationship coz nobody will believe it unless B&A are the ones doing the announcement.

  • Passing Through

    # 1221 Brad I feel for you! @ 01/26/2010 at 10:17 am
    God…more drivel from Mr. IUC. He must eat an extremely high fiber diet because the shite just oozes out of every orifice and poor on his fug body. I’m LMBAO off at him saying he gives his word that the NOTW reporter is a good, “thorough” reporter. When your research consists of reading and stealing from other tabs – it doesn’t matter how thorough you are. When your source is shite, YOUR article is going to be shite. Assembling 20 lies in one place doesn’t make them true. LOL! Apparently nobody has thought to share that with Mr. IUC.

  • jaliah

    Brad Pitt said in an interview which, I think was for CCOBB, that instead of trying to instruct his children verbally he & Jolie thought that action or by example was a better way. That would fit in with the ‘let them think what they want we will just carry on living our lives’.

  • Shar


  • Jess

    When IB cast won SAG Best Ensemble, they sent text message to Brad of the good news, Brad send back “LOL”. He seemed to be surprised of their winning.

  • Passing Through

    # 1228 ebmo @ 01/26/2010 at 10:27 am
    Another Halperin quote? Seriosly? Should I go back through this thread and find my oriiginal post about how his big “tell all” dove quicker than a damaged b-52 over dusledorf in WWI?

    After only 2 months it is on the bargain rack at Barnes and Nobles, it is selling for 9.95 on Amazon and a whopping 2.99 on
    ROTFLMAO. Pretty soon his book is going to be like X’s misManagement was at NetFlix – stores will be giving them away for free. Buy a box of Ex-lax – get Mr. IUC’s book for free. Buy a pack of toilet paper – get mr. IUC’s book for free. Buy a cross-cut shredder – get Mr. IUC’s book for free.

  • Passing Through

    # 1231 its going to be OVER @ 01/26/2010 at 10:35 am
    Do you mean Cindy Adams who’s BFFs with X’s mother? THAT Cindy Adams? Biitch, please.

  • Jen the Hag

    JPs? past Sick!!!!!!! @ 01/26/2010 at 10:07

    Geezz i think you are the one who should be locked up just because we don’t believe what JENHAGS like you post about break-up we are the ones whose sick.. HEY JENRETARD look at the mirror the lunatic is looking back at YOU . YOU’RE a JP STALKER.. and get A LIFE JENRETARD!!


    Just read that in 2007 Icky Herpesrin the ex-felon had a book out on Hollywood where he smeared a number of people — he mentions he took Anna Nicole Smith to Marilyn Monroe’s gravesite, and she asked him to fck her there, and he did. Nevermind that Anna Nicole was dead when the book releases, and so couldn’t defend herself from Halperins ‘story.’ But either way, if it’s not true, he’s lying, and if it is true, fcking a drug addicted/addled woman in a cemetary ontop of a scared gravesite, his not only creepy but insane. But I guess when these media news outlets want ‘info,’ on Brangelina they’d interview a serial killer just to get a ‘quote.’

    By the way, kevin Spacey is not gay according to Herpesrin (pic of him tongueing a young guy on a beach not withstanding I guess, lol). Yeah, just to give you an idea as to how accurate he was back in 2007. Hahahaha.

  • Passing Through

    # 1241 QQQQ @ 01/26/2010 at 11:18 am
    LOL. I’m not a fan of Andy’s playing still. It’s too robotic for me. But…he’s funny off the court and he’s a good guy.
    Re: Cilic – I like the way he moves. He’s quick and very smooth for a guy who’s 6’6″. When he was playing DelPo – who’s almost 6’7″ – DelPo was kind of lumbering around and Cilic was very light on his feet and seemed to get to every ball. He’s going to be an interesting guy to watch develop. Too bad I can’t say that same of Andy The Whiner Murray…

  • Passing Through

    # 1243 andamentothat @ 01/26/2010 at 11:24 am
    The Oscars aren’t until March 7th. They need to go ahead and announce they got married or adopted another kid immediately because I can’t put up with the trolls’ bullshite for another 40 days. They’re annoying all on their own, but having to scroll past all of these UK tab & Mr. IUC stories is giving me arthritis in my index finger.

  • QQQQ

    Passing Through @ 01/26/2010 at 12:09 pm
    Don’t even get me started on that ass. I am the real #1. Yeah right! I am snickering at him being # 4.

  • phool


  • http://japan cinnamon

    Hi Everyone!!! I just missed to post because I was really busy and more than a thousand posts already? Unbelievable!
    Of course, the story is totally BS!

  • http://japan cinnamon


  • groundcontrol

    Why would anyone in theri right nind pay attention to Ian Halperin? He began his career by fabricating sources in college followed up by perjuring himself during a libel suit against him that arose out of the fake sources.
    This guy is con man and he has never changed. He has been begging the Jolie Pitts for attention and he is dying that they are ignoring him. Halperin has NO sources whatsoever in the Jolie Pitt camp. He is a liar and a fraud. Anyone with half a brain can see through his carnival act.
    Unless they were to present one of the major awards why in the world would the Jolie Pitts go to the Oscars when neither of them is nominated? What do you take them for – Sally Kirkland?
    The Jolie Pitts have a large life apart from their acting and Hollywood life. As they prepare for the move to Europe for The Tourist shoot, I am sure they have a million things to get out of the way.