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Brad & Angelina Split Rumors are 'Total B.S.'

Brad & Angelina Split Rumors are 'Total B.S.'

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not splitting up, their rep exclusively tells

Rumors of a breakup are “total b.s.,” says the rep.

Reports surfaced Saturday that Brad and Angelina, who are parents to six kids, signed a contract to make their split “official.” The reports stemmed from a story in UK’s News of the World.

Less than three weeks ago, Brad and Angelina were seen grabbing dinner together in New York City. Hollywood’s hottest couple is here to stay!

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1,264 Responses to “Brad & Angelina Split Rumors are 'Total B.S.'”

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  1. 101
    alexanderina Says:

    87 Clara @ 01/24/2010 at 1:01 pm

    Oh poor pathetic you.

    btw. I like B&A but if they break up, you bet your **** that my life will continue to go on just like before, cause I will not be mourning for a break up for years like you jenhags are still doing 5 years later. The difference between the JPs fans and you Jenloonies are we know the difference between reality and fantasy. You people are still living in fantasyland

  2. 102
    christyjolie Says:

    THANK GOD! it is not true!!!!! it is kind of sick how devastated I was!

  3. 103
    dianad1968 Says:

    @Dakota fan:


    So as someone who “like” them, you want hem to split, upset the lives of their children, just so the disgusting machinations behind the scenes, and malicious rumours would stop? Some fan you are.

  4. 104
    jezebelle Says:

    Wow the trolls are watching JJ every second so that they’ll be the first to post. Pathetic evil trolls spend their time posting on threads on people they don’t like. Somehow I believe these trolls are obsessed with the JPs.

  5. 105


    HA HA HA

    *dance in your fat,ugly face* c.u.n.t.s PITUSSA AND STARZILLA



  6. 106
    n99 Says:

    If any legal issues are not confirmed by TMZ, than it’s not true. TMZ has not reported them signing any separation papers. You EGGHEADS.

  7. 107
    mickey Says:

    Of course it’s B.S., the “proof” of their break up was completely shady. The oh so reputable News of the World (insert eye roll here) cites “a source” (real reliable) who says they are drafting “divorce” paperwork. If that doesn’t sound off the false rumor alarm I don’t know what does. Next, example of “proof” is that they haven’t been seen together at a splashy Hollywood event recently. Really? That means a couple is breaking up? Lame. Not every couple goes EVERYWHERE together ALL THE TIME. Lastly, the report said the kids would live with Angelina and Brad could still visit his biological kids. I sense Brad would partake more in the lives of the children he loves, than just by visiting them sometimes. If they ever were to split, I believe full joint custody would be on the table and not mere visitation rights. Give me a break. He left the neurotic and vain Jennifer Aniston because he was ready to have children and she wasn’t at that time, so I doubt he would leave this relationship with little more than visitation rights.

    This rumor was probably launched just to force Brangelina’s hand to get them to show up at an event together because the tabloids and entertainment press love taking pictures of them so. Brangelina means a lot of money to these types of people and the stories they make up about them and their pictures, keep their funny pages funny.

  8. 108
    Jill Says:

    Clara @ 01/24/2010 at 1:01 pm
    Questions: Why would the Jolie-Pitt reps deny the split rumours “exclusively” to Just Jared? Who is Jared that the reps would use him to get the word out? Why not People magazine or another Jolie-Pitt mouthpiece?

    Clara, dear, they already denied it to People:,,20339066,00.html

  9. 109
    shoes4life Says:

    It’s sad that every year when Brad and Angie are not seen photographed somewhere together or they travel seperately that the taboids start firing up these lies. The joy of some sicko’s that want to see a family breakup because they are still bitter about a five year old divorce that did not involve KIDS!! What’s more distasteful is that they mentioned Angie’s mother who’s death anniversary is this month, all in an attempt to smoke Brad and Angelina out.. You talk about sick!!

    Rumors of legal documents for seperation has surfaced for over 3-4 years now, everytime they step foot in a legal office it is deemed bad. When it is actually them taking care of adoption papers, changing the kids name legally, and making sure wills are up to date. Yet, they are seperating to the wishful haters.

    The good thing is that Brad and Angie know that lies will be written, said and posted and per their own words have and continue to prepare their chilldren for such vicious lies as they themselves said they don’t have time to worry about tabloids. They are raising a young family, have projects helping others around the world, still making/producing movies, and each other to tend to.

    Therefore life goes on for the Jolie-Pitt family and the tabloids will continue to die by the sword of lies..

  10. 110
    itisover Says:

    I love how the tabloids failed to publish the last two pics of them in the car where they are smiling. Only the ones where they looked annoyed. Could it be the paps screaming awful questions at them? How would they feel? The tabloids want to make it like they are unhappy and it is not fair. At this point, you have tabloids trying to break them up along with a certain publicist working for the X. Anything to sell copies, website hits or bring attention to the X or get him back. Pathetic — there are 6 children involved. So, pathetic JENNIFER–Angie and Brad are now paid back for causing you pain. Get the fvck lost, you are a narcissist. I hope you continue getting called out for your actions and manipulations.

  11. 111
    hans Says:

    Oh please, these two have been over for a long time.

  12. 112 Says:

    This is damage control because “People” will inevitably have the exclusive on the breakup and someone got hold of the news and put the news out first. And, as I said before, maybe People has already paid them for the exclusive and they need to squash these rumors or give the money back. And, likely they are using that money for other things. I never saw MSNBC comment on a breakup of the JP’s before. I def think this is a true breakup! And being that Brangelina rarely ever denied any of the previous rumors, me thinks they doth protest too much!

  13. 113
    bdj Says:

    Have mercy on the rabid hens. Keep hope alive whiny hens. Maybe Baby Jane will take her two faithful rabid hens on her blow out fab at 45 party. Reading is your friend hens. Whine never accomplish anything. Well maybe a lame rom com career.

  14. 114
    X IS NADA Says:


  15. 115
    dianad1968 Says:



    You wanted confirmation from People? Well here it is.,,20339066,00.html

    I ope that satisfies you, but somehow I doubt it.

  16. 116
    lizk Says:

    I just wish Brad would shave that disgusting beard. Is he mad at Angelina? Is he protesting something? I don’t get it. I’d dump him if he didn’t shave that thing off asap.

  17. 117
    X IS NADA Says:


  18. 118
    Hekki Says:

    Strategic FAIL.

    Saddling a man with a bunch of kids is never a good idea. Unless you’re a sane woman and he really wants them. Even then, it’s a crap shoot.

    Brad’s going back to Jen’s place for some peace and quiet and sanity.

  19. 119
    Few Words Says:

    praise jesus
    i can continue to masturbate to them

  20. 120
    Jill Says:

    Lol @ 01/24/2010 at 1:08 pm
    @Jill: brad and Angelina only deny when brad is involved in the rumor. Anytime it’s just Angie she doesn’t waste her time. That’s how you know ths denial is not from her side.. Why didn’t she deny cheating?

    Why didn’t she deny that Brad is not Shiloh’s father? Why didn’t she deny that she faked her pregnancy with the twins? Why didn’t she deny that the twins have different fathers? Why didn’t she deny any of the bullshit the tabloids and you trolls put out?
    Angie has never wasted a minute denying bullshit rumors. She was asked in an interview a couple of years ago how she and Brad cope with all the craziness and she said: “We ask who is printing all this? As long as we don’t read it in The New York Times, we don’t worry about it.”
    BTW, The New York Times said nothing about this breakup rumor.

  21. 121
    X IS NADA Says:


  22. 122
    pebo Says:

    If I must chime in. All of this hoopla over a couple who has nothing to but respect for each other. Angie does not go out of her way to deny or vindicate any rumor about herself, never has probably never will. They don’t have publicists’s just lawyers. If they were going to seperate it would be devastating to those children but the world sits by patiently waiting for it as if to say I told u so. He is still in love with poor little Jen. He will be trying to win her back. If anything it would be Angies fault. If she caught him with someone else it would be her fault, if he died of a heartattack it would be her fault. And honestly I don’t see how she deals with it I would go completely off the roster at JA and all the rest of the F###ers.
    I wish they would leave her alone but as long as it sells mags they will continue to do it. I would start using it to my advantage and use the tabs like maniston does.
    I for one wish she would split from him for my own personal reasons but I don’t want her to be hurt or the children. It has to be tough and I know she is strong but my goodness. He doesn’t encounter the hatred she does from jealous people. If they did break up he wouldn’t go back to the hag. But haters don’t care as long as he is not with Ange is all that matters. They want him to take her kids and run to the hag. How sick. That will never happen so u can forget that.
    The media will continue to do these things. I do warn Johnny Depp to get ready when they start to film because it is going tobe hell. She will be sleeping with him and all every week from now on.

  23. 123
    nadine Says:

    Thanks Jared! but we all JP-fans knew that.. since they’ve been starting dating someone says that but in the end it’s all bullshit as always!!! they should leave brad & angie and their beautiful family alone!! they happy and they will always be together they LOVE each other and we the FANS love them soo haters and you stupid magazin’s shut up!!! ……. BRANGELINA 4-EVER!!! LOVE THEM<333

  24. 124
    ccc Says:

    Well, this is a perfect example of today’s internet media taking on a life of its own from a gossip source. I’ve seen the MSNBC citing NE as its scource. Every news outlet wants to beat out its competition by getting “IT” out there, regardless of whether it is true or not. Because of internet, news reporting has changed drastically. Because of internet, the public perception of news has changed drastically. Both the reporting party and the receiving party believes if it’s on the net, it has to be the true. It will be Interesting to see how this plays out. I got to go. I will be back later.

  25. 125
    GG Says:

    Why don’t they live this couple alone!? No one is as intersting as them definitley not that parsite hag. Learn to live with it and leave them alone hags.

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