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Jennifer Aniston Flying Friends Out For 41st Birthday

Jennifer Aniston Flying Friends Out For 41st Birthday

Jennifer Aniston is planning a big birthday bash for herself and her bestest of friends in the next few weeks, sources tell

The actress, who turns 41 on February 11, plans to fly her friends out to a tropical desert paradise in early February.

While Jen‘s plans haven’t been set in stone yet, a source tells that she’s telling guests that instead of birthday
gifts, they should donate money to her charity of choice. (Hope For Haiti Now make sense since she lent her star power to their telethon last night.)

The guest list for Jen‘s birthday getaway includes her hairstylist Chris McMillan, BFF Courteney Cox (with husband David Arquette), and her Bounty Hunter co-star Gerard Butler.

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Photos: Mark Davis/Hope For Haiti Now
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287 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Flying Friends Out For 41st Birthday”

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  1. 1
    The Boohoo Sisters in Despair Says:

    What about your two half bros ? YouR nephews, mother and father ? Aren’t they invited ?

  2. 2
    what rumor Says:

    hey aniston/huvane, i know you’re both behind the latest witch hunt on angelina jolie. you do know that brad and angie are tying the knot shortly hence the pre-nup agreement everyone is desperately trying to interpret as separation document. you just wait and see….

  3. 3
    Judy Says:

    Brad will be there.

  4. 4
    karma Says:

    CNN is reporting the split. Start making the koolaid loonies.

  5. 5
    teri Says:

    Well looky here she does have money only to splurge on herself and her bought friends. Forget those Haiti people who could use it more.

  6. 6
    aniston payroll Says:

    Gerard Butler is the most recent addition to Aniston’s payroll a.k.a. “circle of friends that hate angelina jolie” These people feed off each other….birds of a feather stick together…..

  7. 7
    sooo Says:


  8. 8
    Nic Says:

    love her love her just love her
    she is gorgeous and happy birthday Jen

  9. 9 Says:

    Wow, guess we know the real reason for the sour puss look on Angies face when they came out of that restaurant after meeting their attorneys and haggling it out for 6 hours. She’s getting 1/2 of 330 million bucks and joint custody but the kids will live with her mainly. He just bought a house bordering the other home they own in Cali to live in himself. She’s going to take the kids to France and chill while she waits to start her new movie. Maybe he will surprise Jen and show up at her birthday vacay. Wonder if they went out and had a cocktail after they were on the telethon the other night? Angie made out like a bandit with this relationship, I mean, she wasn’t the one that earned 330 million, Pitt was a huge star before her and had tons of money and investments as well. She will get 165 million bucks in her pocket for sucking the hot out of Brad for 5 years – that’s a real payday!!

  10. 10
    ELLLES Says:

    Yep, she has to buy her friends.

  11. 11
    Brad and Angie No more Says:

    wow it is even reported by the Times of London which is NOT a tabloid by any means

    Just Jared will lose about 1/2 of its readers today through mass suicide. No more Brangie, well smack me surprised.

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  12. 12
    Girl Friends Says:


    No Moron they (many) have BEEN her friends since her NY salad days! She has tons of girl friends, Angie? None. Why?

  13. 13
    zk Says:

    Jared- are you paid by her publicist? It’s possible she may be THE most desperate and transparent “celeb” of our time…..(in the same category as Heide Montag)

    The same scheme for every movie (she’s dating her co-star!SHOCK) or how FABULOUS AT 40! she is, yet still, no one can stand to be with her for any length of time.

    Let’s be clear and honest – she is NOT a great actress, she is Rachel Greene over and over, which is about a B, and that’s it. She is certainly NOT A-list and only assumes that position because of her ex-husband who graciously gave her that position.

    I can’t believe the minivan majority fall for her B.S constantly! Personally, I find her one of the most pathetic celebs of all time, due to these crazy schemes she comes up with to stay relevant and in the headlines. (even this week’s People Mag has her on the cover, but ONLY because of the reference to her EX Brad Pitt – meaning, she is not the slightest bit interesting without him)

    She needs to stop overreaching (no, Jen, you will NEVER win an Oscar) with films AND with men. Needs to stop the insane spin as if she’s with every single co-star she stars with.

    Extremely transparent and patheticly SAD…..

  14. 14
    so disrespectful Says:

    Jennifer Aniston gon;t care about black people. This is just another form of PR for next movie that will bomb like next.

    Always asking others to donate while keeping her cash to herself.

  15. 15
    so disrespectful Says:

    Jennifer Aniston don’t care about black people. This is just another form of PR for next movie that will bomb like thr rest..

    Always asking others to donate while keeping her cash to herself.
    Selfish b!tch deserves to be alone for the rest of her life.

  16. 16
    CanadaGirl Says:

    I hope she has a great B-day. :)

  17. 17
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Brad and Angie No more: haha

  18. 18
    JJ Suicide LOL Says:


    the news this morning said Jen & Brad met behind the scenes Fri at this charity event. Good, I’m glad. they always will be “friends”

    Unlike the mentally ill on here who hate this woman , meanwhile Brad cares for her, I am sure. Sick? You Think? Every Gossip site today is talking about the Just Jared Mass Suicide today, Aren’t you all ASHAMED? No, I know, the sick love will ‘march on’ many said “they are blaming Jen” LMAO If you do, it’s time for the men in white coats. No, it was that time LONG AGO. Face it, they split. No killing one’s self over this? OK now? LOLLLLLLLL the day finally came huh?

  19. 19
    Courtney Says:

    @what rumor: I think the JoliePits are soon to be history, Angie is a nut case, to bad for the kids..

  20. 20
    JJ Suicide LOL Says:


    HA ha Ha Canada Girl!!! isn’t it Sweet Revenge? On this group here who has done NOTHING but call Jennifer names? ISNT IT SWEET?????? KARMA sure is a BI***!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ha ha and more ha’s Jennifer looks fantastic. Hear AJ is down to 104 pds ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww RUN Brad!

  21. 21
    Courtney Says:

    @karma: These two should have never had all these kids, they were never a stable couple..

  22. 22
    GALL Says:

    @The Boohoo Sisters in Despair:

    you got some GALL! Angie never even let her children meet her dad!!!!! He went on Larry King and practically cried over this! and your talking about a damn bd gathering? what idiots!!!
    John Voight’s comments about her long ago, do you NOW think her dad was right on???? You BETCHA!!!

  23. 23
    ryan Says:

    A close friend of Brad has confirmed the split! :(

  24. 24
    The end at last Says:

    @Courtney: \
    Exactly! Brad was an old fashioned Mid Western boy, how was this union ever going to lasts? he looks horrible! and worn and beat! and they on here were still saying how wonderful he looked!
    Angie has issues, lets face it. those kids all in black all the time, little Shi looks like a little HoBo, why? What’s the REASON? And the constant flying all around the world, these brangelina loonies on here thought he loveeeed doing that! no roots, the kids change schools like we change underwear. What kind of life is that?
    Good for Brad. Oh you bet it’s true! The news today (tv) said one of their Reps said “it’s a Private Matter”.
    Angie finally got to him!

  25. 25
    LOONS Says:

    @what rumor:

    read this comment and tell me the loons on here aren’t Sick!!!!

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