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Jennifer Aniston Flying Friends Out For 41st Birthday

Jennifer Aniston Flying Friends Out For 41st Birthday

Jennifer Aniston is planning a big birthday bash for herself and her bestest of friends in the next few weeks, sources tell

The actress, who turns 41 on February 11, plans to fly her friends out to a tropical desert paradise in early February.

While Jen‘s plans haven’t been set in stone yet, a source tells that she’s telling guests that instead of birthday
gifts, they should donate money to her charity of choice. (Hope For Haiti Now make sense since she lent her star power to their telethon last night.)

The guest list for Jen‘s birthday getaway includes her hairstylist Chris McMillan, BFF Courteney Cox (with husband David Arquette), and her Bounty Hunter co-star Gerard Butler.

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287 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Flying Friends Out For 41st Birthday”

  1. 1
    The Boohoo Sisters in Despair Says:

    What about your two half bros ? YouR nephews, mother and father ? Aren’t they invited ?

  2. 2
    what rumor Says:

    hey aniston/huvane, i know you’re both behind the latest witch hunt on angelina jolie. you do know that brad and angie are tying the knot shortly hence the pre-nup agreement everyone is desperately trying to interpret as separation document. you just wait and see….

  3. 3
    Judy Says:

    Brad will be there.

  4. 4
    karma Says:

    CNN is reporting the split. Start making the koolaid loonies.

  5. 5
    teri Says:

    Well looky here she does have money only to splurge on herself and her bought friends. Forget those Haiti people who could use it more.

  6. 6
    aniston payroll Says:

    Gerard Butler is the most recent addition to Aniston’s payroll a.k.a. “circle of friends that hate angelina jolie” These people feed off each other….birds of a feather stick together…..

  7. 7
    sooo Says:


  8. 8
    Nic Says:

    love her love her just love her
    she is gorgeous and happy birthday Jen

  9. 9 Says:

    Wow, guess we know the real reason for the sour puss look on Angies face when they came out of that restaurant after meeting their attorneys and haggling it out for 6 hours. She’s getting 1/2 of 330 million bucks and joint custody but the kids will live with her mainly. He just bought a house bordering the other home they own in Cali to live in himself. She’s going to take the kids to France and chill while she waits to start her new movie. Maybe he will surprise Jen and show up at her birthday vacay. Wonder if they went out and had a cocktail after they were on the telethon the other night? Angie made out like a bandit with this relationship, I mean, she wasn’t the one that earned 330 million, Pitt was a huge star before her and had tons of money and investments as well. She will get 165 million bucks in her pocket for sucking the hot out of Brad for 5 years – that’s a real payday!!

  10. 10
    ELLLES Says:

    Yep, she has to buy her friends.

  11. 11
    Brad and Angie No more Says:

    wow it is even reported by the Times of London which is NOT a tabloid by any means

    Just Jared will lose about 1/2 of its readers today through mass suicide. No more Brangie, well smack me surprised.

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  12. 12
    Girl Friends Says:


    No Moron they (many) have BEEN her friends since her NY salad days! She has tons of girl friends, Angie? None. Why?

  13. 13
    zk Says:

    Jared- are you paid by her publicist? It’s possible she may be THE most desperate and transparent “celeb” of our time…..(in the same category as Heide Montag)

    The same scheme for every movie (she’s dating her co-star!SHOCK) or how FABULOUS AT 40! she is, yet still, no one can stand to be with her for any length of time.

    Let’s be clear and honest – she is NOT a great actress, she is Rachel Greene over and over, which is about a B, and that’s it. She is certainly NOT A-list and only assumes that position because of her ex-husband who graciously gave her that position.

    I can’t believe the minivan majority fall for her B.S constantly! Personally, I find her one of the most pathetic celebs of all time, due to these crazy schemes she comes up with to stay relevant and in the headlines. (even this week’s People Mag has her on the cover, but ONLY because of the reference to her EX Brad Pitt – meaning, she is not the slightest bit interesting without him)

    She needs to stop overreaching (no, Jen, you will NEVER win an Oscar) with films AND with men. Needs to stop the insane spin as if she’s with every single co-star she stars with.

    Extremely transparent and patheticly SAD…..

  14. 14
    so disrespectful Says:

    Jennifer Aniston gon;t care about black people. This is just another form of PR for next movie that will bomb like next.

    Always asking others to donate while keeping her cash to herself.

  15. 15
    so disrespectful Says:

    Jennifer Aniston don’t care about black people. This is just another form of PR for next movie that will bomb like thr rest..

    Always asking others to donate while keeping her cash to herself.
    Selfish b!tch deserves to be alone for the rest of her life.

  16. 16
    CanadaGirl Says:

    I hope she has a great B-day. :)

  17. 17
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Brad and Angie No more: haha

  18. 18
    JJ Suicide LOL Says:


    the news this morning said Jen & Brad met behind the scenes Fri at this charity event. Good, I’m glad. they always will be “friends”

    Unlike the mentally ill on here who hate this woman , meanwhile Brad cares for her, I am sure. Sick? You Think? Every Gossip site today is talking about the Just Jared Mass Suicide today, Aren’t you all ASHAMED? No, I know, the sick love will ‘march on’ many said “they are blaming Jen” LMAO If you do, it’s time for the men in white coats. No, it was that time LONG AGO. Face it, they split. No killing one’s self over this? OK now? LOLLLLLLLL the day finally came huh?

  19. 19
    Courtney Says:

    @what rumor: I think the JoliePits are soon to be history, Angie is a nut case, to bad for the kids..

  20. 20
    JJ Suicide LOL Says:


    HA ha Ha Canada Girl!!! isn’t it Sweet Revenge? On this group here who has done NOTHING but call Jennifer names? ISNT IT SWEET?????? KARMA sure is a BI***!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ha ha and more ha’s Jennifer looks fantastic. Hear AJ is down to 104 pds ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww RUN Brad!

  21. 21
    Courtney Says:

    @karma: These two should have never had all these kids, they were never a stable couple..

  22. 22
    GALL Says:

    @The Boohoo Sisters in Despair:

    you got some GALL! Angie never even let her children meet her dad!!!!! He went on Larry King and practically cried over this! and your talking about a damn bd gathering? what idiots!!!
    John Voight’s comments about her long ago, do you NOW think her dad was right on???? You BETCHA!!!

  23. 23
    ryan Says:

    A close friend of Brad has confirmed the split! :(

  24. 24
    The end at last Says:

    @Courtney: \
    Exactly! Brad was an old fashioned Mid Western boy, how was this union ever going to lasts? he looks horrible! and worn and beat! and they on here were still saying how wonderful he looked!
    Angie has issues, lets face it. those kids all in black all the time, little Shi looks like a little HoBo, why? What’s the REASON? And the constant flying all around the world, these brangelina loonies on here thought he loveeeed doing that! no roots, the kids change schools like we change underwear. What kind of life is that?
    Good for Brad. Oh you bet it’s true! The news today (tv) said one of their Reps said “it’s a Private Matter”.
    Angie finally got to him!

  25. 25
    LOONS Says:

    @what rumor:

    read this comment and tell me the loons on here aren’t Sick!!!!

  26. 26 Says:

    Haha, the loons are so freaked out by the end of Brangelina that all they can do is come to a Jen thread and spew hate and claim that nobody loves her or wants her, yada, yada, yada. Well she will have one of the best birthday presents ever – THE DEATH OF BRANGELINA. I bet Johnny Depps wife is coming unglued right now too. She’s not looking forward to the black widow attempting to hypnotize her man. Happy Birthday Jen!!!

  27. 27



  28. 28
    its overrrrrrrr Says:


    CNN CONFIRMED IT! Oh they already made the Kool aid, they will (have) starting blaming Jen! LOL
    it’s over , it’s over it’s Overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. (roy orbison)

    Maybe now Brad can be his old handsome self again.

    JP FANS start the Funeral March! LOL LOL LOL

  29. 29
    its overrrrrrrr Says:

    you JERK with a capital J!

  30. 30
    JMT Says:

    Doubt Gerard Butler hates Angelina. They seemed cool at the premiere of their movie way back when and he has only said nice things about her. He may not love or loved working with her, but I doubt he hates her. As for Gerard, he better be working out like a mutha to look decent on this island getaway. He was obviously wearing a mirdle at the GG’s recently. No way he went from fat, flabby to that think in less than 2 weeks. He is thick, around the middle as so say friends who saw him at the Haiti telethon afterparty.

  31. 31
    its overrrrrrrr Says:

    Boy look at these morons! Like Jen didnt donate money to haiti? you idiots!! She don’t have to get on a public speaker like AJ when she donates money! I guess then Brad/angie should sell the France castle and give it to that country along with ALL of their millions, right? you idiot! Go to school, obviously you haven’t had any.

    Brad and Angie, over at last. the Loons are HIDING, HIDING I tell ya!
    God Bless the Jolie Pitts LMAO LMAO LMAO!

  32. 32
    Guest Says:

    @Brad and Angie No more:
    Hopefully they’ll put down black rubber sheets before they commit suicide. Maybe they can do it with knives or by choking. This way they could pay homage to Jolie.

  33. 33
    Ann Says:

    Why doesn’t Jennifer Aniston donate a birthday gift in her name to Haiti since she hasn’t given yet? She fools no one. Huvane is a nasty creature, it will all come tumbling down around Jen and Stephen. Poor Jen, still having to have a big blow out every year on her birthday—like some little kid. Why would her friends even think they are required to bring to gifts as rich as she is, oh…she is one of those people.
    The no gift thing is a cover up because Jen is a no giver to Haiti, still stepping on the backs of dead babies.

  34. 34
    ??? Says:

    LMAO at the Jen-hens. Go to, nothing, absolutely nothing about a split of AJ and BP. Shame on you for believing two tabloids. Boy no wonder you hens are the mockery of the internet. On twitter you nimrods are a source of ridicule.
    As for Gerard Butler, he is headed to NYC for his favorite season, New York Fashion Week. The dude is more interested in 20-year-old tight moist p*ssy than 41-year-old stretched and dried out cooch. He has already seen desperate JA spreadeagled on the set of their trashfest and he didn’t hit it then. And he is willing to hit anything.
    I didn’t believe my friend when she said how desperate JA’s fans were to see JA with anyone, and now I have to believe her. If not for your hate for AJ and need to coddle a desperate dumpee, what would you have in your lives? What a pathetic stupid bunch of hens. Keep it up, you are the biggest laughingstock fans in the world. Not even those crazy Bloater fans can hold a candle to your delusions.

  35. 35
    normal one Says:


    I’d wish she hook up with John Stamos, greek and SO adorable, sexy, etc. They would make a great couple.

    Forget Brad, poor guy looks like he’s walked a million miles, what on earth happened to him? his gross beard, his wrinkles. Angie?? YA think?
    Well, look for them to confirm it all shortly. And the mass suicide on JJ will then, take place AFTER they continue to punch down JA. Isn’t it something? every site is talking about the loons on here. I’d be embarrassed, but not them. fight fight fight for their love of B & A! LMAO
    it is going to be fun to watch!

  36. 36
    team leno Says:

    lol you people need lives

  37. 37
    sue Says:

    41 years old!!! She’s got it going on. Beautiful! Gerard Butler is on the guest list????Whoa! What a minute, my imagination is running wild!

  38. 38
    Jane Says:

    @Ann–How do you freaking know that she has not donated to Haiti? You are an idiot!

  39. 39
    bet Says:

    i love you jen. you are power girl. you are the best of best

  40. 40
    Think positive! Says:

    Will she ever donate some money from her own pocket to at least one of all these charities she “supports” rather than asking others to do so?? How pathetic can she be?? Jeez!

  41. 41
    Ann Says:

    Guest @ 01/24/2010 at 10:13 am

    @Brad and Angie No more:
    Hopefully they’ll put down black rubber sheets before they commit suicide. Maybe they can do it with knives or by choking. This way they could pay homage to Jolie.


    Truth always comes out. Big shake up at PR firms, people talk…why wouldn’t they now? Jennifer’s and her PR agent manipulations against Brad and Angie will come to light. The truth about Rachel is coming out, she’s being called out now on TV. Hmm, What they say her formula was again?

  42. 42
    Ann Says:

    Because if the great Jennifer Aniston wrote a check, the charity would be crowing in an announcement like they do every other star. They work the PR, although not as well as Huvane. And let’s face it, Jennifer has to have credit for everything she does.

  43. 43
    bet Says:

    if this rumour is true, a lot of mass suicidal of bragnlooies. specially Jill and Clinqua and Angelina are going to on suicidal watch. poor lainey gossip when she said the brangie are celebrating the day the split of jen and brad, i ithink they were celebrating by sighning to split, i am sure they have to dragg her by force to sighn that paper. poor lainey gossip were she going to touch herself when she write the articl of them no more porno.

  44. 44
    dp Says:

    tropical desert paradise eh? guesses? i say Hawaii! – wait is it tropical?

    and once again ‘backs of dead babies’? , ‘hates black people’? – out of LINE. and it disgusts me you all could sink that low.

  45. 45
    Ann Says:

    Jennifer wants more showers with Mayer.

  46. 46
    WTF Says:



  47. 47
    dp Says:

    @aniston payroll:

    step off? aniston’s payroll? seriously. those are her friends. for over a decade. and besides this is almost 3 weeks away – i really do want to see her guest list. i think it’s nice she’s asking them to donate -

  48. 48
    Ann Says:

    Yep, if Aniston donated anything worthy….the charity would have reported and Jennifer would have reaped the announcement/praise/karma, but she didn’t so the charity didn’t. Maybe $20, 50, 100 ….like the rest of us. But, the rest of us don’t have millions like Aniston plus she’s once again getting free publicity “by asking her friends to give to charity instead of bringing her “fabulous at 41″ birthday gifts. Good Lord, it is amazing she has friends. She seems so narcissistic. Poor Courteney and David.

  49. 49
    Blue eyes Says:

    Even if they did break up, would Aniston take him back? Would you take him back if you were in her shoes? How could she ever trust him again and why would she want him with all that baggage. Him and Jolie could break up, but does Aniston want to spend the rest of her life dealing with Jolie??? That would be the case due to the six children that Pitt and Jolie share. So while you hope for a breakup, please remember there are children involved and they are the ones that suffer. And if Aniston does take him back, I wish them all the luck in the world, they’re going to need it.

  50. 50
    dp Says:

    @Brad and Angie No more:

    i personally don’t think it’s true they are breaking up. this is just another round of the same rumours. kinda like Aniston and her rumour mill recycling. only it’s escalated to such a level that USA today, LA Times, and major news outlets are reporting it… that’s pretty irresponsible and should be stopped. where the f is there rep? he/she should be smacking these rumours down before it goes out of control.

    it would be terrible if they did. they have lots of kids together, and i just don’t see how a separation works for their benefit. besides… it’s only been a little under 5 years!

  51. 51


  52. 52



  53. 53
    eggs Says:

    Obviously a paid post by her pr team. People should stop being so hard on Jared, Money is money, especially in this economy. The only one who looks bad is Aniston and her pr team as they seem desperate to get any publicity. Besides the W spread, does she have any coverage on the fashion magazines or have they finally come to their senses that her vapid interviews and less than spectacular pictures do not sell magazines? The only thing she can sell is tabloids to her equally vapid fanbase.

  54. 54
    Ann Says:

    Dlist loves Jennifer Aniston, thinks the sun rises on her—maybe it is the golden shower effect.

  55. 55
    If it's True.... Says:

    If Brad does breakup with Angie, that doesn’t mean that he wants to get back together with Jen. The best thing he could do is take some time for himself right now until everything is sorted out. They may sign a paper and split, but there will still be thousands of issues to work out. Angie is crazy & controlling. Brad may have physically left her, but she will be in his life forever becuse of the kids. She will continue to make him miserable because she has control over his life with those kids. I’m happy for him that he is getting joint custody because that takes a lot of her control away. Good luck to Brad. I hope he will find happiness.

  56. 56
    dp Says:


    she will always have coverage on magazines, because her face sells. it circulates what’s written in the magazine all over the internet. you are a fool. W mag is just one of them, the movie isn’t out until MARCH – it’s still almost 3 months away.

    great pic above btw – there are some really nice ones at getty images – just type in haiti telethon…

  57. 57
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:


  58. 58
    team_jen Says:

    thats so nice of her but im sure the jealous haters will makee out shes evil *sigh* get lives
    jen rules and looks fab for 41
    heck she looks fab for 25

  59. 59
    ellie' Says:

    @what rumor:
    That would be real nice… wish them happiness…

  60. 60
    Jill Says:

    Judy @ 01/24/2010 at 9:30 am
    Brad will be there.

    Sure he will. And the pope is converting to Islam.

  61. 61
    dp Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    yes please. do go back there. i’ve been waiting for Aniston threads to die down to 30 to 50 comments like the rest of the threads on JJ. Perhaps then we can all have some peace, and you guys can go to the JP thread and post your nastiness there without us having to read it.. out of sight out of mind

  62. 62
    dp Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    yes please. do go back there. i’ve been waiting for Aniston threads to die down to 30 to 50 comments like the rest of the threads on JJ. Perhaps then we can all have some peace, and you guys can go to the JP thread and post your nastiness there without us having to read it.. out of sight out of mind

  63. 63
    Here we go again Says:

    Jen and her pr team must have set up late nights to come up with this plan to get desperate here the most media attention.

  64. 64
    dp Says:


    ditto. yeah – go get married! this split rumours are out of control this time. is the rep on holiday? i guess it IS a sunday….

  65. 65
    Few Words Says:

    hair whipping & whinning don’t count
    as acting

  66. 66
    Few Words Says:

    angelina and brad split
    its a good day
    now you people can get a life
    stop living in moms basement

  67. 67
    dp Says:

    @Here we go again:

    yeah. that’s what they did – rme…. is that how the JP camp do it too when they are circulating split rumours and pregnancy rumours and marriage rumours?


  68. 68
    bet Says:


    i taught you are on suicidal watch. were your family surround you not , if you even have family.

  69. 69
    Ann Says:

    One thing about Brad and Angie, I think they will work together for their CHILDREN. No one cannot say they don’t love those kids. They will always be bound by the kids, I don’t see either badmouthing each other either or whining 5 years from now. Brad would be a fool to ever go near Jennifer Aniston again, no matter how desperate she and her eggs are…ever. If there has ever been a display of narcissism (besides the antics of either Jon or Kate) it has been Jennifer Aniston.
    Be leery of women that trash their own mothers in the media (Kate/Jennifer), unless the mothers themselves are in the media and ppl can see it for themselves..(Candy Spelling.)

  70. 70
    ellie' Says:

    To all you people.. we don’t really know if AJ & BP are splitting… How can someone be so happy for a family to split… Today couples should work on there relationship,,, breaking is such a cop out… Its been over for Jen & Brad for along time… But to be happy a family splitting with six children is just plain cruel.. and no reason to still be picking on Jennifer .. she has moved on long ago… enough is enough..
    I have never seen so much hatred for Jennifer… and for no reason.. stop the comparing already… Jen is a good person… and deserves to be spoken as someone very special after what you all put her through…..

  71. 71
    Few Words Says:

    go to hobby lobby
    find something to do
    with your life
    like scrapbooking or knitting
    for your cat

  72. 72
    Few Words Says:

    your funny
    like angelinas throbbing vein
    on her fat head

  73. 73
    dp Says:


    shut up. Do you have any idea of what happened with Aniston’s mother? or do you just spout of nonsense. go read up and then come back and discuss.

  74. 74
    ellie' Says:

    Hey my friend Bet..
    How are you doing??… I really don’t care what you have to say about Jill.. I agree her and few others have been the cruelest most disgusting people on these sites… They need to move on & leave Jennifer alone..
    Jen is the best the sweetest person ever…

  75. 75
    Jill Says:

    karma @ 01/24/2010 at 9:31 am
    CNN is reporting the split. Start making the koolaid loonies.

    There has been no confirmation by either Angie’s or Brad’s reps. There has been no corroboration by any independent new source. The media outlets that have reported it have reported it as rumor and not fact. So far, nothing on People, JJ, Popsugar, or TMZ, and TMZ would be all over it if they thought it was true.
    Unless and until Angie and Brad’s reps confirm the rumor, it’s a rumor.
    You’d better hold off on telling the “loons” to start making the Kool-Aid, since you might be the one to end up drinking it.

  76. 76
    dp Says:

    @Few Words:

    sigh. yes. you are right.

    but can’t help it! :)

  77. 77
    chin can't act Says:

    according to two british tabloids brad & angie haven’t seen out together lately. but we saw them out. they had a 6 hours dinner with friends. brad was kissing angie at jerry weintaub’s party. the dinner was about 2 or 3 ago & the party about month or so.

    if they are out together the trolls call famewh@re, media wh@re, blah, blah, blah. so, the trolls haven’t seen them together in the past few weeks they are over. well, which one is it. oh! i guess both because they are the JP.

  78. 78
    bet Says:


    hi feind , i know you are a good person, but we are just playing with those loonies. since a lot media picking up story , i am sure most of the loonies loosing thier sh@t. it might be true or not. i do not even know why the branglilna does not even stop the rumour themself. wonder if they want more attention from it , as usuall.
    but anyways cool down having a littel fun with loonies would not kill anyone. and also, you forget what those loonies say about your jen.

  79. 79
    dp Says:


    agreed Jill.
    but you are just as guilty of using tabloid rumours as fact when it comes to Jen – too many times to count. so coming from you sounds hollow.

    i for one hope it’s not true. otherwise it would be tragic – too many children involved.

  80. 80
    Ann Says:

  81. 81
    dp Says:


    an eye for an eye doesn’t make it better bet. i say we stop if we are truly interested in this to end. i say we defend only Jen when what they write is untrue and we correct it.
    – but i know the temptation is there. especially for you, after the horrendous things they have written to you…

    have a good Sunday!


  82. 82
    mm Says:

    Aniston will always be a loser!

  83. 83
    ellie' Says:

    Hey Bet… I think its fine… how they treat everyone on these sites.. they all disgust me… that’s why I leave .. you better then me .. to stay and fend for Jen…Its just use to be such a nice site…but I will only comment with my friends…

    Have you seen Jade on lately…?? I’ve been real busy…But not going anywhere today.. I’ll be around….

  84. 84
    dp Says:

    umm is that supposed to prove something? Lainey (who knows sh*t half the time) did a WAY THEY WERE segment for Jen and Brad too. i don’t understand what you are trying to prove?

  85. 85
    ellie' Says:

    I thought you just said… People Magazine… su*ks…

  86. 86
    Kara Says:

    I will just DIE if Bran and Angelina split up.

  87. 87
    Kara Says:

    Brad not Bran

  88. 88
    chin can't act Says:

    2005 they are over
    2006 they are over
    2007 they are over
    2008 they are over
    2009 they are over
    2010 they are over
    2011 they are over
    2012 they are over
    2013 they are over
    2014 they are over
    2015 they are over
    2016 they are over
    2017 they are over
    2018 they are over
    2019 they are over
    2020 they are over
    2021 they are over
    2022 they are over

    here are the sources that have been confirmed they are over since 2005.

    In Touch
    US Weekly
    Life & Style
    Daily Mirror & other british tabloids
    MSNBC has a video (in case you want to check it out) saying that two british tabloids. the key word here is “tabloids”.

    And the #1 souce is call the “TROLLS”.

  89. 89
    Few Words Says:

    brad and angie broke up
    how am i suppose to live without them

    listen to michael bolton i guess
    knit my cat some booties

  90. 90
    bet Says:


    i always do, on defending jen becuase i admire her for her displine in life with all this drama that follow her till this day. come on of course there is tempetaion, i have to admite i love to see loonies loosing thier sh@t, when this kind of romour comes up, weather it true or not. i am sure the kids can servive as long as the two commited on thier kids.

  91. 91
    ellie' Says:

    Well Jen I hope you have a wonderful Birthday planned with all you special friends in your life,,,, you so deserve so much happiness for being dragged through the mud for so many yrs…

  92. 92
    Chrissy Says:

    If Brad and Angelina do split up, I will definitely be going on a hunger strike until they get back together. I will take my hunger strike to the news too.

  93. 93
    bet Says:


    i have’n seen Jade for long, i am sure she feel the same way like you. hang in here , we all here becuase we admire jen.

  94. 94
    Annie Says:

    Look at ME look at ME! I’m so pathetic I have to throw a party for myself.

  95. 95
    Amy Says:

    Ban that “Few Words” person, it’s a hack from DListed.



  96. 96
    chin can't act Says:

    bet @ 01/24/2010 at 11:38 am

    we don’t loose our sh!t because we are not that stupid. we don’t believe in tabloids. you idiot chiniston fans believe in tabloids. you are the ones who got really excited hearing this tabloids humor.

    i believe it when the break up story is on major t.v. news & newspapers. even, if they break up brad & angie will always be in contact because of their children. brad ends up with six kids out of this relationship. what did he got from chiniston? nada, zil, zero, nothing.

  97. 97
    ellie' Says:

    Moron don’t even try to use my name… childish bull crap as usual…

  98. 98
    Ann Says:

    Jen’s ready for Brad now. She’s been waiting 5 long years.

  99. 99
    chin can't act Says:

    that’s it for me today. i’ll you chiniston idiots loose your sh!t over a tabloids story.

  100. 100
    elle' Says:

    Brad got with Ang to make babies for Jen. They are getting back together and now Jen will have Brad’s biological babies that Jen couldn’t have with him.

    Plan worked and Jen SCORES.

  101. 101
    mm Says:

    The biggest whoree in hollywood.Go F Urself aniston/ huvane.You have no class.The sole fact that u let PEOPLE MAG publish that cover
    tells me your a stupidd C.You’re an embarrassement for a woman and will be alone because you deserve to be alone like the B that you are!

  102. 102
    Things that make you go mmmmm Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    LMAO at you needing to yell to tell people that JA is irrelvant. My god are you obessed.

  103. 103
    I agree Says:

    elle’ @ 01/24/2010 at 11:51 am Brad got with Ang to make babies for Jen. They are getting back together and now Jen will have Brad’s biological babies that Jen couldn’t have with him.

    Plan worked and Jen SCORES

    jen knew if she had the babies with brad they’ll be probably look ugly just like her so she asked brad to go for the hottest & most gorgeous woman in the world to be a surrogate. now, that they are going to break up, jen will get the beautiful babies with brad. that was a smart thing jen did. she knew her chin is too too long to have gorgeous kids.

  104. 104
    what Says:

    Jen just wants to use her invited friends money to donate to haiti. Why not use her own money too to donate? I see, as usual, she only spends big money for herself like this time, for her big b-day celebration. Jen, donate, donate, donate… share your millions to the people of Haiti. Many celebrities already have.

  105. 105
    Jill Says:

    Oh…how…lovely…. @ 01/24/2010 at 9:44 am
    Wow, guess we know the real reason for the sour puss look on Angies face when they came out of that restaurant after meeting their attorneys and haggling it out for 6 hours.

    In a “restaurant”?? Most people haggle with their attorneys in their attorneys’ offices.
    You won’t know the real reason for anything until either Brad’s or Angie’s reps come forward with an official announcement. Because unless and until there’s official confirmation, it’s all tabloid rumor. And you’ll piss your pants every three hours while you wait for it.
    Better stock up on Depends, honey. And spray yourself with Clorox while you’re at it so you don’t stink up the place too much.
    Oh, forgot to ask — what if the official announcement never comes? What are you going to do then? Break out into ássholes and shít yourself to death out of sheer frustration?
    Have fun waiting. I can picture you now going slowly insane.

  106. 106
    I agree Says:

    Jill @ 01/24/2010 at 12:03 pm

    LMAO!! good one.

  107. 107
    dvd Says:

    After five long years, she has not found a man yet!
    What’s wrong with this old woman.

  108. 108
    elle' Says:

    I agree: isn’t what that I just said in essence?

  109. 109
    aha Says:

    She is using her money to buy her friends.

  110. 110
    Jill Says:

    I agree @ 01/24/2010 at 12:07 pm
    Jill @ 01/24/2010 at 12:03 pm
    LMAO!! good one.

    These trolls on here are going to go absolutely nuts waiting for this rumor to be confirmed. If it isn’t confirmed, they’ll scream it has to be true because it hasn’t been denied. But Brad and Angie have never denied any of the bullshit rumor printed about them in the tabloids — they have simply ignored them.
    If it’s true, they’ll confirm it. If they don’t, then it’s not. And the trolls will go batshit crazy in the interim.

  111. 111
    Selfish Jen Takes The Cake Says:

    What is WRONG with this woman? She is like naricissism personified. In the face of a tragedy like the earthquake in Haiti it never dawned on this woman to cancel such extravagant and expensive plans to honor HERSELF?
    Aniston is truly pathetic. No amount of money her friends can donate would come anywhere near to what Aniston herself is spending to celebrate her own birthday. For shame.
    Still no charity has announced a donation from Jennifer Aniston. Come on, woman, stop with this unending selfishness and GIVE. GIVE BIG.

  112. 112
    That Silly Cow Says:

    No shortage of money to spend on herself and her ‘friends’ – what about the people of Haiti and even her own family? Her mother is living in some dive as Aniston lives like some self-absorbed queen.

    By the way, where are the kids you told Vanity Fair you were having as you whined to everyone about how you had been dumped unfairly?

    You SUCK for all your lying BS!

  113. 113
    itisover Says:

    People should give to Haiti like Jenny’s friends will instead of getting her expensive gifts, how thoughtful of Jennifer to fly her friends out for her 41st BD. I don’t know why Hope for Haiti won’t announce Jenny’s gift like they did everyone’s else. Huvane is slipping on his job not to clear that up so people think Jennifer is not giving.
    Brad will back in Jennifer’s arms soon. I bet she wants the twins with her and Brad. Angie can keep the oldest 4. That Shiloh looks too independent and a handful…..too much work for Jen. Oh, Jenny has worked so hard for this day!

  114. 114 Says:

    Haha, the funniest thing is that YOU will be the one losing your **** regularly until you know the truth. I couldn’t care less if this couple breaks up truthfully. But I will be happy to see your loonie world crumble. I do think it was incredibly irresponsible of these two to get together and immediately start having a family though. They thought only of themselves and their selfishness is going to affect 6 kids tremendously. If they were not celebs, would you think it would be appropriate or responsible for a brand new couple (one of which just seperated with their wife moments before) to start a microwaved family? The answer (if you have an ounce of intelligence at all) would be NO!! Just because they are celebs, they are not entitled to a free pass on selfish behavior. Money doesn’t bring happiness or a good healthy upbringing/childhood.

  115. 115
    nathalie Says:

    Sorry guys, Depp was reported dead today by CNN no less, which has been since completely denied. He was NEVER in a car accident and is not dead. The other big story is Pitt and Jolie and that’s being denied as well. Someone out there also mentioned this could be spun by Huvane and is usually done with some connection to an Aniston story (check People and of course the Telethon for the lastest Aniston-Pitt connections).
    I am not sure anyone should believe it at this point. Maybe this is Aniston birthday wish/gift from her PR maniac

  116. 116
    DUH Says:

    According to Perez, Ang’s reps have denied the rumor that they are breaking up.


  117. 117
    mm Says:

    Oh boy I can’t wait for those doggy style poses on the beach!!

  118. 118
    Nic Says:

    hhhhhhaaa waiting for what I couldn’t careless about this f##% ***** and the ass with her but you poor fans who deny the truth ..I hope he stay away from Jen because he doesn’t deserve to be near her ..just go Brad find a nanny for yourself and your kids and for that ***** I’m sure Johny depp will be the next target ..oh poor Johnny’s wife I hope she hides her man from that creature .

  119. 119
    Another tragedy Says:

    nathalie @ 01/24/2010 at 12:19 pm
    Sorry guys, Depp was reported dead today by CNN no less,
    NO!!!!! I love Johnny. Is there a Memorial Site set up yet where I can post my condolences to Vanessa and the children.
    This is so sad. A tragedy so young.

  120. 120
    Sickely Says:

    Yeah this time the Jollie/Pitt split news looks like for real. It’s not just tabloids…it’s big new agencies like CNN and MSNBC reporting. Well not particular a fan of both but still not good news for them.

  121. 121 Says:

    Listen, watch and weep Loons!

  122. 122
    sorella Says:

    I am surprised that Jennifer A. warrants this much attention.
    The only thing I ever found interesting about her was that she was married to Brad Pitt, but that was AGES ago, five years!!

    Her bday, just another reason to get the spotlight, could she not NOT throw a party maybe and donate ALL the $ from what she would save flying all her friends out and paying for a shingding?? Nope, a party means PR and that’s her shtick, determined to stay in the spotlight at all costs. . First he bday party, then the whole Bounty PR, then something else, usually riding on the JP coatails in the press. She needs to go away, sick of her, she’s was once cute on Friends, but now seems so shallow and full of herself. I find she’s looking more and more like the Orange County ladies too.

  123. 123
    Jill Says:

    People just denied it:

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Split Rumors Not True, Say Sources
    Sunday January 24, 2010 12:15 PM EST
    While reports are swirling that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are headed for a split, multiple sources close to the family tell PEOPLE that the rumors are false.
    “Everything is fine” with the couple, who are parents to six kids, a source says.
    The reports of a pending split were first reported in a British tabloid.
    More to come…

  124. 124
    emmy jay Says:

    She’s got her timing right….She needs to be seen with a costar before her next movie opens….she needs some bikini shots….she needs to portray the fun at forty one temptress…..

    And watch, this movie will bomb too.

    She will, if she isn’t already, box office poison.

  125. 125
    Few Words Says:

    why wait
    go on your hunger strike now
    the gene pool needs cleaning

  126. 126
    Few Words Says:

    any day
    any time
    i got protection
    i aint picky

  127. 127
    ivanka Says:

    so sweet of her:)!

  128. 128
    nathalie Says:

    Yep. split officially denied by rep. Pitt will never leave the kids, he will put up with Jolie no matter what, that’s how bad he always wanted a family and those kids are precious. At this point it’s way beyond 2 people, it’s a family. They are not going to split up that easy, especially given the pictures at the Unicef ball, they looked extremely happy and no one is that good of an actor.

  129. 129
    itisover Says:

    wonder if jolie/pitt and depp are pulling rank over the tabloids to teach them a lesson along with a certain publicist for the head games?

  130. 130
    nathalie Says:

    Just one question on the birtday party: is Gerry bringing the pink shorts? Sorry, could not help it.

  131. 131
    mary Says:

    early happy birthday JEN! have fun!

  132. 132
    emmy jay Says:

    Just how did this information get published? Does someone call Jared and tell him that X is throwing herself of bash?

    She sure has some good PR…but I think that most of America is sick of her.

    Over exposure is not always a good thing….just ask Obama.

  133. 133
    Grace Says:

    PEOPLE MAGAZINE reporting Brangelina’s reps are saying break up is totally false and has no merit! Sorry folks, but they need to stay together so neither can get in anyone else’s life, and devour it as they did!

    BESIDES that….They deserve each other!

  134. 134
    Grace Says:

    Looks like you work for Camp BRANGELINA

  135. 135
    itisover Says:

    All Tabloids are a joke….Depp is dead, FALSE…Jolie/Pitt split…FALSE. Aniston is an angel FALSE Huvane tellls the truth, FALSE

  136. 136
    Grace Says:

    @aniston payroll:

    Yes your birds stick together like flies on stink! BRANGELINA is not breaking up – BRANGELINA reps reports to PEOPLE magazine that rumors are false! YEAH…they can stick together and not have the opportunity to ruin anyone else’s life! They are both dangerous!

  137. 137
    Jill Says:


    Brad & Angelina Split Rumors are ‘Total B.S.’
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not splitting up, their rep exclusively tells
    Rumors of a breakup are “total b.s.,” says the rep.
    Reports surfaced Saturday that Brad and Angelina, who are parents to six kids, signed a contract to make their split “official.” The reports stemmed from a story in UK’s News of the World.

  138. 138
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:,,20339066,00.html
    I guess the egg is on your face Jentards. HA HA HA HA HA HA

  139. 139
    Grace Says:

    @what rumor:

    Good lord, you are obviously deranged! Jen looks great, and I’m sure that brat homewrecker Angelina is the last thing on her mind!

    You must work for Angelina Voight!

  140. 140
    gracie Says:

    LOSERS SUCK IT! BRAD LOVES HIM ANGIE A LOT Never going back to desperate barren maniston, serial shagger, veejayjay exhibitionist.,,20339066,00.html

  141. 141
    Grace Says:

    @teri: She did give to Haiti. Are you just not in the loop?

  142. 142
    Few Words Says:

    @ amy
    if brad and angelina break up
    i wont have any reading material
    to molest myself with
    lord dont let it happen

  143. 143
    Grace Says:

    @karma: Sorry, but People Magazine has been told by both BRANGELINA’s reps there is no split, and there is no truth to the rumors!

    Looks like stink on stink sticks together! And all this money they are donating is your money. The movie people do not pay them…you do! So quit saying how they are giving their own personal money. Thye are giving your money away that you spent on them.

  144. 144
    Grace Says:

    @zk: You are extreamly sad for putting so much energy into people who could care less about you. Get a life

  145. 145
    Grace Says:

    @ryan: Sorry, but PEOPLE Magazine is reporting the BRANGELINA PR TEAM has confirmed that there is no truth to these rumors. Besides, they can’t split up…they deserve each other!

  146. 146
    gracie Says:

    I’m loving your pain, all you desperate maniston hags. Everytime you see Angie’s picture, imagine Brad caressing that ass and not caring who sees him doing it, the pain you must all feel, Brad telling wh*re Aniston and her dogs, I’m over you b*tch, this ass is better., yours is fake and all dleathery and dries up.

  147. 147
    JULES Says:


  148. 148
    itisover Says:

    Grace is busying defending her crush, Jenny with the plastic pokies. Has Jenny been flashing her panties again? So desperate for attention. I read she had to buy big bucks in Smartwater stocks to be put on the billboard. Is she the producer for all her movies? How’s come Jenny got called out for having to have a man every time she has movie coming out? Where’s Gerry? Why hang on the man and act like you are making out? How does Jenny feel about her ole love Mayer saying he still “thinks” about her “often”? How “golden”.

  149. 149
    Tell me no lies Says:

    Excuse me, but all this “Huvane spun this ” crap is getting old. Do none of you have a brain cell left to understand that the man would be sued for libel if he “spun” every rumor you fools accuse him of.

    If these “rumors” are the result of his doing, do you not think that Brangelina and their team of attorney’s would not have sued him by now? I mean really, you people need to read less on the gossip blogs and check out a real book a time or two. Educate yourselves before vomiting out ridiculous statements that are as false as the rumors that you accuse him of.

    I have no idea who Huvane is, other than I see the man’s name thrown out in every single thread about Brangelina thread, but who ever he is, he must be doing one hell of a job to get all of your bloody hackles up so badly.

  150. 150
    bet Says:

    it nice to have a littel nice time of fun in expense loonies. even though it was been 8 hour since this news come out , it nice to see jill losing her sh@t for those hours. i wonder why branglina wait this much time to sqaush the news, could be they love to be on the news, then sqaush it later.

  151. 151
    gracie Says:

    How many escort toyboys are invited to the party? B*tch is looking for boyfriend, put out advert early and let them know all services will be paid for and best performance will be rewarded with a little extra bonus.

  152. 152
    Few Words Says:

    you are a lilth goddess like angelina
    golden showers to you my sweet

  153. 153
    serena1994 Says:

    i love her, and i am really curious who else she invied. do you think the rest of ‘friends’ cas will be there ?xd do they even talk to each other now ?

  154. 154
    mickey Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is just jealous, neurotic, vain, desperate person. Who cares where she flies off to for her birthday.

  155. 155
    bdj Says:

    bet @ 01/24/2010 at 1:04 pm
    And you play dumb. Way to go Bet. You are worth every penny. I would high five you, but it takes me a while to interpret your fake posts. Keep good accounting Bet.

  156. 156
    happy girl Says:

    or the cost of flying friends could go to an orphanage in haiti…just saying jen…cough cough.

  157. 157
    I dislike this b*tch Says:

    Does she really need to announce this weeks before? lol it is her way of competing with Angie since Angie start shooting next month. Why don’t she find women of her age to compet with? It would be nice if it was her that died instead of those innocent victims. So the world can get rid of her stup*d artifical ways , the couple can raise their children and live their life in peace.

    The funny thing is she is dragging that fool Butler in to the picture in to her now usual NEW MOVIE NEW BOYFRINED sh*t. Her usless hags will eat it up once again to compare them with brad and Angie. Yack!

    It probably has that huvane hand on Brad and Angie breaking up story. They don’t want you your disgusting self. Find someone to be compared around your age. Get out of their life.

  158. 158
    Jill Says:

    karma @ 01/24/2010 at 9:31 am
    CNN is reporting the split. Start making the koolaid loonies.

    ROTFLMBAO!! You’d better drink that Koolaid, you stupid cow. CNN said Johnny Depp died in a car crash on the basis of an unsustantiated Twitter report. They didn’t even bother to verify it. Another web site said Depp was found dead in his apartment in Paris. Now HuffPo said the whole thing is a hoax, and CNN is left with egg all over its face.
    So much for CNN as a reliable news source. Enjoy that Koolaid, honey. Drink it all down and help yourself to seconds.

  159. 159
    FAKE B*TCH Says:


  160. 160
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    Anyone surprised? Of course! she’ll ask her friends to donate their money to charity. The cheaphag ends up looking like an angel. When really, she is nothing but an opportunist! She is so transparent…pathetic!

  161. 161
    Aniston Prefers Privacy Says:

    An interview with Jennifer while married to Brad:

    Interviewer:WSO: Not about the clothes, but I know that you and Brad do give away quite a lot for charities, but there`s not too much of it going public, isn`t there?

    Jennifer: No that`s true. And I wouldn`t want that. That`s not what giving money or whatever away is about and I`m sometimes tempted to go up the walls when some people use charity for publicity matters. There`s a horrible craze for attention today and mostly for the wrong reasons. It`s a different thing when it comes to doing those charity shows on TV, when people use the fact that others recognize their faces to attract attention for special auctions, for example. But generally I rather prefer to keep it private, it`s my own business.

  162. 162
    Bet Betty Says:




  163. 163
    Nicole Says:

    Tropical desert is an oxymoron. Tropical means hot and humid. Desert means hot and dry. A place can’t be both at the same time.

  164. 164
    yahoo Says:

    Of all over-40-yr-old actresses, Sandra Bullock is the one on top. She is in a relationship. She has two movie hits this year. She is winning best actress awards. She does not need to be in gossip mags to be on top.

  165. 165
    Jen's Hypocrisy Says:

    Aniston Prefers Privacy @ 01/24/2010 at 2:00 pm
    Well, how convenient for her. LOL!!!
    This woman does nothing in private. She must have been reading a script written by someone else for that interview. On her own she can barely string a sentence together or get beyond Valley speak.
    Poor Jen. She must be having hard time “thinking thoughts” as she so eloquently put it.
    Still no large donation for Haiti. Waiting . . . chirp chirp.

  166. 166
    Some Bunny Says:

    Jennifer Aniston should get all those sun spots checked out by a doctor, if you look at pictures that are not airbrushed, the spots cover her all over. The last thing she needs is more sun. This might be her last BD, maybe she has skin cancer or is just a cancer. So sad for her, really and sincerly. Say your Prayers for Jen.
    I Believe…
    That sometimes when I’m angry I have the right to be angry,
    But that doesn’t give me the right to be cruel.
    love & peace

  167. 167
    gracie Says:

    Maniston freaks, did you see SB, real actress win SAG Award last night? Real woman with class and brain, a high quality actress not the flasher who cannot act, dumb as plank. Desperate lonely emblem and her PR team will never break up Brangelina. Brad can never go back to that veejayjay JM deposited his stinky pee — digusting wh*ring maniston is trash, no man wants her smelly vag. The b*tch is getting her karma.

  168. 168
    gracie Says:

    Stingy maniston, too cheap to donate and too desperate for attention. She shouldn’t have showed her ugly face at the telethon Haiti Appeal, we all know she was only there b/c she thought she will find a new lover by pretending she cared for the Haiti victims. Pubilicity seeking wh*re.

  169. 169
    Huvane Released Story Says:

    Tell me no lies @ 01/24/2010 at 1:03 pm Excuse me, but all this “Huvane spun this ” crap is getting old. Do none of you have a brain cell left to understand that the man would be sued for libel if he “spun” every rumor you fools accuse him of.
    Brangelina and their team of attorney’s would not have sued him by now?
    No. You are wrong. I have no idea if Huvane is behind these recent stories or not. But he is certainly has a history of spinning many rumors. He also knows full well that Angelina Jolie never sues. Plenty of really awful stuff has been printed about Jolie over the years and she just won’t be bothered with a lawsuit. She just ignores the BS. The truth always come out in the end anyway.
    I admire Jolie for not being held hostage by the lies and smears.
    Who do you think you are suggesting that other people know nothing about defamation? Lawyers for celebs, corporations, and others almost uniformly counsel their clients to ignore such rumors. Legal responses just breathe more life into them. Defamation lawsuits are very expensive and, as are any lawsuits, emotionally draining and can take over one’s life. It is almost always the better course to resist the temptation to fuel the rumor with a reaction.
    I am sure part of the reason that Jolie, and now Pitt, generally ignore such nonsense dreamed up by tabloid writers is that their lives are too full to even care. No one, and I mean NO ONE, of any consequence in the very real world and at the levels the Jolie Pitts work and interact believes any of these ridiculous rumors that continually attack these people either as indivuals or as a family.

  170. 170
    gracie Says:

    Ann @ 01/24/2010 at 11:49 am

    Jen’s ready for Brad now. She’s been waiting 5 long years.

    Unfortunately for bareen maniston, Brad hasn’t finished with Angie yet. She’s got another 50yrs to wait if she can take it. Brad says he is having too fun in the grotto with Angie. Hahaha

  171. 171
    JG Says:

    Jen is a sweet heart. She always has good time with her best friends.
    Wish her the best on her 41th birthday.

  172. 172
    Sonya Says:

    J.A. What a loser. Pathetic. Almost as pathetic as her “supporters”. Jeez.

  173. 173
    Sandusky Says:

    Jenn was seen with a younger actor guy from 90210 that looks like Brad…. she has good taste because Trevor D looks a little like Brad, hopefully that ugly goatee stays away.

  174. 174
    Sandusky Says:

    Jenn was seen with a younger actor guy from 90210 that looks like Brad…. she has good taste because Trevor looks a little like Brad, hopefully that ugly goatee stays away.

  175. 175
    Sandusky Says:

    Jenn love 90210 actor trevor because he resembles Brad

  176. 176
    eire Says:

    good for her.

  177. 177
    Jill Says:

    Now and are both backpedaling and retracting their earlier stories.
    CNN needs to be called out about that Johnny Depp rumor. That was really sickening.

  178. 178
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    …every time jared post on jolie he’s praised and thanked but as sooon as he post on [x] then it’s some big conspiracy and he’s being paid. ahahahahahahahahahaha.. even after all these years you nutty fcukers still entertain.

  179. 179
    What a BICHT! Says:

    Do You Think There’s Reason For Jennifer Aniston Backlash?

    Jennifer Aniston had all eyes on her sexy dress — and high slit — at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, but the chatter hasn’t all been positive. The NY Times found a way to criticize her amazing body while CNN’s Showbiz Tonight aired a nine-minute long segment about the standard ways she attracts attention around the release of a movie — racy photo shoot, perfectly timed romance rumors and Brad Pitt talk. It’s no big secret how much we love Jennifer Aniston, but it seems like there are some who think that her flirty relationship with Gerard and their upcoming racy W spread are too attention-seeking. So what do you think — is there reason for Jennifer Aniston backlash?

    Check this out!

  180. 180
    Sally Says:

    She’s OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE A TEENAGER/COLLEGE SON/Daughter. She should really commit to a guy that loves her back.

  181. 181
    SHE LOOKS GREAT! AT 41! Says:

    This woman just keeps getting hotter with every passing year. I hope I will look this good when I’m in my 40′s!

  182. 182
    PetWar12 Says:

    @Courtney: U hit the nail on the head !

  183. 183
    AutumnM Says:

    Well good for Jenny

  184. 184
    erika Says:

    Her friends are her family. I think she is still in love with Brad, but would be a fool to see him again. I think Brad and Angie are done; we might know for many months, they may even put on a good show.
    I think Brad would go crying to Jen and she would see him.

  185. 185
    Jill Says:

    erika @ 01/24/2010 at 6:38 pm
    I think Brad would go crying to Jen and she would see him.

    You wish. He is never going back to that fake b*tch. He was done with her the minute he walked out the door and never looked back.

  186. 186
    ellie Says:

    I think the media got punked big time today and stars are striking back against the tabloid/publicist’s lies going around Hollywood/NYC. Some cheap stars fame wh0ring ought to think twice.
    Welcome back to the living, Johnny. Congrats on the win, Brad…best wishes to Angie and the kids.

    Perhaps Aniston should honor herself and donate some money to Haiti.

  187. 187
    Josephina Says:


    Has this woman donated to Haiti herself yet? Where is the proof?

    She participates and asks ordinary people to donate their funds to Haiti at the Haiti telethon. Did she donate? How can you tell someone else to donate when you yourself have not donated?

    She takes up the entire space on the front cover of People magazine to say that she is fit and fabulous at 40! That should have not been front cover news in the horrible aftermath of an earthquake in Haiti where at least 200,000 people are dead, 1.5 million are homeless and the majority of the population are children.

    Her tastelessness and thoughtlessness does not end there. All of the Caribbean islands are poor, and she wants to throw a party on one of these islands for herseltf. While a sister Caribbean nation is dying rapidly from a natural disaster. Because it’s her birthday. Imagine that. My, my, her timing is impeccable. Talk about class. Here she is: Jennifer Aniston, in all her glory. The Caribbean community will think even less of her than they already do if she goes through with this. But they do not count in her world so party on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Her timing could not be more foul. She has announced and is now planning a very lavish, over-the-top expensive birthday party bash for herself on a remote Caribbean island. She will spend lots of money preparing and flying people in to her “event.” Only the best for self-indulgent Aniston.

    To ease her guilt of taking the focus off of helping the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, she is asking friends who’ll attend to donate money to Haiti instead of getting her a gift. She is full of herself. What kind of friends would feel comfortable partying on a neighboring island while another one is suffering so much?

    Wow.. She is a piece of work. And you wonder why Brad left and other men don’t bother to stay with her.

    So…looking great and having a birthday party on an impoverished island, much like the one in Haiti, makes you a classy, pretty and thoughtful woman? Who are these dimwits that she calls friends and continuously gives her such bad advice? I cannot believe that this sorry, self-absorbed, poor excuse for a woman concocts all of these wacked ideas on her own.

  188. 188
    Denise Says:

    I cannot stand Jennifer Aniston!

  189. 189
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    yawn who really cares
    the only ppl going are those ppl u listed and courtney cox
    jen’s so boring, she needs 2 do something not expectable for me 2 like her

  190. 190
    fabi Says:

    Jen espero que disfrute de su cumpleaños!!!!

  191. 191
    Steve Says:

    I can just hear the Brangelina fans now. “OMG, dear lord let it not be true. Our beloved Brangelina are no more? Our Saint Angelina is actually a fake, cheater, and nut case! You mean she really didn’t donate the the 14 million she received from selling her twins pictures?”

    Then they jump off a bridge. Because yes, Brangelina fans are that crazy.

    Jared, maybe then this board will get back to it’s normalcy and good commentors.

  192. 192
    Jane Says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Get a life people.

  193. 193
    Martha Jones Says:


    We will soon see how far your prediction is true. :)

  194. 194
    FYI Says:

    Jen and Gerry are getting married on her 41st birthday in a few weeks. She is so over Brad, Gerry is 100X hotter. So happy for her. They are getting married on a beach while on this trip. Go girl!!

  195. 195
    bet Says:

    it show many people just can not stand them, look how even CNN and MSNBC rush to concustion. most people can just stand the two they just want them to dispear from thier face. Even CNN and MSNBC is desprate to report that.

  196. 196
    bet Says:

    it look like he media are saying we do not want to see you every freaking weak in ower grocerry with your two big head plaster all over the place. it kind of get it over or disapear kind of message.

  197. 197
    Hedda Hopper Says:

    Not likely, Baby. Gerry is only associating with Jen for the sake of their new movie and for his incessant need for non-stop media coverage. The ONLY thing they have in common is that they’re both middle-aged, marginally talented, shameless famewh_res. Gerry would have been smarter to align himself with LaJolie back when they did Tomb Raider II. But they did NOT get along with Gerry even going so far as to publicly bad mouthing Angie while he was filming “Dear Frankie”. But he and Jen would be ideal for each other……two old, desperate hacks with careers headed straight to the WEHT file.

  198. 198
    nathalie Says:

    news is Ewan McGregor just gave Stephen Huvane (who was also his PR person) the boot right after sundance. Unceremoniously. I think Gerry called Ewan with some some comments like “That Huvane guy is killing my career dude, get the hell away from that crazed egomaniac.”
    Well done Ewan. Since Huvane was forced to leave the biggest PR agency back in December and go on his own I think he’s gone a little nuts with all these stories, it all smells of desperation. I think he’s taking Aniston down as well with this OVEREXPOSURE.

  199. 199
    you know who Says:

    CNN vs. Jen Aniston:

  200. 200
    jenaniston isthe new porn star Says:

    WTF. She’s pushing everyone to donate but she didn’t even give a dime to Haiti herself. Instead spending several thousands for her own f.u.cking 41 y.o.luxurios birthday, which she had been doing for the last 15 years.

    Stingy , shaloow, selfish b.tich. !

  201. 201
    you know who Says:

    check it out!

  202. 202
    you know who Says:

    This is why!!!!

  203. 203
    collegedatingsite Says:

    I hope she gets married to Buttler!

  204. 204
    nathalie Says:

    @you know who, absolutely. Saw that piece. glad they finally called her and Huvane on the stupid PR crap. I don’t believe for a second she is not in on it. You never hear her deny any of the fake “relationships” with the costars and it’s always the poor guys that have to come out and issue statements: Bradley Cooper, Butler, etc… She’s grown up in the showbiz, she knows how it goes and she is a manipulator. Huvane is getting a really bad name and there’s some serious backlash goin on, I think he is about to lose a lot of clients. McGregor just started what I think will be a bloodshed for Mr. Huvane. I also think the People cover was in very bad taste.

  205. 205
    nathalie Says:

    And just to clear up for those dreaming of Aniston marrying Butler: Gerry comes from a broken home with an absentee father and is still single at 40 with a womanizer’s reputation. Gerry is NOT the marrying kind and probably will never be.

  206. 206
    seniordatematch Says:

    Jen is so pretty and not old

  207. 207
    Stinkylouise Says:

  208. 208
    collegesinglesmatch Says:

    I want Jennifer to be happy!

  209. 209
    bet Says:

    today i went to freind place and they have a house warming and one of the guy said” i saw a news i do not their name the two people i see them all the time on the magazine on stand split” and he said, the one they sleep with a lot of one”, He said those moive stars they live just like thier moive character. it shame. i was laughing hard.

  210. 210
    D-9 Says:

    Classic Angie. Maybe she’ll go back to the way was before

  211. 211
    you know who Says:



  212. 212
    u go girl Says:

    i luv u jen. u r d best thing dat eva happened to hollywood. i want to be as hot as u when i turn 40. leave ur life to d fullest, u r such an inspiration. happy birthday angel.

  213. 213
    lun u Says:

    i luv u jennifer. u r d best actress, cant wait till march 19 so i can watch d bounty hunter.

  214. 214
    An observer Says:

    The Butler in action
    Sorry Huvane, nice try.

  215. 215
    bet Says:


    the amazing part is you blame jen for all this crazy rumour. Can you at least for once how come the two richest moive stars in the world can not contorl thier owen rumour. it almost everyweek this kind of rumour comes out, but they never once destory it publicly , they want it to spread for some reason, so loonies you should deal with it, becuase it no body fault except them. the saddest part is becuase the two do not want to stop the rumour some other people have to be dragged to the mud . Can loonies ask one time to yourself, with all the money and power they have they can not stop simple the rumour from repearing by publcily both making a statment we love each other there is no such thing , no other people involive in us and ask the media to stop it. simple thing. instead of blaming this woman who is dragged to the mud becuase of the two.

  216. 216
    TommyTunes Says:

    Meanwhile Pitt will be drinking alone in some restaurant bar with his bodyguards for company and wondering what the hell happened to his life. How fast and far the mighty fall.

  217. 217
    nathalie Says:

    Butler: “Oh Mama! you play the violin so well. Did you see the youtube video dedicated to my tongue? Wanna make out?”
    Movie and reality line blurred, as Heigel so well called him in TUT: “you manwhore”.
    Or maybe Gerry just like to really get into his characters… ha ha.
    He’s been known to kiss women all over the New York sidewalks and alleyways, glad to see he’s expanding his kissing territory.

  218. 218
    wikig Says:

    @JJ Suicide LOL: they did not meet behind he scenes you wish maniston is shallow how about inviting her family???????

  219. 219
    villedeville Says:

    Jennifer brings narcissism to its highest level – last year she splurged a cool million dollars to celebrate her 40th birthday and acted like an 18 year-old debutante, same this year: a 41 year-old regressing into a 13-year old dreamy teen-ager dreaming about Dreamboy Brad Pitt.

  220. 220
    liza Says:

    So Jen when are you going to have some kids?

  221. 221
    Awwwwwww Says:

  222. 222
    Marieme Says:

    LMAO!! Why do we even need to know this stupidness? Fugs is such a ridiculous publicity hag! Why is she always so anxious to allow all these useless annoucements about her life? So much for her so-called desire for privacy. If she wanted she could shut this machine down. But then she’d probably have a spontaneous combustion right there.

    Coming up: Jen’s next bowel movement!

  223. 223
    Jill Says:

    This is unbelievable. She can’t donate one cent for Haiti but she can blow megabucks to give herself a big birthday bash on some tropical island where the people probably make less in a year than she spends in a week?
    And to top it all off, she has the nerve to tell her guests to donate the money SHE never gave to Hope for Haiti Now?
    Why doesn’t she scrap the party and donate the cost of the party plus the cost of the jet fuel to Haiti?
    This self-indulgent woman never ceases to amaze me, and not in a good way.

  224. 224

    I know they aren’t, but I wish they were.

  225. 225
    bunmi Says:

    @The Boohoo Sisters in Despair:
    you might want to invite your boo hoo family to make up for half brothers ,and sisters.
    you dumb writer, glorifying angelina jolie’s ways.
    i bet you won’t let her near your husband…………..
    i did not think so.

  226. 226
    bunmi Says:

    you idiots since when as a home wrecker become a gloryfying issue?
    you guys better wake up from your slumber and stop letting the angelina jolie’s still away husbands from the jennifer aniston’s.
    angelina keep your pants up , you are a prostitute that came rushing in on brad with your stinking ass and destroyed their home. upon all your globe trotting, you still can not find happiness, you lured him with sex, and those adoptive ******** of yours, yet you still can not keep him, you had3 biological children you still can not keep him.
    you can never rip where you have not sown. check yourself into a mental institution quickly.

  227. 227
    REEVEN Says:

    # 27 JJ JP … .



  228. 228
    faith87 Says:

    I like Jennifer Anniston. I used to like Angelina when she was a single…not so much anymore. But regardless, they are both pretty and unique individuals.

  229. 229
    faith87 Says:

    As for Jennifer being single at her age…I think she should do whatever she wants. Just because you have a family doesn’t guarantee lifelong happiness. Who’s to say that if you aren’t married or have a significant other it’s wrong? She’s been married and is having fun with her life. Good for her. I know couples who are clawing the walls who have been married for 20-30 years.

  230. 230
    Jen a selfish cow Says:

    She was at this “Help for Haiti” and acted like it was all about her, she allways had a big smile on her face like she forgot, what this was all about! She absolutly dont care, she doing this just for her image cause she only cares about herself and thats why ALL Men left her sooner or later but the older she gets, the selfisher she gets!

  231. 231
    itsme Says:

    Yeah, don’t BUY me gifts but donate instead. Oh my, oh my, because why should they buy you gifts you certainly could afford it yourself. How self-indulgent. Jennifer you are a selfish b*tch. Just forgo the partying and flying your guest and DONATE the ENTIRE EXPENSE instead to Haiti. SELFISH selfish BI*CH!!!

  232. 232
    itsme Says:

    John Mayer pining for Jennifer????
    Hey Johnny, must be in need of some cash to come out with that “news” about his regret of the “failed JA romance”!!! HAHAHA, how very convenient…now that JA movie is coming out soon. Spinning stories again. Aniston’s PR machines working overtime and paying left and right just to be relevant.

  233. 233
    Lisa Says:

    I wish I was there! I love Jen! She is adorable!

  234. 234
    Jill Says:

    you know who @ 01/24/2010 at 9:34 pm

    I said as soon as that rumor came out that it was a plant and smear campaign by Huvane to deflect attention away from the fact that all the media outlets were finally calling Aniston out on her bullshit. The timing was just too convenient, know what I’m saying?

  235. 235
    villedeville Says:

    The split up rumour could also have been invented and planted by hack author Ian Halperin whose s(c rap)book of lies “Brangelina Exposed” is a total failure, selling a handful of copies to rabid Angelina haters. By resurrecting the breakup issue a milionth time he is hoping to sell a few more before all the printed “books’ get recycled as toilet paper.

  236. 236
    T Shirts Says:

    You’re kidding. She’s only 41!!!

  237. 237
    Fan Says:

  238. 238
    Lainey Says:

    Jennifer Aniston picks another loser

    Sp.ittle Gerard Butler clearly can’t follow instruction. All he has to do is pretend to be dating Jennifer Aniston until after their movie comes out. It’s only 2 months. But 2 months is too long. Especially for a pi.g like Gerry. Gerry likes to paw at people randomly. And he did so this weekend in Venice Beach. While the paps were watching.

    Check out Gerry, f-cking disgusting in his army shorts, rolling with his boys, waving his dic.k around. According to photographers, Sp.ittle doucheposed in front of one his own movie posters, leered at the ladies, and then stopped to enjoy a woman playing violin outside her house. Few minutes later they’re kissing each other on the street, busted by photographers. There’s video of the encounter and the woman at the end doesn’t seem all that impressed. He walks away like – babe, you don’t know who you just kissed.

    F-ck he is vile. And he is fired. Guess who’s looking for a new pretend boyfriend after yet another embarrassment?

    doucheposed lololol
    I like that.

    Read more:

  239. 239
    imdb Says:

    bahahahaha….Gerard busted twice in two weeks making moves on the ladies…I love it. the cat lady fans of Aniston had their hopes dashed that the tabloid lies got destroyed so fast, and Maniston’s ‘love hoax’ video is #1 on the charts. showbiz tonight should do a part 2. hahaha I bet huvane threatened them. Saw janice min on joy behar (the former Us ragazine editor who Huvane threatened for busting maniston’s ‘engagement’ phoniness) bet she could clue them in. lolol

  240. 240
    bet Says:


    i feel sorry for lainey , i know her problem, she is just jelous of jennifer aniston since she arrive to hollywood to pesute her dream. i mean she accuse her of forcing men to pertend as boyfriend, the sadest part is like major news like CNN picking up this kind of thing from over blown jelouse women like lainey and loonies.

  241. 241
    bet Says:

    the amazing part is jennifer follower her this kind of rumour for many years now, she try to squash it many time by replying , she did not completely avoid it, but the other one they never reply to anything they make the other dragged to the mud, but when thier rumour comes up, poor them leave them alone bla blah, but on jen part all this jelouse women oh no she force men to be pertend boyfreind for publicty. what world we come up in , when a strong woman like jen strait forward said “men are not my cup of tea.” and also said ” i love being single” from her mouth.
    I understand it hard for weak women like lainey and you guys ,to see a strong woman stand tall by herself. in your world women can not be that much famous without man stand by her and see a lot of porno, well learn it from jen, it can be done, only beliveing in yourself.

    lainey and you guys may be think ” how could she do all this success by herself, she must be forcing men to pertend as boyfriend, you know what it hard to be single in this world with you kind of women who only think about men men men.

  242. 242
    Goddess Jennifer Says:

    You are so beautiful Goddess Jennifer,enjoy your birthday holiday x

  243. 243
    villedeville Says:

    Millions of dollars spent to bribe friends and hired boyfriends to come to her 41st birthday bash. How much more narcissistic can one be?

  244. 244
    ukhookups Says:

    She is so amazing and talented.

  245. 245
    thats_right Says:

    tabloids are making money because of chin chin’s fans hahaha they know that chin chin’s fans are so stupid they believe in anything they read so why not lets spread a rumor that Brad and Angie are breaking up and lets get chin chin’s stupid fans money haahha you got busted one more time chinifer maniston’s fans your money went for nothing again lol Angie and Brad are still together :) now you can go celebrate your chin chin’s birthday hahahahah that would be a good gift for CHINifer knowing Brad and Angie are still together her grey hair collection will add up more hahaha.

  246. 246
    firemendate Says:

    I hope she can have children some day

  247. 247
    ellie' Says:

    Jen doesn’t have to start no rumor never did or never would.. oh please get over this already .. Jen has moved on ages ago… and it really shows just how happy she is…… we know who does there rumors on the own.. sure as sh*t its not Jennifer.. … don’t we… I’m one that didn’t believe they didn’t break up…

  248. 248
    bet Says:

    that is rigth

    honey no body in here who is jennifer aniston fans believe what the taboid said, you are the one who are obessessed with it. if talk about taboid any regular peope read taboid, even yestrday a guy i met in the house warming said , he does’nt even know their name bragnina even he does not know who jennifer aniston is, but he said the two people who i saw all the time on the magazine cover they split and he said i saw it on the news today and he said those moiive stars live like thier character. it shame.

    You loonies waiting to much of your energy on taboid, even your idols are not even tring to do anything about it, why you guys bother.

  249. 249
    bet Says:

    you loonies are the one who follow the leader of cult member lainey, do you take every bizzar articl she wrote about jen and use it base to bash jennifer anstion.

    loonies and lainey wake up and smell the coffee it is 20 century women are very storng in this day as single women ,they do not need men to make it. loonies and lainey are giving too much creadit to the men.

  250. 250
    ellie' Says:

    Hey Bet my friend…
    How you doing… I see the hits on AJ &n BP site wow were they worried.. just like you said… I think they would loose it if they did breakup…Well I had more confidence them them not to believe this fake story that they have concocted up… shame on them even with there six children…
    and of cause who gets blamed Jen as usual… there sickening & mental people and most definitely idolize the right people…

  251. 251
    social-friends Says:

    She should marry ross

  252. 252
    ellie' Says:

    Hey bet… do these people even realize what stars give for birthday presents… they spend an awful lot of money… Jen does care for the people in Haiti or she wouldn’t have been at the telethon…
    Jen is just perfect… and the W magazine.. can’t wait to see that .. Jen looks so hot with they say …..You got it show it off … the woman & a mans body is the work of art….

  253. 253
    bet Says:


    hi my friend , i am fine.

    i am tellig you if this happen expect a couple of people on suicidal watch, . I actuall it their idols responsiblity to contorl thier rumour , yet they never once try, it is thier relastionship which they can contorl the rumour, the same way when ever jen rumour of pregnacy come she denie it. becuase it her life she is responisble to squash it. but again if those two are so messy with thier life, they are not even able to contorl thier owen life with all this money, then some other people have to be dragged to the mud because of thier irisponsibltity.

  254. 254
    bet Says:


    i can not wait to see that, wait for a lot of people lossing thier sh@t over it. I can not wait for them to flirt on thier red carpet so all this looser obessessed with men can loose thier sh!t again.

  255. 255
    bet Says:

    social freinds

    jen said it ” men are not my cup of tea” she does not need to wake up in the morning as if man have to be beside her to servive, i can make it by myself . messge to you all loosers and lainey.

  256. 256
    Kim Says:

    I can’t believe Gerard was spotted kissing that girl (see new thread) didn’t he read his fake boyfriend contract. He and Jen are supposed to be together until the movie premiere

  257. 257
    lila Says:

    I can believe jen is going to complete 41 year old!
    she looks so young!
    I love jen!!!!

  258. 258
    jade Says:

    Hi ellie’ dear,

    I hope you are still online. We missed eah other last time. But I waited
    on the other thread for awhile for you.

    I liked the Golden Globes seeing Jen. I laughed at her and Gerard,
    being playful announcing the winner. I don’t think they are dating at all.
    They made a movie together and are just good friends.

  259. 259
    bet Says:


    what did you say different than the other who said it before, you just repeating yourself.

    let take your theory of weak women of obessesstion with men. Why not George Clooney bring Poor girl from no where use her for publicty and dump her after ward. Why not jen use those over ego celebrities and use them and throw them.

  260. 260
    bet Says:


    freind ,i going to give up on this, may be this woman has some problem that you and me do not know, why is so much people all over her. see you guys . may be who knows.

  261. 261
    RioNemesi Says:

    bet it will be a neat party :D, envy!!

  262. 262
    LillyB Says:

    Maybe I am like crazy…but is not Jennifer Aniston the one who has many, many female friends? why exactly would she have to “pay” anybody to come to her party? do you loons read what you are actually writing. go get a flipping life…

    What exactly does “chiston” mean also, i don’t get it…like i have posted before, lets see what some of you losers look like.

  263. 263
    Anon Says:

    Why does Jen have so many fake boyfriends? So many female friends?

  264. 264
    Kim Says:

    @bet: I’m sorry dear I can’t understand your comment . What is obessesstion?

  265. 265
    Amica Says:

    What a disturbed woman she is. Every year she wastes thousands and thousands of dollars on the most vapid things.

    Wish someone would take all of her money away because she absolutely doesn’t deserve it. Acting like Rachel Green all the time shouldn’t make you hundreds of millions. Reality check Aniston.

  266. 266
    Exposing Paid Posters Says:


    And yet she has not donated ONE DIME to HAITI!.. She was acting as if she were at a party (for herself) at the Telethon, grinning from ear to ear. I wish someone would do an article on WHICH stars, who asked poor Americans to give, have not given themselves. She would be in the headline.

  267. 267
    b. Says:

    in the guest list, you forgot about john mayer. hahahaha
    i really love them both together, they make a great couple and i think they are soulmates. they just didn’t figure this out yet

  268. 268
    meetsingledoctors Says:

    I think Jen should adopt a pet

  269. 269
    Kandy Says:

    Now why did you Jen Hens go and start this rumor for, YOu got Jens hopes up and now their gonna come crashing back down, Poor thing will be having a miserable 41st birthday party now. Joke’s all on her.

  270. 270
    Jane Says:

    People mag is reporting that Jen gave $500,000 to Hope for Haiti. Same amout that each Brad and Ang gave. Maybe now Exposing Paid Posters can shut the **** up.

  271. 271
    Pablo Says:

    I thought this thread was about Jen inviting her friends to Cabo. But it turned out to be a catfight between the Brangelina fans.
    This is hilarious!

  272. 272
    Tara Says:

    she looks great for someone that is 41!!!!

  273. 273
    Lisa Says:

    Anniston only cares about Haiti when it provides a chance for some publicity, yet in reality she will waste hundred of $thousands to celebrate a 41st birthday. Hello. Buy a cake. Have people over. Why do these Hollywood egotists have to make a production out of everything.
    Real friends would organize a birthday celebration for you. If you have to do it yourself, umm you might have a problem

  274. 274
    Fan Says:
    shes so beautiful

  275. 275
    Joie Says:

    Hey Jen my BD is August 1st, whatdaya say about that. I don’t have to fly my friends anywhere, they take me as I am.

  276. 276
    Joie Says:

    Hey Jen,
    My BD is August 1st…so whatdaya have to say about that?
    And since I have REAL FRIENDS I don’t have to fly them anywhere.

  277. 277
    this threads are boring Says:

    This fight between angelina’s fans and jennifer’s fans is absurd, shameful and ridiculous!! You people are nasty!!

  278. 278
    Aniston is a B-list Says:

    B-List: Celebrities on this list are typically invited to all the “See and Be Seen” events in Hollywood. But the paparazzi cares slightly less about the personal goings on of these people. B-List celebrities do in fact make it to the covers of strong, reputable publications like People or Vanity Fair. But their appearances in these periodicals are quickly forgotten. Additionally, these entertainers are sometimes slightly less prestigious than their A-List counterparts. Even still, B-Listers are known to frequently date, mate with, and marry their A-List cohorts. However, it is sometimes difficult to assess whether their doing so is a direct attempt to remain in the spotlight. And the marriages of A-Listers to B-Listers almost always make it to the front pages of reputable media publications. In general, though these stars are able to command certain salaries for the projects they work on, their integrity in the public eye is sometimes compromised by their personal issues, or lack of star appeal. ****************************************************************** This describes her to a T! her fans claims she is an A-list but she is barely hanging on to the B-list status!

  279. 279
    ellie' Says:

    @Aniston is a B-list:
    Jen is an A-List…no claim it is what it is…

  280. 280
    X Blind Item Says:

    From DListed:

    She broke up with this musician a while ago, and pretends that it is friendly. However, our jilted actress is still very hurt over how things turned out. Whenever she hears or reads about the musician in the news and his latest relationship or fling, she is infuriated. She has demanded that her agent start arranging more events where the two will be able to meet up or run into one another. She is said to be slowly developing an obsession with keeping tabs on her ex and wants to sabotage any new love he might have. If she can’t be happy, no one will! Not Cameron Diaz.


  281. 281
    shyla Says:

    Read people …she’s asked her guests that instead of giving her gifts they make a donation to her charity of choice…HOPE FOR HAITI….am sure if that’s her charity of choice she has made her own donation. She has not gone public with her donation, it does not mean she didn’t!. Her flying to Mexico to celebrate her birthday, that’s her choice, she works & she has earned that. Am sure the tragedy that has struck Haiti has not stopped anyone from going away on vacation or doing things for themselves …unless you have family in Haiti!

    Stop judging others. Instead do something nice for others! If you have nothing nice to say, then just keep it to yourself because it does not define the ones you are talking ill about…it defines you!!

  282. 282
    tuncay Says:

    Jennifer Aniston having a good time in the desert, you better hope the wonderful holiday

  283. 283
    engagement rings Says:

    She is one great looking lady folks, great looking one.

  284. 284
    platforme Says:

    I’ve really found out a great deal reading this page. Plainly incredibly very good stuff here. Content comparable to this assist make this weblog web site value coming back to for even extra details

  285. 285
    supply nike shoes Says:

    Aw, this was a really nice post. In idea I wish to put in writing like this moreover ?taking time and actual effort to make a very good article?but what can I say?I procrastinate alot and under no circumstances appear to get something done.

  286. 286
    Andy Haas Says:

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  287. 287
    best linux vps Says:

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