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Jennifer Aniston Flying Friends Out For 41st Birthday

Jennifer Aniston Flying Friends Out For 41st Birthday

Jennifer Aniston is planning a big birthday bash for herself and her bestest of friends in the next few weeks, sources tell

The actress, who turns 41 on February 11, plans to fly her friends out to a tropical desert paradise in early February.

While Jen‘s plans haven’t been set in stone yet, a source tells that she’s telling guests that instead of birthday
gifts, they should donate money to her charity of choice. (Hope For Haiti Now make sense since she lent her star power to their telethon last night.)

The guest list for Jen‘s birthday getaway includes her hairstylist Chris McMillan, BFF Courteney Cox (with husband David Arquette), and her Bounty Hunter co-star Gerard Butler.

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Photos: Mark Davis/Hope For Haiti Now
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287 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Flying Friends Out For 41st Birthday”

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  1. 76
    dp Says:

    @Few Words:

    sigh. yes. you are right.

    but can’t help it! :)

  2. 77
    chin can't act Says:

    according to two british tabloids brad & angie haven’t seen out together lately. but we saw them out. they had a 6 hours dinner with friends. brad was kissing angie at jerry weintaub’s party. the dinner was about 2 or 3 ago & the party about month or so.

    if they are out together the trolls call famewh@re, media wh@re, blah, blah, blah. so, the trolls haven’t seen them together in the past few weeks they are over. well, which one is it. oh! i guess both because they are the JP.

  3. 78
    bet Says:


    hi feind , i know you are a good person, but we are just playing with those loonies. since a lot media picking up story , i am sure most of the loonies loosing thier sh@t. it might be true or not. i do not even know why the branglilna does not even stop the rumour themself. wonder if they want more attention from it , as usuall.
    but anyways cool down having a littel fun with loonies would not kill anyone. and also, you forget what those loonies say about your jen.

  4. 79
    dp Says:


    agreed Jill.
    but you are just as guilty of using tabloid rumours as fact when it comes to Jen – too many times to count. so coming from you sounds hollow.

    i for one hope it’s not true. otherwise it would be tragic – too many children involved.

  5. 80
    Ann Says:

  6. 81
    dp Says:


    an eye for an eye doesn’t make it better bet. i say we stop if we are truly interested in this to end. i say we defend only Jen when what they write is untrue and we correct it.
    – but i know the temptation is there. especially for you, after the horrendous things they have written to you…

    have a good Sunday!


  7. 82
    mm Says:

    Aniston will always be a loser!

  8. 83
    ellie' Says:

    Hey Bet… I think its fine… how they treat everyone on these sites.. they all disgust me… that’s why I leave .. you better then me .. to stay and fend for Jen…Its just use to be such a nice site…but I will only comment with my friends…

    Have you seen Jade on lately…?? I’ve been real busy…But not going anywhere today.. I’ll be around….

  9. 84
    dp Says:

    umm is that supposed to prove something? Lainey (who knows sh*t half the time) did a WAY THEY WERE segment for Jen and Brad too. i don’t understand what you are trying to prove?

  10. 85
    ellie' Says:

    I thought you just said… People Magazine… su*ks…

  11. 86
    Kara Says:

    I will just DIE if Bran and Angelina split up.

  12. 87
    Kara Says:

    Brad not Bran

  13. 88
    chin can't act Says:

    2005 they are over
    2006 they are over
    2007 they are over
    2008 they are over
    2009 they are over
    2010 they are over
    2011 they are over
    2012 they are over
    2013 they are over
    2014 they are over
    2015 they are over
    2016 they are over
    2017 they are over
    2018 they are over
    2019 they are over
    2020 they are over
    2021 they are over
    2022 they are over

    here are the sources that have been confirmed they are over since 2005.

    In Touch
    US Weekly
    Life & Style
    Daily Mirror & other british tabloids
    MSNBC has a video (in case you want to check it out) saying that two british tabloids. the key word here is “tabloids”.

    And the #1 souce is call the “TROLLS”.

  14. 89
    Few Words Says:

    brad and angie broke up
    how am i suppose to live without them

    listen to michael bolton i guess
    knit my cat some booties

  15. 90
    bet Says:


    i always do, on defending jen becuase i admire her for her displine in life with all this drama that follow her till this day. come on of course there is tempetaion, i have to admite i love to see loonies loosing thier sh@t, when this kind of romour comes up, weather it true or not. i am sure the kids can servive as long as the two commited on thier kids.

  16. 91
    ellie' Says:

    Well Jen I hope you have a wonderful Birthday planned with all you special friends in your life,,,, you so deserve so much happiness for being dragged through the mud for so many yrs…

  17. 92
    Chrissy Says:

    If Brad and Angelina do split up, I will definitely be going on a hunger strike until they get back together. I will take my hunger strike to the news too.

  18. 93
    bet Says:


    i have’n seen Jade for long, i am sure she feel the same way like you. hang in here , we all here becuase we admire jen.

  19. 94
    Annie Says:

    Look at ME look at ME! I’m so pathetic I have to throw a party for myself.

  20. 95
    Amy Says:

    Ban that “Few Words” person, it’s a hack from DListed.



  21. 96
    chin can't act Says:

    bet @ 01/24/2010 at 11:38 am

    we don’t loose our sh!t because we are not that stupid. we don’t believe in tabloids. you idiot chiniston fans believe in tabloids. you are the ones who got really excited hearing this tabloids humor.

    i believe it when the break up story is on major t.v. news & newspapers. even, if they break up brad & angie will always be in contact because of their children. brad ends up with six kids out of this relationship. what did he got from chiniston? nada, zil, zero, nothing.

  22. 97
    ellie' Says:

    Moron don’t even try to use my name… childish bull crap as usual…

  23. 98
    Ann Says:

    Jen’s ready for Brad now. She’s been waiting 5 long years.

  24. 99
    chin can't act Says:

    that’s it for me today. i’ll you chiniston idiots loose your sh!t over a tabloids story.

  25. 100
    elle' Says:

    Brad got with Ang to make babies for Jen. They are getting back together and now Jen will have Brad’s biological babies that Jen couldn’t have with him.

    Plan worked and Jen SCORES.

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