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Jennifer Aniston Flying Friends Out For 41st Birthday

Jennifer Aniston Flying Friends Out For 41st Birthday

Jennifer Aniston is planning a big birthday bash for herself and her bestest of friends in the next few weeks, sources tell

The actress, who turns 41 on February 11, plans to fly her friends out to a tropical desert paradise in early February.

While Jen‘s plans haven’t been set in stone yet, a source tells that she’s telling guests that instead of birthday
gifts, they should donate money to her charity of choice. (Hope For Haiti Now make sense since she lent her star power to their telethon last night.)

The guest list for Jen‘s birthday getaway includes her hairstylist Chris McMillan, BFF Courteney Cox (with husband David Arquette), and her Bounty Hunter co-star Gerard Butler.

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Photos: Mark Davis/Hope For Haiti Now
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  • gracie

    How many escort toyboys are invited to the party? B*tch is looking for boyfriend, put out advert early and let them know all services will be paid for and best performance will be rewarded with a little extra bonus.

  • Few Words

    you are a lilth goddess like angelina
    golden showers to you my sweet

  • serena1994

    i love her, and i am really curious who else she invied. do you think the rest of ‘friends’ cas will be there ?xd do they even talk to each other now ?

  • mickey

    Jennifer Aniston is just jealous, neurotic, vain, desperate person. Who cares where she flies off to for her birthday.

  • bdj

    bet @ 01/24/2010 at 1:04 pm
    And you play dumb. Way to go Bet. You are worth every penny. I would high five you, but it takes me a while to interpret your fake posts. Keep good accounting Bet.

  • happy girl

    or the cost of flying friends could go to an orphanage in haiti…just saying jen…cough cough.

  • I dislike this b*tch

    Does she really need to announce this weeks before? lol it is her way of competing with Angie since Angie start shooting next month. Why don’t she find women of her age to compet with? It would be nice if it was her that died instead of those innocent victims. So the world can get rid of her stup*d artifical ways , the couple can raise their children and live their life in peace.

    The funny thing is she is dragging that fool Butler in to the picture in to her now usual NEW MOVIE NEW BOYFRINED sh*t. Her usless hags will eat it up once again to compare them with brad and Angie. Yack!

    It probably has that huvane hand on Brad and Angie breaking up story. They don’t want you your disgusting self. Find someone to be compared around your age. Get out of their life.

  • Jill

    karma @ 01/24/2010 at 9:31 am
    CNN is reporting the split. Start making the koolaid loonies.

    ROTFLMBAO!! You’d better drink that Koolaid, you stupid cow. CNN said Johnny Depp died in a car crash on the basis of an unsustantiated Twitter report. They didn’t even bother to verify it. Another web site said Depp was found dead in his apartment in Paris. Now HuffPo said the whole thing is a hoax, and CNN is left with egg all over its face.
    So much for CNN as a reliable news source. Enjoy that Koolaid, honey. Drink it all down and help yourself to seconds.



  • Ssshhii_baby

    Anyone surprised? Of course! she’ll ask her friends to donate their money to charity. The cheaphag ends up looking like an angel. When really, she is nothing but an opportunist! She is so transparent…pathetic!

  • Aniston Prefers Privacy

    An interview with Jennifer while married to Brad:

    Interviewer:WSO: Not about the clothes, but I know that you and Brad do give away quite a lot for charities, but there`s not too much of it going public, isn`t there?

    Jennifer: No that`s true. And I wouldn`t want that. That`s not what giving money or whatever away is about and I`m sometimes tempted to go up the walls when some people use charity for publicity matters. There`s a horrible craze for attention today and mostly for the wrong reasons. It`s a different thing when it comes to doing those charity shows on TV, when people use the fact that others recognize their faces to attract attention for special auctions, for example. But generally I rather prefer to keep it private, it`s my own business.

  • Bet Betty




  • Nicole

    Tropical desert is an oxymoron. Tropical means hot and humid. Desert means hot and dry. A place can’t be both at the same time.

  • yahoo

    Of all over-40-yr-old actresses, Sandra Bullock is the one on top. She is in a relationship. She has two movie hits this year. She is winning best actress awards. She does not need to be in gossip mags to be on top.

  • Jen’s Hypocrisy

    Aniston Prefers Privacy @ 01/24/2010 at 2:00 pm
    Well, how convenient for her. LOL!!!
    This woman does nothing in private. She must have been reading a script written by someone else for that interview. On her own she can barely string a sentence together or get beyond Valley speak.
    Poor Jen. She must be having hard time “thinking thoughts” as she so eloquently put it.
    Still no large donation for Haiti. Waiting . . . chirp chirp.

  • Some Bunny

    Jennifer Aniston should get all those sun spots checked out by a doctor, if you look at pictures that are not airbrushed, the spots cover her all over. The last thing she needs is more sun. This might be her last BD, maybe she has skin cancer or is just a cancer. So sad for her, really and sincerly. Say your Prayers for Jen.
    I Believe…
    That sometimes when I’m angry I have the right to be angry,
    But that doesn’t give me the right to be cruel.
    love & peace

  • gracie

    Maniston freaks, did you see SB, real actress win SAG Award last night? Real woman with class and brain, a high quality actress not the flasher who cannot act, dumb as plank. Desperate lonely emblem and her PR team will never break up Brangelina. Brad can never go back to that veejayjay JM deposited his stinky pee — digusting wh*ring maniston is trash, no man wants her smelly vag. The b*tch is getting her karma.

  • gracie

    Stingy maniston, too cheap to donate and too desperate for attention. She shouldn’t have showed her ugly face at the telethon Haiti Appeal, we all know she was only there b/c she thought she will find a new lover by pretending she cared for the Haiti victims. Pubilicity seeking wh*re.

  • Huvane Released Story

    Tell me no lies @ 01/24/2010 at 1:03 pm Excuse me, but all this “Huvane spun this ” crap is getting old. Do none of you have a brain cell left to understand that the man would be sued for libel if he “spun” every rumor you fools accuse him of.
    Brangelina and their team of attorney’s would not have sued him by now?
    No. You are wrong. I have no idea if Huvane is behind these recent stories or not. But he is certainly has a history of spinning many rumors. He also knows full well that Angelina Jolie never sues. Plenty of really awful stuff has been printed about Jolie over the years and she just won’t be bothered with a lawsuit. She just ignores the BS. The truth always come out in the end anyway.
    I admire Jolie for not being held hostage by the lies and smears.
    Who do you think you are suggesting that other people know nothing about defamation? Lawyers for celebs, corporations, and others almost uniformly counsel their clients to ignore such rumors. Legal responses just breathe more life into them. Defamation lawsuits are very expensive and, as are any lawsuits, emotionally draining and can take over one’s life. It is almost always the better course to resist the temptation to fuel the rumor with a reaction.
    I am sure part of the reason that Jolie, and now Pitt, generally ignore such nonsense dreamed up by tabloid writers is that their lives are too full to even care. No one, and I mean NO ONE, of any consequence in the very real world and at the levels the Jolie Pitts work and interact believes any of these ridiculous rumors that continually attack these people either as indivuals or as a family.

  • gracie

    Ann @ 01/24/2010 at 11:49 am

    Jen’s ready for Brad now. She’s been waiting 5 long years.

    Unfortunately for bareen maniston, Brad hasn’t finished with Angie yet. She’s got another 50yrs to wait if she can take it. Brad says he is having too fun in the grotto with Angie. Hahaha

  • JG

    Jen is a sweet heart. She always has good time with her best friends.
    Wish her the best on her 41th birthday.

  • Sonya

    J.A. What a loser. Pathetic. Almost as pathetic as her “supporters”. Jeez.

  • Sandusky

    Jenn was seen with a younger actor guy from 90210 that looks like Brad…. she has good taste because Trevor D looks a little like Brad, hopefully that ugly goatee stays away.

  • Sandusky

    Jenn was seen with a younger actor guy from 90210 that looks like Brad…. she has good taste because Trevor looks a little like Brad, hopefully that ugly goatee stays away.

  • Sandusky

    Jenn love 90210 actor trevor because he resembles Brad

  • eire

    good for her.

  • Jill

    Now and are both backpedaling and retracting their earlier stories.
    CNN needs to be called out about that Johnny Depp rumor. That was really sickening.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …every time jared post on jolie he’s praised and thanked but as sooon as he post on [x] then it’s some big conspiracy and he’s being paid. ahahahahahahahahahaha.. even after all these years you nutty fcukers still entertain.

  • What a BICHT!

    Do You Think There’s Reason For Jennifer Aniston Backlash?

    Jennifer Aniston had all eyes on her sexy dress — and high slit — at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, but the chatter hasn’t all been positive. The NY Times found a way to criticize her amazing body while CNN’s Showbiz Tonight aired a nine-minute long segment about the standard ways she attracts attention around the release of a movie — racy photo shoot, perfectly timed romance rumors and Brad Pitt talk. It’s no big secret how much we love Jennifer Aniston, but it seems like there are some who think that her flirty relationship with Gerard and their upcoming racy W spread are too attention-seeking. So what do you think — is there reason for Jennifer Aniston backlash?

    Check this out!

  • Sally

    She’s OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE A TEENAGER/COLLEGE SON/Daughter. She should really commit to a guy that loves her back.


    This woman just keeps getting hotter with every passing year. I hope I will look this good when I’m in my 40′s!

  • PetWar12

    @Courtney: U hit the nail on the head !

  • AutumnM

    Well good for Jenny

  • erika

    Her friends are her family. I think she is still in love with Brad, but would be a fool to see him again. I think Brad and Angie are done; we might know for many months, they may even put on a good show.
    I think Brad would go crying to Jen and she would see him.

  • Jill

    erika @ 01/24/2010 at 6:38 pm
    I think Brad would go crying to Jen and she would see him.

    You wish. He is never going back to that fake b*tch. He was done with her the minute he walked out the door and never looked back.

  • ellie

    I think the media got punked big time today and stars are striking back against the tabloid/publicist’s lies going around Hollywood/NYC. Some cheap stars fame wh0ring ought to think twice.
    Welcome back to the living, Johnny. Congrats on the win, Brad…best wishes to Angie and the kids.

    Perhaps Aniston should honor herself and donate some money to Haiti.

  • Josephina


    Has this woman donated to Haiti herself yet? Where is the proof?

    She participates and asks ordinary people to donate their funds to Haiti at the Haiti telethon. Did she donate? How can you tell someone else to donate when you yourself have not donated?

    She takes up the entire space on the front cover of People magazine to say that she is fit and fabulous at 40! That should have not been front cover news in the horrible aftermath of an earthquake in Haiti where at least 200,000 people are dead, 1.5 million are homeless and the majority of the population are children.

    Her tastelessness and thoughtlessness does not end there. All of the Caribbean islands are poor, and she wants to throw a party on one of these islands for herseltf. While a sister Caribbean nation is dying rapidly from a natural disaster. Because it’s her birthday. Imagine that. My, my, her timing is impeccable. Talk about class. Here she is: Jennifer Aniston, in all her glory. The Caribbean community will think even less of her than they already do if she goes through with this. But they do not count in her world so party on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Her timing could not be more foul. She has announced and is now planning a very lavish, over-the-top expensive birthday party bash for herself on a remote Caribbean island. She will spend lots of money preparing and flying people in to her “event.” Only the best for self-indulgent Aniston.

    To ease her guilt of taking the focus off of helping the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, she is asking friends who’ll attend to donate money to Haiti instead of getting her a gift. She is full of herself. What kind of friends would feel comfortable partying on a neighboring island while another one is suffering so much?

    Wow.. She is a piece of work. And you wonder why Brad left and other men don’t bother to stay with her.

    So…looking great and having a birthday party on an impoverished island, much like the one in Haiti, makes you a classy, pretty and thoughtful woman? Who are these dimwits that she calls friends and continuously gives her such bad advice? I cannot believe that this sorry, self-absorbed, poor excuse for a woman concocts all of these wacked ideas on her own.

  • Denise

    I cannot stand Jennifer Aniston!

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn who really cares
    the only ppl going are those ppl u listed and courtney cox
    jen’s so boring, she needs 2 do something not expectable for me 2 like her

  • fabi

    Jen espero que disfrute de su cumpleaños!!!!

  • Steve

    I can just hear the Brangelina fans now. “OMG, dear lord let it not be true. Our beloved Brangelina are no more? Our Saint Angelina is actually a fake, cheater, and nut case! You mean she really didn’t donate the the 14 million she received from selling her twins pictures?”

    Then they jump off a bridge. Because yes, Brangelina fans are that crazy.

    Jared, maybe then this board will get back to it’s normalcy and good commentors.

  • Jane

    BREAKING NEWS: Get a life people.

  • Martha Jones


    We will soon see how far your prediction is true. :)

  • FYI

    Jen and Gerry are getting married on her 41st birthday in a few weeks. She is so over Brad, Gerry is 100X hotter. So happy for her. They are getting married on a beach while on this trip. Go girl!!

  • bet

    it show many people just can not stand them, look how even CNN and MSNBC rush to concustion. most people can just stand the two they just want them to dispear from thier face. Even CNN and MSNBC is desprate to report that.

  • bet

    it look like he media are saying we do not want to see you every freaking weak in ower grocerry with your two big head plaster all over the place. it kind of get it over or disapear kind of message.

  • Hedda Hopper

    Not likely, Baby. Gerry is only associating with Jen for the sake of their new movie and for his incessant need for non-stop media coverage. The ONLY thing they have in common is that they’re both middle-aged, marginally talented, shameless famewh_res. Gerry would have been smarter to align himself with LaJolie back when they did Tomb Raider II. But they did NOT get along with Gerry even going so far as to publicly bad mouthing Angie while he was filming “Dear Frankie”. But he and Jen would be ideal for each other……two old, desperate hacks with careers headed straight to the WEHT file.

  • nathalie

    news is Ewan McGregor just gave Stephen Huvane (who was also his PR person) the boot right after sundance. Unceremoniously. I think Gerry called Ewan with some some comments like “That Huvane guy is killing my career dude, get the hell away from that crazed egomaniac.”
    Well done Ewan. Since Huvane was forced to leave the biggest PR agency back in December and go on his own I think he’s gone a little nuts with all these stories, it all smells of desperation. I think he’s taking Aniston down as well with this OVEREXPOSURE.

  • you know who
  • jenaniston isthe new porn star

    WTF. She’s pushing everyone to donate but she didn’t even give a dime to Haiti herself. Instead spending several thousands for her own f.u.cking 41 y.o.luxurios birthday, which she had been doing for the last 15 years.

    Stingy , shaloow, selfish b.tich. !