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Jennifer Aniston Flying Friends Out For 41st Birthday

Jennifer Aniston Flying Friends Out For 41st Birthday

Jennifer Aniston is planning a big birthday bash for herself and her bestest of friends in the next few weeks, sources tell

The actress, who turns 41 on February 11, plans to fly her friends out to a tropical desert paradise in early February.

While Jen‘s plans haven’t been set in stone yet, a source tells that she’s telling guests that instead of birthday
gifts, they should donate money to her charity of choice. (Hope For Haiti Now make sense since she lent her star power to their telethon last night.)

The guest list for Jen‘s birthday getaway includes her hairstylist Chris McMillan, BFF Courteney Cox (with husband David Arquette), and her Bounty Hunter co-star Gerard Butler.

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Photos: Mark Davis/Hope For Haiti Now
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287 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Flying Friends Out For 41st Birthday”

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  1. 101
    mm Says:

    The biggest whoree in hollywood.Go F Urself aniston/ huvane.You have no class.The sole fact that u let PEOPLE MAG publish that cover
    tells me your a stupidd C.You’re an embarrassement for a woman and will be alone because you deserve to be alone like the B that you are!

  2. 102
    Things that make you go mmmmm Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    LMAO at you needing to yell to tell people that JA is irrelvant. My god are you obessed.

  3. 103
    I agree Says:

    elle’ @ 01/24/2010 at 11:51 am Brad got with Ang to make babies for Jen. They are getting back together and now Jen will have Brad’s biological babies that Jen couldn’t have with him.

    Plan worked and Jen SCORES

    jen knew if she had the babies with brad they’ll be probably look ugly just like her so she asked brad to go for the hottest & most gorgeous woman in the world to be a surrogate. now, that they are going to break up, jen will get the beautiful babies with brad. that was a smart thing jen did. she knew her chin is too too long to have gorgeous kids.

  4. 104
    what Says:

    Jen just wants to use her invited friends money to donate to haiti. Why not use her own money too to donate? I see, as usual, she only spends big money for herself like this time, for her big b-day celebration. Jen, donate, donate, donate… share your millions to the people of Haiti. Many celebrities already have.

  5. 105
    Jill Says:

    Oh…how…lovely…. @ 01/24/2010 at 9:44 am
    Wow, guess we know the real reason for the sour puss look on Angies face when they came out of that restaurant after meeting their attorneys and haggling it out for 6 hours.

    In a “restaurant”?? Most people haggle with their attorneys in their attorneys’ offices.
    You won’t know the real reason for anything until either Brad’s or Angie’s reps come forward with an official announcement. Because unless and until there’s official confirmation, it’s all tabloid rumor. And you’ll piss your pants every three hours while you wait for it.
    Better stock up on Depends, honey. And spray yourself with Clorox while you’re at it so you don’t stink up the place too much.
    Oh, forgot to ask — what if the official announcement never comes? What are you going to do then? Break out into ássholes and shít yourself to death out of sheer frustration?
    Have fun waiting. I can picture you now going slowly insane.

  6. 106
    I agree Says:

    Jill @ 01/24/2010 at 12:03 pm

    LMAO!! good one.

  7. 107
    dvd Says:

    After five long years, she has not found a man yet!
    What’s wrong with this old woman.

  8. 108
    elle' Says:

    I agree: isn’t what that I just said in essence?

  9. 109
    aha Says:

    She is using her money to buy her friends.

  10. 110
    Jill Says:

    I agree @ 01/24/2010 at 12:07 pm
    Jill @ 01/24/2010 at 12:03 pm
    LMAO!! good one.

    These trolls on here are going to go absolutely nuts waiting for this rumor to be confirmed. If it isn’t confirmed, they’ll scream it has to be true because it hasn’t been denied. But Brad and Angie have never denied any of the bullshit rumor printed about them in the tabloids — they have simply ignored them.
    If it’s true, they’ll confirm it. If they don’t, then it’s not. And the trolls will go batshit crazy in the interim.

  11. 111
    Selfish Jen Takes The Cake Says:

    What is WRONG with this woman? She is like naricissism personified. In the face of a tragedy like the earthquake in Haiti it never dawned on this woman to cancel such extravagant and expensive plans to honor HERSELF?
    Aniston is truly pathetic. No amount of money her friends can donate would come anywhere near to what Aniston herself is spending to celebrate her own birthday. For shame.
    Still no charity has announced a donation from Jennifer Aniston. Come on, woman, stop with this unending selfishness and GIVE. GIVE BIG.

  12. 112
    That Silly Cow Says:

    No shortage of money to spend on herself and her ‘friends’ – what about the people of Haiti and even her own family? Her mother is living in some dive as Aniston lives like some self-absorbed queen.

    By the way, where are the kids you told Vanity Fair you were having as you whined to everyone about how you had been dumped unfairly?

    You SUCK for all your lying BS!

  13. 113
    itisover Says:

    People should give to Haiti like Jenny’s friends will instead of getting her expensive gifts, how thoughtful of Jennifer to fly her friends out for her 41st BD. I don’t know why Hope for Haiti won’t announce Jenny’s gift like they did everyone’s else. Huvane is slipping on his job not to clear that up so people think Jennifer is not giving.
    Brad will back in Jennifer’s arms soon. I bet she wants the twins with her and Brad. Angie can keep the oldest 4. That Shiloh looks too independent and a handful…..too much work for Jen. Oh, Jenny has worked so hard for this day!

  14. 114 Says:

    Haha, the funniest thing is that YOU will be the one losing your **** regularly until you know the truth. I couldn’t care less if this couple breaks up truthfully. But I will be happy to see your loonie world crumble. I do think it was incredibly irresponsible of these two to get together and immediately start having a family though. They thought only of themselves and their selfishness is going to affect 6 kids tremendously. If they were not celebs, would you think it would be appropriate or responsible for a brand new couple (one of which just seperated with their wife moments before) to start a microwaved family? The answer (if you have an ounce of intelligence at all) would be NO!! Just because they are celebs, they are not entitled to a free pass on selfish behavior. Money doesn’t bring happiness or a good healthy upbringing/childhood.

  15. 115
    nathalie Says:

    Sorry guys, Depp was reported dead today by CNN no less, which has been since completely denied. He was NEVER in a car accident and is not dead. The other big story is Pitt and Jolie and that’s being denied as well. Someone out there also mentioned this could be spun by Huvane and is usually done with some connection to an Aniston story (check People and of course the Telethon for the lastest Aniston-Pitt connections).
    I am not sure anyone should believe it at this point. Maybe this is Aniston birthday wish/gift from her PR maniac

  16. 116
    DUH Says:

    According to Perez, Ang’s reps have denied the rumor that they are breaking up.


  17. 117
    mm Says:

    Oh boy I can’t wait for those doggy style poses on the beach!!

  18. 118
    Nic Says:

    hhhhhhaaa waiting for what I couldn’t careless about this f##% ***** and the ass with her but you poor fans who deny the truth ..I hope he stay away from Jen because he doesn’t deserve to be near her ..just go Brad find a nanny for yourself and your kids and for that ***** I’m sure Johny depp will be the next target ..oh poor Johnny’s wife I hope she hides her man from that creature .

  19. 119
    Another tragedy Says:

    nathalie @ 01/24/2010 at 12:19 pm
    Sorry guys, Depp was reported dead today by CNN no less,
    NO!!!!! I love Johnny. Is there a Memorial Site set up yet where I can post my condolences to Vanessa and the children.
    This is so sad. A tragedy so young.

  20. 120
    Sickely Says:

    Yeah this time the Jollie/Pitt split news looks like for real. It’s not just tabloids…it’s big new agencies like CNN and MSNBC reporting. Well not particular a fan of both but still not good news for them.

  21. 121 Says:

    Listen, watch and weep Loons!

  22. 122
    sorella Says:

    I am surprised that Jennifer A. warrants this much attention.
    The only thing I ever found interesting about her was that she was married to Brad Pitt, but that was AGES ago, five years!!

    Her bday, just another reason to get the spotlight, could she not NOT throw a party maybe and donate ALL the $ from what she would save flying all her friends out and paying for a shingding?? Nope, a party means PR and that’s her shtick, determined to stay in the spotlight at all costs. . First he bday party, then the whole Bounty PR, then something else, usually riding on the JP coatails in the press. She needs to go away, sick of her, she’s was once cute on Friends, but now seems so shallow and full of herself. I find she’s looking more and more like the Orange County ladies too.

  23. 123
    Jill Says:

    People just denied it:

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Split Rumors Not True, Say Sources
    Sunday January 24, 2010 12:15 PM EST
    While reports are swirling that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are headed for a split, multiple sources close to the family tell PEOPLE that the rumors are false.
    “Everything is fine” with the couple, who are parents to six kids, a source says.
    The reports of a pending split were first reported in a British tabloid.
    More to come…

  24. 124
    emmy jay Says:

    She’s got her timing right….She needs to be seen with a costar before her next movie opens….she needs some bikini shots….she needs to portray the fun at forty one temptress…..

    And watch, this movie will bomb too.

    She will, if she isn’t already, box office poison.

  25. 125
    Few Words Says:

    why wait
    go on your hunger strike now
    the gene pool needs cleaning

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