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Miranda Kerr is a Beach Beauty

Miranda Kerr is a Beach Beauty

Miranda Kerr works it in front of the camera on the beach of St. Bart’s in the French West Indies on Saturday (January 23).

The 26-year-old Aussie model shot photos for Victoria’s Secret on the sunny beach!

Miranda‘s boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, is currently in Park City, Utah promoting his new film, Sympathy for Delicious.

Orly took time out to speak with at Sundance – check out what he had to say here!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr working it on the beach for Victoria’s Secret…

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  • pup

    Gorgeous. and having orlando aint bad either. ;P

  • Lauren

    Victoria’s Secret sells some cheap, shitty clothes.

  • Wendy O Koopa


  • Prettigurlz

    Wow she’s gorgeous and has nice hair<3

  • Prettigurlz

    @Wendy O Koopa: Thats mean lol but funni..

  • Shan

    VS needs some cuter clothes…if Miranda can’t make those look good then they wont look good on the customers

  • angeline

    i wish i was that skinny =(

  • Nena

    How about instead of wishing to be skinny just be healthy???

  • S3WA

    Nice bod. Bet her sweetheart misses her like crazy.

  • Joshy Josh

    Yuck! I am so over miranda kerr, she is sooooooooooo overrated.

  • wow

    Such a beautiful girl.
    Fit and gorgeous.
    She and Ale were both there shooting beachwear.
    So she goes to the beach to work, and Orlando goes to the snow. LOL!
    At least Orlando got in some snowboarding to make up for freezing his behind off.
    Oh, and @3
    Are you always this stupid, or only when you post here?

  • lovely…

    Miranda is so beautiful and has a gorgeous body…those

    ……lucky Orlando, no wonder he’s so in love with her….

    ……she’s beautiful, sweet and sexy!!!

  • @3….Wendy

    Are you dumb or just stupid???


    Miranda is all natural.

    Jealous much???

  • clay

    The Victoria Secret girls from the “Stephanie Seymour” era were the best ones. These girls, unfortunately, I will be happy when they run their time out. No offense but they are not alluring at all.

  • hotty

    she looks good here.

  • @14

    Hmmmm, is that why three of them ended up in the top ten of the Ask Men Sexiest Women poll?
    They must be alluring to someone.
    Make that a LOT of ‘someones’.

  • ++Logan++

    clay @ 01/25/2010 at 12:13 am

    The Victoria Secret girls from the “Stephanie Seymour” era were the best ones. These girls, unfortunately, I will be happy when they run their time out. No offense but they are not alluring at all.

    Read more:


    Clay your absolutely correct. Victorias secrets models these days can be replaced by any skinny model. Back in those days they had the best models. Even recently with Adriana Lima, Gisele Budchen and Heidi Klum they were hot.

    But now…just skinny little cheap models needing to date someone in order to make it big. Miranda Kerr is a celebrity models, not a supermodel.

  • @17

    Someone is bitter.
    BTW, I don’t think that you can call someone who ranked in the top ten highest earning models last year “cheap” models.
    I forget the list now, but weren’t Miranda, Adriana, Ale and Doutzen all in the top ten?
    Silly haters.

  • clay

    @++Logan++: I’m with you on Adriana, Giselle and Heidi. They look like real women that has something that you might want to aspire to.

  • WhoMe?

    @Wendy O Koopa:

    If you’ve seen her (topless) photo in this year’s Pirelli Calendar you would see that she obviously does NOT have implants. No more than a B cup. VS bras do wonders, maybe you should buy one Wendy.

  • Sady

    She is a beautiful woman, very sexy but sttill kinda sweet

  • selaly

    Implants?. Oh, please.
    Victoria’s Secret is not that dump having an angel with implants.

  • @14

    Indeed! I miss the old VS era, Stephanie Seymour and laetitia casta were just the epitome of a goddess.

    I don’t like the new VS era at all. But in saying that I do think Miranda easily has the best face out of the VS angels, beautiful and sweet, I don’t know one person who wouldn’t walk pass a VS store and just stare at her posters instead of doing some actual shopping!
    I prefer much curvier models, but meh, Miranda’s face makes up for it.

  • sesily

    She is so BEAUTIFUL & GORGEOUS. (And every good quality you find in a women)

    Miranda, i love u!! <3

  • @3

    Wow, so nice of you to speculate. *end sarcasm* You can’t take the fact that a human can actually amount to being naturally stunning without altering herself?

    Oh, and writing in caps doesn’t make what you are saying any more true. Don’t you have better things to do then picking on womens body and making rude comments?

  • arrggg

    Miranda, why be sooooo beautiful for??

  • sivana

    My favorite Victoria’s Secret angel. She has to share the title of my favorite model with Ana BB and Edita, though. :P
    In my opinion she is too good for Victoria’s Secret. This girl needs high end fashion campaigns, A COSMETIC CONTRACT!, and anything that has to do with beauty.
    She is possibly the only good thing about VS these days. There campaigns and merchandises are so tacky these days.

  • The Boohoo Sisters in Despair

    selaly @ 01/25/2010 at 6:06 am Implants?. Oh, please.
    Victoria’s Secret is not that dump having an angel with implants.

    LOL , Gisèle and Adriana got iomplants because of Victoria Secrets. They even revealed this years ago.
    Their first pictures for VS showed them with their A cup breasts.
    The only ones at the beginnning who had real c cup were Claudia Shiffer and Leatitia Casta.
    Don’t beleive me ?
    Checkl my second and third post.

  • The Boohoo Sisters in Despair

    Adriana before the PS during the Guess ad era and at the start of the Victoria Secrets

  • The Boohoo Sisters in Despair
  • The Boohoo Sisters in Despair
  • The Boohoo Sisters in Despair
  • The Boohoo Sisters in Despair
  • The Boohoo Sisters in Despair

    It is actually a common procedure used by many models who do lingerie and one must be very naive to think that a brand will not tolerate it. I was a model myself, you are a peauice of meat, the client will ask you to have that procedure. L’Oreal uses Beyonce’s lacefront to promote real hair products. That’s marketing. we sell a dream. That’s why i have a huge tespect for leatitia who always told them to f*ck up even when they asked her ver and over again to fix her teeth, or Cundy Crawford who was asked over and over again to remove that mole.
    There are plastic surgeons who are specilaized in breast enlargement for those models. They make it the most naturally possible and you can hardly detect it if you never saw the girl real breast before that. You will be suprised to see how many models have implants.
    Other notorious ones who had A cup and revelead their PS since it was so obvious compared to their first pictures is Gisèle and Iman. They all said that t was to fill better the bra or the dress.
    And last thing, it is common knowledge that Brasilian and Venezuelan women uses even more plastic surgeries than their american counterparses : mainly for the boom boom (butt), breast and nose. It is lso cheaper there as well as in nothern african countries like Tunisia, where many models from Europe tend to go to have it fixed.
    The thing is, they tend not to go to the extreme with it, meaning, looking for a more soft non exagerated look. The hard overwhelming big breasts a la american way is usually replaced by a CC cup with a natural look on it and with more balance in the body.

  • T Shirts

    When did she have her head shrunk?

  • Sophia

    I do prefer the curvier VS models of yester years.

    VS used to pull its models from lingerie catalogues. They had Laeticia Casta, Anna Hickman, Daniela Pestova, Heidi, when she was in her prime, Tyra Banks and Stepanie Seymour, women with ACTUAL sex appeal because they were curvy.

    Then they brought on the Brazilians and Karolina Kurkova who weren’t as curvy, but okay.

    They were curvier than they new breed led by Miranda Kerr.

    Now I see only high fashion models doing VS. I mean, they had people like Chanel Iman and a whole bunch of skinny girls.

    Karolina is gone now. When Adriana lives, they’ll only have Doutzen Kroes. She’s the only throwback model.

    I used to think Marisa Miller was a throwback, but she has lost so much weight, she looks just as a skinny as the others.

    VS needs to return to the models who made them famous and not the skinny, high fasion models with weird faces like Miranda’s.

    Miranda Kerr has a large round head, wide-set eyes on a skinny body. She looks like ET or a cabbage patch kid.

  • Adorable

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; I think Miranda is lovely. She has curves – just in a smaller, tighter package. Nothing wrong with very curvy girls – and nothing wrong with more petite, delicate beauties like Miranda. I love Miranda’s face, especially her eyes. They’re beautiful, ‘cat like’ and almond-shaped, and such a deep, rich blue. Gives her face a slightly exotic look. And yes, she has a rounded little ‘baby face’ which I think is adorable – dimples and all.

  • Likes ‘em thin

    Orlando Bloom seems to like his women very thin.

  • ayj6m6l

    beautifulllllllllllllllll !!

  • bbwdaters

    She is so pretty!

  • lucy

    For everyone who remember old VS era,I think we can still hope with Doutzen Kroes..She’s a real woman with real curves! She’s the best vs angel like Adri!She’s more versatile than Miranda and she can wear “very sexy”bras like ” Dream Angels” bras….Miranda with “Very Sexy” seems a child who jokes to be a woman.

  • Looks great

    If you don’t like thin and you don’t like baby face types, that’s fine. But some of us do. Actually, quite a lot of people must, including a lot of guys who vote at “Ask” Miranda came in at #10 sexiest woman in their latest poll out of a total of 99. Her look obviously appeals to many. Extra-curvy women have their own beauty too but I prefer girls who look like Miranda. She’s not just a body but a beautiful face and a sweet personality as well.

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow, she looks amazing
    she never disappoints =]
    she has become my favorite VS model because every1 else sucks really
    miranda just always looks great, love these pics, shows what a cutie she is

  • lucy

    @Looks great: That’s ok! we are telling opinions!..I can also tell the same thing of Doutzen: “she’s not just a body but a beautiful face and a sweet personality as well.”

  • Doutzen’s great too

    Doutzen is my second-favorite angel. Beautiful face and a strong, athletically-toned body. See? I don’t just admire ‘super-slim.’ She’s slender too but not as petite as Miranda.

  • love her!

    This girl is EXTREMELY beautiful. I you tubed her, and she is unbelievable in motion. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better. My favorite model. So beautiful. *sighs*

  • @23

    I also think Miranda is easily the best out of the generation. Who can be more versatile and beautiful then Miranda? She can be so undeniably cute, that you just go aww, and then she can be incredibly sexy, and then she can be sooo beautiful that it’s almost to much for you to take.
    I definitely can see why she’s one of the best sellers at Victoria’s Secret and has a massive following. This girl defines the term “angel”

  • mia

    MIranda has some fake hair added- you can see how longer her hair is on this photos than at the airport. Push up bra. Very ugly unatractive clothes. VS must do better. If this is their summer collection they will sell nothing- with angels or without them.

  • .

    I thought that was ET the extra-terrestrial stranded on the beach…. but you’re saying that’s Miranda Kerr?!!! Wow….