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Orlando Bloom is The Good Doctor -- Or The Bad One?

Orlando Bloom is The Good Doctor -- Or The Bad One?

Orlando Bloom rubs shoulders with actor pal Adrien Brody during a 2010 Sundance Film Festival party held at the Village at the Yard on Saturday night (January 23) in Park City, Utah.

“I’m so excited to be here,” the 33-year-old British actor told at the party. “It’s my first time here at Sundance.”

When asked if he’s been doing anything fun in town, he shared, “I have a day off tomorrow, so I’m going to try and see some movies. But if I can get ahold of some snowboarding gear, I’ll go boarding!”

Orlando also confirmed to that he’s soon going to start shooting the new movie, The Good Doctor. “Except he’s not a good doctor — at all!” he laughed. Check out the movie synopsis on IMDB!

As for the blogosphere, Orlando says he keeps out of it because he read one a long time ago and “couldn’t believe how nasty it was.” Mr. Bloom reminisced about his start in Hollywood and how his popularity exploded after Lord of the Rings. How did he cope with it? “I kept myself busy with work but now, it’s crazy! Look at that guy Robert Pattinson. The poor guy can’t go anywhere now!”

Since blogs are out of the question, Orlando likes to stick to traditional media outlets like The New York Times, The UK Times and UK’s Guardian. “It’s crazy how the world gets its news from blogs but congratulations,” he added. “You’re Just Jared!”

Orlando also isn’t familiar with Twitter. When asked to give a shout-out to the Twitterverse, check out what he shared with @JaredEng!

As for being pictured with longtime friend Robin Baum below, Orlando smiled, “She’s the best publicist in the world!”

Also at the event, Cornerstore Entertainment celebrated the Sundance films Hesher and Sympathy for Delicious, which stars Orlando, at the Bing bar. There was also a special live performance by the Broadway cast of Rock of Ages, including Constantine Maroulis (pictured below with rumored socialite girlfriend Tinsley Mortimer).

Before the performance, Orlando stopped by the Hesher dinner at the Stella Artois Cutting Room, where he hung out with the director and a few friends.

Pictured below: Actress Malin Akerman with The Romantics co-star Jeremy Strong and HappyThankYouMorePlease co-star Zoe Kazan.

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  • Prettigurlz

    He is a hottie I love Orlandoo<3

  • sara

    Love him!
    I’m so happy for him that Sympathy is getting such good reviews. And critics are praising his performance in particular.
    Can’t wait to see him back on the big screen.
    Thanks, Jared.

  • Ms Anonymous

    Orli is the best, haters to the left!

  • Ms Anonymous

    Constantine can do way better. I had a big crush on him once.

  • KimoraLeeVanderbilt

    You go,JARED!!! I am so happy you are getting these great interviews and got to go to Sundance. Life is good! Orlando seems like a real sweetheart, too.

  • amy
  • Mixing it up?

    Sounds like he’s attempting to shake up the ‘good boy’ image a bit by attempting grittier roles. I applaud him for that.

  • aska

    oh hell no, tinsley with constantine?! she must be desperate for more than her 15 minutes.

  • Veronica

    blogs ARE nasty!!! i’ve seen it here, it’s terrible…
    luckly he’s a techn-tard ^^
    stay innocent handsome~!!

  • @7

    In the video clips that we have seen, he NAILS his role.
    He is amazing as the foul mouthed rocker!
    So sexy!
    And so far the critics have been very pleased with his performance.

  • Lisa

    So happy he’s doing movies. I haven’t seen him in anything good for a while.

  • http://justjared I love Orlando

    That is a cool interview Orlando is the best he must be relieved the ugly vampire is being mocked by fat 14/50 obsessed woman and he is away from their radar and can make the movies he wants smaller roles but that are better for him and he can explore his craft with hose roles .

  • Priscila

    I love him! Can’t wait to watch his movie!

  • **

    So gorgeous and happy!
    Can’t wait to see him play another bad boy.


    I used to be a huge fan of Adrian Brody (despite his incredibly ugly nose) until he signed that petition supporting the child rapist director Roman Polanski. I can’t believe he would defend a monster like that. Shame on Adrian and on Natalie Portman, too!

  • YUCK

    @Adrien SUPPORTS CHILD ABUSE!!: Yeah, I was really dissapointed with Adrien Brody too. I’m a daddy and I can’t imagine anyone defending Polanski. What a shame. He was a good actor.

  • Kate



    Any woman that is attracted to Orlando Bloom must be a lesbian. He has the gayest face I’ve ever seen in my life. I think even gayer than Colin Firth. All those poor Brits have the gay face. It’s unfortunate.

  • citylove

    They start filming ????? That’s great, I’ve wait for two months !

    The movie will be great !


    I think Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Jude Law have even gayer faces than Orlando Bloom. Orlando is just semi gay. But it’s true. I don’t know why british guys look so effeminate?? I guess it’s a genetic thing. The only brits that look like real men are Daniel Craig aka James Bond, Jason Statham from the Crank and Transporter movies and Henry Caville from The Tudors.

  • Orlando’s SO NOT hot

    @SEMI GAY FACE: Mmmmm I love Jason Statham and Henry Cavill. Daniel Craig just looks like too much of an old man. Even though he’s probably just a little older than Statham. I agree that Orlando does look a little gay. It must be in the water those brits drink. LOL.


    Look people: Not all brits have a gay face. The ones that go into acting tend to look like this so this is what we see. But many brits in the british armed forces look very manly. And also many british athletes have a manly face. Just look at David Beckham.


    David Beckham?? That is a terrible example. He has the voice of a woman. Of an f-ing woman!!

  • Adrien Brody’s Nose

    Adrien Brody’s nose make me want to vomit. Why hasn’t that man fixed his nose by now? I’m sure he has enough money what with all the ass kissing he does. The only reason he supports Polanski is to kiss up to the Hollywood directors that also support him. Like “look at me, I’m on your team, hire me!” He’s such a brown noser.

  • LOL!

    I think that someone here (posting under different names) has a bit of a complex.
    Only men who are insecure in their own sexuality try to classify other men as having a “gay face”.
    Having beautiful features does not make you look gay. Some of the ugliest, roughest looking guys around are gay.
    So keep saying that Orlando looks gay. It hurts no one but you. And just remember…. Orlando goes home to Miranda Kerr. Who do you go home to?

  • ehmm…

    I have zero pity for his complaints. You wanted to be an actor, you wanted the big bucks, you wanted the limelight, then live with the consequences.
    “Poor Robert Pattison” is living a dream… oh, I forgot, it’s all about “art”.

  • @26

    It was more of a comment than a complaint.
    I think that you are reading something into it that just isn’t there.
    He said he didn’t read the blogs, because he saw how nasty they could be.
    He didn’t whine about people saying nasty things, or question why the blogs were allowed to exist, or anything of that nature.
    He just said that he didn’t read them. Simple statement.
    The comment about Robert was to illustrate that Pattinson has it worse than he did at the beginning and height of his popularity, because more blogs exist now than they did 5-6 years ago.

  • firemanmatch

    They are a cute couple

  • wow

    Orlando and Mark Ruffalo went snowboarding today.
    Both of them are too nice for words. No wonder they get along so well.

  • lbslo

    so sad we didnt hang this year on Main Street – you surely have done a killer job with Sundance 2010 – congrats! x

  • letourneau

    @ORLANDO = GAY FACE: what the hell isa gay face, rock hudson ,james dean,anthony perkins- and you got a bit of wrong take on lesbians too ,if all sensitive faces mean gay you got big problem

  • dare

    I agree with ehmm… .

  • T Shirts

    What a beautiful couple!

  • Gay face?

    So what’s a gay face? A face that feels attraction towards faces with the same skin ph as them?

  • ukhookups

    He is so cool

  • callmewhatever

    Finally! He’s been lookin so rough for A WHILE but from the looks of things he is back hot again.THANK YOU!

  • doctor…

    …he can check my vitals anytime!!!

  • talan

    And maybe he is a bit jealous because Pattinson is so popular, well known all over the world and woman of all ages are screaming after him. Once upon a time the same was happening to another British actor, young man named Orlando Bloom. Who is now acting in small movies and didn’t have a blockbuster for centuries. Poor Pattinson? I seriously doubt. Pattinson has everything that every actor wants to have- popularity, big money, fame and admirers. This is one of the reason they are actors. And somehow I am sure that there would be some Victoria secret models available for Robert Pattinson- if he is interested.

  • bah

    No I don’t believe that being stalked obsessively all the time and having the press make up stuff about you on a daily basis is something to be jealous about. As for popularity, money, fame and admirers, Orlando has all that without the disadvantages.
    If he so wanted to be in a blockbuster he wouldn’t have turned down Pirates 4. He seems very happy with his small movies. He’s got the fame, now he needs the prestige.

  • k

    Love you, Orly!

    It’ great to see him refreshed and back to work. A break from all the chaos seems to be exactly what he needed. Sympathy looks like an awesome film! I wish Orly the best of luck in all of his projects, big or small!

  • Good For Him

    I’m so glad his movie is doing well and people are finally seeing that he really is a great actor if he’s given something he can actually work with!! Love him!!

  • skorstensstillads

    Well written post, good researched and useful for me in the future.I am so happy you took the time and effort to make this. Best of luck

  • Georgina

    I know this is really boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks, you cleared up some things for me!

  • xnxx xnxxx

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