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Adam Lambert Talks Fashion Inspirations in Vman Magazine

Adam Lambert Talks Fashion Inspirations in Vman Magazine

Adam Lambert strikes a pose in the newest issue of Vman magazine’s Issue #17, on newsstands Thursday (January 28).

The 28-year-old entertainer, featured in the magazine’s “How to Dress Like A Pop Star” feature, spoke about where he’s found inspiration for his fashion.

“What I do has been done before,” Adam shared. “It’s glam. I’m inspired by the ’70s and ’80s. Bowie is a huge influence. So are hair bands.”

“Why must a crazy look necessarily be gay?” Adam continued. “Our society is more fearful, I guess. And they don’t party enough. Everyone was partying in the ’80s.”

Adam will put his fashion skills to good use as he serves as a fashion correspondent for Entertainment Tonight‘s Grammy coverage on Monday, February 1!

“I’m overly honest, so that will probably show through,” Adam told ET. “I won’t be mean, though. I’m not mean.”

Adam Lambert – Vman Magazine #17
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Photos: Mark Abrahams/VMan Magazine
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  • KittyThing xD

    First! xD

  • Wicked Glitter

    Adam looks gorgeous as always in these pictures. Adam is in Toronto today surrounded by loving fans who don’t judge. or make fun of him . If he never came back I wouldn’t blame him. I would be upset, but happy for him. He is becoming a huge star, just like we (all of his fans) knew he would. It’s too bad the very people who should have stood up for him didn’t because of jealousy. Instead of being jealous, why not just enjoy the termendous gift he is sharing with us?

  • wow

    he’s so hot and lovely

  • Jermaine

    Congrats on your album going GOLD dude!

  • Emile

    When heavily photoshopped, he manages to look pretty good. Still is rather arrogant of him though to compare himself to Bowie (even tacitly). Bowie was a skilled songwriter, musician, and artist of the highest caliber. Lambert is merely a celebuwhore.

  • Donna

    I have to 100% agree…we as a society don’t party enough..I toast to that!!! Lol!! Got love that guy

  • LuckyL


  • LuckyL

    Europeans party way more and eat good food, maybe that’s why they’re more comfortable with their sexuality and bodies, and perhaps why for instance an Italian man wearing fitted jeans and a bright shirt is not instantaneously going to be accused of being gay in 2.5 seconds. Homophobia has replaced the Red scare.

  • LuckyL

    He’s so sexy in that shot by the way

  • Donna

    @Emile……you are a bizarre little chicky aren’t you? What?? Go take your meds. You make no sense.

  • no talent

    posing seems to be his thing….singing? not

  • cheep cheep

    He looks like a baby bird waiting for somebody to drop “something” in his mouth.

  • nitpicker

    @Emile: I disagree. He is stunning without makeup and photoshop:

    He didn’t compare himself to Bowie at all. He is heavily influenced by Bowie, who IS one of his musical Idols which is exactly what he said. His dad was a

    Deadhead and DJ, credit to him for teaching him good music and credit to his mom for raising such a respectful, good humored, positive son.

  • lol

    @cheep cheep: Your ***** is showing. these are outtakes btw.

  • JFlorence

    Heeee, I can not wait for his Red Carpet Grammy correspondence.

    He is hilarious but so LOVELY and smart. His brain, I’m in love with it.

    Ridiculous, listen to this: this

  • FYI

    At 400% magnification craters ARE visible.

  • M27

    I wonder if the Justin Timberlake collab rumor is true, that would be so hot. Ha. Has there been anyone who HASN’T fallen in love with Adam upon or after meeting him? I love all the random tweets that are always sayin the same things “just met Adam Lambert. Oh my gosh, he is too sweet for words” “what a sweetheart” “Adam Lambert is a doll” “what a freaking charmer” “so sweet, friendly, bubbly, down to earth, warm” etc. And he is so popular with celebs and musical and film legends, I’m proud of him. So many legends respect him. I know he knows a LOT of people in the business but he’s worked for this for over a Decade, paid his dues unlike a lot of people I won’t mention the names of. I’m f——-g chuffed for him. I love how fierce he is onstage and sweet he is offstage, it’s amazing. And he’s so layered, his personality. His life has been so colorful. His life outlook is awesome and his positive free spirit and mentalitiy inspiring. Ugh, I love his guts and voice. He’s refreshing.

  • bowie

    Ground Control to Glambert : you blow

  • California Dreamer

    What a gorgeous photo shoot. This man is so iconic. Everything about him screams beautiful and unique. I love how different he is. Yet, he is also kind. I’ve never found him to be rude.

    And btw, I am a huge Bowie can and don’t think he was arrogantly comparing himself to Bowie at all. He was merely stating an influence or what he finds inspirational.

    Oh and about the photoshopping, how would you like that to be said about you? Think before you speak. Don’t say something, you wouldn’t want said to you. Anyway, photoshopping, when used heavily, makes a person look fake and unrealistic. There is no beauty without flaws.

  • California Dreamer

    Wow, I meant Bowie “fan” in my first post. Ugh.

  • stunning

    @FYI: you’re boring. you’re on his every post. it’s like a fascination obsession thing. at HQ EVERYONE’s flaws are visible you muppet. it’s funny how the trolls can’t think of anything to criticize about his looks so they pick on his skin which he’s said he’s battled with lol. I don’t get it. why not waste your energy on someone worth hating who actually deserves that. and it’s such an insignificant thing too with his voice and his personality and his pretty face. keira kniighley also has bad skin and no one gives a chicken. beauty is inside-out. negativity is unattractive, and it brings bad luck.

  • Celina, 22

    He’s in Canada right now (check his tw.itter) and they’re going craaaaaaazy lollll.

    I was watching MOD earlier and the endlss screaming was hysterical. He looked all embarrassed, it was pretty adorable.

    Glad his album went Gold!!! He’s such a nice person, talent aside.

  • jill

    and just how is this gay man with gaudy flamboyant bad taste qualified to be a fashion correspondent?

  • Oli

    “I won’t be mean”

    Can you even imagine that? He can be quick witted sassy and hilariously sarcastic but he’s so polite and charming. LOL. I can’t imagine him ever losing his temper and shouting, he’s such a chill guy and always so spirited.

  • Donna

    @no talent: Seems like you’re the poser.

  • Janice

    Watched the MOD videos of him in Canada. I think every female in Toronto between 13 and 28 showed up lol….they love him!! Can’t have him though he belongs to the

  • sundance

    gorgeous inside out.

    i love that he’s going international and also that he’s so well received everywhere he goes. he’s so sweet in person and that trandscends. people respond to positivity, he’s like a magnet. i’m in awe but proud of the fact that so many celebrities adore him and that he was the most popular guest at the galas and after parties this and last week. he’s funny and smart, i love him.

    the red carpet grammy correspondence should be brill.

  • flash in the pan

    Adam’s here today –for the silly retarded teens- gone tomorrow like all teen idols. You can bet on it.

  • whatttt

    @no talent: Singing not? Hang on. If you mean you see more posts about his magazine shoots than you see about his music, then you’re on the wrong site. If you mean he’s better at modelling than at singing, I’m sorry about your ears. He can hit every note on the guitar

    who goes from broken open to THIS today? come on. Pretty rare. It’s epic. He’s epic.

  • headradio


  • No Shame

    “What I do has been done before,”
    No shyt,,,, use some creativity and get yourself out of the time warp lazyazz.

  • SD

    He looks great. I love the head shot from Vman that you didn’t post.

  • Myla


    Adam did not compare himself to Bowie. He said Bowie is a huge influence. Big difference!

  • LuckyL

    ^^Yawn, same sh*t day in and day out from you haters. Go tell that to Kris-what’s-his-face.

  • Leah

    My God, Adam is gorgeous. He has model good looks. It still shocks me when I hear all these shots at his physical appearance. How do you say this stuff and not feel bad about it? The anonymity of the internet or not, I just couldn’t. Adam is a real person with real feelings. I just don’t get the hate. What a horrible waste of energy.

  • Jenn

    @FYI: Yeah I would like to see most of the haters have to look at themselves magnified x12 in HD and lets see what your skin looks with every pour and line exposed. Why do they do that to Adam. I think most women would sue a magazine for doing that to them. Thrilled Adam will be on the red carpet – that man has style and is gorgeous!!! He is also so sweet and funny.

  • Sarah

    OMG he is the hottest thing ever. EVER.

  • LuckyL

    Haha, listening to “Time for Miracles” as we speak!

  • kaylie

    definately buying that magazine for sure! :)

  • kaylie

    oh and btw he’s not 28, YET..he’s 27..

  • Julie

    @flash in the pan: Yeah and what do you have to say to all the women who are in their 20s,, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s who love Adam. Adam has a huge fan base and he has the talent to back it up. Actually it is estimated that he has about a 40% males in his fan base all ages as well. His album just went Gold and is being released internationally over the next few months. Adam Rocks and is gorgeous too!!

  • terie

    Can’t sing? ADAM can’t sing????? Since when do you get a GOLD RECORD for NOT being able to sing??? PULEEZE … your immaturity is showing … go do your homework for school. It’s past your bedtime!!!

  • nickim

    That is one steaming hot man! How can anyone be that awesome?

  • nickim

    @flash in the pan: Yeah, I remember, that is what they said about the Beatles!!!

  • XYZ

    ADAM personifies glam. I’m glad he’s bringing it on the scene. He is right that this generation is not partying enough. But more than the 80′s, it was the 70′s that was really about partying and dancing. In fact, I’m sorry for this generation that’s content in sitting on their butts in cyberspace with their rap and hip hop scene. Those were the days! I’m happy ADAM is bringing the fun back. And I’m going for the ride.
    To all the HATERS: When your attacks become personal, it’s because you know you cannot win and cannot accept you’re losing the game and are defeated. It’s not a surprise that all of you are miserable LOSERS!
    ADAM rules! Just swallow it.

  • jess

    Adam makes corporate bubblegum pop music for those with no musical sophistication.

  • Angel

    GOD was simply showing off when He created ADAM.
    His skin imperfection simply makes him human.
    Because ADAM is perfection.

  • Too Funny

    haaa! moronic fans of a runner-up in an amature singing contest are are claiming the high ground. Wake from your dream knuckle draggers. He’s this months flavor. You are soooo easily manipulated and just pathetic uneducated consumers.

  • Nina

    @Emile: I gather you’ve never actually heard the man sing, or you’d realize what a ridiculous statement you just made.

  • Jory

    he is so freakin sexy i love him so so much <3 he is the best singer artist entertainer performer just name it he have it all BB ;)