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Adam Lambert Talks Fashion Inspirations in Vman Magazine

Adam Lambert Talks Fashion Inspirations in Vman Magazine

Adam Lambert strikes a pose in the newest issue of Vman magazine’s Issue #17, on newsstands Thursday (January 28).

The 28-year-old entertainer, featured in the magazine’s “How to Dress Like A Pop Star” feature, spoke about where he’s found inspiration for his fashion.

“What I do has been done before,” Adam shared. “It’s glam. I’m inspired by the ’70s and ’80s. Bowie is a huge influence. So are hair bands.”

“Why must a crazy look necessarily be gay?” Adam continued. “Our society is more fearful, I guess. And they don’t party enough. Everyone was partying in the ’80s.”

Adam will put his fashion skills to good use as he serves as a fashion correspondent for Entertainment Tonight‘s Grammy coverage on Monday, February 1!

“I’m overly honest, so that will probably show through,” Adam told ET. “I won’t be mean, though. I’m not mean.”

Adam Lambert – Vman Magazine #17
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pretty boy :)

Wow I loved just watching him being photographed for the magazine spread. That was just fun! Man to have this guy’s life! Crazy! Now he is going to be on the Red Carpet on the Grammy’s! Insane! And he has a great album that just when Gold! Sweet! Love everything he wears! He needs a clothing line and he should be selling mascara and make up and hair color!

For all of you who keep making fools of yourself say “15 minutes of fame” let me remind you it has been a year and half. Adam’s album just went gold, is out selling the idol winner by double, and According to FMOB, FYE Album jumped 55% in sales and went from #12 to #5.
His recent single “Whataya Want From Me” is rising on the top 40 charts every week and he is about to go international. The guy is not only not going away – he is becoming a super star! Hollywood loves this man and support his incredible talent and gladly nurture his multiple creative talent. His fan base is huge and Adam is freaking talented whether you like him or not. Either way, you are obsessed with him – admit it – that is why you blog about him.

Sheer gorgeous beauty. I love his style and class and can’t wait to see him on the red carpet being sexy and funny as always. Adam is a Glam God!!!

Love this! Adam looks awesome and his cd is fantastic. Loving every minute being an Adam fan!! You haters need a life. This multi-talented man ain’t going nowhere but up!

MzDiscoLemonade @ 01/25/2010 at 11:49 pm

I know rite!!

I n F a m o u s l y C o o l @ 01/25/2010 at 11:52 pm

..dude’s legendary already. from the first second on idol to now he’s been huge. he won that show from his first performance.

Glambert is Hot @ 01/26/2010 at 12:07 am

@Emile: he doesn’t compare he said he is inspired, look up the meaning before you spout off, you sound like the idiot you are . ADAM Is not arrogant at all if you knew anything about him at all. Listen to others celebs talk about how humble and gracious he always is. People like you can’t even read and twist the meaning of things.


Troierkjet @ 01/26/2010 at 12:10 am

Even the haters love Adam they can’t stay away because something inside themjust loves him and they don’t know how to handle it. Haters are so sad , biggest losers ever.

shadamholic @ 01/26/2010 at 12:44 am

I’m still waiting for the day when I can walk by a news stand and always see Adam’s picture on at LEAST one magazine ;-). Can’t wait to see him on the red carpet at the Grammy’s….SERIOUSLY, there are probably stars that are going to be there who want to meet him more than he wants to meet them even…should be fun to see him on the other side of the mike…he’s so articulate….another Adam surprise…hold on for the ride!


In other words: YOU DIDN’T LISTEN TO THE ALBUM!!!!!

It’s called, “For Your Entertainment” by the way. Pick it up! Try it, you’ll like it!

@Emile: Apparently English isn’t your first language so you don’t understand that to say “Bowie is a huge influence” is NOT Adam comparing himself to Bowie, in any way – it’s simply Adam saying how much he admires Bowie, as a singer, songwriter, performer and fashion influence. Is that so hard to understand? That’s not “arrogant” – giving credit where credit is due is the highest form of admiration – - unlike you – you twit!


Exquisitely good looks and fashion sense aside, perhaps you should direct that question to world reknown fashion designers and fashion industry icons, Christian Dior and Karl Lagerfield!!!

Adam Lambert should be promoting their new $4,000+ sunglasses and other haute couture wares in the very near future. He’s already done the photoshoot.

Oh yeah, about the “gay man”, “gaudy” and “flamboyant” taste comment… must have NEVER seen FASHION WEEK!!! The one in New York is coming up soon. Check it out. Then check yourself!!!

Who cares about the marks on his skin, the guy is a monster talent. His vocal prowess is immense. These haters need to take their outdated insults and spread it somewhere else.

how dare you comment as such…he is his own individual and crediting all HIS idols that ultimately influenced him…give this superbly talented guy a break!!!

@no talent:
Get a serious hearing check done with ur doctor…ASAP

ADam is awsome as always, but for now, my focus is on the photographer

ANYONE TELL ME WHAT TECHNOLOGY WAS USED??? was the cube put after or before or during photo??
is that hologram???
im clueless and as a learning photographer myself, i would be very happy to find out

really nice :)

After all the publicity he’s had, GOLD should not be considered that big of deal in my opinion.

^^Lol it outsold the winner and that’s all that matters.

marlock276 @ 01/26/2010 at 8:00 am

Adam can do ANYTHING! He is so incredibly talented, and such a beautiful, kind, hard-working, genuine human being. . . he’s such an inspiration.

postwatcher @ 01/26/2010 at 8:55 am

Um, most of those “glam” 80s bands did not survive the decade…
Kajagoogoo anyone?

Can’t stand the media’s fawning over this diude…..overhyped, over praised, over the top…..I’m over him

quite sure he”outsold the idol wonner” because all his crazy fans each bougt a dozen of his CDs……

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