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Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell Have a Haiti Relief Weekend

Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell Have a Haiti Relief Weekend

Daniel Craig and girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell spend their Sunday (January 25) together benefiting Haiti relief in Brentwood and Santa Monica, Calif.

The 41-year-old actor and his film producer girlfriend headed to director Paul Haggis‘ house for an Artists for Peace and Justice charity event with other celebs, including Gerard Butler and Charlize Theron!

Later that evening, Daniel and Satsuki went to a Radiohead concert to benefit Oxfam International! 1000 tickets were auctioned off for Haiti relief and celebs rocked out for a good cause.

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daniel craig satsuki mitchell radiohead concert 01
daniel craig satsuki mitchell radiohead concert 02
daniel craig satsuki mitchell radiohead concert 03
daniel craig satsuki mitchell radiohead concert 04
daniel craig satsuki mitchell radiohead concert 05
daniel craig satsuki mitchell radiohead concert 06
daniel craig satsuki mitchell radiohead concert 07
daniel craig satsuki mitchell radiohead concert 08

Photos: Famepictures, GSI Media
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  • Generous

    Daniel Craig pledged to give $50,000 per year for five years toward building the future of Haiti.

    Thanks Danny!

  • Angelove

    They are a cute couple!!!

  • mendel


    A new thread :)

    To generous

    Yes, I read that, too! Brilliant!

    And hi Guinness!

  • r they married

    Daniel is wearing a wedding ring. Looks like they are married!
    DtD says so…


  • jess

    Daniel is such a great person, he deserves someone better to share his life with. Sad indeed. :(

  • dani

    Love her outfit!

  • r they married

    his ring is not very obvious here. But there are so many pictures in dtd that show him with his ring.

    Hope he is happy and hope this is the right choice for him. Sats is the luckiest woman I can think of.

  • deb

    well, have to admit that it’s about time. It’s been what, 6-7 years together without a break? And they are always together.

  • LuckyL

    I always thought he was a young 60-year-old.

  • to Jess

    He deserves someone with both inner and outer beauty. She has neither.

  • to #10

    How would you know?

    I think she’s alright. She is always there for him. I think she also works with him. May be she does his managing. who knows? I think she is a very strong personality to have been with him for so long. If it is true, she deserves it. He is a smart person and I am sure he feels she is right for him.
    It is not about hanging on to his arm all the time and shoppping i am sure. She has something going on for her to have Dan in her life. She comes across as a strong person.

  • #4

    Daniel is wearing a wedding ring. Looks like they are married!
    DtD says so…

    yes, daniel is weaing a ring on his left hand. however, it could also be a committment ring. both tim robbins and susan sarandon, who were never married, both wore wedding bands on their left hands to signal their committment to each other. as for what d2d says, where is the proof of a marriage taking place.

  • to 11

    you are one of the few people on this board who actually think satsuki deserves daniel. i, however, am not one of them. i think, and will always think, of her as a gold digger. he could have done much better. personally, i think he should have left her for eva green when he had the chance.

  • to #13

    And here’s another!

    Well done Daniel, and best wishes to both Daniel and Sats. If they are happy together that is all that matters.

  • to #13

    I love eva and dan too as a couple . But looks like he needs some one who will make her life revolve around him. Sats is obviously doing it while eva has her own careeer to take care of. Anyway Dan and eva were never together as a couple right?

  • guinness

    Hi! We lost fricken power… on and off. First time I am scared of the wind… we have lots of big trees… a 200 year old pine tree next to our house… we had a willow tree fall on my honda accord 6 years ago–insurance–$2000. it is still going and supposed to get worse… i wish it were snow but it is rain, and then it will freeze over night–making trees more likely to break and aaaaahhhhhh!! no school, so we played games by the fire…. and i am soooo sick of kitties and puppies and Barbies!! and aahhh. it blew our metal 30 year old Canadian canoe 30 yards… and I will have nightmares of tornadoes tonight. blachhh.
    and I come on and find new pics. thx jj.

    Nice job Daniel! Does he have gray on his beard? soooo sexy. He looks soooo yummy. I love that leather coat. are her feet sweaty in those boots? so chic and nice in California. whtever. And did they go to the party without a change of clothes?? Well, except they bought a t-shirt? and her hair looks the same every day so she really didn’t have to do anything to it. Detangler and she is good for the pics. And to a Radiohead concert?? NOT FAIR!!

    wow. just wow. wow. and where did they–wow. they kept it a secret. wow. they paid jj off this year. wow. well, maybe I will visit George’s camp. He won’ t get a ring.

    oh! Hi Mendel. whadda think? Hi DIH. & DTM

  • CanadaGirl

    Well, thanks JJ for a new celebrity on the site!
    Daniel is one hot piece of ……. I still can perfectly visualize him in the water with those slim fitting trunks.
    Oh, la, la.

  • wondering

    why did jj refer to her as his GF.

  • to 18

    why did jj refer to her as his GF.

    maybe because the people who work with jj were not able to find any proof that daniel and satsuki are married.

  • to 15

    . Anyway Dan and eva were never together as a couple right?

    that’s not what people who worked on the set of casino royale are saying.

  • eva

    Wish it were true for eva and dan but it is too late now from the look of things. :(

  • oooo

    What was he thinking?? The world is full of much more attractive women. fugly

  • wondering

    I think the fact that he has not admitted that they were married,( if they were married), and still calls her GF, I think most women would be more than a little angry with being called GF in public knowing that you are the wife. is it possible that that those are comitment rings yes,
    I know people who have done that. but if you are married why not just say so.

  • photos

    I have to say these photos look staged.

  • pics

    these photos look staged

  • to wondering

    i’m asking the same question. it’s very simple; all daniel has to do is put out a public statement saying something like “daniel craig and satsuki mitchell were married on…….” no big deal. a public statement doesn’t invade his privacy. i also wonder why jj refers to her as the GF.

  • jess

    Oh well, maybe he thinks of her as a charity case so has agreed to clothe, house and feed her. LOL!

  • to 25


    TBH, something’s fishy here. All of a sudden there are pictures of him and her after so much silence on the pap front and people saying they have split.

    PR occasion like it was them walking across the street that time in NY also.

  • lol

    they dress alike too, that is the worst thing any couple can do, it isnt cute at all and she is such a fashion victim.

    is she trying to do an angelina jolie thing with aviators?

    she still looks smug as hell to me and i give this marriage about 2 years before he looks somewhere else

    he is not a marriage man

    imho, i think he will have an affair with either someone

  • jess

    @lol: It is said by some the quickest way to end a long term relationship is to get married! See it happen all the time.

  • mendel

    to Guinness

    just be careful in this weather! And if you feel a nightmare coming on, think of se-xy tanned Dan :)

    “And did they go to the party without a change of clothes?”

    Looks to me as if they auctioned Sats’ trousers and she was left with nothing but a pair of grey thermals, lol.

    to # 24 & 25

    I don’t think the pics from the Radiohead concert look staged, because they both have that ‘oh no, here come the paps’ look…they don’t exactly look too happy.

    Has any paper or online gossip site mentioned anything about marriage yet? I couldn’t find anything here in the UK.

  • to mendel

    I was refering more to the sidewalk stroll. the concert photos, to me
    they are looking to be photographed to me

  • to mendel

    nothing about them. brad and angie all the time. Tiger woods still on everyone’s radar.
    no one has even mention him and the ring, I guess that is why these photos appear.
    trying to get some press.

  • to lol

    they dress alike too, that is the worst thing any couple can do, it isnt cute at all and she is such a fashion victim.

    she’s on her way to a charity event; right? so would it have killed her to consult a stylist, if she has one at all, before choosing what she wore. as for dressing alike, maybe they think it is cute.

  • to 28

    TBH, something’s fishy here. All of a sudden there are pictures of him and her after so much silence on the pap front and people saying they have split.
    PR occasion like it was them walking across the street that time in NY also.

    well, maybe this has to do with the upcoming filming of dream house in toronto and the new director chosen for bond 23. maybe the pr people wanted to have the two of them out in public to put down rumors that they’ve split.

  • guinness

    wow. $50 thou a year. That is differently insightful. Hmm-any other celebs do that because that city is going to go thru YEARS of transition-and where does he know his money is going–to the govt. to repair its capital building or to the city of tents to rebuild its concrete huts only to cave in again at the next aftershock? good luck my dear, you are an instigator of insightfulness of this–never heard of such a plan!! love it.

    aahhh, I love his smile after they let go hands and she is talking to someone off camera. That pic will be mine and edited to my liking! And all the pics are thrown together that I can’ t figure out where and what pics go with the concert-I would have worn the small black skirt BOTH places. (she does carry a bag, right?) Nice thermal pants. wtf? I laughed out loud, Mendel–nice! awesome. thx.

    I guess they could’ve been “joined” by the black priestess under the light of the moon… in lieu of legally marrying where ever. Yes, I do have to break my contract with him if he passed over the purple celtic empress joining. what a pompous yummy Brit! I want ‘em!!

    Is it really realistic for Dan and his team to “control” his PR to the point of what pics are taken and when of him? And his sightings controlled? Any celeb? I would think Update explained that–no one media company cares for him and his “news”. EXCEPT US!!!

    I am scared!!! It won’t stop raining, all the pretty snow is gone, and it is dark now…and it is still gusting really hard!!! yyyeeehaw. I need a new car, maybe i will park it under our willow again!!!

  • guinness
  • Meg

    JJ,Thank you for new thread!!
    Daniel,Thank you for your generosity!!!

  • deb

    if you google the other guests who went to the fundraiser event in Santa Monica, their photos are of them walking from their car to the house too. Like it or not, time to accept it!

  • to deb

    yeah they are walking from their car to the house but that does not mean a wedding has taken place. all it means is that at this point daniel and satsuki are still together. as for daniel’s ring on his left hand, susan sarandon and tim robbins, who never married, both wore wedding bands on their left hands as a sign of their committment to each other. also, jj still refers to satsuki as the gf which means that the legal team working for him has found no proof that daniel and satsuki are married.

  • to 39


    It’s certainly not time to accept your spelling though.

    …”their” meaning “there are”

  • Update.

    ~ Well hey ho there and more snaps to assimilate. Mr Craig is certainly warming up to them, but as pointed out there is a film ahead to deal with so Mr Smiley has been taken out for a dusting. He seems to enjoy the US paps more than the UK. (We’ll get over it).

    ~ As for being seen out and about during this “Haiti Weekend” (terrible title) well, I will be uber-cynical and say the more pictures you have connected to this “grief stricken” time the better, but as you all know the business (as I’m sure), then I won’t prattle on.

    ~ As for marriage, several calls to his office and they are “not commenting” on Mr Craigs’ personal life but they are not denying it either. Basically means bugger all really. My feeling? Let’s be seen with the rings and let them (Joe Public) draw their own conclusion without a statement as surely if both people wear rings, it means something “permanent” so that releases them (Mr Craig’s office) from releasing a statement as he stated he would not. Gets them out of a catch-22 situation.

    ~ Are we that naive?

  • to update

    the ring’s may mean nothing more than a committment to their relationship. it does not necessarily mean marriage.

  • guinness

    thx update. Naive, no. Feeling shafted, yea-I thought he was my friend!!! why didn’t he shout it from the rooffops of his love for lifetime partner? Another excuse to party ffs? I guess he doesn’t need an excuse, huh? Mendel, you goin over later?? catch you on the flip side of that door!!!

    DRINK!! FECK!!! DRINK! DRINK!! “are these MY feet?”

  • Update.

    ~ I have no idea what the ring means at this point until we here some news with feet. “Naivety” was a sweeping statement blanketed in sarcasm.

  • guinness

    OH, I just continued the sarcasm thru my post because I loved your ending,,,, no offense–love your sarcasm. I get misjudged because of it all the time–so apologies. I wanted to be heavily sarcastic with the idol worship with a little twist… cheers!

  • marriage

    Did they marry? Was it common-law marriage? Anyway,i sad… but wish he is happy.

  • Update.

    ~ Just read that over $80 million watched the Haiti Telethon which means at least that amount might have seen his ring. Was it visible on that or just with the pictures? I didn’t catch all of it.

    ~ But howzabout that then for “major reveal?”.

  • ?

    strange he should have chosen this weekend and the various get togethers to finally wear his ring. he knew there would be paps obviously.


  • to 44


    Well he did say “I love Satsuki Mitchell’ at the QoS premiere in London.

    What more do you need?