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Gerard Butler Makes Beautiful Music with A Shoeless Violinist

Gerard Butler Makes Beautiful Music with A Shoeless Violinist

Gerard Butler is spotted out and about with friends on Saturday (January 23) in Venice Beach, Calif.

The 40-year-old actor stopped and talked with several women along the way, including a violinist who was performing outside.

Gerry got her number and apparently made quite an impression – the two kissed on the sidewalk!!

The next day, Gerry headed to an Artists for Peace and Justice charity event in Brentwood to benefit Haiti relief efforts.

30+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler heading to a charity event and having a fun night out…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler kissing violinist 01
gerard butler kissing violinist 02
gerard butler kissing violinist 03
gerard butler kissing violinist 04
gerard butler kissing violinist 05
gerard butler kissing violinist 06
gerard butler kissing violinist 07
gerard butler kissing violinist 08
gerard butler kissing violinist 09
gerard butler kissing violinist 10
gerard butler kissing violinist 11
gerard butler kissing violinist 12
gerard butler kissing violinist 13
gerard butler kissing violinist 14
gerard butler kissing violinist 15
gerard butler kissing violinist 16
gerard butler kissing violinist 17
gerard butler kissing violinist 18
gerard butler kissing violinist 19
gerard butler kissing violinist 20
gerard butler kissing violinist 21
gerard butler kissing violinist 22
gerard butler kissing violinist 23
gerard butler kissing violinist 24
gerard butler kissing violinist 25
gerard butler kissing violinist 26
gerard butler kissing violinist 27
gerard butler kissing violinist 28
gerard butler kissing violinist 29
gerard butler kissing violinist 30

Credit: Matei/Radcliffe; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, GSI Media
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  • Cora

    Oh f*ck here we go …..

  • Ewww

    Way to squash rumours GB… way to go. High Five!
    Excuse me now, I’m gonna throw up.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    No self respecting man or woman would kiss a stranger on the street unless you wanted to share diseases..but whatever floats his careful of the Swine flu..

  • hehe

    The Butler cannot be stopped. It’s his duty to spread all fluids possible around.
    Next fake boyfriend for JA please. lol

  • adrianna

    wait.. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ?!

  • Dawn

    He kind of comes across as a manwhore =/

  • Ahem

    Wasn’t he just with Jennifer. lol.

  • Kulu

    How much do i have to pay for a date with him? Must i pay more if i want a kiss? He`s cheap or not

  • tingpao

    at least he’s not dating Aniston, am cool with that….

  • Soookieee

    GROSS! He is nasty! What is the appeal of this man??? He can’t act, makes crappy movies, is unattractive, and looks like he smells. Now he swaps saliva with random women on the street. He is beyond nasty. He has more than likely been treated for several STD’s more than once.

  • cri87

    hope they already knew each other LOL

  • Love it !

    poor phoney a a s sss s jennifer. better luck on the next guy she tries to fake a relationship with. i bet gerard butler would rather date a goat than her. boohoohoo, my heart weeps for u, aniston…. NOT!

  • hehe

    @cri87: dream on

  • gotta be kidding

    LOL its just so funny how the next day he’s all buisness-y and stuff like nothing happened. he prob. already forgot about it. maybe multi personality disorder?

  • Ploink!

    Hold on ..not so fat.I was just reading the thread that was posted earlier.DANG!
    K..Can someone please explain who PC is?Is he dating him/her?
    I thought this guy was gay and he has a bf for a long time…not sure if that is PC.
    Did peeps really believe that he dated Aniston?
    Have the phannies already figured out who this girl is…
    And why…WHY did he have to kiss her with her socks getting all dirty on the street.He could have used his friend ,put him on the ground and let the girl stand on his back.
    And what is with the picture taking…twitter?Facebook?Website??Evidence for the scoreboard??
    If it is the last..then he is really pathetic…although I once had a classmate who collected bra’s from all the girls he had and hung them in his room.

  • villedeville

    Backstage at the Golden Globe awards he was reportedly making out with Jennifer Aniston just behind the curtains. No photo was taken of the incident so this time Gerard French-tongued a gorgeous stranger on the sidewalks of LA for everyone to see.

  • slamdunk

    Squash Jen PR team. He kept denying it and her troops keep playing the formula. Throw Mayer and Brad back into the mix now that the butler cannot improve your rep.

  • amy

    Gerry….NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! you were supposed to be Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend

  • mental age

    Awww! look, he’s got his mental age written on his top! What a douche – judging by the guy in one of the pics with the ‘long camera lens’ (top line, second pic I think -man with hat) I think this is all part of the antiJA tactic and he is either obliging buddy ready to take pictures or a willing pap . Now this is the ‘I am disappointed in Butler’ thread. What a ho

  • nathalie

    @Ploink!: PC is Priyanka Chopra who he was after a little while ago and who he supposedly just quickly visited in New York on a movie set. He’s been chasing her for a while but apparently she is not putting out quickly enough for Gerry . Ha ha. She is Bollywood beauty, former Miss World and I think she is under the misconception that GB might be her ticket to Hollywood as she threw a party for him in India that was very much talked about.

  • nathalie

    The Booty Hunter in action. Thank you for not being discreet, we might have actually believed all your womanizer, manhore, lothario denials. Just maybe, but NOT.

  • adddsssaaa


    yep agreee

  • http://;;;; ;;;;

    is the “scarf jennifer not? he wears around his neck

  • nathalie

    For those coming late to the party (see previous Gerry thread, the not so much Scot of the year), there is a video online of this little encounter. Gerry fans all over the world were crying themselves to sleep last night. Dreams and illusions crushed everywhere.

  • hehe
  • gossiphound

    Word is Warren Beatty is planning an intervention.

  • PCfan

    @Ploink!: Priyanka Chopra. A hot bollywood actress Gerry repetitively asked to marry him at a party she threw for him (with her boyfriend and parents present).

  • Ploink!


    Thank you for clearing that up.
    This guy is a bit of an enigma.
    I really like you guys ,you make me laugh.
    I am no fan of GB more a fan of Hugh Jackman…but the posts about him are not funny.


    with Jen Garner at the Warner Brothers Instyle party with his arm around her ..looking at each other does that mean that they are dating

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    A little old to wear A&F.

  • Kulu

    thats sad! But they are strong, they can forgive him as always

  • nathalie

    @Ploink!: someone suggested Gerry should get his own reality show, I think that would actually be more of a money maker for him than any movies he’s done. The man has a wild life indeed. Kissngropa or Phantom of the sidewalk or booty hunter, player (not gamer), all those were visited last night and kept on coming. I am no fan of GB any longer either. He seemed like a had great potential but that went away a long time ago.

  • gossiphound

    Chill, Warren is all for womanizing just do it with finesse.

  • gossiphound

    Chill, Warren is all for womanizing just do it with finesse.

  • nathalie

    @gossiphound: I think GB read that biography and is trying to emulate. Anything to fit in Hollywood. At the speed he’s going he might crush Warren’s numbers.

  • nathalie

    @Kulu: Yes, indeed. I am sure they are already coming up with excuses for this latest display. In 1, 2, 3….

  • S3WA

    Dude can’t get with the program! LOL Throw some money at him, Jennifer Aniston, why don’t cha? Nothing is free in this world, not for Jennifer anyway.

  • gossiphound


    Wait for Rio – any photos with girls who look under 18 hard to ‘xplain away. Brazilian paps are pretty relentless too I’ve noticed.

  • gossiphound


    Wait for Rio – any photos with girls who look under 18 hard to ‘xplain away. Brazilian paps are pretty relentless too I’ve noticed.

  • Ploink!

    Something is seriously a miss with this guy.
    His acting abilities??What abilities?
    K I bite..he was good in 300..I am a sucker for action.Dear Frankie was nice…maybe because he didn’t have much lines in them.
    I do believe he screwed himself to the top and made the deal with the devil to gain fame and money as fast as he can…

  • Kulu

    He should hire THEM for PR! They will make him a saint

  • Old Mia

    I’m a fan; and a little fun and games certainly is not going to change my mind.

    There are so many nutjobs in show biz that they make Butler look like a choirboy. Charlie Sheen anyone? Others in and out of a variety of rehabs; DUIs and drug arrests; married people hooking up with co-stars and flaunting it in the face of the publc. Butler’s single and can do what he wants. He’s not hurting anyone.

  • Ploink!

    It is sad though,I am sure that if he would put as much effort into getting acting skills as he would put in clubbing and making himself seen.He would be a much better actor, somewhere it all got in his head(or was there all along)and he choose the easy path.

  • Jen

    hahah…love it… I knew the rumors were only a publicity stunt for their new movie together… Go Gerry!! Hell yes!! I would kiss him if I met him on the street and he wanted too. He is frickken hot!!!

  • nathalie

    @gossiphound: He said the filming location has a lot to do with his movie choices. Now we know why! Lock up your daughters, the Booty hunter is coming to town! I have a preference though for the Phantom of the sidewalk. Strikes at night mostly and disappears quickly.

  • Goodness!

    He can”t say that was photoshopped!

  • ginger

    She probably just asked to kiss him or something…. and this probably means hes not dating Jennifer Aniston…

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Dawn: ..”kind of”?!!? ahahahahahahaha.. butler aka “butter” aka “tubs” is a manwhore. and he rocks.

  • nathalie

    @Goodness!: No but I am sure he’ll say something like “it was a beautiful moment, 2 people connecting. I just looked into her eyes and it was like a Romeo & Juliet kind of thing. Passion took over me” bla bla bla (he’s actually said that Romeo & Juliet line in an interview – barf!). Wonder if GB gals will post this. I think someone should hack into the site and post it and watch those crazy fans weep. And I still think Craig Ferguson should pull out a woman violin player to welcome Gerry on the show next time “so, Gerry old boy, I heard you like the sound of a woman’s violin” HA HA HA. I crack myself up, this man is way entertaining.

  • hookupbbw

    Is he still pretending to be anistan’s boyfriend?