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Gerard Butler Takes Lolita For A Walk

Gerard Butler Takes Lolita For A Walk

Gerard Butler takes his pug, Lolita, out for a walk around his neighborhood in Los Angeles on Monday (January 25).

The 40-year-old Scottish actor chatted on the phone while he took his pup out for some exercise.

Gerry had quite a weekend, hanging out with fellow celebs to benefit Haiti and meeting a shoeless violinist – the two really seemed to hit it off!

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler walking his pug, Lolita

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler walking his dog pug 01
gerard butler walking his dog pug 02
gerard butler walking his dog pug 03
gerard butler walking his dog pug 04
gerard butler walking his dog pug 05
gerard butler walking his dog pug 06
gerard butler walking his dog pug 07
gerard butler walking his dog pug 08
gerard butler walking his dog pug 09
gerard butler walking his dog pug 10
gerard butler walking his dog pug 11
gerard butler walking his dog pug 12
gerard butler walking his dog pug 13

Photos: GSI Media
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  • LuckyL

    Why so much news on this fool Jared?

  • LuckyL

    You always give attention to the biggest losers as well as the biggest stars (as long as you don’t count minority stars). It doesn’t make sense.

  • gerrygurl

    I guess we are gearing up for a dry spell soon enough!

  • gerrygurl

    Umm, phone..check.
    those jeans…check.

    doggie business bags…?

    What’s up with that?!?

  • CanadaGirl

    TMZ has video of him necking with a cute brunette, so the romance with Jen was just a showmance.
    C’est la vie.
    He looks pretty cute in these pictures.

  • leah

    She’s not on a leash again. I guess he didn’t learn anything from her alleged attack by the greyhound in NYC. Way to be a bad dog Daddy, Gerry!

  • saywha?

    What are the odds of him being “caught” by the paparazzi the moment he decided to walk Lolita around his normally razzi-free neighborhood? Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    How many days is he going to wear those same jeans? Some wonder why everyone says he looks like he smells, well there you go.

  • VNY

    Cute man. Hideous dog. Sorry.

  • antidote

    … to skeezy tonsil-hockey with stranger pics = cutesy dog-walking pics.

  • Nice try

    Nice try Gerry. Distract from your pedophile ways by calling the paps to take pics of you with your cute dog. Now we know why you named her Lolita

  • nathalie

    Oh my goodness that was some quick PR damage control. How to make fans forget about violin girl Gerry? Pull out Lolita. Of course, when you know Lolita is named after Nabokov’s heroin, it does not make for a better appeal. Ugh!

  • video
  • saywha?

    @video: That’s already been discussed on two threads.

  • Blizzard

    Good to see Lolita with her handsome daddy.. xxoo

    If you call the last set of pix GB’s way of squashing Jen’s PR, then why are you calling this damage control? Make up your fck mind.

  • LMAO

    What’s the fine for not cleaning up your dog’s business in LA? Strange he has such a small dog and small dogs have such tiny bladders and bowels but yet, I have never seen this guy with stuff to clean up little Lolita’s accidents.
    And put that little b*tch on a leash and I don’t care how cute you think she is.

  • la girl

    The story is that Gerry’s people called the paps yesterday to follow him around. He and his buddies were on their usual tail hunt to find a girl for him. When they met up with this young woman and her friend, Gerry asked them to play for him. They talked for about twenty minutes. He hugged her, the friend played the violin, and they started kissing. At that point his buddies left and called to make sure the paps were capturing the encounter on video. Then Gerry left.

  • nathalie

    @Blizzard: PR damage control of his womanizing ways on display for everyone- duh! Who cares about Jen? She made up that story herself. She’s got plenty of problems on her own that one.

  • Darlin’

    Major damage control. Not sure it’ll work this time.

  • Kulu

    Wait! No woman hanging on his lips??? He must be ill. Poor Gerry.

  • dearie

    The only b!tch in his life. sad.

  • city of angles

    la girl, so they hunted for a girl to be Gerard’s bed warmer for the night or she is needed for the set-up for video taping purpose only? The second one seems plausible.

  • nathalie

    @la girl: Oh well now, at least they talked for 20 minutes! plenty of time to get to know someone so well you want to stick your tongue down their throat and grope them all over. It all makes so much more sense now because I thought they had jsut met – LOL. Note to PR: Lolita is not cute enough to save the lothario’s ass.

  • Wishdone

    Poor dog!
    I wouldn’t want that thing walking me everyday.

  • saywha?

    Maybe he’s looking for a cellist to build an orchestra.

  • LMAO

    To saywha: Yes those jeans would walk their own way to the dumpster.

    To the fangurlz: Those are the same jeans that we have been seeing since Thursday.

    He needs a bath and a shower to soak that stench off and then rinse the rest of it off. He never looks clean.

  • never learns

    What a dou/che. I guess he doesn’t think he needs to leash his dog or have bags on hand. I’m sure his neighbors love that he lets his dog run free and probably cr/ap in their yards.
    I totally believe that he punched that dog in NYC. He was enraged that it lunged at his Lolita, yet he causes problems by not leashing his dog. And yet here he is again with no leash. What an irresponsible dog owner and an creepy, groping sleeze bag.
    Why is this tool still in our faces?



  • justsayin

    pitiful attempt at damage control

  • lolipop

    my name is lolita… hmmm :)

  • saywha?

    @la girl: It wasn’t set up. He met a stranger and slopped his saliva on her. I feel sorry for the neighbors seeing that.

  • JMT

    OMG! He is soooooooo sexy and being a pug owner just makes him even that more adorable. I think Gerard has surpassed George Clooney as Hollywoods sexiest IT boy!!!

  • saywha?

    @JMT: I guess you missed the previous threads about him.

  • WHH!!!

    Oh my, look at all the mad dogs out of the cage today. Your spit can drown Lolita as well as her owner.

  • nathalie

    @JMT: there’s an apples and oranges comparison: George Clooney and Gerard Butler. That’s an insult to Clooney.

  • Ploink!

    Ah he is dating a blond lady now, with sexy legs……but an ugly face.
    (sorry I cannot stand the look of pugs).

    I doubt he is calling Violin Lady…

  • saywha?

    @lolipop: Are you a dog?

  • Soookieee

    The dog needs to be leashed along with her owner. He can’t pick up dog poo, but he can stick his mouth and tongue all over a dirty, street woman?? He is a gross man pig.

  • Soookieee

    The dog needs to be leashed along with her owner. He can’t pick up dog poo, but he can stick his mouth and tongue all over a dirty, street woman?? He is a gross man pig.

  • saywha?

    @Ploink!: Gerry doesn’t look at faces. He doesn’t remember their names either.

    We doubt he’s dating a blonde. One date is not dating and he has rarely been out with a blonde.

  • nathalie

    @saywha?: the blond was meant to be the dog – LOL-

  • saywha?

    @nathalie: I see. Perhaps a Great Dane. ;)

  • Ploink!

    I was being sarcastic…blond with sexy face and ugly (pug) face…as in dog.
    Besides does he EVER really DATE someone.Or just slurp their tongues and gets on JJ and TMZ.

  • gotta be kidding

    as good looking as he is, his body language just screams DOUCHE!

    also it seems like he’s hardly ever with the dog, never saw her in all the other pics taken lately. treats her like every other girl, i guess.

  • saywha?

    @Ploink!: The violin girl moment was a date for Gerry. He started speed dating. He doesn’t know it, but he did. However, speed shagging he shouldn’t brag about.

  • help

    Save Lolita from the dog who owns her

  • Ploink!



  • justsayin

    It looks like he has taken lessons from JA on PR and just wants attention no matter how gross and desperate it makes him look.

  • its so darned obvious

    @la girl:
    The paps following Gerry around?! Not hardly. His “friends” (per Ger’s request) are the ones uploading pics and videos and sending them to various media outlets. Doesn’t make sense either that his friends (strong air quotes) would have to hunt for tail for Gerry, a single man that’s relatively famous, rich, good looking, sexy, charming and very sociable. Also unlikely that a man of his caliber – who ALLEGEDLY dates supermodels and A-List actresses would have to resort to picking up an average girl like this when has countless models and starlets at his disposal. Of course, the encounter never results in the girl actually going home with Butler. So are we also to believe that she turned down his advances just like Green Lighter Chick?!

  • SBGB

    Hi Guys – not being a dog owner or living in the US…I thought his dog was based in NYC?………
    also any ideas how long he’s in LA for?…….no point going back to New York now for PC……she’s off to Las Vegas from 28th…as noted in a bollywood site.
    And still wanting to find out as some of you appear to be quite knowledgable about GB…if he usually visits other peers on film shoots…becoming very late here……but some of these posts have been rather brilliant in all 3 threads and hard to concentrate on mundane things like getting on with life!

  • gerrygurl

    #7…I read he smells delicious with all the scruff …Jo Malone is pretty cool if that is what he is still sporting. Plus he does not look greasy…just scruffy…..probably an attempt to seem younger and edgier on some fronts..OR just himself…go figure.

    #11 there is an addage “all prublicity is good publicity”…..hmmm..who do we rag on constantly. His posts rival all others. Somebody’s coffers are being filled. Good buzz, bad buzz…it’s just buzz which in reality means little except to those making a profit off the rest of us. We just get the diversion that we pay for in some way or the other.