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Jennifer Aniston Donates $500,000 to Haiti Relief

Jennifer Aniston Donates $500,000 to Haiti Relief

Jennifer Aniston showed her support for the Haiti relief effort – big time!

The 40-year-old actress has donated $500,000 to Doctors Without Borders, Partners in Health and AmeriCares, E!‘s Marc Malkin reports.

Jen also took part in the Hope For Haiti Now telethon on Friday evening!

The album featuring the evening’s performances has hit #1 on the iTunes charts, and early estimates indicate that the telethon has raised $58 million.

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Photos: Jeff Kravitz/Hope For Haiti Now
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441 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Donates $500,000 to Haiti Relief”

  1. 1
    ++Logan++ Says:

    shes lovely :)

  2. 2
    Kate Bosselin Says:

    $500,000? that’s it?? all her other cool friends are donating at least $1mill

  3. 3
    Anonymous Says:

    Good Job Jennifer!!! Bravo!! Also, this is a proof that when a celebrity donates a large amount, the news will go around, people will know. There is no “donate quietly”.

  4. 4
    ohgoody Says:

    how nice, she’s actually forking out money. what’s in it for her now? ran out of men to make the public pay attention to her?

  5. 5
    Good Says:

    Good for her!
    Thank you Jen for helping those in need…

  6. 6
    claire Says:

    wowowow… even when the woman donates there’s people here to criticize! let her live for god’s sake.

  7. 7
    Dawn9476 Says:

    Good for Jen!

  8. 8
    Things that make you go mmmmm Says:


    Just wait. The criticism here will get worse.

  9. 9
    SASHA Says:


  10. 10
    SASHA Says:


  11. 11
    why now? Says:

    It took her almost 3 weeks after the fact to part from a measly $500k!?

    Well, I guess the shame of not being able to just show up for phone duty, bad press and Brad and Angie’s faux break up news pointing as coming from her PR camp made her do it. She’s only trying to save face and her crashing career.

    The people of Haiti say thanks but what could have been a genuine jester of giving is almost 3 weeks too late.

  12. 12
    CanadaGirl Says:

    I commend her commitment in assisting people in Haiti.
    $500,000 is a lot of money. There are a lot of people in HW that I haven’t heard about donating, so I don’t know why she’s being bullied for not giving enough.

  13. 13
    Baby bliss Says:

    Seems like Jared doesn’t like it when I talk bad about Brangelina…..weird. My comment keeps getting “moderation”, that’s really stupid Jared. Doesn’t make me wanna comment on your blog anymore, you know…

  14. 14
    Chris Says:

    Wow, she’s giving money for helping people and there are still people who find something bad to say about her. Leave her alone, at least about Haiti ‘s subject, it’s really not the place i think. Sorry for my english.

  15. 15
    Baby bliss Says:

    At least they are donating. Even though it’s nothing compared to their fortune. This thread is gonna hit the hundreds comments by the Brangelo.onies claiming Jen is not that big of a star yet she still is talked about / hated on / bashed etc. Lol Brad and Angelina must be laughing ha.rd. And probably Jen too…I mean, it certainly helps her career. Angelina you are a genius. I never thought some cheating-friendly girl could have an amazing look, huge luscious lips, a killer sultry look and could be somehow a little generous (despite wanting mostly the attention) and intelligent at the same time. I’m amazed

  16. 16
    Calia Says:

    I know of celebs who makes LESS than Aniston who have donated at least $1 mil.

    That’s cheap, Jen.

  17. 17
    Baby bliss Says:

    Seriously, what was insulting with that comment?! Seems like “Brangelo*onies” is censored here LOL, that’s funny, Jared. Okay, so I’ll be nice and I’ll stop calling their worshippers that way! But seriously, “h.ard” is now restricted too?! GIMME A BREAK.

  18. 18
    kitty Says:

    okay first of all, how the hell does anyone know that all the celebs at the haiti telethon donated millions? madonna supposedly donated $250,000 and i don’t hear anyone saying sh*t about it. not everyone who participated during the telethon gave a million. i’m sure all the younger celebs (i.e. taylor swift, the jonas brothers, vanessa hudgens, zac efron… etc) didn’t donate a million. i’m sure they donated, but not that amount. so if jennifer aniston wants to donate $500,000, good for her. a donation is a donation however amount it is. it’s still helping.

  19. 19
    Ms Anonymous Says:


    Haters will always be on Jennifer’s case and it’s pathetic.


  20. 20
    office fan Says:

    While I have nothing against her, I am not a big fan….in fact, I’m luke warm to Brad and Angelina as well. It kills me though, how weird people get about Jen and Brad and Angie. Come one now, why if you are a fan of Jen’s do you hate Brad and Angie so much? And why, if you are a fan of Brad and Angie, do you hate Jen so much? You don’t know these people at all, so you should just be a fan of their movies….not act like you know them personally and try to get involved in their personal lives. I mean, no offense to all of you Jen fan or Brad and Angelina fans, but it’s just….well, weird. That said, I applaud Jen and all the other celebrities who have made donations to help the Haiti earthquake victims.

  21. 21
    Ms Anonymous Says:


    Oh, go cry elsewhere. Your precious couple is going to split. SO don’t take it out on the Jennifer fans.

  22. 22
    Ms Anonymous Says:

    @why now?:

    500, 000 is still a lot of money, so leave her alone.

  23. 23
    Ms Anonymous Says:

    Jennifer is doing something good for once, so the Brad and Angelina fans need ot go somewhere else to cry over the fact their precious couple if splitting. And the signs are there.

  24. 24
    OB Says:

    good for her

  25. 25
    guido Says:

    Why criticize? Brangelina gave $ 1mill. it is the couple, Jen is alone

  26. 26
    snuding Says:

    Go girl. Good for you Jen.

  27. 27
    chin can't act Says:

    hey bet, what’s your excuse now that chiniston announced her donation? i am sure you will come up with a whole bunch of sh!t to defend this ugly leathery face that she is not a famewh@re.

  28. 28
    lovely~ Says:

    How nice of her!! she never disappoints me :)
    Good job Jennifer!!

  29. 29
    kitty Says:

    also, E! reported that they “got word that the actress has given $500,000″ but never stated when she donated it.

  30. 30
    gem15 Says:

    thought she never makes her donations public? (you know, like brad and angie do solely for PR). Guess her fans won’t be able to use that one against the JPs any more. Glad she donated something, though. Anyone else notice how weird her face looks from those fillers? Her publicist has pulled almost all profile shots of her where you can really tell. Her eyesockets have receded, probably has no perefial (or however you spell it) vision anymore. Sad how actresses feel the need to do these unnatural things to themselves to stay viable. She was never a beautiful woman, cute in a quirky way when she was younger, but she just looks so strange now.

  31. 31
    to ohgoody Says:

    how nice, she’s actually forking out money. what’s in it for her now? ran out of men to make the public pay attention to her?

    you are really a nasty piece of work. jennifer just donated 500,000 dollars to haiti. how much did you donate? nothing? grow up!!

  32. 32
    Jill Says:

    CanadaGirl @ 01/25/2010 at 6:39 pm
    I commend her commitment in assisting people in Haiti.
    .$500,000 is a lot of money.

    Not for somebody who is sitting on a stash of $110 million.

  33. 33
    Lyn Says:

    @office fan:

    Thank you!

    I’m a fan of Brad and Angelina, and I have NOTHING against Jennifer Aniston. She seems like a nice person, and she has some good movies.

    A donation is a donation and it’s saving lives, stop picking on her.

  34. 34
    to sasha Says:

    do the world a favor will you. be a good little reptile; crawl back under your rock and stay there.

  35. 35
    CJ Says:

    @Kate Bosselin:

    Ah!..don’t pick on Jen..just because she can’t act her way out of a paper bag like 3/4 of hollywood does not mean she is not a nice person…if you have donated more than $500,000 than you can bit*ch otherwise mind your tounge..

  36. 36
    Nic Says:

    IGNORING all the crazies!!!

    I want to say, huge kudos to her for dontating so much money, and doing her part for Haiti, true class!

  37. 37
    To JP Fans Says:



  38. 38
    Jill Says:

    Ms Anonymous @ 01/25/2010 at 6:49 pm
    Jennifer is doing something good for once…

    ROTFLMBAO @ “for once”. Yeah, right, after being called out for the past two weeks for not giving one red cent while she has the nerve to pimp herself on the telethon asking for other people’s money while SHE gave NOTHING, now she parts with a lousy $500,000. This is after Sandra Bullock gave a million and Gisele Bundchen gave a mil and a half. Sure, Brad and Angie gave $1 million total but they have six kids to support. Aniston has nobody but herself and never will have anybody but herself at the rate she is going.
    Oh, and about the “body language experts” — where were they around the beginning of 2005? All the tabloids were running photos of Brad Pitt and Aniston smooching passionately on some island in the Caribbean. The day after the photos were released, they announced their separation.

  39. 39
    guido Says:

    super link Ms Anonymous @ 01/25/2010 at 6:49 pm. Angelina really looks like a witch on photos

  40. 40
    Jill Says:

    guido @ 01/25/2010 at 6:50 pm
    Why criticize? Brangelina gave $ 1mill. it is the couple, Jen is alone

    As I said upthread, Brad and Angie are supporting six children. Aniston is supporting nobody but herself. She can afford to give way more than a measly half-million. And why wait till now? She must have finally realized she was getting her cheap ass kicked over cavorting on the telethon asking for other people’s money and telling her friends to donate to the Haitian relief while she had donated nothing at all.

  41. 41
    ohgoody Says:

    to ohgoody @ 01/25/2010 at 6:54 pm how nice, she’s actually forking out money. what’s in it for her now? ran out of men to make the public pay attention to her?

    you are really a nasty piece of work. jennifer just donated 500,000 dollars to haiti. how much did you donate? nothing? grow up!!

    why, thank you, i would rather be called a nasty piece of work than be fooled like an idiot by this pretentious, self-centered, talentless $ L U T! please, even you know she doesn’t do anything unless there’s something in it for herself.

  42. 42
    happy girl Says:

    jen: better late than never. good on her. that bday trip costs a lot more than that but good she donated.

  43. 43
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    good of jen 2 donate
    i was a lil surprised that she hadnt donated before, like in the 1st few days
    but whatever doesnt matter, as long as she’s helping

  44. 44
    Kaylea Says:

    Wow, that hope for haiti program is awesome! I LOVE the fact that people are helping….. a LOT of people are adopting kids from haiti because thier parents died, so that 500,000 dollars REALLY must’ve helped :)

  45. 45
    Em Says:

    So tired of all these haters.I think it’s nice that Jen donate money and who says everything she donates has to be public?! All these excuses are pathetic, just accept that she is a good person and move on

  46. 46
    dee Says:

    @get a life loons!:

    VIVA MS. JENNIFER ANISTON :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  47. 47
    Lurker Says:

    To Jill,
    Let it go, she donated $500,000 thousand, why shoud there be a limit on how much people donate. For someone you claim to despise, you spend so much time on her thread.

    Or is it the thrill of arguing with her fans? You seem to enjoy this too much.

  48. 48
    generous Jen Says:

    Jen gave more as a percentage of her total wealth than Brad or Angie did.
    JEN———————500K————worth an est.110 Mil.
    Brad And Ang——-1 Mil.————–worth an est 332 Mil. together
    (500K each)—(1/2 of 332mil. =166 Mil each)

  49. 49
    to ohgoody Says:

    why, thank you, i would rather be called a nasty piece of work than be fooled like an idiot by this pretentious, self-centered, talentless $ L U T! please, even you know she doesn’t do anything unless there’s something in it for herself.

    well, at least jennifer did not have an affair with a married man on a film set like, let’s see oh yeah, angelina. as for the rest, let’s see, jennifer is beautiful, she’s successful at making money of which she has loads, she’s working with some of the most handsome men in hollywood, etc etc. and you?? oh, wait; could it be that you, poor baby, are jealous.

  50. 50
    guido Says:

    Jen does not make noise when she gives is Doctors Without Borders announced that

  51. 51
    justin Says:

    Oh, I thought she never announced her donation. I thought she done it secretly as secret as a KGB or CIA.

    To Faniston loons How do you explain this openly announcing to the world of generosity,famewhore , isn’t it ?

  52. 52
    annon Says:

    When did Jennifer donate? After all the criticism how cheap she is and how tricks people into thinking she does, she finally does it. It’s sad that people have to an uproar that she finally donates and expects poor Americans to donate first. Same as Katrina…Jennifer photo op.
    America is onto your dirty tricks and your publicist’s crap,’Rachel’. You are a narcissist, get some help.

    Thanks for donating in the end.

  53. 53
    to lurker Says:

    haven’t you figured it out yet, jill is a troll.

  54. 54
    Olivia Says:


    And what is the stash of Brad and Angelina…..I bet a lot more that 110 million.
    And they could support their 6 children if they had donated more!!
    Angelina, Brad and Jennifer have contributed for those in need!

    250.000 or 500.000 or 1 million are ALL HUGE donations.

    Don’t forget the point of Haiti threads.

  55. 55
    justin Says:

    How about Make it right in NOLA, Brad donated 5 million USD and his time.

    Angie’s had donated millions to SOS, Ethiopia, Cambodia orphanage and her charites since she was age 25.

    For Jen, this is the first time !!!!

  56. 56
    annon Says:

    Keep the heat on Jenny, Jenny for her actions!

  57. 57
    justin Says:

    guido @ 01/25/2010 at 7:20 pm Jen does not make noise when she gives is Doctors Without Borders announced that


    wtf !!THEN HOW DID THIS THIS GET INTO PRESS ???? Dumbass !

  58. 58
    brad Says:

    @Kate Bosselin:

    So I expect that you donated your $10 or $20 or $100. Or maybe you didn’t, because your cool friends didn’t either……???

  59. 59
    justin Says:

    justin @ 01/25/2010 at 7:25 pm guido @ 01/25/2010 at 7:20 pm Jen does not make noise when she gives is Doctors Without Borders announced that


    WTF !!

  60. 60
    chin can't act Says:

    to ohgoody @ 01/25/2010 at 7:18 pm

    LMAO! the most handsome men in hollywood. vince, ben, jim, steve zahn, aaron (ok he is not bad), gerald. ok, 1 out of 5. successful at making money. oh please, you mean the residual income from friends.

  61. 61
    justin Says:


    …she’s working with some of the most handsome men in hollywood, etc etc. and you?? oh, wait; could it be that you, poor baby, are jealous.

    Hahaha ………..LOL.
    Yeah, the hottest guy , Gerard Butler , Yeah, they make out the kitchen during GG.

    Hey , did you see Gerry recent picture making out with a lady posted at JJ recently ??? Oh ,yeah, he and Jen is a match make in heaven , they sure make a nice couple better than Jen and John or Jen and Vince or Jen and Paul . Jen is so lucky dating , sleeping with HOT GUY.

    Dear God, make Jen and Gerry coupling true. !

  62. 62
    annon Says:

    #52….No Jennifer just had an affair while being married Brad…with another woman!

    “According to my source, Jennifer has been having a torrid love affair with Mark Wahlberg’s first cousin. Wait, I think I said that wrong. It should read: According to my source, Jennifer is having a steamy, hot, lesbian love affair with Mark Wahlberg’s first cousin! ”

    Feb 18, 2005 04:42 PM

  63. 63
    brangelooonies Says:

    Madonna only gave $250k so I think that’s pretty good. Brad and Angie gave $1 mil ($500K each) so Jen gave the same. Also fcuk you Brangelooooonies!!!!

  64. 64
    to 65 Says:

    that rummor is old, my friend. no one believes it. there is speculation that it was put out by angelina’s fans to take the heat off of angie for having an affair with brad. nice try though; i’ll give you full credit for that one. here’s another rumor that you won’t like. you know that story put out by a british newspaper about a reported split between angie and brad, well there are those here in los angeles who believe it to be true. myself, i don’t know. but if it is true i have no sympathy for angie; none at all.

  65. 65
    CelebGirl Says:

    Good Work Jen !!!!!

    lovely lady.

  66. 66
    TRUTH HURTS. Says:

    A little to late. After all the PR crap she pull now she cares about black people. I guess the story she planted with Huvane about Brad and Angie split backfired. Now I got to donate to save face.

  67. 67
    Jill Says:

    get a life loons! @ 01/25/2010 at 7:06 pm
    It is called Invitro and yes honey, that is how they were conceived.

    ROTFLMBAO!! And you know this how? You were hiding under the bed or lurking in the closet? I bet a dollar to a donut hole diddling yourself while snooping at other people is the only action you ever get. You’re so damn stupid you want to believe that Brad and Angie don’t do the nasty like any other couple. Guess what, dumbass — if poor Jenny-poo had given him more of what he gets from Angie, he never would have left. B*tch must be a lousy lay. She hasn’t been able to keep a man for more than two months after Brad threw her under a bus.

  68. 68
    Congratulations Jen Says:

    What a kind woman and a nice person. At least she didn’t hide out like Ang all strung out on H while a team of nannies cared for her troop.

  69. 69
    brangelooonies Says:

    Gerard Butler looks like Mr. Potato Head in human form.

  70. 70
    kev Says:

    - don’t see too many 40 year olds this hot

  71. 71
    annon Says:

    Aniston has come off her high horse and started doing something for Black people. She has made comments how she always doing for the Greek, her own kind. What did she donate to the victims of Katrina? Or did we do this fake photo op crap? Sure would like to know the true dates of her donation.
    I read Huvane likes his “friends” in the UK tabloids, Jenny loves her BF Huvane…always doing her dirty work.

  72. 72
    ccc Says:

    $500K? With all her money, $500K? Humm!

  73. 73
    Me Says:

    @why now?: Well, loser, then donate more than her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. 74
    VNY Says:

    @office fan:

    I concur! Seriously, people. Brad, Jen and Angie *really* don’t care about you as much as you care about them. I’m indifferent to both parties – but 500,000 is a load of money. Respect that, at the very least.

  75. 75
    Jen the Hag Says:

    generous Jen @ 01/25/2010 at 7:17 pm

    So Maniston donated quietly huh .. my a s s .. See JENHAGS if MANISTON really donates her donation will be announced just like when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt do. And you got the nerve to call them famewhore.

  76. 76
    haaaa... good Says:

    At least Jen had the brains to give to established charities on the up and up. BrAng gave to Wyclef’s personal piggy bank.

  77. 77
    to annon Says:

    When did Jennifer donate? After all the criticism how cheap she is and how tricks people into thinking she does, she finally does it. It’s sad that people have to an uproar that she finally donates and expects poor Americans to donate first. Same as Katrina…Jennifer photo op.
    America is onto your dirty tricks and your publicist’s crap,’Rachel’. You are a narcissist, get some help.

    Thanks for donating in the end.

    tell me, do you have access to jennifer’s financial records? somehow i doubt it. that being the case, how do you know when and to whom jennifer has donated her money. there is no law that says that everytime she donates to a cause that the whole world has to know about. she is not required to inform you. there is such a thing as a private donation. as for being a narcissist, not likely. you’re just upset that she didn’t go away like a little girl after angie stole her husband. you’re just upset that there are people like myself that can never forgive angie for what she did to jennifer. well, that’s too bad; deal with it.

  78. 78
    ccc Says:

    SB donated 1 miilion. GC 1 million. JA 500K. Yet she doesn’t mind paying 50K for her hair do. Humm!

  79. 79
    Me Says:

    @office fan: Thank God!!! Well said!

  80. 80
    Tina Says:

    She only gave the money to get more attention – she is such a troll.

  81. 81
    Jen the Hag Says:

    Congratulations Jen @ 01/25/2010 at 7:47 pm

    What a kind woman and a nice person. At least she didn’t hide out like Ang all strung out on H while a team of nannies cared for her troop.

    String of Nannies .. 2 Nannies become string of Nannies you JENRETARDS are a bunch of LIARS .. no worries Maniston will never hire a Nanny coz she’s BARREN old HAG.

  82. 82
    to 78 Says:

    there would be no announcement of jennifer’s donation if she made a stipulation that it not be made public yes, it is legal. the only people who need to know are the charity and the IRS. you are neither.

  83. 83
    Exposing Paid Posters Says:

    Someone check the weather report, I’m pretty sure hell has just frozen over.

    So only a week FTER asking out-of work Americans to give, she FINALLY opens her $110 mil checkbook and gives. She coulnd’t do it earlier because the ‘announcement” had to be calculated to come on the heels of Huvane’s nasty, FAKE, planted story about a JP breakup. Even her ONE kind act has to be calculated to grab PR at the same time the JPs are in the news. No matter what, it won’t help her FAILED career!.

  84. 84
    Liddia Says:

    She must have felt she wasn’t getting enough attention from her overly made-up appearance at the telethon. Anything to look good.

  85. 85

    You know what it’s a sad sad day when people talk about $500,000 being an inferior amount of money for a person to donate

  86. 86
    pahlease Says:

    is that it? damnI spend 500k a month on my crank habit alone.

    For someone like her, that amount is nothing. What a tight b!tch! Each Hollywood **** should donate at least 5 million at least.

  87. 87
    chin can't act Says:

    haaaa… good @ 01/25/2010 at 7:51 pm

    hey, i didn’t know doctors without border is wyclef’s piggy bank. damn, that 1 million just went to waste. idiot.

  88. 88
    slambang Says:

    Good for her! Very cool.

  89. 89
    guido Says:

    I know he works hard Huvane, it is everywhere, can be a twin brother who helps?

  90. 90
    to 75 Says:

    yes she gave 500,000 dollars even with all her money. deal with it and move on. that’s 500,000 dollars more than they had before. do you have any idea what they can do with jennifer’s donation in haiti. the majority of people in that country existed on less than 2.00 US per day before the earthquakes. jennifer’s donation will buy a lot of food, clean water, medicine, bandages, clothing, etc etc. stop looking at it from your view point and try to see what this money means on the ground in haiti. i promise they do not care that jennifer anniston only donated 500,000 dollars; rather they are grateful that she did.

  91. 91
    annon Says:

    Jenny, got your number…caught with your pants down. Making trouble, faux man, falling apart, got caught being cheap again and showing up for the photo op… must hurt digging in your bank account.

    Was the blindgossip about Jenny that donated the used clothes but the pockets and such were not emptied? Seems condoms were left in the pockets. Really donating to the needy, Jenny. (I read Jenny donates her old clothes, used shoes instead of cash.)

  92. 92

    You know what it’s a sad sad day when people talk about $500,000 being an inferior amount of money for a person to donate

    tell us, how much did you give? well, come on, let’s hear it.

  93. 93
    dani Says:

    To all of you supporting Jen’s donation, I trust you were not one of the ones that called the Jolie-Pitts one million dollar donation a publicity stunt.

  94. 94
    Coraline Says:

    You go Jen! Great woman, beautiful and generous.

  95. 95
    blondie Says:

    I believe that she did this very wonderful think.

    I will have to shut up and stop making jokes
    for a good while, now.

    Hats off to you Jen.

    Great kindness on your part.

  96. 96
    blondie Says:

    I think that her luck
    will take a turn for the better,
    and roses may start coming up.

  97. 97
    Me Says:

    To everybody who made a comment:

    What you have done for people in Haiti?? How much have you donated to them???

    But no, it’s much more easier lose your time to discuss a celebrity life than actually DO SOMETHING!

  98. 98
    Hugh Vein Says:

    Jen is reportedly in stitches about the demise of the patchwork Jolie-Pitt ” family”.

  99. 99
    Meg Says:

    Can’t she give more than that? Sick of these celebs giving a little bit of money just to get attention but I guess every little penny will do even from this cheap azz.

  100. 100
    annon Says:

    Jenny had to be shamed into giving money, where is Huvane’s? Pony up slime-ball, where is your 500K for the victims of Haiti? Aniston/Huvane are nothing but Hollywood *****.

  101. 101
    Sheila Says:

    She will do anything to get her name in the media before that cr@p movie come out.

  102. 102
    chin can't act Says:

    to 65 @ 01/25/2010 at 7:43 pm

    really, didn’t jen mentioned in one of her interviews that there were no good guy, no bad guy, no hero or villian. so, if jen said that brad didn’t cheat why do you trolls insist that he did. maybe you haters are doing the same. maybe the cheating story is put out by chiniston’s fans to deny what jen said was a lie. so, are you saying jen’s interview was all a lie. she is a liar.

  103. 103

    I’m just saying people here are going on like $500,000 is that all she gave? That is a heck of a lot of money that could do a lot of people in Haiti some good but of course no one seems to care about that

  104. 104
    annon Says:

    Pony up everyone and give.

  105. 105
    Nice Gift Says:

    What a generous gift, along with actually showing up at the telethon.Jen doesn’t just throw her money at problems then spread ‘em on rubber sheets like Ang.

  106. 106
    to anon Says:

    you sound like a broken record. why don’t you just record your whinning for all to hear. other than that, please be a good little reptile and crawl back under your rock. but before you go, how about telling us how much you donated and justify why you only gave that much.

  107. 107
    Sheila Says:

    So Jen donates quietly huh…….until she has a movie about to be released and her pr team is running out of attention seeking stunts for this clown.

  108. 108
    annon Says:

    Jenny and Huvane probably did spread the rubber sheets and the story. Truth will come out, slime balls are always outed. Ho-Aniston is going to get hers for her true colors. Huvane might have to have all his clients slammed to get the message. Where did Spittle go?

  109. 109
    love Jen Says:

    I’d suggest Jen fans give to any other legit charity other than to SOS which Skankelina will eventually take full credit for.

  110. 110
    Neil Says:

    As a fan of Angie’s I can in all honesty say, every little bit helps. Any and every act of charity should be applauded and encouraged. Time we all get our priorities STRAIGHT.

  111. 111
    Coooooool Says:

    Thank God such benevolent people :D

  112. 112
    Marieme Says:

    Yeah, seriously…is that it? An even million would dip into her maintenance savings? What?

  113. 113
    Erica Says:

    So JA donates quietly…….until they have to damage control because she made a fool out of her self at the GG awards with that slit up her tale hanging on Gerard Butler. Every one busted her for shameless movie promotions.

  114. 114
    fabi Says:

    shes lovely :)

  115. 115
    Ter Says:

    Why don’t she cut back on that truck load of maintence and make up she use for 1 day that will get the other 500.000.

  116. 116
    y Says:

    I really want jen’s happy love life and also next her marriage not brad’s happy life nor angelina’s happy life too. they always give tricky rumor, maybe their film can’t get much money recently because of their marriage. think about Jen’s suffer from angelina’s homewrecking , Angelina never get happy life anymore.

  117. 117
    claire Says:

    @guido: exactly! She gave the same amount of money thtat Brad pitt and angelina gave each…

  118. 118
    100mph Says:

    Oh $naps!! @ last…. bet… probably had to go and wash out her one pair of bloomers…rotflmAoO!!

  119. 119
    Ellen Says:

    Thanks to Jennifer…about time.

  120. 120
    chin can't act Says:

    i think she has it announced now is because she didn’t want people to say negative things about her birthday trip. you know, why she treats all her friends to a tropical trip for her 41 birthday and not donates to help haiti. so, she decided to annouce it as soon as her birthday trip was annouced. i know its her money so she can spends it the way she wants. but she difinitely doesn’t want any negativity link to her birthday trip.

  121. 121
    shr Says:

    @to ohgoody:

    I agree!! at least Jennifer didnt had a relationship with a married man. And they call her desperate?? plss I mean people who go with a married man are desperate!!

  122. 122
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    …ahahahahaha.. jared, you’re the best. pure genius. you sure know how to fcuk with the jolie nuts. ahahahahahahahaha.. they’re going even crazier.ahahahahahahahahaha… god bless you.

  123. 123
    Ilia Says:

    5 Times more than MADONNA, well done Jennifer. Although I wouldn’t have given a penny.

  124. 124
    mimilala Says:

    Are people seriously bashing on her giving $500k??? That is a LOT of money…since when did charity and helping out become a competition to see who gives a larger amount.? So stupid. It shows what a crappy and immature person you are if you judge on that.

  125. 125
    oy Says:

    Didn’t she make a million per episode to torture America on the most overrated show in tv history? She couldn’t spare a million like others have for Haiti? Madonna gave $250K and he’s wealthier. They have earned the ire they get.

  126. 126
    REEVEN Says:

    @generous Jen:


  127. 127
    FamouslyCool Says:

    # 125 I n F a m o u s l y C o o l @ 01/25/2010 at 9:15

    huh! say what? what makes you think we are crazy. the fact that you MANiston fans said that leathery face donates quietly or that she decided to announce it. if you believe we are crazy because of this you MANiston fans are 10 times crazier when JJ decided fcuk with you hag fans’ brain posting the untrue JP break up story. how you hag fans wish this break up to be true. who’s crazier now that its not true. HHHahahahahahahahahaha. yes, JJ is pure genius.

  128. 128
    Trina Says:

    Shame on you people belittling this woman for the contribution she made. You sound like a bunch of mean little girls. Did any of you donate that much? Anything? You are all so pathetic that you should go hide your faces in shame.

  129. 129
    Gail Says:

    @shr you really don’t know what Jen do. So don’t know rather she has an affair or not.
    I’m glad she finally gave something. I know it’s just so she can get attention but maybe Haiti will gain from it. She should make a practice of giving back mor often.

  130. 130
    bet Says:

    good girl, what ever reason it still i do not belive in any money annoucing it publicly . i do not get this part.

    at one point i said , why all this people are so passionate hate toward this woman, i was thinking may be some people know more than i know this woman from outside.
    but utleast it nice to hear lainey gossip saying that it all about bussinuss. She admite it most people can not wait not two see those two in ower grossery every day how their life misearble, what sex toy on thier bed was. it so vomiting. either getting together or get over it.

  131. 131
    meetsingledoctors Says:

    She is going to get back with Brad!

  132. 132
    Deb Says:

    Why announce it now? So much for giving quitely.

  133. 133
    AN OPINION Says:


  134. 134
    hag Says:

    glad fug face maniston was pressured to FINALLY give to haiti. that hag gave to defect her ‘RACHELgrandSTANDING” THE GG’S, FAUXMANCX, with STD riddled GBloater, and the piss-stained JMayer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jen Aniston IS the HW TOWN BIKE!!! RODE HARD AND PUT UP WET!!!!!HAAAAAAAA

  135. 135
    ingbot Says:


    and they have 3 times the wealth!

  136. 136
    AN OPINION Says:


  137. 137
    ingbot Says:


    Brange only donated 1 mil together! How much are they worth again? It wasn’t even money out of their pockets! It was from their foundation.

  138. 138
    AN OPINION Says:



  139. 139
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Jill: I think that she gave an appropriate amount. She gave more than I did dollar for dollar.
    My math is atrocious, but if she gave $500,000 and she has $110,000,000 that would make her donation .45 (rounded up) of her net worth. Is that correct?
    If I gave .45 of my yearly salary that would be about $450.
    How much did everyone else give?
    (I am not math oriented, so if I made errors I’ll gladly eat crow :)

  140. 140
    AutumnM Says:

    AS much I dislike Jen, I will have to commend her for this. Don’t know if she was pressured into it or what, but either way, that was nice.

  141. 141
    AN OPINION Says:


  142. 142
    ellie' Says:

    Well Jill I don’t think that 1 mil is good enough for a couple that is worth over 350mil.. get a life… your obsessed with Jen ….

  143. 143
    ellie' Says:

    I heard Jen isn’t the 110 mil girl anymore… she up to 130 mil to 140 mil…

  144. 144
    AutumnM Says:


    You would not have given a penny? You say that if that’s something to be proud of. Wow, you are disgusting, heartless person. I’m not rich or famous (like most here), but even I gave to the Haiti Relief fund. Jennifer’s fans are really something else and I don’t mean that in a good way. I can’t even believe there are some idiots on here telling others not to donate to the SOS fund just because they hate Angelina. As I said, it was nice of Jen to donate but Jennifer’s fans are a sick, heartless bunch.

  145. 145
    JPs gave 500k EACH Says:

    @why now?:

    Loonie, Brad and Angie who are worth what? 400 mil? Gave 500K Each SO Jen gave the same. this hate for her is SICK SICK SICK
    as are you and others here. No wonder other sites talk about you all, Sickos Loonies in JJ Land.

  146. 146
    SKUNKS Says:

    what a sick bunch you haters are!! she gavewhat the golden couple soon to be split gave. Jen is alone 500 grand. brad/ange? 500k each.
    what is the difference??????? There is, they are worth a lot more.
    She is going to be vidicated, shortly and I for one, can’t ******* wait. you all make me sick to my stomach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you ALL get cheated on! Skunks!

  147. 147
    Mary Says:

    First everyone is griping because they say she’s selfish and hadn’t donated. Now she gives $500,000 and it’s not enough. It’s the same amount Brad and Ang each gave. Remember 2nd grade math? Half of 1 million is $500.000. Now someone write me back and call me a name. Just like in 2nd grade.

  148. 148
    sick bunch Says:

    Boy I cant wait until the SPLIT is admited by Queen Angie.

    Then you all will shut your damn, stupid, idiotic mouths. And maybe just maybe, get off the hating the ground JA walks on. Idiots. she gave what they gave, for one. they should have given 2 Mil.

  149. 149
    ellie' Says:

    Jill you have come to the point … that your really stupid and sickening to be on Jens site… Jen is the best… 500 thousand ,, not to shabby.. its for the people in Haiti.. This is what it is about.. or have you forgotten…

  150. 150
    AutumnM Says:

    Angie and Brad have given more of their time and money to charity than many in Hollywood, including Jennifer. What she did was good, but lets not get crazy now. You can’t compare her efforts to Brad and Angelina. Brad and Angelina have been heavily involved in charitable causes for the longest and they’ve been working with Wyclef Jean and others to help Haiti LONG before this earthquake. They don’t just sit there and write a check like most celebrities, they actually go visit these people and give their time, so SHUT IT Jennifer fans. Don’t even compare her efforts to Brangelina because that is A BATTLE YOU ALL WILL WILL LOSE EVERY SINGLE TIME!

  151. 151
    shr Says:

    Now she donated and still the brangelina fans bat mouted her?? saying shes jzt doing it so she can get attention? PR? well shes not kissing her brother passionately, adopting kids, stealing husband n drinking her ex bfs blood jzt to get attention? if shes doing al that then she is jzt doing it for attention.. your idol isnt that clean people maybe the break up news is jzt her way of people talking about them again..

  152. 152
    LuckyL Says:

    Lol, but she’s worth so much according the fans. So she just donated 10 hair appointments?

  153. 153
    Jane Says:

    I can’t believe people criticize like if $500,000 was pocket change.
    She waited for the right charity. Good for her. Stop comparing her to Brangelina, besides they both make a good income. Madonna gave $250,000 and she has more money than alot of these people.

  154. 154
    haha Says:

    let’s face it. there are plenty of celebrities who make as much as or even more than Aniston, and still haven’t donated anything. Sure, some celebrities donated more than she did, but $500K are still A LOT of money. Good for her.

  155. 155
    LuckyL Says:

    And this chick doesn’t have one mouth to feed lolololol–not her mother’s and most certainly not any kiddies.

  156. 156
    LuckyL Says:

    Um you all are comparing, or whoever else on this thread, I’m making a few stand-alone statements.

  157. 157
    Pablo Says:

    How much did you losers donate?
    $0, $10, $20 or a pack of bandaids.
    Your forgetting what this was for in the first place and making it your own personal issues. You have no clue what the people in Haiti have gone through and go through everyday. Your just to spoiled to understand what a country without safety, order and stability feels like.

    Good for Jen, Brangie and everybody who has put their time, effort and money for this.

  158. 158
    ellie' Says:

    Jen real proud of you.. this is about helping people in Haiti.. 500 thou is alot of money and will help alot of people… Good for you Jen…and to every one that gave to help these horrible devastation that has happened. in Haiti..That’s what this about…

  159. 159
    Anonymous Says:

    Jen donates money that is super good. What I found ridiculous here is the fact that Jen hens trashed Jolie-Pitt that they call the press conference everytime they donate (which is not true by the way) and these hens claimed that Jen “donates quietly”. When Jen actually made a real donation, none of hens admitted that they were wrong in the past: she didn’t donate. A few times that she donates, the whole world knows about it: donate on Oprah, donate few hand bags, now donate 1/2 million dollars. For St. Jude, she went on TV, in front of the camera, so it’s not “quiet”. She doesn’t donate millions and millions of dollars “quietly” every year like these hens fictionalized. Glad that she finally made a donation which made news around the world, so in the future these hens cannot claim that she “donates quietly” anymore. But who am I kidding, these people have no logic, no integrity, they would say anything to worship Jen and trash the Jolie-Pitt.

  160. 160
    hotmuffin Says:

    Angelina and Brad have given before the earthquake to the Wycliff charity and many others, they have given more than any for years, this is just another stunt to make herself look good. Have you ever seen Jennifer with anyone of color, it is what it is.

  161. 161
    Sabreen Says:

    Interestingly though, all I see here are a bunch of pathetic animals arguing over how much a women donated. Have any of you donated? I dont give a rats a** if shes the richest women on the face of the earth…she can give as much as she wants. And the fact that you weasels sit here and judge her is pathetic…because she is involved in other charities…..she doesnt sit around and wait to throw her millions when disaster strikes. So a**holes go somewhere else and grieve over your stupidity.

  162. 162
    joy Says:

    take your pathetic shots at a donation while the BrAnge family falls completely apart…heee

  163. 163
    ellie' Says:

    I personally still believe donations should be done privately….But it really doesn’t matter at this point & time to be arguing over anyone with these poor people in Haiti.. So lets move on and be happy for all the money everyone gave,,, 58 mil.dollars will do alot of good for these precious people…God Bless…

  164. 164
    Twinkle Says:

    Now, now everyone. She’s got a lot of folks that depend on her too: Her hair stylist and colorist. It’s harder than it looks to maintain that easy, California blond look. Anyone that colors their hair knows that the color washes and fades away like that *snap of finger*. Plus, she has wavy hair so straightening it everyday, the poor stylist probably has to make housecalls every morning. Don’t forget the dermatologist and plastic surgeon that she probably has on retainer. After all, how else does an over 40, sun worshipping, smoker and drinker still look flawless. Let’s now forget her personal chef that cooks low fat, low carb, low cal so that she can keep wearing the slit-up-to-there dresses. Oh, I almost forgot about the frequent holidays to Cabo to lounge on the beach. I’m sure the working class Mexicans appreciate her tips, and the flight crew of the private plane she uses. So, you see folks it’s all proportionate–she’s got a lot of folks depending her too. So, she gave what she could. Just like the rest of us.

  165. 165
    To Lurker Says:

    THANK YOU…finally a sane voice. Jill seems to be one of the ring leader for he loons, as well as, passing through. They want to criticize her for donating $500,000, but they haven’t even donated themselves. They are nuts. Just ignore them. Jared posts this sh!t just to keep his website running. It is actually getting really boring.

  166. 166
    Twinkle Says:

    Canadagirl: I’m unemployed. Lost my job over a year ago. I gave $10. This is not to toot my own horn. Trust me. Great that she gave but read my previous post….

  167. 167
    gracie Says:

    I thought she donates quietly— another copycat of B&A. She is pathetic. What took her so long? She was probably forced to donate.

  168. 168
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    @FamouslyCool: ..ahahahahahahaha.. you newbies kill me. just because i think the justjared’s jolie fans are nuts doesn’t mean i like [x], dumbfcuk. i’m one of the ‘maniston’ bashing four fathers. i was bashing maniston on this site years before you even knew about this ish. i was here yearssss before the losers you look up to were here. you better google the name [FUG FACE MANISTON], bish. now eat a dcik and choke on the baby-batter. ahahahahahahahahahahaha..

  169. 169
    gracie Says:



  170. 170
    gracie Says:

    I’m glad though, she has finally come to her senses, shamed into donating some real money this time and not some used old shoes/bags or smart water crap, at least we, Brangelina fans are honest, we are not hypocrites like her fans who criticise everything nice Brangelina does, and never give them credit for all their good work. The money will help Haiti victims.

  171. 171

    this is why I have lost most of my faith in humanity while everyone here is fighting about brad and angelina and jenn and all this other b.s. The people of Haiti are dealing with real problems. I don’t know why jenn donated and I don’t really care that money is going to do a lot of good. If people donated to this cause they should be given a pat on the back not critizied it shouldn’t matter if your a celebrity or not, or if u donated $5 or $500,000. If you donated any money to haiti then u did the right thing and that’s all that should matter. But I guess no good deed goes unpunished. To all the people here that did donate no matter how much I’ll give you your pat on the back and I’ll think a good thought for u.

  172. 172
    Josephina Says:

    I am glad she gave. Thank you, Jen.

    She gave because she was outed for revealing how narcisisistic she really is…People dying senseless deaths in Haiti and so, she comes up with three great ideas-

    1. Upstage the horrific Haiti tragedy by being on the cover of People magazine to divert attention to her great looks and her great body. After all, she kept up her looks and body after the divorce of the millenium and that is a HUGE accomplishment in Hollywood, right? Funny, i thought it was supposed to be about the craft of acting.

    2. Participate in the widely-televised Haiti telethon and ask broke Americans to look into their hearts and donate what they have while she keeps her 110 millioin in the bank. Yep, that’s real classy right there. She would have won a beauty pageant with that unusal load of eloquence.

    3. And this is the BEST idea ever — Throw a party for herself to celebrate herself. Where? At a neighboring impoverished tropical island , of course! After all, the native people won’t mind! They are too dumb to read the news or grieve about relatives in Haiti. How thoughtful. Why, she is just the right kind of gal you take home to Momma. Oh wait, it gets better. Pay for your guests to arrive by plane and then ASK them to donate their money to Haiti. After all, she won’t have that much money left over after she has spent all of that money on one day. But if they donate, then it is just like she did it, right?

    This is Jennifer Aniston, circa 2010, in all her glory. We do not have to go into her past to see her character flaws. She readily displays them on a daily basis. What is sad is that she has no real frends in her camp that care enough about her to say:

    “Honey, stop working on your body and hair so much. What have you gained from it? All it will attract are immature men who just want some. (See Vince Vaughn, John Mayer, and even Brad Pitt- back then.) If you want a man of substance, you are going to have to understand that sex alone will not keep him interested, unless you are interested in being a side chick or the one they practice with until the one they want becomes available.”

    Jennifer explained back in 2005 that her marriage did not work out and that both of them tried. Brad characterized his marriage as a dead end. You cannot keep a man that does not want to stay. If Jen had felt that her marriage was a deadend and moved on quickly because of that fact, then this blog would not exist today.

    How you nuts have conveniently dismissed their words and have taken on a more salacious, dramatic version– that Angie “stole” Brad from Jen, is driven by something other than the truth. Jen was upset and still is upset that Brad moved on so quickly with his life before she was ready and got involved in a very serious relationship. Obviously, Jen , and apparently many here who are posting, had delusional thoughts of Brad missing her enough to want to change his mind and come back.

    Brad is now a changed a man with lots of responsibilities and children. Brad and his loving partner, Angie, had a mutual appetite for a large family and then set out to create one. No one has 6 children by mistake in 5 years.

    “Now, Jen, if you have no interest in marrying or having children, that’s cool. Then learn how to play the game and play it well. But please, make up your mind and let Brad go. Baby, … he’s gone, he’s gone… and he ain’t coming back to or for you.”

  173. 173
    Jill Says:

    Josephina @ 01/25/2010 at 11:56 pm

    Excellent post; which is, unfortunately, falling on deaf ears because her deluded fans don’t want to hear it.

  174. 174
    Jill Says:

    To Lurker @ 01/25/2010 at 11:22 pm
    Jill seems to be one of the ring leader for he loons, as well as, passing through. They want to criticize her for donating $500,000, but they haven’t even donated themselves

    I can’t speak for PT, but I sent $100 to Doctors Without Borders the day after the earthquake hit. How about you, honey? Did you text in your $5.00 yet?

  175. 175
    Dav Says:

    It’s about time she gave something with that movie opening and all.
    Then any one see the pictures of Gerard Butler tonguing a random women on the streets. TMZ filmed it. Man Gerard was all over that women. He got a little grind in.

  176. 176
    Jill Says:

    JPs gave 500k EACH @ 01/25/2010 at 10:19 pm
    Loonie, Brad and Angie who are worth what? 400 mil? Gave 500K Each SO Jen gave the same.

    With one big exception, dummy: Brad and Angie have six kids to support. How many kids is Aniston supporting?
    Oh, right, I forgot — she’s still at the I-am-and-I-do-and-I-will stage.

  177. 177
    Jill Says:

    Okay everybody, I want to you all to stop foaming at the mouth for a sec and consider this: Why did she wait until NOW to donate?
    Can’t guess?
    Well, maybe I can drop a hint or two:
    Fake break-up story is pasted in the NOTW web site; media outlets pick it up; internet traffic goes berserk
    Fake break-up story blows up in Aniston’s face; media outlets backpedaling like crazy
    Aniston announces $500,000 donation to DWB
    Do any of you a synapse left between your two brain cells to make the connection?

  178. 178
    Carola Says:

    Miserable… Is little money , she wins much money…

  179. 179
    1.5 million Says:

    @Kate Bosselin: she gave 500, 000 to each one.

  180. 180
    bebe Says:

    Good to see that celebrities are still donating to Haiti relief!

  181. 181
    Martine Says:

    you guys criticise. as if you guys even contributed. 500, 000 is a lot, do you guys even have that amount in the bank? yet alone to donate? leave jen alone.

  182. 182
    brightside Says:

    Fact – It is the poorer sections of the community that donate the greatest amount of money to charity. For a celeb, any celeb, a charitable donation is just another form of brand merchandising.

  183. 183
    Suzi Says:

    Sure did Gerard was passing a women at Venice Beach yesterday and he stop to talk to the lady next thing you know he was making out with the lady on the streets lol. I saw that on TMZ tonight. Guess Gerard didn’t realize cameras were out there. They said Butler just turned and walked away like he’s been there a thousand times.
    What if that chick had herpes.

  184. 184
    Josephina Says:

    Thanks, Jill. Her fans have forgotten what she has said about the demise of her own marriage.

    We get it. It cuts like a knife to learn and admit that the one you love may not feel the same way about you.

    By the way, JoliePiit gave a total of 2 million for Haiti. 1 million came from their foundation and the other 1 million came from them.

  185. 185
    Fake A** Jen Says:

    Isn’t this the same woman who said that she prefers to donate privately, and that she would NEVER use her charity work for publicity? She is so full of crap!!!

  186. 186
    anon Says:

    read comment 70, the names should familiar. if not, google them. Jennifer Aniston is a liar, manipulator, loser and opportunist. Move on Jennifer and donate to Katrina relief now, the public has outed you for what you are….pathetic.

  187. 187
    Catalina Says:

    Phew, had to get through 189 comments to get here. Whether you like her or not, which I do not, the donation was wonderful.

  188. 188
    Unbelievable!! Says:

    Dude, do yourself a favor and get over the triangle thing. Your vile negativity is consuming you and eating you alive!! Let it go; your mind and body will thank you later on.

  189. 189
    Suzi Says:

    I don’t expect any better from fakaniston. She is fake just like all the fake men she parade around. The whole time she sat at that desk during the telethon she was probably planning her birthday party for herself.

  190. 190
    jenho Says:

    cheap fugly HAAAAAAAAAAAG… $500,000 is NOTHING to announce… it equals to .50$ with millions in the bank… ****!!! Giselle, Sandra, Leo, etc… gave $1mil … and they have been actively working for various charities & social causes… this hag “donated” so to save that fug face…

  191. 191
    a zimbo Says:

    thank you jen the a day late and a dollar short but every bit counts

    now to all those hags putting up equations and ratios on $ for $ donations manistons donation doesnt even come close..last year it wasnt publicised much but they (JP) gave money to an NGO in my country of 250000 they have funded numerous projects worldwide and one cannot insult or even deign to bring them down to pithy one-time pr placed donations from other individuals ..even John Mayer has given more in $ and time in his short career than maniston has…laud her for her deed but please do not try and place her in a league she yet again doesnt belong..its demeaning to those who are truly charitable!(buffet, clinton, gates, jps, freeman , wsahington etc)

  192. 192
    BigBear Says:

    The announcement came right in time of her movie promotion.We all know she doesn’t care for Haiti and the poor black people over there.

    You guys remember the Katrina disaster?Where was Jen back then?Why didn’t she donate to the poor in the South of the USA?

    This woman is fake and EVERYONE knows it but plays dumb.

  193. 193
    BigBear Says:

    Money Donation + Bounty Hunter = PR for the movie.

    It’s her last chance to stay in Hollywood.I do hope the people don’t support bad rom coms anymore after the BOMB that is coming our way.

  194. 194
    Trish Says:

    I KNOW, I KNOW!!!!!

    Cause she has bomb coming out soon and is trying to sugarcoat her image. This quake happened how long ago and she NOW opens her wallet. If she opened her wallet as fast as her legs, the donation would have gotten there before the dust even cleared.

  195. 195
    hag Says:

    fug face maniston DONATES QUIETLY HUH??? that dog faced biitch was SHAMED and PRESSURED into donating after her SHAMEFUL PR display at the telethon!!!

  196. 196
    anon Says:

    when is the spittle/maniston underwear pics coming out? the ******, dirty ones? You know #2 on the list, pose mostly naked when she has a movie ready to be released. I think Huvane had a hand in creating all this drama around this latest JP mess, so #3 already has been half way met, Jen will have to respond.. all dignified of course. haha

    Hey, how much did Jen’s good friend Oprah give to Haiti relief?

  197. 197
    jennifer rocks Says:

    @guido: ‘

    i know!!! these people are so f@#king retarded, cant do the math….leave her alone jennifer’s sweet and everything good, at least she’s not a cheater… love you jennifer :D

  198. 198
    BigBear Says:

    The world knows that Jennifer Aniston does not care for the poor!I

    And she attracts racist,nasty fans (most of her fans hate the non-white kids of Brad Pitt) Just read what disgusting things her fan base over at FF say about the kids.FACTS.

    Her fans don’t like big families or adoptions.FACTS.

    I’ve visited many sites and that’s what I’ve noticed about her fans.

    And she doesn’t do Charity quietly.That’s a fairy tale created for the dumb folks (read her fans).

  199. 199
    anon Says:

    For many of the stars, the fun continued at L.A.’s Tower Bar at the Sunset Tower Hotel where Clooney, DiCaprio, Witherspoon, Daniel Craig, Kid Rock, Aniston and Gerard Butler stopped by for some dinner and cocktails after the telethon.

    “Everyone seemed really happy, almost giddy,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE. “They were obviously celebrating the huge amount of money that they raised, and cutting loose at the same time.”

    Aww. Spittle and Jen. She was probably hoping Brad would drop by, he went home to the kids. Wonder if she fessed up she hadn’t given yet or she just played dumb? Thanks to everyone who called her out. Katrina? Oprah?,,20338986,00.html

  200. 200
    anon Says:

    Yep, BigBear…that is correct. Another thing, the children are ALL Brad and Angie’s kids. They are all the same to them, all 6 of them. I’m tired of any fans or media separating them into 2 groups because I’m sure they love their kids all the same.(except I wish they would set something up from Grandma “from heaven” for Pax and the twins like the other 3 got before her passing.) Racist comments about Zahara all the time, disgusting. The child is beautiful. Or picking on Shiloh about her clothes, childish. Children go through stages, be thankful they have independent minds.

  201. 201
    Marieme Says:

    Josephina @ 01/25/2010 at 11:56 pm #176

  202. 202
    AutumnM Says:


    Jen is hardly ever seen around people of color. I think she’s uncomfortable around non-white’s for some reason. I think Oprah is the only black or person of color i’ve ever seen her talk to or with at all. All of this is why i’m even more suprised that she donated to the Haiti relief fund. I really know that it’s probably wrong of me to assume all that, she could be a nice person deep deep down inside, but i’ve always suspected that she wasn’t so comfortable around non-white’s, but what do I know. Either way, good for her that she donated. I wont hate on anyone for donating, I think it’s great if anyone helps out, but Jen fans really need to stop hating on the JP’s because they’ve donated and given their time to charity in just a few years than most every do in their entire lives. Lets be fair here.

  203. 203
    Marieme Says:

    ^Sorry for the blank. I’m having a helluva time commenting. Little, dumb pop-ups asking for my password are interfering WTH!

    Josephina, I had written something like “Brilliant and well said.” Point being I dug what you wrote. :)

  204. 204
    Marieme Says:

    Btw since I’m here late wondering if people are talking about Butler kissing that street musician in Venice. LMAO! I thought that was hysterical. But clearly the hens are going to find that poor woman and pummel her. I’m concerned.

  205. 205
    AutumnM Says:

    @Big Bear

    This is true! Jen fans are nasty, racist and hateful. As I said in my previous post, Jennifer herself doesn’t seem to fond of people who aren’t white (even her movies have all white casts for the most part). So it’s no suprise she attracts a fanbase with a similar attitude although I’m sure even Jen is not as hateful as her stupid fans. I’d be embarrassed to have those racist, hateful hens as a fanbase if I were Jen.

  206. 206
    Fake A** Jen Says:

    I think the real reason she donated was because her extravagant birthday was made public. She couldn’t throw a big blowout and not have given to Haiti, especially with a movie coming out soon. She must appear perfect!! BTW, how sad is it that you have to throw your OWN b’day party and pay to fly your “friends” out to attend? How come they never throw her a party? Then again, she just couldn’t stand Brangelina being talked about all weekend.

  207. 207
    panama Says:

    Jennifer is a real sweetie! wowowo bravooooo

  208. 208
    michelle Says:

    Very generous of her. People should not talk bad about Jen anymore. She’s sweet and seems like a nice person. I like her.

  209. 209
    getaclue Says:

    @AutumnM: Oprah fans are so gullible. Oprah lives with a black man. Her best friend is a black woman. When she has big events at her home, her guest list is nearly entirely black. When she gives to charity, it’s charities benefiting black people. If you’re going to point fingers at Jennifer Aniston and mention Oprah, then be balanced. I can’t stomach either of them, but fair is fair.

  210. 210
    getaclue Says:

    @anon: Are you slow or something? EVERY actor and entertainer is a liar, climber, manipulator, etc. That’s how they got where they are.

  211. 211
    anon Says:

    getaclue, No…not slow at all….I realized this about Jennifer, how she told her former room mate to make herself more f#ckable like her for interviews, iced her nipples before auditions, the chicken cutlets in the bra, turning her friend away plus getting her fired when she got hired for a part on Friends. Last laugh was on her though. Her friends told a bar full of writers and such about Jen’s lipo on her fat Greek ass.
    And what about the friend that said Jennifer is a cold person, maybe why she cannot keep a man. Frigid..that was it. Poor little Jen.

  212. 212
    guido Says:

    anon and Co
    for handling the Oscar goes to brangelina’s, Jen is far behind

  213. 213
    sshhii_baby Says:

    Better late then never! How is it supposed to look? If, she didnt donate and she was able to throw herself a lavish party. I’m glad the old hag got SHAMED into donating. Of course, her hyprocrite fans aren’t screaming PR!! Well, now you biatches can NEVER say she donates quietly!!! I’m not going to complain about the amount. This is better then her donating used clothes, handbags, and shoes. Damn!
    Why, did it take the media so long to call her out for her childish pr. games? Again, better late then never!

  214. 214
    michelle Says:

    @Kate Bosselin:


  215. 215
    villedeville Says:

    Good job and thanks Jennifer!!!!

    We should all be thankful to ALL donations WHOEVER the donor is and whenever the donation is given.

    At the same time, no donation should be denigrated no matter what one’s personal opinion about the donor is. So if other big names will join Brad and Angelina, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Madonna, George Clooney in their generosity they will all be appreciated.

    Let’s publish all these donations not only to give credit to the donors but also to encourage more donations from those who can afford to give more than the ordinary public can. Telethons are good, but better if accompanied by personal donations by those urging the public to donate.

  216. 216
    villedeville Says:

    I missed mentioning Giselle Bunchen and Leonardo Dicaprio with their generous donations. Sorry Giselle! Sorry Leonardo!

    I’ll try to keep track of others who donated and thank them through any or all of the message boards.

  217. 217
    Andy Says:


    very well said. but who cares if she does it openly or quietly. Let the needy get the money.


  218. 218
    Vanessa Lincoln Says:

    Jennifer Boring Aniston made MILLIONS out of her divorce thanks to playing miss pathetic boring, homely kahaha !!!
    She is NON NON talented, boring, no personality , pathetic
    Leave alone Angelina who is COOL

    Hollywood should get rid of her !!!

  219. 219
    Vanessa Lincoln Says:

    @Ms Anonymous:

    Youre pathetic

  220. 220
    the observer Says:

    @generous Jen: And which other charities does Aniston donate to? JP give large
    amounts to many, many other charities.

  221. 221
    Lisa Says:

    She’s so kind! It’s a nice gesture!
    Jen looks marvellous in that picture! She’s so pretty!

  222. 222
    Tara Says:

    that’s my girl!!! congrats!!!

  223. 223
    luiza Says:

    oh my god, why do you all spend your time criticizing jen? she donated 500k and brangelina donated 1milion. since they are a couple… it’s the same! and you know, they say that madonna only donated 250k. why isn’t anyone saying bad things about her? oh, please. just let jen live :)

  224. 224
    Mels Says:

    Jennifer Aniston cannot do anything right according to certain people. It is a classic case of not being able to please everyone. It doesn’t matter what she does, no matter how kind or altruistic she is, some will always say it is not enough, she has done it for an ulterior motive, she is scheming etc. Isn’t it possible to graciously accept that she has given a substantial amount of money to help those affected by this terrible tragedy? No comparison with others and no jibes about the past are needed. Let’s hope the money is put to good use to try and alleviate some of the terrible suffering in Haiti.

  225. 225
    bet Says:

    good Jen we are proud of you. We know you are doing a lot. I do not believe in annoucing how much you give. but this time may be any one who annouce it think it is necessary. I am sure she involve in sT Johns for many many years, but we never heared what she gave there, i am sure St Johns will not involve in thier organization, someone who is not giving at all. specially which involve kids with who are sick.

    but what ever it is the people who need it get the money, that all it matter, every one has thier way of giving. let just not have a war here. i still do not think annoucing how much you give is not necessary.

    and aslo, do not forget most people give hard earing money from their pocket , not like some cult groups we all see here worshiping.

  226. 226
    ohpuleaze Says:

    Madonna donated 250K but she has a big project in Malawi like building a school there and I think a clinic for orphans there too. She is “Raising Malawi.” And Madge is a mother of four children (2 biological & 2 adopted), plus she has nannies to pay every month. So comparing Madonna to Jennifer doesn’t make sense. Jennifer has only herself.
    The Brangelina donates all year long to different causes and Brad is building shelters for New Orleans. Plus they are raising 6 children.
    Jennifer only donated now because she was pressured to do it and she has a movie coming out.

  227. 227
    bet Says:


    she had moives out before

    . Hope full you loonies are not going to say Jen creat the distaster in Hatie so that she can give money becuase her moive is coming up. Can you guys just stop using this poor people dieing with this distaster for couse to bash others. I mean it not enought the two use all year with this poor people for unecessary photop op secesttion.

    everyone who give benifited the people, it does not matter let the celebrities decide how they present themself and function thier life the way they want it. Jennifer Aniston is not the only celebrites out there who probabley do not have the gut to use poor people for her image.

  228. 228
    bet Says:


    i do not know why you loonies make this giving a competitive thing, of showing how rich and famouse you are. How is your giving bring more cult group due to it. Jen is not Maddona or Branglina. there are people like Jen out there who want to live thier life with out cult group following thier life. there are a lot of celebrities have big pride of not using human with no means of income suffering, for thier personal success.

  229. 229
    anna Says:

    Hope for Haiti say Thank you
    your lovely

  230. 230
    bet Says:

    at least jen did not go to photo shoot when a lot of people are gathering for good cause. she take her busy time and open her time for a big event, . I am sure most celebrities in thier have very busy life, but they take thier time for disaster like this. They just do not want to make things allaways about them only.

  231. 231
    Ha! Says:

    @why now?:

    Genius, the earthquake was exactly two weeks ago. When you’re going to criticize, at least get your facts straight.

  232. 232
    frank Says:

    She look so beautiful and HOT!!!
    JA donate to legal and authentic charity. for the same amount of Brangelina donate as separate individual..btw..brangelina earns more money from one movie than JA.and Brangelina donate to charity WJ that has a problem which being accused misuse the fund for personal gain.

    So who is better educated? least JA took her time to know choose the right charity….

    But at least people donate…so be it..they all did the best they is not a competition…

  233. 233
    cougar lover Says:


    Love this HOT LADY!!!.. she is Rich,Generous,SexYyYY and FoxYYY..

  234. 234
    abc Says:

    llia @ 1/25/2010 at 9:18 pm

    Do the math. Jennifer did not give 5 times the amount that Madonna gave. Madonna gave $250,000 and Jennifer gave $500,000; Jennifer gave twice as much, which is still not that much for her to part with since she has no family to support like Madonna does..

  235. 235
    siska Says:

    MAdonna earn more than triple of JA income ..It is the same with it is natural they should donate more (if they want to) like it is give because you want to. It Is NOT an olympic compete the most amount.
    At least JA not doing charity mostly just to highlight her profile or changing/deflect her image (she is always doing charity..but not always has to be in front page of magazine)

    but for whatever reason/motive…any donation is better than nothing..

    so let it be!!!
    May God Bless anyone who help othersin need…

  236. 236
    bethankful! Says:

    I think all this bickering is sooo sad! Jennifer’s donation was made public by Doctors withous Borders… not by her and having been someone who worked closely with St. Jude’s the public is completely unaware of the millions… not hundreds of thousands but millions of dollars she has donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital over the years. Jennifer is a true philanthropist… and just becuase they are just now reporting it doesn’t mean the donation was just made… and how many people truly have millions have dollars just setting around… donations are often made as pledges…not actual dollars given. Be thankful that in this time of need so many people were able to share their wealth!

  237. 237
    peter Says:

    Jennifer, I like you, wish you all the best
    Thanks for all , God bless you

  238. 238
    peter Says:

    Jennifer, I like you, wish you all the best
    Thanks for all , God bless you

  239. 239
    karim Says:

    I adore you and your good heart

  240. 240 Says:

    This is the reason that most celebs or famous people prefer to give to charity under the radar. Because some buffoon wil pipe in saying “you gave how much??????” Whether it’s a very latge amount or a lower amount it will always happen. I doubt that Jennifer is happy that this leaked out anyway, because in the past she has always been very private about it. And if she’s also giving millions to St Judes in addition the who is anyone to judge her amount for Haili. Christ, some of you act like celebs have no business hanging on to their money at all – they should give it all away to the needy. And I doubt very seriously that AJ still gives 1/3 of her income to charities. She hasn’t mentioned that amount in many years, you folks just assume she still sends 1/3. She wouldn’t be able to afford the lifestyle with 6 kids, plus she has to start being more frugal because she’s only gonna have her paychecks to live on soon.

  241. 241 Says:

    And, furthermore, where is it stated the date that she actually gave the donation? How do any of you know when she wrote the check? It will never matter to a loon what good JA does, they will always find a fault. Not that it’s a valid and true fault but it is what they do. She doesn’t owe anyone any excuses.

  242. 242
    Jen a selfish cow Says:

    The whole world is still freaking out about the Brange. And tomorrow is Tabloid Wednesday. So get ready for the cover to cover assault. If you missed my analysis of the split rumours yesterday, click here. As for press time, nothing has changed. The Brange position is the same, their message is the same. But Jennifer Aniston is enjoying every minute. It’s also juuuust been announced that Jen donated $500K toward earthquake relief in Haiti.

  243. 243
    Kim Says:

    @guido: Jen is alone right w/ no dependents and worth over $100 million but then again spending $50,000 week on hair can add up

  244. 244
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    Good for her.

    I am not a fan of hers.
    I am not a fan of the other couple either, just FYI.

    Yeah, it is a tax write off, but it is a tax write off for everybody.
    She could have used a tax write off for college ed for family/friends too.
    There are personal ways to use your money personally for a tax write off.

    Good for Anniston.

    Problem Ihave tisgirl, odd,…why won’t she and her teamSTOP these mags from stories counting the years from Pitt. She needs to stop herself from giving these stupid cover stories.

    This weeks People, it is about her being 5 years away fromBrad.
    I do not know if she in part gavethisone. I read it in line and it seemsPeople Mag just did it on the mags own.

    HOWEVER,Anniston has given these sorts so People felt it was ok.

    Haiti or New Orleans Saints should be a cover story.

  245. 245
    Skankalina Says:

    You Bragaloonies should be crying in your cheerios this morning, sounds like your perfect couple will soon be splitting. So don’t take your bad moods at on Jen! You b*tch if she doesn’t give then you b*tch because you don’t think she gave enough, if thats the case brangie should have donated 2 million. And you always say ” the PR that that get from being mentioned for giving money is only to get the word out about the needs the country has” why is that any different for Jen??? YEAH THAT”S WHAT I THOUGHT>>>YOU BRANGIE FANS ARE TWO FACED!

  246. 246
    lisali Says:

    Kudos to Jennifer. Good for her.

  247. 247
    anonymous Says:

    You have loser written all over your faces

    Grow up and leave her alone

    Nothing is ever good enough when Jen is concerned. Their is always a motive in her case….When your idols do something thier is never a motive its always out of the goodness of their hearts.

    You people can find something bad in everything she does but never find anything wrong with your idols. I’m waiting for a post that complains she has the nerve to breath the air…..Probably already posted……How sick and twisted some of you are

  248. 248
    guido Says:

    Kim @ 01/26/2010 at 11:31 am

    you really believed the story of paparazzi? and more per week? wow I do not think you were so stupid

  249. 249
    Jerry Says:


    Well i guess when you make 10 million each year on selling Smart Water All you can afford is 500,000.00!!

  250. 250
    Jerry Says:


    Get your facts straight..JOlie does spend a third of her salary donating to may various causes..
    She can cause she was she is a well paid actor.
    She earns her money through Films and promotions.
    Don’t hate cause Jen chooses not to be that generous.
    Jen makes over 10 per year on selling Smart water.She when she visited a school all she gave the students was Smart water..lo
    Not a Scholarship nothing..
    She visited Little children and read them stories.Which is fine.But it would have been nice to at least give the kiddies some free food.. And nice Lunch..she left and didn’t even give them a donation.
    Don’t you worry Daddy Brad got his kids and baby mama

  251. 251 Says:

    I think it’s hysterical that the loons think that Jen spends 50K/week on her hair. You folks hear through a tabloid that Jen has her hair stylist paid 50K for some event and turn it into fact and insist that she pays him that every week. There is no limit to the hypocrisy of a loon!

  252. 252
    anonymous Says:

    Lets do the math

    Brad & Angie: Estimated net worh $340m

    Jen: Estimated net worh $135m (to please some posters that said it was between $130 – $140 and not the $110m that has been reported in the past)

    Haiti Donation for BP & AJ……… $1 million /$340m = .294% of Net Worth

    Haiti Donation for Jen…..$500,000 / $135m =.370% of Net Worth

    Jen donated .370% of their Net Worth

    BP & AJ donated .294% of their Net Worth

    Not exact but shows Jen gave as much as anybody else. You can’t call her cheap while calling your idols so generous.

    Also reported that Jen gives her time and money to many other good causes over the years just like your idols do…..Don’t come back and say that BP & AJ give money to other cause because Jen does the same….Just not as public about it.

  253. 253
    Ms Anonymous Says:

    I wonder how many of the people who critizie Jennifer have made donations to Haiti yet? They’ve no room to judge anybody. They are just angry JP are splitting and need a scapegoat.

  254. 254 Says:

    Jerrry, when was the last time you heard from AJ’s mouth that still gives 1/3 of her income? When? What makes you think that hasn’t changed at all? I mean you loons claim that she has changed so much from when she was sucking Billy Bobs face off, on the red carpet. Maybe she’s changed that little fact as well? And she couldn’t have changed too much from her wacko days, considering she publically stated that she gave her son his very own dagger as a gift. What kind of person, supposedly a private person, tells that to the public unless they thrive on the controversy it brings. Face it, Jolie is a twisted woman who cares more about her outragous public personna than the safety of her son. She is once again promoting that bad girl image. She’s gonna need it soon, just to stay relevent, after she and Brad make the break-up news public!

  255. 255
    anonymous Says:

    To Clarify #256

    .294% is less that one third of one percent.
    Should read .00294%

    and .370% is a little more than one third of one percent.
    Should read .00370%

    I rounded to make less confusing but I am sure someone will complain anyway

  256. 256
    bet Says:


    everything she does there is motive on it. look the bragloonies bloggeres like celebrtchy is ganging on her, becuase they get frustrated due to the break up news. Come on break up nothing has to do with jen. You do not have to be gang on her.

    even Celebtichy blogger who admite he/she is bragloonies cult group worte article on Jen, as if jen said before she donate quitely. why blogger like them use the word of comment like us , as if jen said it. and then blogger goees on , kind accuse her perposely she leak the news. ma ma mia. the bragloonies blogger loosing thier sh@t due this break up news, they are taking out their frustaration on jen. Can the two get it together and let this freaks leave jen alone.

  257. 257
    jen fan Says:


    Yes, you are right Sasha. What a relief to go on to this site to be bombarded by the likes of you. That is right, write what you have to say all in capitals while calling someone a famewhore. How mature and bright of you. And just for the record and if it hasn’t sunk in yet, I’m being SARCASTIC!

  258. 258
    anonymous Says:

    Donation based on BP & AJ and Jen

    Based on Salary Only : It does not include any assets or any investments

    Haiti donation equilavent to BP-AJ and Jen

    Jen BP-AJ

    250k Salary: Donation $925 to $735 (.0037 vs .00294)

    150k Salary: Donation $555 to $441

    100k Salary: Donation $370 to $294

    50k Salary: Donation $185 to $147

    25k Salary: Donation $93 to $74

    So where do you stand based on what thay gave. I bet most if not all did not come close to giving the same percentage as the above mentioned. I for one did not. So when compalining about what someone else should give look at what you give first before opening your mouth

    Jill you said you gave $100.00 so either you make around 25k or you are real cheap….which is it?

  259. 259
    thats_right Says:

    AutumnM @ 01/25/2010 at 10:29 pm Angie and Brad have given more of their time and money to charity than many in Hollywood, including Jennifer. What she did was good, but lets not get crazy now. You can’t compare her efforts to Brad and Angelina. Brad and Angelina have been heavily involved in charitable causes for the longest and they’ve been working with Wyclef Jean and others to help Haiti LONG before this earthquake. They don’t just sit there and write a check like most celebrities, they actually go visit these people and give their time, so SHUT IT Jennifer fans. Don’t even compare her efforts to Brangelina because that is A BATTLE YOU ALL WILL WILL LOSE EVERY SINGLE TIME!

    BRAVOOOOOOO AutumnM, well said :)

  260. 260
    Gina Watson Says:

    always so sweet!!!!!!!

  261. 261
    bet Says:

    stop you guys jennifer never ask to be compared what she gave, if she want she will do it every time. let stop compareing this nonsense, let the people injoy what they get the money. Jennifer never said she give queitly , she is just like other celebrities out there, i do not know why you guys choose this woman be slap her around.

  262. 262
    ellie' Says:

    I will love the Oscars this year… Loved the GGA.. The Sag awards… this is so great… to see all the real great actors… I’m loving it…

  263. 263
    Skankalina Says:

    If you go back years before Jen met Brad, Jen was involved in several charities and She is the one who got him involved in charity work and donations. This was way before ANGIE started giving a sh*t about anything but her .

  264. 264
    Fan Says:
    doing the right thing

  265. 265


  266. 266
    bet Says:

    for a fun, let annayse the picture above. on the top Jen picture she look like she is looking at the of Gerard kissing a woman on the street rundomly and the two. kind thinking look the buntch of egomenic celebrities crowd..

  267. 267
    belinda Says:

    I enjoy posts about Jennifer Aniston very much. If only those freaks were not always making comparisons between her and that maniac Jolie, who is a liar and completely self-obsessed and only does her charity in order to cover this up. Did she not absolutely deny having an affair with BP?! Saying she would never go with a married man, especially since her own father had done this king of thing to her mother. Ah she is so full of ****, it hurts. And I think that Brad loathes her and looks very unhappy and it is only for the children he is staying. Lets face it, he looks mega down, I bet he kicks himself all the time for having fallen for that slutbag, who will sleep with anything and anybody. She is still best friends with both her ex-husbands while he is apparantly not allowed to see Jennifer. AJ is a bloody lunatic!

  268. 268
    thats_right Says:

    SkankChinifer Shut the hell up @267, Jen is an arrogant witch. Grown up woman throwing herself a birthday party? is she that lonely? and she has to throw her party to her self? wow it shows how much chinnifer’s friends love her hahahah and she has to play for their expenses otherwise they wont come to her “Birthday Party”

    I dedicate this song to Chinnifier
    Chinifer singing to her friends and to her fans hahahaha

  269. 269
    Rich Says:

    @why now?: 500K is what Brad and Angie gave each so why not condemn them too you silly person who needs to get back to grade school.

    By the way, how much did you give $5 bucks or probably not even that.

  270. 270
    belinda Says:

    And don’t always try and make out that Jolie is such a brilliant actress. Mostly she did action movies and her acting was terrible, always the same kind of expression on her face. The very few good ones she made can be counted on one hand. The woman is a joke and that is that. The only reason I am writing this is because some of you idiots always have to bring that lousy maniac up everytime there is a post about JA. Jolie can not and will never be able to hold a candle to Jennifer Aniston.

  271. 271
    belinda Says:

    Yes, I would love to know how much some of you wasters donated.

  272. 272
    bet Says:


    you actually compare them, May be few people like you the reason why this cult group do not want to leave the woman alone. I am sure you are another cult group who think pitt is in prison. do’nt think he is the reason for Jen life trumped in this mess.

  273. 273
    bet Says:


    you did compare them, Few people like you the reason why the this cult group wan’t leave the woman alone. You may be another cult group who think Pitt is in prison. Do’nt think he is the reason why Jen is trumped in this mess?

  274. 274
    adventure Says:

    People like you who assault an innocent woman in defensive of Jolie are sadly misguided. Jolie would probably just as soon shoot you as look at you. Just jared is a hate monger who loves this kind of stuff. And he still hasn’t told us how much he donated to Haiti.

  275. 275
    bet Says:


    your group does it more and very aggressive and scary way.

  276. 276
    bet Says:


    the problem is Jen is trumped in between group like blinda who thinks pitt is in prison and the obvious cult group bragloonies who actually have a lot of blogger cult memebers.

  277. 277
    bet Says:


    i am sorry i tought you are brangloonies.

  278. 278
    gem Says:

    To those people calling her racist , did you know, that for years now, she’s fought against women rights in some countries of africa…
    It’s really sad people how hateful you can be… Do you really think that if she was all that you said, brad would tell that “she is a sweatheart,” and “that she had a big place in his life”… Did you think that oprah who is really engaged in black people’s cause will be a close friend of her…. I’m a black woman, even if you don’t want to believe it, and I’m a big fan of jen, just respect that..
    . You called us hypocrites , whereas while angie is fightting for more tolerance in the world, you , her fans just made the complete opposite of what she stands for! Who are the hypocrites now?! It’s easy to be fan, it’s easy to be mean but what’s the point if you don’t even take the time to do what she stands for?
    I know that you won’t read my comment, you’re too obsessed to know which one of you will say the worst thing about her… But it’s sad that when someone donates, instead of being grateful, you found a way in that to say bad things on her… Shame on you guys…. People are diying, people lost their family, their friends, and you , you are there, throwing all your hate instead of helping, or being gratefull… It’s really sad!!!

  279. 279
    b*ugger off Says:

    Have any of you actualy read the post? I dont know about you lot but there are three seperate charaties there that she donated 500 grand to. 500 grand each maybe? I t doesnt say, and it doesnt say 500g was all she donated either..I dont see anyone here giving 500 grand, I just love how, even when someone is doing something good, they find something to moan about. I mean, come on. shes giving a lot of money to the cause, more than ANY of us would ever be able to give.

  280. 280
    Adventure Says:

    I’m not in a group. But I can see you are hopelessly stupid.

  281. 281
    guido Says:

    vidéo telethon haiti

  282. 282
    b*ugger off Says:

    @gem: makes you wonder about the world, doesnt it? Why cant people find something to be happy about instead of finding something that should make them feel kind of nice and looking for some little weak point in there something to whinge about. It is really, really, really sad…

  283. 283
    bet Says:


    i am sorry if i offend you. but this blog do not take it personaly. any ways if you are not cult groups that i mention above , you do not have to worry. Yes may be i hopless who want this nastyness to stop.

  284. 284
    belinda Says:

    Hey bet, my name is Belinda not Blinda. And this is the first time ever that I have commented on any of these two women but actually I am going to continue to do so as I am really tired of having to read all these hateful posts on Jennifer Aniston. I like the woman, so do many others. And then there are idiots who have to insult her all the time and bring up the other woman in this former famous love-triangle. Leave Jennifer Aniston alone.

  285. 285
    anonymous Says:

    So when they finally call it quits and breakup, Jen will be blamed for it and she will be called a homewrecker…How ironic is that

    This insanity will never end. The haters won’t let go.

  286. 286
    bet Says:


    i know you probably frustraed by them, but you will make it worth.

  287. 287
    nursedatingsite Says:

    I don’t think she can have biological children

  288. 288
    gem Says:

    @b*ugger off:
    Ya, it’s sad and makes me feel that never in the world, humans being would be a community stand up for a cause despite all their differences! NEVER because we are too mean, too hypocrites, we’re there to hurt people especially when they don’t have the same point of view that us… I’m not a big fan of Angie, but God how happy I was when I heard she gave money for haitians, How proud I am of jen and the others to give money and time for those people… It’s a beautiful act even for the student who gave 5$… It’s really sad and painful… Do they really how those 500 000 $ can be a relief for those people? I don’t think and that is very sad…

  289. 289
    gem Says:

    Do they realize how those 500 000 $ can be a relief for those people? I don’t think and that is very sad…

  290. 290
    mattchew Says:

    500K is about what she makes in a month from “Friends” residuals alone. Kinda cheap if you ask me. You did ask, didnt you?

  291. 291
    belinda Says:

    Hey bet, you are not the brightest, are you? I mean no offense but your sentences make no sense at all. I wonder if the rubbish you come out with makes sense to your own little brain?
    A donation is a donation. Every cent counts and will help and half a million Dollars is a lot.

  292. 292
    gem Says:

    @mattchew: and brad, a few days ago, has bough a house, : 11.3 MILLIONS $….
    Don’t you think it could save this money for haiti? So come on, they gave money , it will help and that is the point!!!!

  293. 293
    Skankalina Says:

    @ thats_right
    Get a life and don’t be so jealous of some one who has many friends and likes to have parties to get everyone together! I would do the same. And hey at least she HAS FRIENDS. I would like to dedicate the song ” LONESOME LOSER” for you! Have a good day :)

  294. 294
    Maria from Texas Says:


  295. 295
    Looks good to me Says:

    Jen’s the best!

  296. 296
    Just a note Says:

    @belinda: Belinda … Bet is a fan of Jennifer and very supportive of her … I’m not sure why Bet’s spelling and sentence structure is not always A+ … perhaps English is her second language? … I only know that she is very much a defender of JA against so many who come here only to tear her down.

    Just wanted you to know.

  297. 297
    Sarah Bellum Says:

    I just wish they’d all do this without a Press Release. Let’s have Sandra Bullock be the example. She just donated (two weeks ago, btw) and it was the press the heard about it and broadcasted it. She didn’t issue a statement or anything. Meanwhile, Diddy is buying his 16 year old kid a $350K car. Do you not get the kind of money these people have? A $500K donation by Jen is a joke.

  298. 298
    thats_right Says:

    SkankChinifer, she has friends? hahahah their friends basically run away from her she has to pay them in order for them to show up, she pays all the expenses for her friends so they can come to her “Lonely Birthday Party ” loooool

  299. 299
    firemandatingsite Says:

    Sandy is a better actress than jen

  300. 300
    thats_right Says:

    I dedicate this song to Chinifer and to her fans
    Lonely So Lonely poor Maniston loool Lonely on her birthday she has to buy her friends with money hahaha so they can come hahah to her birthday( She is thinking of Brad who dumped her for a gorgeous smart lady Angelina :) )

    Money can’t buy love Chinifer just know that, that is my advise brithday gift for your brithday :)

  301. 301
    thats_right Says:

    I dedicate this song to Chinifer and to her fans
    Lonely So Lonely poor Maniston loool Lonely on her birthday she has to buy her friends with money hahaha so they can come hahah to her birthday( She is thinking of Brad who dumped her for a gorgeous smart lady Angelina :) )

    Money can’t buy love Chinifer just know that, that is my advise brithday gift for your brithday :)

  302. 302
    Mariana Says:

    To Office Fan #20:

    I agree with you completely.

  303. 303
    amle Says:

    Wish I had $500,000 to give. I could only do $250. I hope it helps someone in need. :)

  304. 304
    amle Says:

    and your just a jealous *****.

  305. 305
    Ronda Says:

    Thank you to Jen and may God bless her.

  306. 306
    sick of jen Says:

    Dumb publicity stunt to try and upstage Brangelina if u ask me. Jen is so sad & reaching at every last straw for attention; even if that means turning a human disaster into a narcisstic ego-trip.

  307. 307
    Jo Lee Says:

    @SASHA: Yo You forgot your CAPSLOCK nerdo cumshot

  308. 308
    celia Says:

    definitely jennifer is a good person

  309. 309
    FAKE JEN wants PR Says:

    I found this at Celebitchy:

    DO YOU GUYS SEE HER AT THE TELETHON? SHE WAS posing and laughing for a charity telethon while talking on the phone. Sacha Baron Cohen seems really annoyed with her antics. WAY to show appropriate emotion for a tragedy, Jen! I really don’t buy her. To me, these pics say EVERYTHING about her. She’s just jumping on the latest trend to look good.
    AND, that’s the TRUTH folks. The pics speak for themselves. She has and always will be a FRAUD.

  310. 310
    jaliah Says:

    etsingledoctors @ 01/25/2010 at 9:40 pm She is going to get back with Brad!


    “Brad’s friends, Brad’s associates, Brad’s relatives, all feel that Angelina is the perfect match for him and that Jen was nothing but a whiny nuisance.”–Ian Drew, Senior Editor, US Weekly

  311. 311
    Maximisses Says:

    Congrats to Jen. Makes Madonna look cheap with her piddly $250K. I bet Madonna has more money than Jennifer.

  312. 312
    Honestly Says:

    A handful of people, using a hundred different names, abuse one woman in order to defend Angelina Jolie who doesn’t care if they live or die. Really crazy people!

  313. 313
    guido Says:

    brangelina fans you really fear for your fan and you’re right because brad is driven to crawl at the foot of jen’s why you just spit your hate on jen, brad became a larva with 6 kids, you honestly believe she is still crying, you make me laugh, you must wake 5 years have passed since then!, Jen is more beautiful with age and happy, and it is increasingly ugly old and dirty and more tattooed

  314. 314
    gem Says:

    @FAKE JEN wants PR:
    That’s it you see 3 photo of her during a all night and you jump to conclusion!! Did you know what the person on the phone was saying to her? Especially that we can see the one where she’s laughing it wasn’t her phone but sasha’s one! Maybe sasha had someone who’s really fan of jen and decided to give her the phone! And I don’t see where you see he’s annoying because I see him as the other guy smiling about that! Did you just take time to read what they were saying about her? Really I don’t get why you’re just trying so hard to make of her a bad person whereas her entourage, as brad too told that she is a good one!
    besides I saw others one where she had a discret smile like the others had so before accusing people like that, make correctly you research, and read the article to open your mind on what people think of her! God is that possible in those hard times we can just rather together and stop trying a moment to be so hateful! is that possible people?

  315. 315

    After one of the biggest public scandals to hit Hollyweird, Aniston is the only one who still seems like a good person to me. When Angelina went after her husband, she could have turned up pregnant at the last minute to keep Brad from going

    Bad Bad Jolie and Pitt for being selfish about their wants and bringing six children into a nasty, ugly situation. If Jolie was going to conduct her life like this, she should have remained CHILDLESS!

  316. 316
    jade Says:

    I don’t understand some of you always finding fault with Jen. Sacha
    Baron Cohen doesn’t looked annoyed to me. Sacha and his lovely lady
    Isla are very good friends of Jen’s.

    The phone was passed over to Jen,because someone calling in, on
    the other phone wanted to talk to Jen.

    As far as saying Jen was smiling or laughing,click on the first small
    picture on the Telethon.Jared didn’t show that whole picture.Cindy Crawford,Reese,Drew,Julia are all smiling,even Colin.

    Jen gave to a wonderful cause and should not be bashed at all.

  317. 317
    bet Says:

    just a note

    thank you for defending me. You are right english is not my first language. actually i am terrible in writing. Some times i compeletly do not know how even to write my sentence.

  318. 318
    bet Says:


    hi good freind , How you are doing? You have been away for long.

  319. 319
    b*ugger off Says:

    @FAKE JEN wants PR: There is really no telling what is going on in these pictures. Seems to me that someone on someone else’s phone wanted to talk to her so that other celebrity gave her the phone.

    Also,Brange released a press statement. Jennifer did not. That is the point.Brangelina announced how much and hers apparently got leaked by some Eonline guy. I’m not getting where the confusion is there.

    Lastly, there is no reason to sit around sullen and depressed looking when you aren’t sullen or depressed. It’s a serious event, yes. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t allowed to laugh or smile. Jeez. Some of you must be the most boring people in the world.

    I’ve been to one funeral and wake in my life and the funeral was pure misery-everyone was crying and sad and no one really said much. At the wake, on the other hand, people were trading stories about the deceased, laughing and joking about experiences they had had with her.

    I don’t understand why it’s inappropriate for her to talk to someone else in the room or to smile.

    I found that on the same link. Far more senile than claiming something about someone when they wouldnt have the facts to wipe their butt with. Why does everyone need to speculate? Like I said before, I dont see anyone here giving that kind of money. Why are you all whinging and claiming its a PR stunt or whatever? Why cant you focus on whats good and important like five hundred thousand more dollars going to the relief effort in Haiti? Anyone with the higher than average profile who donates or gets involved in this will end up with publicity as a by product…

    Maybe they should teach in school how to focus on the good and how to find a positive thing in something awful, how not to rip people to shreds, claiming bollocks when you dont know them from a bar of soap, judging them, how not to be ?uch b.i.t.c.h.s..just teach you all how to live your own lives, not be so god damned nosey and just how to be NICE PEOPLE. Its so much easier on the internet to be a w.a.n.k.e.r to/about someone because they havent the slighest who you are. Its so much easier to judge because no one needs to know who you are. Can not a one of you refrain from being such a.r.s.e.h.o.l.e.s?

    For the record, I am not a fan of her, she doesnt register on my Radar Of Life, I just think its horrible, sad and pathetic the amount of crap posted on here by people who havent a clue what theyre commenting on. I dont care what any of you dress it up as, it is hatred. I dont care how many hours you spend trawling the internet looking up JA and how well you think you know her and how much you know about her personal life from reading all of those well informed articles YOU DONT KNOW HER. How on earth can you claim to know personal s.h.i.t about her that would prove your theory shes a horrible , nasty person when you dont even know her as a person?

    Apologies for the rant, but someone had to say something. some of the stuff said on here is truely disgusting and awful…

    A lot of people here need to get a life.

  320. 320
    bet Says:

    Fake Jen Pr

    You are bringing information from one of the cult member blogger , who actuall said” i am accused of being bragnloonies”. of course what do you expect of a blogger use comment from like us, to write article about Jen . Like as if she said before that she give charity queitly and then lead people to believe that she leak the story. OK loving bragnlina is one thing accuse Jen as person who live her life calculating every thing she does according to other people life and as fraud person is another thing. any one will count you as cult members.

  321. 321
    Maria from Texas Says:


  322. 322
    bet Says:

    for a fun let analyse Jen picture on the top. It looks like she is looking at the two and thinking please guys when are going get it together of your circus life and able to contorl your owen rumour and i am able to live with peace with out been stuck in the middel your circus.

  323. 323
    jade Says:

    Hi bet dear,

    I’am doing good and hope you are too.You know why I have been gone, you and I have talked about it before.But I always miss you and
    ellie’ and come back.

    Jen gave to a good cause and it is appreciated. It will help so many people.

  324. 324
    bet Says:


    good to hear from you. No matter who gave or the amount ,it a lot for the people who need it . every one is appriciated who gave, the one who we did not even know about.

  325. 325
    bet Says:


    and also, we miss you too.

  326. 326
    jade Says:


    Your comment #328 was so good and true. You said it best, friend.

  327. 327
    bet Says:


    thank you. the best thing i like about you is that; you do not engage in any kind of nagativity. We need people like you more.

  328. 328
    Honesty Says:

    @b*ugger off:
    You’ve made good points. But you can’t reason with insanity. The good thing is that there are very few people bad-mouthing Jen, even though they keep on blogging and pretending to be lots of different people … they are fakes.

    These few people think poor Angelina needs this kind of evil support even though she doesn’t care whether they live or die.

  329. 329
    jade Says:


    Thank you.I would rather say something nice. I don’t understand hateful comments against Jen. But Jen looks better than ever,very
    content and happy. So all that is good,because something good is
    going on with her.I don’t know yet,what it is.

  330. 330
    Molly Says:

    But, but….I thought Jen gives quietly and never announces it, becasue that is crass and all done for PR, right?
    Oh, what’s that you say little loonifers? Oh, I see, it only means that when Brad and Angie’s donations are announced…..riiiight.


  331. 331
    bet Says:


    that is the way you should lead your life. Love your attitued. Jen is always lovely.

  332. 332
    Dana Says:

    I wish Jen would get a gigantic case of jungle fever and fall for a big muscular black rapper with gold teeth and sagging pants just to piss off her racist lily-white fans.

  333. 333
    classy Says:

    Good job Jen! We love you and admire your generosity. She is such a beautiful person,

  334. 334
    why? Says:

    Why do people have to attack Jennifer Aniston? She isn’t doing anything to you. So what if Brangelina is in the news???? Stop blaming Jennifer – she never did anything wrong except for marrying Brad Pitt. Is that the only reason she suffers such harsh criticism from Angelina fans?? It’s so insane, I feel bad for her.

  335. 335
    bet Says:


    i can undestand for you to ask question. Jen never said she give quitely for charity or she does not give. just like math Damon, Ben Affeleck, Jennifer Gareden, Nichole Kithman, Tom Cruies, many many, .other. We her fans who are the one who suggest ,with many other celebrities do it with out press realis most of the time. For some reason you guys and some bloggers choose from rack celebrities , her to attack. I can understand your question, but the one i do not understand is the bloggers like Clelebitchy using word from us to write article about Jen. exculding others,

  336. 336
    Josephina Says:



    The reason there IS a trinagle is because of Aniston. Name another Hollywood ex-wife actress that has a fan base that cannot support her at the Box office but would rather support her more on blogs because her then husband tired of her and moved to the next chapter of his life– without her.

    Please understand that the more anyone bashes Brad’s new love life and his lifestyle with his children, the more this will backfire in Aniston’s career because ALL of this craze started because of Aniston NOT LETTING GO and BEING EMBARASSED THAT BRAD MOVED ON AND NEVER RECONSIDERED COMING BACK TO ANISTON. Almost every comment about Jen on her threads is a comparison to Angie in some way and that’s because SHE is not over Brad. If she was there would be no mention of Angie or Brad. Byt hey, take a look at the comments on this blog and others. It is what it is. Aniston still has not created an identity outside of a connection to Brad and Angie.

    Furthermore, the romance with Gerard? Bullsh***. There are pictures of im sucking face with some radom young girl. Aniston has a knack for making poor choices in men. And at age 40, this is pretty pathetic. happy being single and playing the field? If you are going to play the field, then play it well or get off of the field and stay on the sidelines. Take some helpful hints from Cameron Diaz or Kate Hudson. Thery are in control.

  337. 337
    Divine Goddess Says:

    Technically didn’t she donate 1.5 million dollars? She donated $500,000 each to 3 charities. $1.5 million is alot so I don’t know what you people are going on about.

  338. 338
    ellie' Says:

    Hi dear sweet jade…
    How are you.? I have missed you… Jen and everyone did something so special to help these devastated people in Haiti… I’m proud of everyone.that was there for this special cause..
    Jen looked gorgeous at the Golden Globes award…and so very pretty here also..
    Jade there so much hatred for Jen it doesnt even matter when someone who really cares does something good,,, This will never end… this kind of hatred.. Jen doesn’t deserve any of this filthy talk about her.. What a sad group of people…

    I was writing to you on the GGA,, I thought you would be back… its been along time … How are feeling.. and the family.. Hope everyone is well,,, You had a lot of rain.. in Cali..

  339. 339
    Wow Says:

    She is so gorgeous and such a lovely woman. Her donation will be much appreciated. Jennifer’s heart is in the right place. Good for her.

  340. 340
    leslie Says:

    Leave the woman alone. She donated A LOT of money to a good and she’s a fun-loving and happy person. She doesn’t perpetuate the “triangle” – we do (the media/bloggers/commenters). If she want’s to make out with Butler or whoever, I don’t care!! And neither should you, unless you have a personal vested hatred rooted in something else. God, she’s single – she can do whatever she wants!!!! Lucky girl.

  341. 341
    bet Says:


    Hi my freind. One of the positive people i met in this blog. I love your both postiive energy. good night , may be i will see you tomorow.

  342. 342
    jade Says:

    Hi ellie’ dear

    I’am doing good and hope you are too.I was going to wait around,to
    see if you were going to be online tonight. I left you a comment on Jen’s last thread, last night, page 11 #260.

    Jen did look gorgeous at the Golden Globes, happy and content. I got
    those beautiful pictures in my alerts.

  343. 343
    ellie' Says:

    Hi my friend Bet… I also adore you and your positive energy… your the best…

  344. 344
    bet Says:


    you are rigth even this woman is not allowed to wear cloths with out been accused tring to look like someone else. Can you imagine the amount of stress she has in order to wear cloth she love, May be check every time she go out of her door weather the cloths she wear have some kind of similarity with the other one. She is not even able to breath the air with out been compared and contrasted with the two.

  345. 345
    shortpeopledate Says:

    I love Jenifer and I hope she finds a man!

  346. 346
    ellie' Says:

    Hi sweet jade..
    Good to hear from you.. Jen did look beautiful in her gown..

    How great that everyone can come together and do a world of good for a good cause..So proud so far 60 mil was raised for these families in Haiti.. God Bless..
    Jen also looks so pretty here too… she is a sweet heart…

  347. 347
    ellie' Says:

    Bet so true.. she is blamed for everything… even the air she are so right… I give you so much credit to be able to stay on here and fend for Jen …your a better person then me…

  348. 348
    leslie Says:

    Thank you bet. I truly believe all the negative comments are from people who feel threatened. If you love Bragelina, fine, but you don’t have to trash Jennifer to build the other two up. It just continues the circle of hate. We love Jen and she is a good person, enough said.

  349. 349
    Josephina Says:



    Cannot hold a candle to the Jolie? She is only great in your mind. And I am not sure how much weight that carries. You and her other fans are not loyal enough to fill up the theater seats either.

    Brad left Jen and prefers to raise a family with the Jolie

    The Jolie has ranked number #1 or consistently on top of the Aniston in beauty , power and influence on many lists (Forbes, Guinness, FHM, etc)

    Has received an Oscar for acting in movies. Aniston? No. Hell, she has been nominated as an FILM ACTRESS YET.

    In the last 4-5 years, has been nominated for SAG, CC, Oscars. Aniton? NO

    Creates a frenzy arm and hand on the butt with Pitt hen on the red carpet. Aniston? No. She can’t get another A-list actor to date her. In fact, has she even walked the red carpet in 5 years? NO.

    The Jolie can star in a movie and also get nominated within the last 2 years? Aniston? NO.

    The Jolie has a very large multi-cultural fanbase that is worldwide. Aniston? NO. Too many of her fans are racist and are oppsed to adoption and big families.

    The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award is an award that is based on your peer actors recognizing your work as exemplary. The Jolie has won at least 3 times and has been nominated within the last 2 years. Aniston? NO.

    The Jolie has never had her ex-husbands lynch her in public about how they do not want her anymore. Aniston? Yes. Aniston was practically roasted by Brad, ie “deadend” marriage and not wanting to procreate until he met the Jolie, after she made the unwise and snarky remark that his woman was “uncool.”

    Men find her desperate, pathetic and whiny. It is hard to sell sexy when you choose to link yourself to the man that dumped you 5 years ago, trying to keep up with a big family of eight. “Five Years After Brad…she looks hot!” Indeed! Do something meaningfull with your life Aniston! Lose the shallow, ditzy girlfriends! Lose the fan base that wants you back with Pitt!

    You mean to tell me she cannot get a man stay with her long enough to develop a relationship? Sheesh. She sure has gotten around over the last 5 years. Maybe she should date women a try, she may have better luck.

  350. 350
    Dulce Says:

    I’m proud of Jennifer Aniston, donating 500,000.00 to Doctor’s without borders was a smart move, the money will go directly to the source and provide medical relief per other forms of donations takes a llittle longer to reach it’s goal.

  351. 351
    jade Says:

    ellie’ dear

    Yes, a lot of money was raised for this good cause.The pictures are so sad over there.

    I have been in a lot of earthquakes.The worst one was where the
    Quake did the damage, to the front of my house. It cracked my
    driveway,shattered all my windows and moved my fireplace chimney.It was the scariest Quake I have been through.

  352. 352
    babyjay Says:

    Don’t be a hateful were is your donation?????

  353. 353
    jade Says:

    @ leslie at #352

    I like your comment,especially “you don’t have to trash Jennifer, to build the other two up”

  354. 354
    babyjay Says:

    @SASHA: You know what they say it takes one to know one right????? I feel sorry for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  355. 355
    ruby Says:

    Good girl!! She is amazing. Such a gorgeous person inside and out.

  356. 356
    holliq Says:

    Look at that face! SO BEAUTIFUL. We love u jennifer, may god bless u always.

  357. 357
    ellie' Says:

    I know they are very sad… Did you see the one with the little boy being rescued and came out with help … He had the biggest smile and his arms opened .. I cried so hard..I also pray for the people that went there to help and lost there lives…
    Jade I don’t even or could imagine the earth moving underneath you.. very scary to me..Did you live there most of your life? and you also have those wild fires and severe mud slides…

  358. 358
    Jen is Great Says:

    I love Jennifer Aniston, she is so damn cute. Wish her well, she doesn’t deserve the criticism.

  359. 359
    babyjay Says:

    I feel sorry for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 You must be such an unhappy person. Do all of us a favor SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!

  360. 360
    heidi Says:

    i live out of america and many people over here love jennifer. she has big fans around the world.

  361. 361
    Elliot Says:

    I’m glad Jennifer raises above the negative haters out there. She’s such an extraordinary woman with great friends and a lifestyle I can only dream of. Just keep livin’ girl- as MM would say.

  362. 362
    jade Says:

    Yes, I seen the little boy you are talking about. It was so sad. I don’t
    know how those people,could live under that rubble for a week.

    I have lived here most of my life,but the Quakes are the worst.

  363. 363
    ellie' Says:

    Dear jade… I don’t know how anyone can live there.. look at the destruction it can cause…Tom hasn’t been here at all.. I can get his # but I dare not ask.. Hes such a busy man.. any news going on with yahoo site..?

    I’ll be home for awhile.. I have a bad back.. always hurts ,, I can handle that .. but I fell so hard I’m in such pain… but it should go away in a few weeks…Jess is coming home soon for a visit,,She has to get a reserved place b/c shes getting married next yr..
    I’ll be in Fl. soon b/c shes leaving again to Iraq..I’m real proud of her.. So I’ll get to spend some time with both of my daughters.. She put into to go to Haiti but they won’t allow it b/c shes in training again..

  364. 364
    ellie' Says:

    Dear sweet jade..OT.
    The Christmas party was wonderful… we went to a lot of stores and they donated so much for everyone… even gift certificates,,, a lot of good people out there… But the kids were the best to see having so much fun… No big dinner this time… we made all different kinds of sandwiches and salads….and of cause a lots of chocolate….and Santa Claus..

  365. 365
    ellie' Says:

    Jade is such a nice time right now to speak with each other,,,
    but I’m awfully tired… hope to talk to you tomorrow…and Bet..
    Goodnight Everyone..

  366. 366
    jade Says:


    In my alerts, I got the beautiful pictures of Jen at the Golden Globes.
    Love those pictures. I have read some comments on this website,
    people are happy,Gerard is kissing some girl on the street. They are happy, meaning he’s not with Jen. Well,good for him. Jen and Gerard aren’t an item. They made a movie together and are good friends.

    I couldn’t live any where but here in Ca. ellie’. I have to take the good with the bad. I’am sorry you fell and hope you will be better soon. Am
    happy your daughter is getting married and that you will see both daughters. Bye,dear.

  367. 367
    truth is Says:

    Did Jen really donate? because doctors without borders did not announce it that she did. It could be another Huvane/Jen pr game? Jared should get the facts from that charity if it is true. If it just from “E” then it is possible it’s not true.

  368. 368
    Boring Jane Says:


  369. 369
    Steve Says:

    @truth is, very good point. Jen may not have donated the money. Why is it taking so long to show up on records.

  370. 370
    Julie Says:

    Go Jen! Everyone who has donated is doing so much good for those poor people. Please be positive and appreciate her and everyone else for being so generous. I’m so proud that the telethon raised $58 million. Makes me so proud…

  371. 371
    Julie Says:

    @why now?:

    there are pics of her online answering phones for hope for haiti…stop spreading lies. it’s so pathetic.

  372. 372
    hannah Says:

    Of course the Brangalunatics are bashing Jennifer for caring about Haiti. What a shock!

  373. 373
    Anon Says:

    “(On his former love, Jennifer Aniston) “She likes top-notch hotels and luxury, and I like bed and breakfasts and riding my bike. That`s the most shallow version of it, but it`s indicative of our personalities”. —- Tate Donovan.”

  374. 374
    gem Says:

    @truth is: the association had the autorisation to tell about it only if the celebrity wants they talk about it… If she specifies that she doen’t want they talk about it the can’t do it! and E! precizes that it’s only him who decided to tell it because she want it to keep that for herself so that’s why we didn’t know it before
    Now I answered your question, but I guess you won’t believe it right

  375. 375
    jack Says:

    lovely jen, you help with your heart
    the skelet with her frogmouth and the old looking goat do it only for PR
    when do the skelet buy the next child?

    jen you are the best

  376. 376
    gem Says:

    @jack: why are you so mean towards angelina! I mean I don’t like either but no need to say things like that….

  377. 377
    oh dear.. Says:

    seriously, what ever her reason for doing it, the money is going to the right place

  378. 378
    marynotcontrary Says:

    ohgoody and the rest of you, HOW DARE YOU! Leave Jen out of your rantings. Stupid words if ever we heard them, ‘famewhore and fuggy’. Aren’t you guys intelligent, what grade did you finish? Dispicable, who do you people think you are? Angelina slept with her mother’s boyfriend, wake the hell up!?!? Wakey wakey!! Who the f-ck is the ***** here, just who is the *****? Every damn man she’s sunk her teeth into was already attached to another woman. You guys are blind, deranged, your in denial JUST LIKE ANGELINA, perhaps this is why you’re HER FANS.

  379. 379
    Vera Says:

    totally agree!!!

  380. 380
    Vera Says:

    Oh no!!! I mean i totally agre with oh dear…@marynotcontrary:
    totally agree!!!

  381. 381
    Vera Says:

    @oh dear..:
    totally agree

  382. 382
    ellie' Says:

    Hi sweet jade… of cause you can never leave Ca. thats where your roots are and always was….Wow it was so peaceful to speak last night…

  383. 383
    ellie' Says:

    Hi sweet jade… of cause you can never leave Ca. thats where your roots are and always was….Wow it was so peaceful to speak last night…

  384. 384
    this threads are boring Says:

    This fight between angelina’s fans and jennifer’s fans is absurd, shameful and ridiculous!! You people are nasty!!

  385. 385
    Jen Says:

    Why are you here then?????? @SASHA: @SASHA:

  386. 386
    sue Says:

    The only reason they are out in force crying and cursing Jennifer Aniston is because they know Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are splitting. They do not know where to direct their anger and hurt so naturally Jennifer Aniston is their scapegoat. Don’t you know by know that the All Mighty Huvane and Aniston own hollywood and are the fault of everything bad that happens to Brad Pitt and especially Angleina Jolie? but yet in the next breath they say she is a nobody and doesn’t have any friends! LOL! Go figure

  387. 387
    bet Says:

    here we go again, The news is about rumour of thier split , but again Jennifer is the front and center of the news in every tabloid, When are those guys going to get it togerther.

    the funny part is after insider resourse send many information to people magazine, they just put them on the side with littel picture of them. Poor them.

  388. 388
    bet Says:

    here we go again , this woman even not able to breath the air with out compared and contrast with this two. Now from accusing her of last weak wearing the same cloth to look like the other one, and this week is the week were she going to be accused of spliting them up. when is this thing will stop. is there any way the two can control thier freaking circus life.

  389. 389
    Mels Says:

    Why do people feel the need to be so horrid about Jennifer Aniston even when she has made a generous gesture? Why not stick to comments about the article i.e. her donation to Haiti? The constant rubbishing of her supposed antics, the comparison with Angelina Jolie, the nasty comments about her boyfriends etc are extremely unpleasant . I am not an Angelina Jolie fan but I do not feel the need to make negative comments about her. In the main all we ever really know about celebrities is what the media wants us to believe and we know how they can distort things. As a footnote, I would like to add that for those Angelina fans who think that all Jen fans want her to re-unite with Brad this is not the case, for me anyway. Brad has made his position very clear. Why would anyone want to take back a man who has rejected you so publicly? I wish Jen every success in finding someone who is more appreciative of her and who will be a loyal companion.

  390. 390
    bet Says:

    i just read on Dlisted. By way Dlisted is the perfect Jouranlist of celebirity, he never take side, he always very funny, he does not look like bend for any celebrities. except for Hally Berry, ofcourse she has no fault.

    I love strong women, but for God sake i saw the vidio made by Angelina and her brother, . for God Sake unless you are selfish for what reason make a tribute for your mother in the middel of mess. I can not believe it.

  391. 391
    bet Says:

    the wierdes part is, the vidio suppose to be private moment for themself, and then to make it public on the time is not suppose too. i mean is there any good moment to remeber her memory than dragg a woman who is in grave in this middel of circes time. I can not beleve the motive of the two.

  392. 392
    truth is Says:

    to Jen fans who keep saying AJ slept with her mom’s boyfriend is a liar. the truth is Jen was the one who slept with her mom’s boyfriend that’s why she hates her mom until now because her mom ignored it.

  393. 393
    equestriandatingsite Says:

    I just hope she can find love again

  394. 394
    Aniston is a B-list Says:

    B-List: Celebrities on this list are typically invited to all the “See and Be Seen” events in Hollywood. But the paparazzi cares slightly less about the personal goings on of these people. B-List celebrities do in fact make it to the covers of strong, reputable publications like People or Vanity Fair. But their appearances in these periodicals are quickly forgotten. Additionally, these entertainers are sometimes slightly less prestigious than their A-List counterparts. Even still, B-Listers are known to frequently date, mate with, and marry their A-List cohorts. However, it is sometimes difficult to assess whether their doing so is a direct attempt to remain in the spotlight. And the marriages of A-Listers to B-Listers almost always make it to the front pages of reputable media publications. In general, though these stars are able to command certain salaries for the projects they work on, their integrity in the public eye is sometimes compromised by their personal issues, or lack of star appeal. ****************************************************************** This describes her to a T! her fans claims she is an A-list but she is barely hanging on to the B-list status!

  395. 395
    Marieme Says:

    holliq @ 01/26/2010 at 10:16 pm
    Look at that face! SO BEAUTIFUL.

    Get some glasses quickly! She looks like a potato.

  396. 396
    bet Says:

    I am sure any moive stars who are there in hollywood, want to make what jennifer did for her life in success wise, having the biggest TV show flow by continues moive offer and make from scratch worth of 150 million want mind if you guys call them the Z list. Except any celebrities would’nt wish what circes life she stuck in to due to the person we all know. Even the split news come up she is the the center of the news.

  397. 397
    bet Says:

    Jennifer B list

    the one i post above is for you. I am sure any celebrites would mind making successs for themself like her ,worth 150 million , then they would not mind called Z listed celebriteis, except i am sure no one of them wish to stuck in circes she stuck in to , you know what am talking about.

  398. 398
    bet Says:

    loonies are arguing about E online said that the two planted the story, I was guessing that too, Ether they going to come out after Oscare or around Jen moivie come out or when jen and Gerard picture from W come out, One those day they will appear Until then the loonies are going to loose thier Sh@t. poor them.

  399. 399
    bet Says:

    if one person make 150 million from scratch, with raw talent with no selling Perfum , no Clothing company or reality tV or selling shoes, No body mind called star Z list i am sure.

  400. 400
    bet Says:

    what happen this place become peace , Loonies are busy getting frustrated with this news. Why is the two giving a miseary two thier cult group. Why they did not themself said the news is not true why is freinds, co worker replying to the rumour or why they did not do it like the usuall going out dinner Photo ops gazing at each other, . May be this is thier way of stratgy of make the thier cult group boiling and to take thier frustration on Jennifer then it the way of creating more cult group. and also more time on press.

  401. 401
    100mph Says:

    blab! blab! blab! blab! blab! blab! BLAB!!! BLAB!!!…. blab… blab! blab
    bbbbbblab!! :( blab ..B….L…A…B… blab!!! ((”and on and on”)) blab blab
    BlAb!!! blab! blab! blab!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  402. 402
    bet Says:


    you can talk to me here, i went there i just read you mentioning my name, I you want to talk to me , you can talk to me here, I am sure you are here all the time otherwise why should you know my name?

    Who ever you replying to which i did not even read not me, No i do not believe haveing six kids is not being stuck, I have 4 sister and 3 brother, i am just a fun of Jennifer , i do not care what ever is going on out there honey.

  403. 403
    bet Says:


    I just read the post that you consider as BET. I do not care if the man goat bear reach to his knee or he start looking like elephant or stuck in anything . so that is not me, i do not go there in your clut group discusstion gathering place.

  404. 404
    Nevermind Says:

    Jen is, without a doubt, fabulous.

  405. 405
    Mary Says:

    @Kate Bosselin: yep those people are coupled! Love Jennifer!

  406. 406
    X Blind Item Says:

    From DListed:

    She broke up with this musician a while ago, and pretends that it is friendly. However, our jilted actress is still very hurt over how things turned out. Whenever she hears or reads about the musician in the news and his latest relationship or fling, she is infuriated. She has demanded that her agent start arranging more events where the two will be able to meet up or run into one another. She is said to be slowly developing an obsession with keeping tabs on her ex and wants to sabotage any new love he might have. If she can’t be happy, no one will! Not Cameron Diaz.

    Gee ……………………………. who could THIS be about?

  407. 407
    bet Says:

    everyone is saying poor them leave them alone, they do not have rep blha blha bull. then why do’nt have a rep so that may be you can save this drama and circus life not to be all over the place, unless they want it this way. and aslo they can save other who are dragged in to it too.

  408. 408
    To bet #401 Says:

    You are WRONG betty. THIRTY (30) million people read about the rumored split all over on the internet! And that’s only the internet count. So get your head off your tabloid god.
    Jennifer is always printed on tabloid covers because they know that her fans are the ones that like to buy their lies. The fans of Jolie and Pitt have already stayed away from your tabloid bible.
    Try reading something that’s more reliable or something educational that can improve your English grammar.

  409. 409
    bet Says:

    to bet

    Honey i am just saying that instead of saying poor them they do not have Rep leave them alone bull, then have the Rep they can affored it and stop the freaking nonsense from appearing every freaking week and splashing all over the place. Plane and simple. uless they want it this way.

  410. 410
    bet Says:

    To bet

    and also this is not who is reading the tabloid or who is not reading the taboid, it about them not contoling thier owen rumour. They were in hollywood for long time, they know how to function thier pr better than younger one who just started, why they are not able to do if many other celebrties able to do it?

  411. 411
    bet Says:

    to bet

    the problem with you loonies is becuase 30 million people read it , ok! tis that suppose to be un accompllishemnt , except it show the two live for this.

  412. 412
    bet Says:

    my speculation

    ether it is publicty stunt or they already spilt up. one of the two.

    if it is publicty stunt we will see them like E! news said around Oscar or when jen moive comes out , or some kind jen magazine intereview for her moive. If they split up i am guessing they have some kind of inside war going of between them when one sending i cheat on him with woman and man and the otherone send informatin my X want me back. some kind of who is dumping who war going on. you know who is dumping who is very important to them.

    me thinking it kind publcity stunt.

  413. 413
    Liz Says:

    National Enquirer says Jen asked Gerard to move in with her . congrats Jen Its just a matter of time before we hear wedding bells and then comes the babies

  414. 414
    Twinkle Says:

    @FAKE JEN wants PR:

    You’re so right. What is smiling and laughing at? Everyone around her looks serious. Who is she talking to on the phone? Her BFF making another hair appointment? She’s posing in the pictures along with John Cusak.

  415. 415
    Danny Says:

    The meaning of stupidity= BET

  416. 416

    BEAUTIFUL ZAHARA SMILING…..(ignore racist comments on thread)…

  417. 417
    karyn Says:

    What a beautiful little girl Zaharra is! Such a great smile! She’s going to be a GORGEOUS young woman. (Watch out David Banda—–Madonna’s son…)

  418. 418
    Liza Says:


    Cute kid. But papparrazzi shouldn’t stalk kids on their way home from school.

  419. 419
    Mário sá Says:

    Jennifer aniston, feliz pela sua, bondade, meu idolo de sempre, amo-te, sou humano, e fiel aos meus sentimentos! tenho um desejo, conhecer-te! beijinhos!

  420. 420
    bet Says:

    I just watch Grammy , Beyonce Beyonce, that woman sing . That woman is pure talent. We need more strong talented women like Beyonce, Hally , Jen. many many.

  421. 421
    bet Says:

    Micheal jackson kids send a good message , Yes Micheal Jackson was the true humanitarian. no he never use them.

  422. 422
    Al Says:

    40? ugly, old hag! That chin is horribe – sorry! Angelina’ s alot hotter and more compassionate! When has Maniston gone to Africa/ Never!! It’s no wonder Brad left her!

  423. 423
    damita Says:

    If a celebrity give a dollar then so be it . Stop going into people’s private in determining what they should give and should not give. for all those persons who donated to Haiti. I say thank you and God bless you. Ms. Jennifer Anniston you are truly a wonderful person, even you donated three weeks after, ten months after or a hundred years after. It is all about rebuilding, and making a difference in the lives of people. Kudos to you and all the other donors. God bless

  424. 424
    Correction Says:

    @Al: Jennifer and Brad traveled to Ethiopia in 2004 as part of Bono’s group which studies and works to eradicate HIV Aids related illness and also helps with economic aid. I read about this a long time ago. Google it. There’s an AP Wire story, if you don’t believe me.

  425. 425
    truth is Says:

    to Correction; please correct yourself for saying Jen went to Ethiopia because your wrong. she never did. and i am sure she cannot even point it on the map where is Ethiopia.

  426. 426
    bet Says:

    Queen of zahara Roaks

    she is a beautiful girl. but in all this you are very naive if you think you are not going to find racsit group routing in the interent looking for any nagativty, there are a lot of racist group right here in JP fans, even they think the only black person they saw in the world is just Zahara and the only Asian person they saw is Maddox and Pax. There are JP fans who sit down bash one race group , while protecting Madox and Pax , wierd. It the two kids exculded becuase what, is that becuase they are dragged around all over world by two white people reason for atomaticaly they are excuded.
    but the only person in this world who are responsiblity in protecting Zahara or aother kids privacy is just her parents , this poor girl is infornt of camera since she arrive from airport. I have two child but i never remeber pulling down the back window for what ?, even i am not famous.

  427. 427
    bet Says:

    The truth

    Is that mandatory to go to specifc countries?

  428. 428
    bet Says:

    I just read lainey what she wrote bout the two. she said every thing is not forever, Why? i mean they are a lot of hollywood couple who are there for long term, like Will and Jade, Denzel Whashington and his wife,Johnny depp and his wife and many others . and new comers like Beyonce and Jayz who have passtiont love privatly. You can not conculd the whole industry just becuase we saw a couple of media H llke J.lo and Pitt relatiionship did not last for long in the past. and thier thier relationship exposed too much for pubilc.. Unless she calling the two are shrude who just creat a brand ,who do not know what love means. just only greed.

    Sorry for lainey she is not able to find from last appearnce of the two any porno to satisify herself. i mean she is not even able to touch herself this time while she is writing her artice/ there is alwasy next time. The wierd part is The two dress like they going Oscare nominies and did expect to take one picture of them a littel wierd for me.

    And lainy wrote she said it all about businuss so i have to protect the the two and bash the other. let take out Jennifer Aniston from the equation then the drama is going to blah and empty. and they are not going to be interesting as lainy thinks.

  429. 429
    Correction Says:

    @truth is: I am correct. Jennifer and Brad went to Ethiopia together.

  430. 430
    Wtf Says:

    @Aniston is a B-list: Oh for crying out loud. That is the stupidest post I have ever read. Jeez.

  431. 431
    Tara Says:

    God bless Jen Aniston!!! A good girl, a pretty woman, a talented actress, a cool person!!!

  432. 432
    shoshana Says:

    no offence,that’s pretty generous of all these celebrities donating to haiti and adopting children,but who really cared about all these kids,eldery,men,women spread dead in GAZA and all the other places suffering from invasion,opression and violence…? it’s just sad…

  433. 433
    bet Says:

    lainy gossip said that Gerard and Resee are dating. why is every time one of Actors or muscian just connected to Jennifer Aniston in kind rumor or reality. Most women in hollywood all over the men that is in some way that can relate them to jennifer aniston can end on taboid for comparison reason.. It kind wierd. For some reason many people may disagree with, For some reason Resee just bug me, she kind too goody tushy high society white girl kind. kind Fake to me. Every time you just see her in an out ,in and out , in out , kind of annyoying.

  434. 434
    Famewh@res Says:

    bet my sweetie, if this was angie you would call angie a famewh@re for using haiti. MANiston has a movie out in March so i guess this is a great PR stunt. although, she will be screening The Last Station but she is doing it to promote her up coming movie the booty hunter. i thought MANiston donates & helps charity quietly. well, she is so quiet she’ll be hosting a cocktail reception. have you ever seen MANiston gets her hands dirty for charity? nope, nada, zeor, on oprah it was champagne designer clothes & heels. now, cocktail reception & entertainment. i guess traveling to haiti getting her hands dirty is out of the question.

  435. 435
    zce Says:

    Did George Clooney just host the show that she attended, it is said that she has donated money for years and no one talked about it, PLEASEEEEE, jENNIFER is a media HOG if she did anything for anyone with that type of high profile it would be wildly known just like it is being report now. With the paps everywhere some information would have leaked, no matter how long she has been so charitable. Brad even made a statement he had charity but he was sick of himself not offering himself more. Jennifer wasn’t about to adopt any African child unless they where going to be her maid as best. Jennifer definitely has no originality, she is a bandwagon person.

  436. 436
    Patrick Says:

    Of course it’s her money and she can spend how much or how little on good causes as she likes. But I hope it is actually true and not a lie made up by her publicist, I hope she has finally changed and doing more for charity. When I heard she did the Katrina telethon and had not donated anything herself, I was really disappointed – and offended. Am I the only one who suspects the organisers of the Haiti telethon made it clear they wanted participants to put their money where there mouth is? Or have I bocome to cynical over the years………

  437. 437
    Ken Enlarge Says:

    She’s so kind! It’s a nice gesture!
    Jen looks marvellous in that picture! She’s so pretty!

  438. 438
    tuncay Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is so generous a figure such as 500-thousand dollars without batting an eyelid it is donating all of its beauty, this sexy, good-hearted benevolence nor the fans next to Work

  439. 439
    ffxiv gil Says:

    There is obviously a lot to know about this.

  440. 440
    susan kent Says:

    Cheap ,cheap,cheap.Come on Jen you can afford a lot more than that,when lesser celebrities are donating $1,000,000,000.You ought to be ashamed of yourself.That goes to prove your heart is not in it.You are only doing it for publicity.You got so much and have been blessed with all that money,you should be ashamed of yourself.

  441. 441
    imane assi Says:


    Exactly.Brad gave 500000 and Angelina gave 500000 which makes both a million.

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