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Jennifer Aniston Donates $500,000 to Haiti Relief

Jennifer Aniston Donates $500,000 to Haiti Relief

Jennifer Aniston showed her support for the Haiti relief effort – big time!

The 40-year-old actress has donated $500,000 to Doctors Without Borders, Partners in Health and AmeriCares, E!‘s Marc Malkin reports.

Jen also took part in the Hope For Haiti Now telethon on Friday evening!

The album featuring the evening’s performances has hit #1 on the iTunes charts, and early estimates indicate that the telethon has raised $58 million.

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Photos: Jeff Kravitz/Hope For Haiti Now
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441 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Donates $500,000 to Haiti Relief”

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  1. 426
    bet Says:

    Queen of zahara Roaks

    she is a beautiful girl. but in all this you are very naive if you think you are not going to find racsit group routing in the interent looking for any nagativty, there are a lot of racist group right here in JP fans, even they think the only black person they saw in the world is just Zahara and the only Asian person they saw is Maddox and Pax. There are JP fans who sit down bash one race group , while protecting Madox and Pax , wierd. It the two kids exculded becuase what, is that becuase they are dragged around all over world by two white people reason for atomaticaly they are excuded.
    but the only person in this world who are responsiblity in protecting Zahara or aother kids privacy is just her parents , this poor girl is infornt of camera since she arrive from airport. I have two child but i never remeber pulling down the back window for what ?, even i am not famous.

  2. 427
    bet Says:

    The truth

    Is that mandatory to go to specifc countries?

  3. 428
    bet Says:

    I just read lainey what she wrote bout the two. she said every thing is not forever, Why? i mean they are a lot of hollywood couple who are there for long term, like Will and Jade, Denzel Whashington and his wife,Johnny depp and his wife and many others . and new comers like Beyonce and Jayz who have passtiont love privatly. You can not conculd the whole industry just becuase we saw a couple of media H llke J.lo and Pitt relatiionship did not last for long in the past. and thier thier relationship exposed too much for pubilc.. Unless she calling the two are shrude who just creat a brand ,who do not know what love means. just only greed.

    Sorry for lainey she is not able to find from last appearnce of the two any porno to satisify herself. i mean she is not even able to touch herself this time while she is writing her artice/ there is alwasy next time. The wierd part is The two dress like they going Oscare nominies and did expect to take one picture of them a littel wierd for me.

    And lainy wrote she said it all about businuss so i have to protect the the two and bash the other. let take out Jennifer Aniston from the equation then the drama is going to blah and empty. and they are not going to be interesting as lainy thinks.

  4. 429
    Correction Says:

    @truth is: I am correct. Jennifer and Brad went to Ethiopia together.

  5. 430
    Wtf Says:

    @Aniston is a B-list: Oh for crying out loud. That is the stupidest post I have ever read. Jeez.

  6. 431
    Tara Says:

    God bless Jen Aniston!!! A good girl, a pretty woman, a talented actress, a cool person!!!

  7. 432
    shoshana Says:

    no offence,that’s pretty generous of all these celebrities donating to haiti and adopting children,but who really cared about all these kids,eldery,men,women spread dead in GAZA and all the other places suffering from invasion,opression and violence…? it’s just sad…

  8. 433
    bet Says:

    lainy gossip said that Gerard and Resee are dating. why is every time one of Actors or muscian just connected to Jennifer Aniston in kind rumor or reality. Most women in hollywood all over the men that is in some way that can relate them to jennifer aniston can end on taboid for comparison reason.. It kind wierd. For some reason many people may disagree with, For some reason Resee just bug me, she kind too goody tushy high society white girl kind. kind Fake to me. Every time you just see her in an out ,in and out , in out , kind of annyoying.

  9. 434
    Famewh@res Says:

    bet my sweetie, if this was angie you would call angie a famewh@re for using haiti. MANiston has a movie out in March so i guess this is a great PR stunt. although, she will be screening The Last Station but she is doing it to promote her up coming movie the booty hunter. i thought MANiston donates & helps charity quietly. well, she is so quiet she’ll be hosting a cocktail reception. have you ever seen MANiston gets her hands dirty for charity? nope, nada, zeor, on oprah it was champagne designer clothes & heels. now, cocktail reception & entertainment. i guess traveling to haiti getting her hands dirty is out of the question.

  10. 435
    zce Says:

    Did George Clooney just host the show that she attended, it is said that she has donated money for years and no one talked about it, PLEASEEEEE, jENNIFER is a media HOG if she did anything for anyone with that type of high profile it would be wildly known just like it is being report now. With the paps everywhere some information would have leaked, no matter how long she has been so charitable. Brad even made a statement he had charity but he was sick of himself not offering himself more. Jennifer wasn’t about to adopt any African child unless they where going to be her maid as best. Jennifer definitely has no originality, she is a bandwagon person.

  11. 436
    Patrick Says:

    Of course it’s her money and she can spend how much or how little on good causes as she likes. But I hope it is actually true and not a lie made up by her publicist, I hope she has finally changed and doing more for charity. When I heard she did the Katrina telethon and had not donated anything herself, I was really disappointed – and offended. Am I the only one who suspects the organisers of the Haiti telethon made it clear they wanted participants to put their money where there mouth is? Or have I bocome to cynical over the years………

  12. 437
    Ken Enlarge Says:

    She’s so kind! It’s a nice gesture!
    Jen looks marvellous in that picture! She’s so pretty!

  13. 438
    tuncay Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is so generous a figure such as 500-thousand dollars without batting an eyelid it is donating all of its beauty, this sexy, good-hearted benevolence nor the fans next to Work

  14. 439
    ffxiv gil Says:

    There is obviously a lot to know about this.

  15. 440
    susan kent Says:

    Cheap ,cheap,cheap.Come on Jen you can afford a lot more than that,when lesser celebrities are donating $1,000,000,000.You ought to be ashamed of yourself.That goes to prove your heart is not in it.You are only doing it for publicity.You got so much and have been blessed with all that money,you should be ashamed of yourself.

  16. 441
    imane assi Says:


    Exactly.Brad gave 500000 and Angelina gave 500000 which makes both a million.

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