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Jennifer Aniston Donates $500,000 to Haiti Relief

Jennifer Aniston Donates $500,000 to Haiti Relief

Jennifer Aniston showed her support for the Haiti relief effort – big time!

The 40-year-old actress has donated $500,000 to Doctors Without Borders, Partners in Health and AmeriCares, E!‘s Marc Malkin reports.

Jen also took part in the Hope For Haiti Now telethon on Friday evening!

The album featuring the evening’s performances has hit #1 on the iTunes charts, and early estimates indicate that the telethon has raised $58 million.

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Photos: Jeff Kravitz/Hope For Haiti Now
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  • Marieme

    Josephina @ 01/25/2010 at 11:56 pm #176

  • AutumnM


    Jen is hardly ever seen around people of color. I think she’s uncomfortable around non-white’s for some reason. I think Oprah is the only black or person of color i’ve ever seen her talk to or with at all. All of this is why i’m even more suprised that she donated to the Haiti relief fund. I really know that it’s probably wrong of me to assume all that, she could be a nice person deep deep down inside, but i’ve always suspected that she wasn’t so comfortable around non-white’s, but what do I know. Either way, good for her that she donated. I wont hate on anyone for donating, I think it’s great if anyone helps out, but Jen fans really need to stop hating on the JP’s because they’ve donated and given their time to charity in just a few years than most every do in their entire lives. Lets be fair here.

  • Marieme

    ^Sorry for the blank. I’m having a helluva time commenting. Little, dumb pop-ups asking for my password are interfering WTH!

    Josephina, I had written something like “Brilliant and well said.” Point being I dug what you wrote. :)

  • Marieme

    Btw since I’m here late wondering if people are talking about Butler kissing that street musician in Venice. LMAO! I thought that was hysterical. But clearly the hens are going to find that poor woman and pummel her. I’m concerned.

  • AutumnM

    @Big Bear

    This is true! Jen fans are nasty, racist and hateful. As I said in my previous post, Jennifer herself doesn’t seem to fond of people who aren’t white (even her movies have all white casts for the most part). So it’s no suprise she attracts a fanbase with a similar attitude although I’m sure even Jen is not as hateful as her stupid fans. I’d be embarrassed to have those racist, hateful hens as a fanbase if I were Jen.

  • http://justjared Fake A** Jen

    I think the real reason she donated was because her extravagant birthday was made public. She couldn’t throw a big blowout and not have given to Haiti, especially with a movie coming out soon. She must appear perfect!! BTW, how sad is it that you have to throw your OWN b’day party and pay to fly your “friends” out to attend? How come they never throw her a party? Then again, she just couldn’t stand Brangelina being talked about all weekend.

  • panama

    Jennifer is a real sweetie! wowowo bravooooo

  • michelle

    Very generous of her. People should not talk bad about Jen anymore. She’s sweet and seems like a nice person. I like her.

  • getaclue

    @AutumnM: Oprah fans are so gullible. Oprah lives with a black man. Her best friend is a black woman. When she has big events at her home, her guest list is nearly entirely black. When she gives to charity, it’s charities benefiting black people. If you’re going to point fingers at Jennifer Aniston and mention Oprah, then be balanced. I can’t stomach either of them, but fair is fair.

  • getaclue

    @anon: Are you slow or something? EVERY actor and entertainer is a liar, climber, manipulator, etc. That’s how they got where they are.

  • anon

    getaclue, No…not slow at all….I realized this about Jennifer, how she told her former room mate to make herself more f#ckable like her for interviews, iced her nipples before auditions, the chicken cutlets in the bra, turning her friend away plus getting her fired when she got hired for a part on Friends. Last laugh was on her though. Her friends told a bar full of writers and such about Jen’s lipo on her fat Greek ass.
    And what about the friend that said Jennifer is a cold person, maybe why she cannot keep a man. Frigid..that was it. Poor little Jen.

  • http://guido guido

    anon and Co
    for handling the Oscar goes to brangelina’s, Jen is far behind

  • sshhii_baby

    Better late then never! How is it supposed to look? If, she didnt donate and she was able to throw herself a lavish party. I’m glad the old hag got SHAMED into donating. Of course, her hyprocrite fans aren’t screaming PR!! Well, now you biatches can NEVER say she donates quietly!!! I’m not going to complain about the amount. This is better then her donating used clothes, handbags, and shoes. Damn!
    Why, did it take the media so long to call her out for her childish pr. games? Again, better late then never!

  • michelle

    @Kate Bosselin:


  • villedeville

    Good job and thanks Jennifer!!!!

    We should all be thankful to ALL donations WHOEVER the donor is and whenever the donation is given.

    At the same time, no donation should be denigrated no matter what one’s personal opinion about the donor is. So if other big names will join Brad and Angelina, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Madonna, George Clooney in their generosity they will all be appreciated.

    Let’s publish all these donations not only to give credit to the donors but also to encourage more donations from those who can afford to give more than the ordinary public can. Telethons are good, but better if accompanied by personal donations by those urging the public to donate.

  • villedeville

    I missed mentioning Giselle Bunchen and Leonardo Dicaprio with their generous donations. Sorry Giselle! Sorry Leonardo!

    I’ll try to keep track of others who donated and thank them through any or all of the message boards.

  • Andy


    very well said. but who cares if she does it openly or quietly. Let the needy get the money.


  • Vanessa Lincoln

    Jennifer Boring Aniston made MILLIONS out of her divorce thanks to playing miss pathetic boring, homely kahaha !!!
    She is NON NON talented, boring, no personality , pathetic
    Leave alone Angelina who is COOL

    Hollywood should get rid of her !!!

  • Vanessa Lincoln

    @Ms Anonymous:

    Youre pathetic

  • the observer

    @generous Jen: And which other charities does Aniston donate to? JP give large
    amounts to many, many other charities.

  • Lisa

    She’s so kind! It’s a nice gesture!
    Jen looks marvellous in that picture! She’s so pretty!

  • Tara

    that’s my girl!!! congrats!!!

  • luiza

    oh my god, why do you all spend your time criticizing jen? she donated 500k and brangelina donated 1milion. since they are a couple… it’s the same! and you know, they say that madonna only donated 250k. why isn’t anyone saying bad things about her? oh, please. just let jen live :)

  • Mels

    Jennifer Aniston cannot do anything right according to certain people. It is a classic case of not being able to please everyone. It doesn’t matter what she does, no matter how kind or altruistic she is, some will always say it is not enough, she has done it for an ulterior motive, she is scheming etc. Isn’t it possible to graciously accept that she has given a substantial amount of money to help those affected by this terrible tragedy? No comparison with others and no jibes about the past are needed. Let’s hope the money is put to good use to try and alleviate some of the terrible suffering in Haiti.

  • bet

    good Jen we are proud of you. We know you are doing a lot. I do not believe in annoucing how much you give. but this time may be any one who annouce it think it is necessary. I am sure she involve in sT Johns for many many years, but we never heared what she gave there, i am sure St Johns will not involve in thier organization, someone who is not giving at all. specially which involve kids with who are sick.

    but what ever it is the people who need it get the money, that all it matter, every one has thier way of giving. let just not have a war here. i still do not think annoucing how much you give is not necessary.

    and aslo, do not forget most people give hard earing money from their pocket , not like some cult groups we all see here worshiping.

  • ohpuleaze

    Madonna donated 250K but she has a big project in Malawi like building a school there and I think a clinic for orphans there too. She is “Raising Malawi.” And Madge is a mother of four children (2 biological & 2 adopted), plus she has nannies to pay every month. So comparing Madonna to Jennifer doesn’t make sense. Jennifer has only herself.
    The Brangelina donates all year long to different causes and Brad is building shelters for New Orleans. Plus they are raising 6 children.
    Jennifer only donated now because she was pressured to do it and she has a movie coming out.

  • bet


    she had moives out before

    . Hope full you loonies are not going to say Jen creat the distaster in Hatie so that she can give money becuase her moive is coming up. Can you guys just stop using this poor people dieing with this distaster for couse to bash others. I mean it not enought the two use all year with this poor people for unecessary photop op secesttion.

    everyone who give benifited the people, it does not matter let the celebrities decide how they present themself and function thier life the way they want it. Jennifer Aniston is not the only celebrites out there who probabley do not have the gut to use poor people for her image.

  • bet


    i do not know why you loonies make this giving a competitive thing, of showing how rich and famouse you are. How is your giving bring more cult group due to it. Jen is not Maddona or Branglina. there are people like Jen out there who want to live thier life with out cult group following thier life. there are a lot of celebrities have big pride of not using human with no means of income suffering, for thier personal success.

  • anna

    Hope for Haiti say Thank you
    your lovely

  • bet

    at least jen did not go to photo shoot when a lot of people are gathering for good cause. she take her busy time and open her time for a big event, . I am sure most celebrities in thier have very busy life, but they take thier time for disaster like this. They just do not want to make things allaways about them only.

  • Ha!

    @why now?:

    Genius, the earthquake was exactly two weeks ago. When you’re going to criticize, at least get your facts straight.

  • frank

    She look so beautiful and HOT!!!
    JA donate to legal and authentic charity. for the same amount of Brangelina donate as separate individual..btw..brangelina earns more money from one movie than JA.and Brangelina donate to charity WJ that has a problem which being accused misuse the fund for personal gain.

    So who is better educated? least JA took her time to know choose the right charity….

    But at least people donate…so be it..they all did the best they is not a competition…

  • cougar lover


    Love this HOT LADY!!!.. she is Rich,Generous,SexYyYY and FoxYYY..

  • abc

    llia @ 1/25/2010 at 9:18 pm

    Do the math. Jennifer did not give 5 times the amount that Madonna gave. Madonna gave $250,000 and Jennifer gave $500,000; Jennifer gave twice as much, which is still not that much for her to part with since she has no family to support like Madonna does..

  • siska

    MAdonna earn more than triple of JA income ..It is the same with it is natural they should donate more (if they want to) like it is give because you want to. It Is NOT an olympic compete the most amount.
    At least JA not doing charity mostly just to highlight her profile or changing/deflect her image (she is always doing charity..but not always has to be in front page of magazine)

    but for whatever reason/motive…any donation is better than nothing..

    so let it be!!!
    May God Bless anyone who help othersin need…

  • bethankful!

    I think all this bickering is sooo sad! Jennifer’s donation was made public by Doctors withous Borders… not by her and having been someone who worked closely with St. Jude’s the public is completely unaware of the millions… not hundreds of thousands but millions of dollars she has donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital over the years. Jennifer is a true philanthropist… and just becuase they are just now reporting it doesn’t mean the donation was just made… and how many people truly have millions have dollars just setting around… donations are often made as pledges…not actual dollars given. Be thankful that in this time of need so many people were able to share their wealth!

  • peter

    Jennifer, I like you, wish you all the best
    Thanks for all , God bless you

  • peter

    Jennifer, I like you, wish you all the best
    Thanks for all , God bless you

  • karim

    I adore you and your good heart

  • Oh…how…lovely….

    This is the reason that most celebs or famous people prefer to give to charity under the radar. Because some buffoon wil pipe in saying “you gave how much??????” Whether it’s a very latge amount or a lower amount it will always happen. I doubt that Jennifer is happy that this leaked out anyway, because in the past she has always been very private about it. And if she’s also giving millions to St Judes in addition the who is anyone to judge her amount for Haili. Christ, some of you act like celebs have no business hanging on to their money at all – they should give it all away to the needy. And I doubt very seriously that AJ still gives 1/3 of her income to charities. She hasn’t mentioned that amount in many years, you folks just assume she still sends 1/3. She wouldn’t be able to afford the lifestyle with 6 kids, plus she has to start being more frugal because she’s only gonna have her paychecks to live on soon.

  • Oh…how…lovely….

    And, furthermore, where is it stated the date that she actually gave the donation? How do any of you know when she wrote the check? It will never matter to a loon what good JA does, they will always find a fault. Not that it’s a valid and true fault but it is what they do. She doesn’t owe anyone any excuses.

  • Jen a selfish cow

    The whole world is still freaking out about the Brange. And tomorrow is Tabloid Wednesday. So get ready for the cover to cover assault. If you missed my analysis of the split rumours yesterday, click here. As for press time, nothing has changed. The Brange position is the same, their message is the same. But Jennifer Aniston is enjoying every minute. It’s also juuuust been announced that Jen donated $500K toward earthquake relief in Haiti.

  • Kim

    @guido: Jen is alone right w/ no dependents and worth over $100 million but then again spending $50,000 week on hair can add up

  • Go Ask Alice

    Good for her.

    I am not a fan of hers.
    I am not a fan of the other couple either, just FYI.

    Yeah, it is a tax write off, but it is a tax write off for everybody.
    She could have used a tax write off for college ed for family/friends too.
    There are personal ways to use your money personally for a tax write off.

    Good for Anniston.

    Problem Ihave tisgirl, odd,…why won’t she and her teamSTOP these mags from stories counting the years from Pitt. She needs to stop herself from giving these stupid cover stories.

    This weeks People, it is about her being 5 years away fromBrad.
    I do not know if she in part gavethisone. I read it in line and it seemsPeople Mag just did it on the mags own.

    HOWEVER,Anniston has given these sorts so People felt it was ok.

    Haiti or New Orleans Saints should be a cover story.

  • Skankalina

    You Bragaloonies should be crying in your cheerios this morning, sounds like your perfect couple will soon be splitting. So don’t take your bad moods at on Jen! You b*tch if she doesn’t give then you b*tch because you don’t think she gave enough, if thats the case brangie should have donated 2 million. And you always say ” the PR that that get from being mentioned for giving money is only to get the word out about the needs the country has” why is that any different for Jen??? YEAH THAT”S WHAT I THOUGHT>>>YOU BRANGIE FANS ARE TWO FACED!

  • lisali

    Kudos to Jennifer. Good for her.

  • anonymous

    You have loser written all over your faces

    Grow up and leave her alone

    Nothing is ever good enough when Jen is concerned. Their is always a motive in her case….When your idols do something thier is never a motive its always out of the goodness of their hearts.

    You people can find something bad in everything she does but never find anything wrong with your idols. I’m waiting for a post that complains she has the nerve to breath the air…..Probably already posted……How sick and twisted some of you are

  • http://guido guido

    Kim @ 01/26/2010 at 11:31 am

    you really believed the story of paparazzi? and more per week? wow I do not think you were so stupid

  • Jerry


    Well i guess when you make 10 million each year on selling Smart Water All you can afford is 500,000.00!!

  • Jerry


    Get your facts straight..JOlie does spend a third of her salary donating to may various causes..
    She can cause she was she is a well paid actor.
    She earns her money through Films and promotions.
    Don’t hate cause Jen chooses not to be that generous.
    Jen makes over 10 per year on selling Smart water.She when she visited a school all she gave the students was Smart water..lo
    Not a Scholarship nothing..
    She visited Little children and read them stories.Which is fine.But it would have been nice to at least give the kiddies some free food.. And nice Lunch..she left and didn’t even give them a donation.
    Don’t you worry Daddy Brad got his kids and baby mama