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Jennifer Aniston Donates $500,000 to Haiti Relief

Jennifer Aniston Donates $500,000 to Haiti Relief

Jennifer Aniston showed her support for the Haiti relief effort – big time!

The 40-year-old actress has donated $500,000 to Doctors Without Borders, Partners in Health and AmeriCares, E!‘s Marc Malkin reports.

Jen also took part in the Hope For Haiti Now telethon on Friday evening!

The album featuring the evening’s performances has hit #1 on the iTunes charts, and early estimates indicate that the telethon has raised $58 million.

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Photos: Jeff Kravitz/Hope For Haiti Now
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  • Oh…how…lovely….

    I think it’s hysterical that the loons think that Jen spends 50K/week on her hair. You folks hear through a tabloid that Jen has her hair stylist paid 50K for some event and turn it into fact and insist that she pays him that every week. There is no limit to the hypocrisy of a loon!

  • anonymous

    Lets do the math

    Brad & Angie: Estimated net worh $340m

    Jen: Estimated net worh $135m (to please some posters that said it was between $130 – $140 and not the $110m that has been reported in the past)

    Haiti Donation for BP & AJ……… $1 million /$340m = .294% of Net Worth

    Haiti Donation for Jen…..$500,000 / $135m =.370% of Net Worth

    Jen donated .370% of their Net Worth

    BP & AJ donated .294% of their Net Worth

    Not exact but shows Jen gave as much as anybody else. You can’t call her cheap while calling your idols so generous.

    Also reported that Jen gives her time and money to many other good causes over the years just like your idols do…..Don’t come back and say that BP & AJ give money to other cause because Jen does the same….Just not as public about it.

  • Ms Anonymous

    I wonder how many of the people who critizie Jennifer have made donations to Haiti yet? They’ve no room to judge anybody. They are just angry JP are splitting and need a scapegoat.

  • Oh…how…lovely….

    Jerrry, when was the last time you heard from AJ’s mouth that still gives 1/3 of her income? When? What makes you think that hasn’t changed at all? I mean you loons claim that she has changed so much from when she was sucking Billy Bobs face off, on the red carpet. Maybe she’s changed that little fact as well? And she couldn’t have changed too much from her wacko days, considering she publically stated that she gave her son his very own dagger as a gift. What kind of person, supposedly a private person, tells that to the public unless they thrive on the controversy it brings. Face it, Jolie is a twisted woman who cares more about her outragous public personna than the safety of her son. She is once again promoting that bad girl image. She’s gonna need it soon, just to stay relevent, after she and Brad make the break-up news public!

  • anonymous

    To Clarify #256

    .294% is less that one third of one percent.
    Should read .00294%

    and .370% is a little more than one third of one percent.
    Should read .00370%

    I rounded to make less confusing but I am sure someone will complain anyway

  • bet


    everything she does there is motive on it. look the bragloonies bloggeres like celebrtchy is ganging on her, becuase they get frustrated due to the break up news. Come on break up nothing has to do with jen. You do not have to be gang on her.

    even Celebtichy blogger who admite he/she is bragloonies cult group worte article on Jen, as if jen said before she donate quitely. why blogger like them use the word of comment like us , as if jen said it. and then blogger goees on , kind accuse her perposely she leak the news. ma ma mia. the bragloonies blogger loosing thier sh@t due this break up news, they are taking out their frustaration on jen. Can the two get it together and let this freaks leave jen alone.

  • jen fan


    Yes, you are right Sasha. What a relief to go on to this site to be bombarded by the likes of you. That is right, write what you have to say all in capitals while calling someone a famewhore. How mature and bright of you. And just for the record and if it hasn’t sunk in yet, I’m being SARCASTIC!

  • anonymous

    Donation based on BP & AJ and Jen

    Based on Salary Only : It does not include any assets or any investments

    Haiti donation equilavent to BP-AJ and Jen

    Jen BP-AJ

    250k Salary: Donation $925 to $735 (.0037 vs .00294)

    150k Salary: Donation $555 to $441

    100k Salary: Donation $370 to $294

    50k Salary: Donation $185 to $147

    25k Salary: Donation $93 to $74

    So where do you stand based on what thay gave. I bet most if not all did not come close to giving the same percentage as the above mentioned. I for one did not. So when compalining about what someone else should give look at what you give first before opening your mouth

    Jill you said you gave $100.00 so either you make around 25k or you are real cheap….which is it?

  • thats_right

    AutumnM @ 01/25/2010 at 10:29 pm Angie and Brad have given more of their time and money to charity than many in Hollywood, including Jennifer. What she did was good, but lets not get crazy now. You can’t compare her efforts to Brad and Angelina. Brad and Angelina have been heavily involved in charitable causes for the longest and they’ve been working with Wyclef Jean and others to help Haiti LONG before this earthquake. They don’t just sit there and write a check like most celebrities, they actually go visit these people and give their time, so SHUT IT Jennifer fans. Don’t even compare her efforts to Brangelina because that is A BATTLE YOU ALL WILL WILL LOSE EVERY SINGLE TIME!

    BRAVOOOOOOO AutumnM, well said :)

  • Gina Watson

    always so sweet!!!!!!!

  • bet

    stop you guys jennifer never ask to be compared what she gave, if she want she will do it every time. let stop compareing this nonsense, let the people injoy what they get the money. Jennifer never said she give queitly , she is just like other celebrities out there, i do not know why you guys choose this woman be slap her around.

  • ellie’

    I will love the Oscars this year… Loved the GGA.. The Sag awards… this is so great… to see all the real great actors… I’m loving it…

  • Skankalina

    If you go back years before Jen met Brad, Jen was involved in several charities and She is the one who got him involved in charity work and donations. This was way before ANGIE started giving a sh*t about anything but her .

  • Fan


  • bet

    for a fun, let annayse the picture above. on the top Jen picture she look like she is looking at the of Gerard kissing a woman on the street rundomly and the two. kind thinking look the buntch of egomenic celebrities crowd..

  • belinda

    I enjoy posts about Jennifer Aniston very much. If only those freaks were not always making comparisons between her and that maniac Jolie, who is a liar and completely self-obsessed and only does her charity in order to cover this up. Did she not absolutely deny having an affair with BP?! Saying she would never go with a married man, especially since her own father had done this king of thing to her mother. Ah she is so full of shit, it hurts. And I think that Brad loathes her and looks very unhappy and it is only for the children he is staying. Lets face it, he looks mega down, I bet he kicks himself all the time for having fallen for that slutbag, who will sleep with anything and anybody. She is still best friends with both her ex-husbands while he is apparantly not allowed to see Jennifer. AJ is a bloody lunatic!

  • thats_right

    SkankChinifer Shut the hell up @267, Jen is an arrogant witch. Grown up woman throwing herself a birthday party? is she that lonely? and she has to throw her party to her self? wow it shows how much chinnifer’s friends love her hahahah and she has to play for their expenses otherwise they wont come to her “Birthday Party”

    I dedicate this song to Chinnifier
    Chinifer singing to her friends and to her fans hahahaha

  • Rich

    @why now?: 500K is what Brad and Angie gave each so why not condemn them too you silly person who needs to get back to grade school.

    By the way, how much did you give $5 bucks or probably not even that.

  • belinda

    And don’t always try and make out that Jolie is such a brilliant actress. Mostly she did action movies and her acting was terrible, always the same kind of expression on her face. The very few good ones she made can be counted on one hand. The woman is a joke and that is that. The only reason I am writing this is because some of you idiots always have to bring that lousy maniac up everytime there is a post about JA. Jolie can not and will never be able to hold a candle to Jennifer Aniston.

  • belinda

    Yes, I would love to know how much some of you wasters donated.

  • bet


    you actually compare them, May be few people like you the reason why this cult group do not want to leave the woman alone. I am sure you are another cult group who think pitt is in prison. do’nt think he is the reason for Jen life trumped in this mess.

  • bet


    you did compare them, Few people like you the reason why the this cult group wan’t leave the woman alone. You may be another cult group who think Pitt is in prison. Do’nt think he is the reason why Jen is trumped in this mess?

  • adventure

    People like you who assault an innocent woman in defensive of Jolie are sadly misguided. Jolie would probably just as soon shoot you as look at you. Just jared is a hate monger who loves this kind of stuff. And he still hasn’t told us how much he donated to Haiti.

  • bet


    your group does it more and very aggressive and scary way.

  • bet


    the problem is Jen is trumped in between group like blinda who thinks pitt is in prison and the obvious cult group bragloonies who actually have a lot of blogger cult memebers.

  • bet


    i am sorry i tought you are brangloonies.

  • gem

    To those people calling her racist , did you know, that for years now, she’s fought against women rights in some countries of africa…
    It’s really sad people how hateful you can be… Do you really think that if she was all that you said, brad would tell that “she is a sweatheart,” and “that she had a big place in his life”… Did you think that oprah who is really engaged in black people’s cause will be a close friend of her…. I’m a black woman, even if you don’t want to believe it, and I’m a big fan of jen, just respect that..
    . You called us hypocrites , whereas while angie is fightting for more tolerance in the world, you , her fans just made the complete opposite of what she stands for! Who are the hypocrites now?! It’s easy to be fan, it’s easy to be mean but what’s the point if you don’t even take the time to do what she stands for?
    I know that you won’t read my comment, you’re too obsessed to know which one of you will say the worst thing about her… But it’s sad that when someone donates, instead of being grateful, you found a way in that to say bad things on her… Shame on you guys…. People are diying, people lost their family, their friends, and you , you are there, throwing all your hate instead of helping, or being gratefull… It’s really sad!!!

  • b*ugger off

    Have any of you actualy read the post? I dont know about you lot but there are three seperate charaties there that she donated 500 grand to. 500 grand each maybe? I t doesnt say, and it doesnt say 500g was all she donated either..I dont see anyone here giving 500 grand, I just love how, even when someone is doing something good, they find something to moan about. I mean, come on. shes giving a lot of money to the cause, more than ANY of us would ever be able to give.

  • Adventure

    I’m not in a group. But I can see you are hopelessly stupid.

  • http://guido guido
  • b*ugger off

    @gem: makes you wonder about the world, doesnt it? Why cant people find something to be happy about instead of finding something that should make them feel kind of nice and looking for some little weak point in there something to whinge about. It is really, really, really sad…

  • bet


    i am sorry if i offend you. but this blog do not take it personaly. any ways if you are not cult groups that i mention above , you do not have to worry. Yes may be i hopless who want this nastyness to stop.

  • belinda

    Hey bet, my name is Belinda not Blinda. And this is the first time ever that I have commented on any of these two women but actually I am going to continue to do so as I am really tired of having to read all these hateful posts on Jennifer Aniston. I like the woman, so do many others. And then there are idiots who have to insult her all the time and bring up the other woman in this former famous love-triangle. Leave Jennifer Aniston alone.

  • anonymous

    So when they finally call it quits and breakup, Jen will be blamed for it and she will be called a homewrecker…How ironic is that

    This insanity will never end. The haters won’t let go.

  • bet


    i know you probably frustraed by them, but you will make it worth.

  • nursedatingsite

    I don’t think she can have biological children

  • gem

    @b*ugger off:
    Ya, it’s sad and makes me feel that never in the world, humans being would be a community stand up for a cause despite all their differences! NEVER because we are too mean, too hypocrites, we’re there to hurt people especially when they don’t have the same point of view that us… I’m not a big fan of Angie, but God how happy I was when I heard she gave money for haitians, How proud I am of jen and the others to give money and time for those people… It’s a beautiful act even for the student who gave 5$… It’s really sad and painful… Do they really how those 500 000 $ can be a relief for those people? I don’t think and that is very sad…

  • gem

    Do they realize how those 500 000 $ can be a relief for those people? I don’t think and that is very sad…

  • mattchew

    500K is about what she makes in a month from “Friends” residuals alone. Kinda cheap if you ask me. You did ask, didnt you?

  • belinda

    Hey bet, you are not the brightest, are you? I mean no offense but your sentences make no sense at all. I wonder if the rubbish you come out with makes sense to your own little brain?
    A donation is a donation. Every cent counts and will help and half a million Dollars is a lot.

  • gem

    @mattchew: and brad, a few days ago, has bough a house, : 11.3 MILLIONS $….
    Don’t you think it could save this money for haiti? So come on, they gave money , it will help and that is the point!!!!

  • Skankalina

    @ thats_right
    Get a life and don’t be so jealous of some one who has many friends and likes to have parties to get everyone together! I would do the same. And hey at least she HAS FRIENDS. I would like to dedicate the song ” LONESOME LOSER” for you! Have a good day :)

  • Maria from Texas


  • Looks good to me

    Jen’s the best!

  • Just a note

    @belinda: Belinda … Bet is a fan of Jennifer and very supportive of her … I’m not sure why Bet’s spelling and sentence structure is not always A+ … perhaps English is her second language? … I only know that she is very much a defender of JA against so many who come here only to tear her down.

    Just wanted you to know.

  • Sarah Bellum

    I just wish they’d all do this without a Press Release. Let’s have Sandra Bullock be the example. She just donated (two weeks ago, btw) and it was the press the heard about it and broadcasted it. She didn’t issue a statement or anything. Meanwhile, Diddy is buying his 16 year old kid a $350K car. Do you not get the kind of money these people have? A $500K donation by Jen is a joke.

  • thats_right

    SkankChinifer, she has friends? hahahah their friends basically run away from her she has to pay them in order for them to show up, she pays all the expenses for her friends so they can come to her “Lonely Birthday Party ” loooool

  • firemandatingsite

    Sandy is a better actress than jen

  • thats_right

    I dedicate this song to Chinifer and to her fans
    Lonely So Lonely poor Maniston loool Lonely on her birthday she has to buy her friends with money hahaha so they can come hahah to her birthday( She is thinking of Brad who dumped her for a gorgeous smart lady Angelina :) )

    Money can’t buy love Chinifer just know that, that is my advise brithday gift for your brithday :)