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Jennifer Aniston Donates $500,000 to Haiti Relief

Jennifer Aniston Donates $500,000 to Haiti Relief

Jennifer Aniston showed her support for the Haiti relief effort – big time!

The 40-year-old actress has donated $500,000 to Doctors Without Borders, Partners in Health and AmeriCares, E!‘s Marc Malkin reports.

Jen also took part in the Hope For Haiti Now telethon on Friday evening!

The album featuring the evening’s performances has hit #1 on the iTunes charts, and early estimates indicate that the telethon has raised $58 million.

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441 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Donates $500,000 to Haiti Relief”

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  1. 151
    shr Says:

    Now she donated and still the brangelina fans bat mouted her?? saying shes jzt doing it so she can get attention? PR? well shes not kissing her brother passionately, adopting kids, stealing husband n drinking her ex bfs blood jzt to get attention? if shes doing al that then she is jzt doing it for attention.. your idol isnt that clean people maybe the break up news is jzt her way of people talking about them again..

  2. 152
    LuckyL Says:

    Lol, but she’s worth so much according the fans. So she just donated 10 hair appointments?

  3. 153
    Jane Says:

    I can’t believe people criticize like if $500,000 was pocket change.
    She waited for the right charity. Good for her. Stop comparing her to Brangelina, besides they both make a good income. Madonna gave $250,000 and she has more money than alot of these people.

  4. 154
    haha Says:

    let’s face it. there are plenty of celebrities who make as much as or even more than Aniston, and still haven’t donated anything. Sure, some celebrities donated more than she did, but $500K are still A LOT of money. Good for her.

  5. 155
    LuckyL Says:

    And this chick doesn’t have one mouth to feed lolololol–not her mother’s and most certainly not any kiddies.

  6. 156
    LuckyL Says:

    Um you all are comparing, or whoever else on this thread, I’m making a few stand-alone statements.

  7. 157
    Pablo Says:

    How much did you losers donate?
    $0, $10, $20 or a pack of bandaids.
    Your forgetting what this was for in the first place and making it your own personal issues. You have no clue what the people in Haiti have gone through and go through everyday. Your just to spoiled to understand what a country without safety, order and stability feels like.

    Good for Jen, Brangie and everybody who has put their time, effort and money for this.

  8. 158
    ellie' Says:

    Jen real proud of you.. this is about helping people in Haiti.. 500 thou is alot of money and will help alot of people… Good for you Jen…and to every one that gave to help these horrible devastation that has happened. in Haiti..That’s what this about…

  9. 159
    Anonymous Says:

    Jen donates money that is super good. What I found ridiculous here is the fact that Jen hens trashed Jolie-Pitt that they call the press conference everytime they donate (which is not true by the way) and these hens claimed that Jen “donates quietly”. When Jen actually made a real donation, none of hens admitted that they were wrong in the past: she didn’t donate. A few times that she donates, the whole world knows about it: donate on Oprah, donate few hand bags, now donate 1/2 million dollars. For St. Jude, she went on TV, in front of the camera, so it’s not “quiet”. She doesn’t donate millions and millions of dollars “quietly” every year like these hens fictionalized. Glad that she finally made a donation which made news around the world, so in the future these hens cannot claim that she “donates quietly” anymore. But who am I kidding, these people have no logic, no integrity, they would say anything to worship Jen and trash the Jolie-Pitt.

  10. 160
    hotmuffin Says:

    Angelina and Brad have given before the earthquake to the Wycliff charity and many others, they have given more than any for years, this is just another stunt to make herself look good. Have you ever seen Jennifer with anyone of color, it is what it is.

  11. 161
    Sabreen Says:

    Interestingly though, all I see here are a bunch of pathetic animals arguing over how much a women donated. Have any of you donated? I dont give a rats a** if shes the richest women on the face of the earth…she can give as much as she wants. And the fact that you weasels sit here and judge her is pathetic…because she is involved in other charities…..she doesnt sit around and wait to throw her millions when disaster strikes. So a**holes go somewhere else and grieve over your stupidity.

  12. 162
    joy Says:

    take your pathetic shots at a donation while the BrAnge family falls completely apart…heee

  13. 163
    ellie' Says:

    I personally still believe donations should be done privately….But it really doesn’t matter at this point & time to be arguing over anyone with these poor people in Haiti.. So lets move on and be happy for all the money everyone gave,,, 58 mil.dollars will do alot of good for these precious people…God Bless…

  14. 164
    Twinkle Says:

    Now, now everyone. She’s got a lot of folks that depend on her too: Her hair stylist and colorist. It’s harder than it looks to maintain that easy, California blond look. Anyone that colors their hair knows that the color washes and fades away like that *snap of finger*. Plus, she has wavy hair so straightening it everyday, the poor stylist probably has to make housecalls every morning. Don’t forget the dermatologist and plastic surgeon that she probably has on retainer. After all, how else does an over 40, sun worshipping, smoker and drinker still look flawless. Let’s now forget her personal chef that cooks low fat, low carb, low cal so that she can keep wearing the slit-up-to-there dresses. Oh, I almost forgot about the frequent holidays to Cabo to lounge on the beach. I’m sure the working class Mexicans appreciate her tips, and the flight crew of the private plane she uses. So, you see folks it’s all proportionate–she’s got a lot of folks depending her too. So, she gave what she could. Just like the rest of us.

  15. 165
    To Lurker Says:

    THANK YOU…finally a sane voice. Jill seems to be one of the ring leader for he loons, as well as, passing through. They want to criticize her for donating $500,000, but they haven’t even donated themselves. They are nuts. Just ignore them. Jared posts this sh!t just to keep his website running. It is actually getting really boring.

  16. 166
    Twinkle Says:

    Canadagirl: I’m unemployed. Lost my job over a year ago. I gave $10. This is not to toot my own horn. Trust me. Great that she gave but read my previous post….

  17. 167
    gracie Says:

    I thought she donates quietly— another copycat of B&A. She is pathetic. What took her so long? She was probably forced to donate.

  18. 168
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    @FamouslyCool: ..ahahahahahahaha.. you newbies kill me. just because i think the justjared’s jolie fans are nuts doesn’t mean i like [x], dumbfcuk. i’m one of the ‘maniston’ bashing four fathers. i was bashing maniston on this site years before you even knew about this ish. i was here yearssss before the losers you look up to were here. you better google the name [FUG FACE MANISTON], bish. now eat a dcik and choke on the baby-batter. ahahahahahahahahahahaha..

  19. 169
    gracie Says:



  20. 170
    gracie Says:

    I’m glad though, she has finally come to her senses, shamed into donating some real money this time and not some used old shoes/bags or smart water crap, at least we, Brangelina fans are honest, we are not hypocrites like her fans who criticise everything nice Brangelina does, and never give them credit for all their good work. The money will help Haiti victims.

  21. 171

    this is why I have lost most of my faith in humanity while everyone here is fighting about brad and angelina and jenn and all this other b.s. The people of Haiti are dealing with real problems. I don’t know why jenn donated and I don’t really care that money is going to do a lot of good. If people donated to this cause they should be given a pat on the back not critizied it shouldn’t matter if your a celebrity or not, or if u donated $5 or $500,000. If you donated any money to haiti then u did the right thing and that’s all that should matter. But I guess no good deed goes unpunished. To all the people here that did donate no matter how much I’ll give you your pat on the back and I’ll think a good thought for u.

  22. 172
    Josephina Says:

    I am glad she gave. Thank you, Jen.

    She gave because she was outed for revealing how narcisisistic she really is…People dying senseless deaths in Haiti and so, she comes up with three great ideas-

    1. Upstage the horrific Haiti tragedy by being on the cover of People magazine to divert attention to her great looks and her great body. After all, she kept up her looks and body after the divorce of the millenium and that is a HUGE accomplishment in Hollywood, right? Funny, i thought it was supposed to be about the craft of acting.

    2. Participate in the widely-televised Haiti telethon and ask broke Americans to look into their hearts and donate what they have while she keeps her 110 millioin in the bank. Yep, that’s real classy right there. She would have won a beauty pageant with that unusal load of eloquence.

    3. And this is the BEST idea ever — Throw a party for herself to celebrate herself. Where? At a neighboring impoverished tropical island , of course! After all, the native people won’t mind! They are too dumb to read the news or grieve about relatives in Haiti. How thoughtful. Why, she is just the right kind of gal you take home to Momma. Oh wait, it gets better. Pay for your guests to arrive by plane and then ASK them to donate their money to Haiti. After all, she won’t have that much money left over after she has spent all of that money on one day. But if they donate, then it is just like she did it, right?

    This is Jennifer Aniston, circa 2010, in all her glory. We do not have to go into her past to see her character flaws. She readily displays them on a daily basis. What is sad is that she has no real frends in her camp that care enough about her to say:

    “Honey, stop working on your body and hair so much. What have you gained from it? All it will attract are immature men who just want some. (See Vince Vaughn, John Mayer, and even Brad Pitt- back then.) If you want a man of substance, you are going to have to understand that sex alone will not keep him interested, unless you are interested in being a side chick or the one they practice with until the one they want becomes available.”

    Jennifer explained back in 2005 that her marriage did not work out and that both of them tried. Brad characterized his marriage as a dead end. You cannot keep a man that does not want to stay. If Jen had felt that her marriage was a deadend and moved on quickly because of that fact, then this blog would not exist today.

    How you nuts have conveniently dismissed their words and have taken on a more salacious, dramatic version– that Angie “stole” Brad from Jen, is driven by something other than the truth. Jen was upset and still is upset that Brad moved on so quickly with his life before she was ready and got involved in a very serious relationship. Obviously, Jen , and apparently many here who are posting, had delusional thoughts of Brad missing her enough to want to change his mind and come back.

    Brad is now a changed a man with lots of responsibilities and children. Brad and his loving partner, Angie, had a mutual appetite for a large family and then set out to create one. No one has 6 children by mistake in 5 years.

    “Now, Jen, if you have no interest in marrying or having children, that’s cool. Then learn how to play the game and play it well. But please, make up your mind and let Brad go. Baby, … he’s gone, he’s gone… and he ain’t coming back to or for you.”

  23. 173
    Jill Says:

    Josephina @ 01/25/2010 at 11:56 pm

    Excellent post; which is, unfortunately, falling on deaf ears because her deluded fans don’t want to hear it.

  24. 174
    Jill Says:

    To Lurker @ 01/25/2010 at 11:22 pm
    Jill seems to be one of the ring leader for he loons, as well as, passing through. They want to criticize her for donating $500,000, but they haven’t even donated themselves

    I can’t speak for PT, but I sent $100 to Doctors Without Borders the day after the earthquake hit. How about you, honey? Did you text in your $5.00 yet?

  25. 175
    Dav Says:

    It’s about time she gave something with that movie opening and all.
    Then any one see the pictures of Gerard Butler tonguing a random women on the streets. TMZ filmed it. Man Gerard was all over that women. He got a little grind in.

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