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Jennifer Aniston Donates $500,000 to Haiti Relief

Jennifer Aniston Donates $500,000 to Haiti Relief

Jennifer Aniston showed her support for the Haiti relief effort – big time!

The 40-year-old actress has donated $500,000 to Doctors Without Borders, Partners in Health and AmeriCares, E!‘s Marc Malkin reports.

Jen also took part in the Hope For Haiti Now telethon on Friday evening!

The album featuring the evening’s performances has hit #1 on the iTunes charts, and early estimates indicate that the telethon has raised $58 million.

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Photos: Jeff Kravitz/Hope For Haiti Now
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  • thats_right

    I dedicate this song to Chinifer and to her fans
    Lonely So Lonely poor Maniston loool Lonely on her birthday she has to buy her friends with money hahaha so they can come hahah to her birthday( She is thinking of Brad who dumped her for a gorgeous smart lady Angelina :) )

    Money can’t buy love Chinifer just know that, that is my advise brithday gift for your brithday :)

  • Mariana

    To Office Fan #20:

    I agree with you completely.

  • amle

    Wish I had $500,000 to give. I could only do $250. I hope it helps someone in need. :)

  • amle

    and your just a jealous whore.

  • Ronda

    Thank you to Jen and may God bless her.

  • sick of jen

    Dumb publicity stunt to try and upstage Brangelina if u ask me. Jen is so sad & reaching at every last straw for attention; even if that means turning a human disaster into a narcisstic ego-trip.

  • Jo Lee

    @SASHA: Yo You forgot your CAPSLOCK nerdo cumshot

  • celia

    definitely jennifer is a good person

  • FAKE JEN wants PR

    I found this at Celebitchy:

    DO YOU GUYS SEE HER AT THE TELETHON? SHE WAS posing and laughing for a charity telethon while talking on the phone. Sacha Baron Cohen seems really annoyed with her antics. WAY to show appropriate emotion for a tragedy, Jen! I really don’t buy her. To me, these pics say EVERYTHING about her. She’s just jumping on the latest trend to look good.
    AND, that’s the TRUTH folks. The pics speak for themselves. She has and always will be a FRAUD.

  • jaliah

    etsingledoctors @ 01/25/2010 at 9:40 pm She is going to get back with Brad!


    “Brad’s friends, Brad’s associates, Brad’s relatives, all feel that Angelina is the perfect match for him and that Jen was nothing but a whiny nuisance.”–Ian Drew, Senior Editor, US Weekly

  • Maximisses

    Congrats to Jen. Makes Madonna look cheap with her piddly $250K. I bet Madonna has more money than Jennifer.

  • Honestly

    A handful of people, using a hundred different names, abuse one woman in order to defend Angelina Jolie who doesn’t care if they live or die. Really crazy people!

  • http://guido guido

    brangelina fans you really fear for your fan and you’re right because brad is driven to crawl at the foot of jen’s why you just spit your hate on jen, brad became a larva with 6 kids, you honestly believe she is still crying, you make me laugh, you must wake 5 years have passed since then!, Jen is more beautiful with age and happy, and it is increasingly ugly old and dirty and more tattooed

  • gem

    @FAKE JEN wants PR:
    That’s it you see 3 photo of her during a all night and you jump to conclusion!! Did you know what the person on the phone was saying to her? Especially that we can see the one where she’s laughing it wasn’t her phone but sasha’s one! Maybe sasha had someone who’s really fan of jen and decided to give her the phone! And I don’t see where you see he’s annoying because I see him as the other guy smiling about that! Did you just take time to read what they were saying about her? Really I don’t get why you’re just trying so hard to make of her a bad person whereas her entourage, as brad too told that she is a good one!
    besides I saw others one where she had a discret smile like the others had so before accusing people like that, make correctly you research, and read the article to open your mind on what people think of her! God is that possible in those hard times we can just rather together and stop trying a moment to be so hateful! is that possible people?


    After one of the biggest public scandals to hit Hollyweird, Aniston is the only one who still seems like a good person to me. When Angelina went after her husband, she could have turned up pregnant at the last minute to keep Brad from going

    Bad Bad Jolie and Pitt for being selfish about their wants and bringing six children into a nasty, ugly situation. If Jolie was going to conduct her life like this, she should have remained CHILDLESS!

  • jade

    I don’t understand some of you always finding fault with Jen. Sacha
    Baron Cohen doesn’t looked annoyed to me. Sacha and his lovely lady
    Isla are very good friends of Jen’s.

    The phone was passed over to Jen,because someone calling in, on
    the other phone wanted to talk to Jen.

    As far as saying Jen was smiling or laughing,click on the first small
    picture on the Telethon.Jared didn’t show that whole picture.Cindy Crawford,Reese,Drew,Julia are all smiling,even Colin.

    Jen gave to a wonderful cause and should not be bashed at all.

  • bet

    just a note

    thank you for defending me. You are right english is not my first language. actually i am terrible in writing. Some times i compeletly do not know how even to write my sentence.

  • bet


    hi good freind , How you are doing? You have been away for long.

  • b*ugger off

    @FAKE JEN wants PR: There is really no telling what is going on in these pictures. Seems to me that someone on someone else’s phone wanted to talk to her so that other celebrity gave her the phone.

    Also,Brange released a press statement. Jennifer did not. That is the point.Brangelina announced how much and hers apparently got leaked by some Eonline guy. I’m not getting where the confusion is there.

    Lastly, there is no reason to sit around sullen and depressed looking when you aren’t sullen or depressed. It’s a serious event, yes. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t allowed to laugh or smile. Jeez. Some of you must be the most boring people in the world.

    I’ve been to one funeral and wake in my life and the funeral was pure misery-everyone was crying and sad and no one really said much. At the wake, on the other hand, people were trading stories about the deceased, laughing and joking about experiences they had had with her.

    I don’t understand why it’s inappropriate for her to talk to someone else in the room or to smile.

    I found that on the same link. Far more senile than claiming something about someone when they wouldnt have the facts to wipe their butt with. Why does everyone need to speculate? Like I said before, I dont see anyone here giving that kind of money. Why are you all whinging and claiming its a PR stunt or whatever? Why cant you focus on whats good and important like five hundred thousand more dollars going to the relief effort in Haiti? Anyone with the higher than average profile who donates or gets involved in this will end up with publicity as a by product…

    Maybe they should teach in school how to focus on the good and how to find a positive thing in something awful, how not to rip people to shreds, claiming bollocks when you dont know them from a bar of soap, judging them, how not to be ?uch b.i.t.c.h.s..just teach you all how to live your own lives, not be so god damned nosey and just how to be NICE PEOPLE. Its so much easier on the internet to be a w.a.n.k.e.r to/about someone because they havent the slighest who you are. Its so much easier to judge because no one needs to know who you are. Can not a one of you refrain from being such a.r.s.e.h.o.l.e.s?

    For the record, I am not a fan of her, she doesnt register on my Radar Of Life, I just think its horrible, sad and pathetic the amount of crap posted on here by people who havent a clue what theyre commenting on. I dont care what any of you dress it up as, it is hatred. I dont care how many hours you spend trawling the internet looking up JA and how well you think you know her and how much you know about her personal life from reading all of those well informed articles YOU DONT KNOW HER. How on earth can you claim to know personal s.h.i.t about her that would prove your theory shes a horrible , nasty person when you dont even know her as a person?

    Apologies for the rant, but someone had to say something. some of the stuff said on here is truely disgusting and awful…

    A lot of people here need to get a life.

  • bet

    Fake Jen Pr

    You are bringing information from one of the cult member blogger , who actuall said” i am accused of being bragnloonies”. of course what do you expect of a blogger use comment from like us, to write article about Jen . Like as if she said before that she give charity queitly and then lead people to believe that she leak the story. OK loving bragnlina is one thing accuse Jen as person who live her life calculating every thing she does according to other people life and as fraud person is another thing. any one will count you as cult members.

  • Maria from Texas


  • bet

    for a fun let analyse Jen picture on the top. It looks like she is looking at the two and thinking please guys when are going get it together of your circus life and able to contorl your owen rumour and i am able to live with peace with out been stuck in the middel your circus.

  • jade

    Hi bet dear,

    I’am doing good and hope you are too.You know why I have been gone, you and I have talked about it before.But I always miss you and
    ellie’ and come back.

    Jen gave to a good cause and it is appreciated. It will help so many people.

  • bet


    good to hear from you. No matter who gave or the amount ,it a lot for the people who need it . every one is appriciated who gave, the one who we did not even know about.

  • bet


    and also, we miss you too.

  • jade


    Your comment #328 was so good and true. You said it best, friend.

  • bet


    thank you. the best thing i like about you is that; you do not engage in any kind of nagativity. We need people like you more.

  • Honesty

    @b*ugger off:
    You’ve made good points. But you can’t reason with insanity. The good thing is that there are very few people bad-mouthing Jen, even though they keep on blogging and pretending to be lots of different people … they are fakes.

    These few people think poor Angelina needs this kind of evil support even though she doesn’t care whether they live or die.

  • jade


    Thank you.I would rather say something nice. I don’t understand hateful comments against Jen. But Jen looks better than ever,very
    content and happy. So all that is good,because something good is
    going on with her.I don’t know yet,what it is.

  • Molly

    But, but….I thought Jen gives quietly and never announces it, becasue that is crass and all done for PR, right?
    Oh, what’s that you say little loonifers? Oh, I see, it only means that when Brad and Angie’s donations are announced…..riiiight.


  • bet


    that is the way you should lead your life. Love your attitued. Jen is always lovely.

  • Dana

    I wish Jen would get a gigantic case of jungle fever and fall for a big muscular black rapper with gold teeth and sagging pants just to piss off her racist lily-white fans.

  • classy

    Good job Jen! We love you and admire your generosity. She is such a beautiful person,

  • why?

    Why do people have to attack Jennifer Aniston? She isn’t doing anything to you. So what if Brangelina is in the news???? Stop blaming Jennifer – she never did anything wrong except for marrying Brad Pitt. Is that the only reason she suffers such harsh criticism from Angelina fans?? It’s so insane, I feel bad for her.

  • bet


    i can undestand for you to ask question. Jen never said she give quitely for charity or she does not give. just like math Damon, Ben Affeleck, Jennifer Gareden, Nichole Kithman, Tom Cruies, many many, .other. We her fans who are the one who suggest ,with many other celebrities do it with out press realis most of the time. For some reason you guys and some bloggers choose from rack celebrities , her to attack. I can understand your question, but the one i do not understand is the bloggers like Clelebitchy using word from us to write article about Jen. exculding others,

  • Josephina



    The reason there IS a trinagle is because of Aniston. Name another Hollywood ex-wife actress that has a fan base that cannot support her at the Box office but would rather support her more on blogs because her then husband tired of her and moved to the next chapter of his life– without her.

    Please understand that the more anyone bashes Brad’s new love life and his lifestyle with his children, the more this will backfire in Aniston’s career because ALL of this craze started because of Aniston NOT LETTING GO and BEING EMBARASSED THAT BRAD MOVED ON AND NEVER RECONSIDERED COMING BACK TO ANISTON. Almost every comment about Jen on her threads is a comparison to Angie in some way and that’s because SHE is not over Brad. If she was there would be no mention of Angie or Brad. Byt hey, take a look at the comments on this blog and others. It is what it is. Aniston still has not created an identity outside of a connection to Brad and Angie.

    Furthermore, the romance with Gerard? Bullsh***. There are pictures of im sucking face with some radom young girl. Aniston has a knack for making poor choices in men. And at age 40, this is pretty pathetic. happy being single and playing the field? If you are going to play the field, then play it well or get off of the field and stay on the sidelines. Take some helpful hints from Cameron Diaz or Kate Hudson. Thery are in control.

  • Divine Goddess

    Technically didn’t she donate 1.5 million dollars? She donated $500,000 each to 3 charities. $1.5 million is alot so I don’t know what you people are going on about.

  • ellie’

    Hi dear sweet jade…
    How are you.? I have missed you… Jen and everyone did something so special to help these devastated people in Haiti… I’m proud of everyone.that was there for this special cause..
    Jen looked gorgeous at the Golden Globes award…and so very pretty here also..
    Jade there so much hatred for Jen it doesnt even matter when someone who really cares does something good,,, This will never end… this kind of hatred.. Jen doesn’t deserve any of this filthy talk about her.. What a sad group of people…

    I was writing to you on the GGA,, I thought you would be back… its been along time … How are feeling.. and the family.. Hope everyone is well,,, You had a lot of rain.. in Cali..

  • Wow

    She is so gorgeous and such a lovely woman. Her donation will be much appreciated. Jennifer’s heart is in the right place. Good for her.

  • leslie

    Leave the woman alone. She donated A LOT of money to a good and she’s a fun-loving and happy person. She doesn’t perpetuate the “triangle” – we do (the media/bloggers/commenters). If she want’s to make out with Butler or whoever, I don’t care!! And neither should you, unless you have a personal vested hatred rooted in something else. God, she’s single – she can do whatever she wants!!!! Lucky girl.

  • bet


    Hi my freind. One of the positive people i met in this blog. I love your both postiive energy. good night , may be i will see you tomorow.

  • jade

    Hi ellie’ dear

    I’am doing good and hope you are too.I was going to wait around,to
    see if you were going to be online tonight. I left you a comment on Jen’s last thread, last night, page 11 #260.

    Jen did look gorgeous at the Golden Globes, happy and content. I got
    those beautiful pictures in my alerts.

  • ellie’

    Hi my friend Bet… I also adore you and your positive energy… your the best…

  • bet


    you are rigth even this woman is not allowed to wear cloths with out been accused tring to look like someone else. Can you imagine the amount of stress she has in order to wear cloth she love, May be check every time she go out of her door weather the cloths she wear have some kind of similarity with the other one. She is not even able to breath the air with out been compared and contrasted with the two.

  • shortpeopledate

    I love Jenifer and I hope she finds a man!

  • ellie’

    Hi sweet jade..
    Good to hear from you.. Jen did look beautiful in her gown..

    How great that everyone can come together and do a world of good for a good cause..So proud so far 60 mil was raised for these families in Haiti.. God Bless..
    Jen also looks so pretty here too… she is a sweet heart…

  • ellie’

    Bet so true.. she is blamed for everything… even the air she are so right… I give you so much credit to be able to stay on here and fend for Jen …your a better person then me…

  • leslie

    Thank you bet. I truly believe all the negative comments are from people who feel threatened. If you love Bragelina, fine, but you don’t have to trash Jennifer to build the other two up. It just continues the circle of hate. We love Jen and she is a good person, enough said.

  • Josephina



    Cannot hold a candle to the Jolie? She is only great in your mind. And I am not sure how much weight that carries. You and her other fans are not loyal enough to fill up the theater seats either.

    Brad left Jen and prefers to raise a family with the Jolie

    The Jolie has ranked number #1 or consistently on top of the Aniston in beauty , power and influence on many lists (Forbes, Guinness, FHM, etc)

    Has received an Oscar for acting in movies. Aniston? No. Hell, she has been nominated as an FILM ACTRESS YET.

    In the last 4-5 years, has been nominated for SAG, CC, Oscars. Aniton? NO

    Creates a frenzy arm and hand on the butt with Pitt hen on the red carpet. Aniston? No. She can’t get another A-list actor to date her. In fact, has she even walked the red carpet in 5 years? NO.

    The Jolie can star in a movie and also get nominated within the last 2 years? Aniston? NO.

    The Jolie has a very large multi-cultural fanbase that is worldwide. Aniston? NO. Too many of her fans are racist and are oppsed to adoption and big families.

    The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award is an award that is based on your peer actors recognizing your work as exemplary. The Jolie has won at least 3 times and has been nominated within the last 2 years. Aniston? NO.

    The Jolie has never had her ex-husbands lynch her in public about how they do not want her anymore. Aniston? Yes. Aniston was practically roasted by Brad, ie “deadend” marriage and not wanting to procreate until he met the Jolie, after she made the unwise and snarky remark that his woman was “uncool.”

    Men find her desperate, pathetic and whiny. It is hard to sell sexy when you choose to link yourself to the man that dumped you 5 years ago, trying to keep up with a big family of eight. “Five Years After Brad…she looks hot!” Indeed! Do something meaningfull with your life Aniston! Lose the shallow, ditzy girlfriends! Lose the fan base that wants you back with Pitt!

    You mean to tell me she cannot get a man stay with her long enough to develop a relationship? Sheesh. She sure has gotten around over the last 5 years. Maybe she should date women a try, she may have better luck.

  • Dulce

    I’m proud of Jennifer Aniston, donating 500,000.00 to Doctor’s without borders was a smart move, the money will go directly to the source and provide medical relief per other forms of donations takes a llittle longer to reach it’s goal.