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Miranda Kerr is Pretty in a Pink Bikini

Miranda Kerr is Pretty in a Pink Bikini

Miranda Kerr soaks up the sun as she poses on the beach for a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot in St. Bart’s in the French West Indies on Monday (January 25).

The 26-year-old Australian model has been shooting for Victoria’s Secret’s newest catalog. She was last spotted on Saturday posing on the beach.

In colder weather, Miranda‘s boyfriend Orlando Bloom has been in Utah for the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

15+ pictures inside of Australian beauty Miranda Kerr looking pretty in pink…

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miranda kerr pretty pink 01
miranda kerr pretty pink 02
miranda kerr pretty pink 03
miranda kerr pretty pink 04
miranda kerr pretty pink 05
miranda kerr pretty pink 06
miranda kerr pretty pink 07
miranda kerr pretty pink 08
miranda kerr pretty pink 09
miranda kerr pretty pink 10
miranda kerr pretty pink 11
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  • S3WA

    Very nice!

  • Co

    R U in smitten with Miranda, Jared?

  • Megan

    Why is she so gorgeous? Ugh.

  • lakers fan in boston

    once again, miranda kills it
    she looks amazing, god i hate orlando =\
    looks perfect in that 1st pic
    great legs, face, smile, and boobs, sigh, perfect =D

  • Landon

    Not gonna lie, she is one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen. She is very natraul Gorgeous, sexy, cute, all in one. I watch her in intervews and she is so graceful and intelligent. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I like her and think shes perfect. Everyone has flaws, but she is close to being perfect. With that being said.. she is perfect in my eyes alone.

  • Britt

    ok seriously she is beautiful. she isnt caked in makeup had no plastic surgery. she is my fav angle. there is just something so real about her. people who talk shit are either jealous or just dont like her look. dont be mean about it.. she isnt ugly.,

  • Abbie

    Very pretty girl…. but Good Lord, give her something to eat, she looks like she’s starving. She does not have the type of figure to pose in bikinis. Not at all.

  • At least she’s natural

    She may have a small bustline – but at least it’s her own! Kudos for not giving in and going for implants. You’re a petite girl and the smaller bustline suits you perfectly.

  • me

    WOW Her body´s more than perfect! Those legs…I´m jealous ;-)

  • @7

    Well, evidently Victoria’s Secret disagrees with you.
    They use her quite a lot for their swimsuits.
    I think that she looks amazing.
    And yes lakers fan, Orlando is one lucky son of a b****.
    But Miranda is lucky, too. Orlando is gorgeous, kind, thoughtful and sweet.
    They need to make lots of babies.

  • great….

    …looking woman. She and Orlando would make beautiful babies together…..

  • Britt

    Hahaha both Orlando and Miranda are stunning..
    Who wouldnt be jealous of that hot couple? C’mon now

  • Milli

    I have a girl crush on Miranda. She is just too cute.

  • Lauren

    Gosh, rib bones are so sexy, guys!!!!!!

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    Miranda is just so beautiful, lucky Orlando.

  • @5

    She is THE MOST beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my life, too. Words can’t express enough how perfect I find her.
    Orlando take care of this, she’s the most amazing girl ever.

  • perfect…

    It just shows what a flawless body Miranda has, these photos
    are taken by paparazzi so no photoshopping or airbrushing, j
    just all natural.

    She’s very beautiful with a super toned sleek body and amazing legs………..lucky Orlando indeed.

  • @brit

    People who talk shit about her have an extreme obsession with Orlando Bloom. No one can deny this girls beauty. Not even obsessed fan girls.
    I think more people like this girl then the opposite. Especially the general public. ;)

  • Sivana

    Not only has she come one of my fave models, but I might have to put her rank up as one of the most stunning creatures in this world. Eyes, smile, legs, dimples. This girl has got it all. *jealousy overload!*

  • Alkie

    I know we are supposed to think that super skinny is super sexy, but not on everyone. She has the body of a child. Yuck.

  • @20

    Haha. Yep, a body of a child, right? Tall, lean, amazing ratio. Yep, a body of a child. Just b’coz she is skinny doesn’t mean she has a body of a child. *sigh*
    She is a very beautiful girl. <3

  • Shan

    I think Miranda is beautiful but I can count her ribs in this photos :(

  • @Shan

    I will bet you, you can count every models ribs while posing a particular way.
    She has a very, very, very pretty face.

  • nat

    I think shes gorgeous. Im jealous! Haha

  • meetsingledoctors

    I like her body

  • sara

    She is so beautiful! A beautiful face and a nice body!

  • Good

    wow she has a great body!!!!!

  • Daniella

    she is gorgeous. but really, she has to eat something! haha

  • brightside

    Yes she does look pretty in pink. So nice to see a beautiful woman with such a slender and graceful body. She reminds me of a gazelle. Wonderful body shape. Slim and vibrant.

  • claire

    She’s really beautuful but too skinnyyyyyyy.

  • Good body?

    Has she lost weight? I can count her ribs. Her body used to be a bit fuller. Her shape is good, just two kilos will be enough.

    Oh my, I can’t believe people are saying her body is great. Where are you from, the Anorexia United convention? God please bring back the good old Naomi Campbell’s and Cindy Crawfords of the past!

  • @32….yes, a hot body….

    Miranda is 5ft 9….a perfectly proportioned 34 24 34……stunningly beautiful face, blue blue eyes and sweet dimples….a super toned sleek body and amazing legs……she has a natural very feminine delicate look that suits her small frame…..this is why she can model both high fashion and lingerie/swimsuits…..Cindy Crawford while pretty wouldn’t make it today as she would be considered too big, with her wide shoulders and big thighs…..times have changed.

  • @32

    Yes, she has a great body.
    Trim and toned, and yes thin, but not scrawny.
    If your ribs DIDN’T show when you arch your back like she is doing, then you would have a bit too much flesh to be a model.
    Heck, I could lose a few pounds, and even MY ribs show when I bend over like she is doing. And I’m no model.

  • Shaz


    i don’t need to see 500 updates a week of her…geez

  • twister

    Ive seen prettier girls with such a great personality

  • yo sista

    She looks stunning.

  • She’s not ‘skinny’

    She’s not ‘skinny’ (i.e. anorexic). She’s slim, yes, but she still has curves and looks perfectly healthy. She’s just not buxom and has a small (actually it’s in the ‘average’ range) bust size (34B). What she does have is all hers however – not courtesy of implants. She exercises regularly (yoga) and is toned, lean and supple. She’s not as full-figured as say, Doutzen Kroess, another angel I happen to think is very striking. Doutzen is slender too but her body is built more along the lines of a fitness model. BOTH types have their own special beauty imo.

  • nursedatingsite

    I like her smile

  • mink

    She is so beautiful. Why be so beautiful for, Miranda? Why be so damn beautiful all the time?
    I can just sit here all day starring at her. Gorgeous!

  • Amber-louise

    I think she can do better than Orlando. I’d kill to be that skinny. She’s very attractive.

  • carline

    The other day me and my friend were talking about really hot Brit guys (Rob being the main subject) and she said, “do you know who else is really hot? the guy that dates that beautiful vs model” and I’m like “Orlando bloom?” and shes like “yea thats it!” and I was so surprised. since when was Orli known as Miranda Kerr’s boyfriend.
    this girl is literally EVERYWHERE. Can’t turn my head without someone saying how they want to look like her.

  • aswan

    @carline: I do not want to look like her.

  • Sexy babe

    An awful lot of guys (besides Orlando Bloom) think she’s beautiful and sexy. She came in at number ten in the annual “Ask” poll of “99 sexiest women for 2010.”

  • @44

    Too bad Vogue left her out from the 30 models of 2000s….but yet again they don’t know anything about modeling….:rolleyes:

  • @45

    No, actually. She doesn’t belong on VP’s 30 top models of the decade because Miranda has RECENTLY become successful. Why would a VS angel with ZERO HF background be included in the list? I know you were being sarcastic. But she doesn’t need to be on the list to prove she’s a good model. *rolls eyes back*
    Looks like Miranda has been shooting for VS four days straight. She’s been shooting for them quite a while now. :S
    Miranda stop shooting for VS, and work on something different for a change! She’s been shooting for VS in st. barts longer then Ale and Doutzy!

  • @46

    Actually she models since she was 13….which means more than 10 years and she is a VS angels since 2006…

  • Here we go…

    Delphites why comment on modeling & fashion when you have zero idea what you are talking about? Okay, you don’t like Miranda, want a trophy? But stop commenting on things you obviously don’t know about.
    That comment that one of you made about Miranda being mistaken for Abbey Lee Kershaw walking for HC in paris, and how you found it “funny” because she didn’t get “called” (you mean casted?) to walk one show?
    First of all it’s not called Spring/summer “french fashion week”. It’s Haute Couture week. It’s a week were prestige designers such as Elie Saab, Dior, JPG present there HC collection.
    First of all Miranda is no where near a HC model. 2nd of all she didn’t get “called” because she has VS commitments, she is working for them at the moment in st. barts, she is a contracted VS angel. VS comes before any single “call” 3rd of all I don’t know how that’s funny, endless names of successful models didn’t get “called” for HC does that make it funny for them also?
    Sigrid, Frida, Magdelena, Georgina, all perfect HF models walked for HC, they have that presence to make HC come alive.
    Miranda is a VS model.
    Big difference.
    Nothing funny there. Please comment on something you have an idea of what you are talking about before making yourselves look like jokes. (Too late for that though. Commenting on relation ships, peoples morals, work ethics. *sighs*)

  • @46

    Doutzen is younger than Miranda and so is Lily Cole but they were included on that list—Life!

  • @47

    No. She won a comp at 13. She then continued school. She did a bit of modeling in Australia, and then when she was 19 moved to NY.
    She’s been modeling for a while, yes. But she recently became successful. Read my comment again.
    VP is a HF magazine. Why would Corine put a VS angel with NO HF background on the list. please, explain?

  • ???

    Actually Miranda was casted to walk one show for Balenciaga last september and she herself thanked VS for letting her go despite her commitmentes with them, just to be fair.