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Ryan Gosling: T-Mobile Tubing!

Ryan Gosling: T-Mobile Tubing!

Ryan Gosling catches some air while tubing during the Blue Valentine party outside the Village at the Yard’s T-Mobile myTouch Diner on Sunday (January 24) in Park City, Utah.

The 29-year-old Canadian actor looked adorable taking his on-screen daughter Faith Wladyka for a tube ride on his lap. Co-star Michelle Williams also got a sweet kiss on the head from Ryan. What a sweet guy!!!

After introducing me to his mom Donna (pictured below), Ryan told me how he felt at the Blue Valentine premiere. “I felt so nervous,” he told “There were 1,500 people there and you have to sit there and watch the audience’s reaction!”

Ryan also shared that director Derek Cianfrance had him, Michelle and Faith actually live in the house shown in the film to prepare for the shooting the movie. “We basically created memories in that house by living there,” Ryan told “I’m not that good of an actor, so that preparation really helped me.” So modest!

The super fun event was hosted by producers Lynette Howell, Alex Orlovsky and Jamie Patricof, who worked with Ryan on Blue Valentine and Half Nelson. Jamie gave Ryan a little push down the hill!

P.S. Ryan was spotted holding hands with a mystery brunette.

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Photos: Sara Jaye Weiss Took The Last Burger/StartraksPhoto, Jason Merritt/WireImage
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  • Jules

    I love the picture of Ryan kissing Michelle on the top of her head! Very sweet. Reminds of me when he used to kiss Rachel M like that. Anxious to find out who the mystery brunette was! Couldn’t have been his mom if Jared met her earlier in the night. Good for him!

  • Snowbunny

    Damn his mom looks good for her age hope we get to see the mystery woman soon he needs a cute g/f.

  • G.

    Thoughts on Michelle and Ryan hooking up? They look good together.

  • Snowbunny

    iisn’t MW already dating someone forget who but I remember hearing she was with someone else. Also sounds like Ryan has a squeeze of his own.

  • Fran

    He looks so handsome and cute ! I cannot wait to see this movie … I heard to many good things about it (reviews). Oh and I read somewhere that the brunette he apparently was in a relationship with is JAIMIE MURRAY the actress who played in Dexter during the first season .. I guess time will tell if it’s true !

  • Perry

    @G.: Doubtful since he was holding hands with another woman. He has known Michelle for years so if it was going to happen, it probbaly would have.

  • Snowbunny

    If this mystery woman was another actress I’m sure we would have heard about it by now..Good chance she isnt’ in the business but, like you said time will tell

  • Joss

    I wonder if the mystery brunette is Kat Dennings, there were rumors about her and Ryan a few months ago.

  • L

    @Snowbunny: True. I am guessing she’s a civilian.

  • CanadaGirl

    The second picture is fantastic. His smile is quite nice.
    I’m a little disappointed with the lack of winter, tubing attire, tho’. Come on Ryan, you’re Canadian… get with it! (j/k)

  • susi

    i would love to see michelle and ryan together in real life! they make such a cute couple!

  • Snowbunny

    @ Canadian Girl

    Could be he is used to much colder weather then Utah has and this might have felt like spring to him instead of Canadian winter just guessing.

  • Tracy William

    Who would want to get involved with the mother of Heath Ledgers
    daughter anyway…He will always be overshadowed with “Mr. Ledger.”

    So they are there to promote their movie.. and that is all.. do you see
    Matilda there no just the stars of the movie.. including the young girl.

    The rubber inner tube is so Canadian.. Love how he enjoys the snow.
    With his lady friend.

  • Lyn

    “I’m not that good of an actor,” — I don’t know what he’s talking about. He’s one of the best of his generation, if not the best.

  • Mary


  • Kiki

    All the photos of last night and all JJ can say is he was holding hands with a mystery woman…I don’t buy it when it comes with evasiveness.

    I really like Michelle W, she seems like a cool chick!

  • Ellie

    In my head he’s still with Rachel. And always will be. :-)

  • Joss

    @Kiki: After Ryan was so nice to Jared, even talked to him exclusively why would Jared repay him by spreading false rumors as a footnote?
    I believe what Jared says and I think Snowbunny is right about the brunette being a civilian. Ryan was on tour with his band and maybe he met someone then. It would be really cool if he dated a regular girl, nonfamous.

  • anoint

    Like someone said if they were to hook up it would’ve happened a long time ago, besides I think they are just good friends, having worked together before!

    I wonder why no one else besides Jared has mentioned the mysterious brunette?? I mean Ryan was out along with everyone else in Park City, yet no one else has twitted or blogged about it??

    Strange,usually fans are the first to tweet about it??

  • jj


    If Jared wanted to repay Ryan for being so nice he wouldn’t be spreading any rumors on Ryans personnal life whether it’s true or not!

  • Snowbunny

    Guessing that Ryan didn’t promote the relationship with this brunette woman yet. He seems the kind that would want more of a private relationship then a public one for now. Actually we hear him with many mystery woman over the past year. Hard to say who this lady might be. The woman on the tube with him I think was someone from the movie there were a list of names of who from the movie was in Utah.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Snowbunny: Utah and SW Ontario closely run along the same latitude. :)

  • lb

    he’s gorgeous

  • ++Logan++


  • Mary284

    well, even if he spoke exclusively to JJ…. i still can’t buy it… he was linked to so many women, and it never turned out to be true… so – like many always write – pics or it didn’t happen…

    if there was someone, i think for a long time there would be pictures of her…it’s not easy to hide a relationship in Hollywood, i believe…

  • canadian_gurl

    He’s very good at being private. We might never know who she is.

  • canadian_gurl

    P.S.- I think that lady on the tube with him is his mother.

  • Kiki

    @canadian_gurl: No that is not Donna.

  • Kiki

    @Joss: Why would JJared say anything if that is the case? That would be a nice repayment for someone so private…no?

  • canadian_gurl

    You’re right Kiki, it’s not Donna when I look closer.
    Could be the woman he’s seeing.

  • the truth

    Always good to see him.He’s hot!

  • Snowbunny

    Candian girl

    Granted the weather is the same it’s cold but, maybe tubing made him hot. either way he is cute. JJ gets so much wrong it’s not even funny. They place ppl together based on hearsay and that is all he goes on. Time will tell if Ryan is actually dating hope he is..

    the woman on the tube looked a lot older then he is it’s not his mom but, about the same age I would say.

  • Joss

    @Kiki: It’s true, Jared shouldn’t have said anything out of respect for Ryan but I still don’t think he’s making it up.
    Ryan is private and that’s why he dates under the radar. Whoever his brunette girl is I hope he is happy with her, he’s been looking really good lately.

  • Michelle

    Ryan is so down to . Those are great pics of him going down the hill tubing with the little girl who is his co-star super cute. :) And he and Michelle make a cute on-screen couple. I still love him in The Notebook even though I’ve seen many of his movies prior to that and after that.

  • Michelle

    Sorry for some reason the rest of my post was deleted. I meant to say that Ryan is so down to earth and super sweet!

  • el

    gosh michelle is beautiful. i think her and ryan would make a great couple, but i really cant see it happening.

  • Lcgirl

    That brunette is his mom! How can anyone even think she’s his gf?? She’s way too old.

  • mani

    Haha…all these comments about the mysterious brunette are way too funny!!

  • ida

    didn’t jared say on twitter that he was at the same party as ryan and saw him holding hands with mystery girl while they were talking to harvey weinstien? and also mentioned he met his mom earlier? i think he would know what he is talking about and wouldn’t confuse the two (plus, who holds hands with her mom when they’re in their 20s?). i agree with others that she is probably not famous. hope he is happy!

  • Snowbunny

    Pretty sure he is when you see him now he almost glows and good chance whomever this mystery woman is and yes it’s funny everyone wants to know who she might be. She could be the reason he is smiling and happy a lot more. Lets only hope so I would think she isn’t a celebrity or again we would have heard about her already with him, and as many shots as the press do get of him causally i’m sure any celeb g/f would have been revealed by now.

    Harvey is a heavy hitter in HW hope this mean more movie work for our man Ryan.

  • meetsingledoctors

    Who is he dating now?

  • http://justjared maizie

    @Lyn: YES he is..! Can’t wait for “ALL GOOD THINGS” with Kirsten Dunst which has been delayed for months and months..Also Ryan was originally cast for Mark Walbergs role in “Lovely Bones” with Rachel Weiz. That didn’t pan out and the movie is not getting good reviews..I’m sure Ryan would have been great in that movie also!!

  • Snowbunny

    When does All good things come out last I looked it was still under the TBA status. Also when is Blue Valentine due out I can’t find this on any 2010 release list. Is it coming out this year??

  • firemendate

    Love him!

  • meh

    man he is perfect.